I’ll Quit Being a God Chapter 118: The Sword of the Cliff・Ashina Wushuang


Even the Itto-ryu swordsman has long-range attacks.

One of the supreme secrets of the Itto style, a sword that was only used against Naraku.

Now is the time to bring it back to life.

Open your eyes, step forward, and swing your sword.

Swing the knife continuously.

Faster, more accurate, and more ruthless.

Exhibit your own state of mind and your divine will.

Cliff Sword·Fifth Company!

Garuda King Sword! ! !

The sword sings and the birds chirp.

The golden-winged roc **** its wings and flies high.

With Guan Junyan’s will and the encouragement of the sword, it turned into the strongest sword, crossing the sky.

Nightbird finally felt threatened, a big threat.

She tried her best to fight off Sakura’s entanglement, and tried to flap her wings to leave.

But it’s too late, the Bird King is driven by his mind, no matter how you change direction or dodge, it’s useless.

The only thing that can be done is to resist head on.

Unfortunately, Night Sparrow’s weapon is a Japanese naginata, not a katana.

It is extremely difficult to resist the secrets of the first sequence of knife attacks using a weapon that is not convenient for you, even if it is not a complete body.

What’s more, Guan Junyan’s purpose is not to kill Night Bird, he just wants to keep her.

In an instant, the Bird King collided head-on with the Night Sparrow.

The golden wings and the black wings flashed past each other and collapsed together.

The incomplete secret returned to nothingness, and also took away Night Bird’s capital to despise Guan Junyan – flying.

Now, no one can fly.

Come and see the true power of Guan Groudon Toshihiko.

Guan Guan was moving quickly with a knife, and he accurately calculated the landing point of Night Sparrow and struck it with the knife.

The broken-winged Night Bird attached great importance to the “Devil King’s Mallet”, but refused to let go and change weapons. As a result, the body shape that had finally been adjusted was shattered by Guan Junyan’s knife, and it fell to the ground in a mess.

Adhering to the fine style of taking advantage of your illness to kill you, Guan Junyan stabbed you again. Night Que quickly raised his sword to resist, but did not wait for the expected collision.

Guan Junyan just feinted with the knife, and while pulling out the sword, he put his hand back into his pants, took out a pistol, pointed it at Night Bird’s head, and pulled the trigger.



Bang bang!

“——This is the cliff combo——”

Bang bang bang!


Six consecutive shots, hitting the head, chest, throat, abdomen, and legs.

The magazine is empty and the health bar is cleared.

“——The Sword of the Cliff·Ashina Wushuang!”

Guan Mou was not at ease yet, so he pulled Jiu Zi Jian Ding back and forth, completely destroying Ye Que’s body.

It is worth mentioning that what was obtained after Night Sparrow was cut into pieces was not a body, but a pool of black feathers, which further confirmed the essence of the shikigami.

Gently blowing the gun smoke from the muzzle, Guan Junyan put the gun back under his clothes, picked up the fallen magic knife “Demon Hammer”, waved it a few times with one hand, and whistled.

“It feels okay.”

Suddenly, the Kuji Kanesada on his right hand began to tremble, and Guan Junyan quickly comforted him.

“I know, I know, I won’t want it. It’s not a metal knife. It looks so disgusting. It’s far worse than you.”

Not to mention the weird fine lines all over the blade, there are also predator-like tentacles swimming back and forth in the blade’s stem, which makes me feel sick to my stomach just by looking at it.

Even though Sesshomaru had mentioned that he should collect more swords, he still had to forget about such disgusting things.

Putting Kanesada back into the sheath with his backhand, Guan Junyan walked up to Yuzhang with the knife and shook it left and right.

“You want this? Just tell me if you want it. How will I know if you don’t tell me?”

Yu Zhang’s face was gloomy and he said nothing. He knew that he had been completely defeated and the enemy was playing tricks on him.

Seeing this scene, Guan Junyan also lost interest and pressed the “Devil’s Hammer” against Yuzhang’s throat.

“Those who are not aware of being shot are not qualified to shoot. Are you prepared to be killed?”

Yuzhang raised his head with stubborn eyes.

Just as Guan Junyan was about to raise his sword, a young man over two meters tall and wearing a hooded jacket walked out of Lu Sheng’s camp and said:

“Please wait.”

Guan Junyan paused and cast a questioning look.

The latter pulled out his own weapon, a machete: “Please give me this opportunity. He killed my father, and I want to avenge my father with my own hands.”

“His name is Aang Ying.” Riku Sheng also said, “He is the son of Baboon, a cadre of the Nura Group. His father was the first victim of the invasion of monsters from the four countries.”

“It is only natural that a father’s hatred should be repaid by his son.”

Guan Junyan nodded and stepped aside. He didn’t care about the ownership of the head, only the result.

If a person can’t keep Night Bird, he doesn’t mind letting Isayama Yomi, Noriyuki Iizuna and even the monsters from the Nura group take action.

I can’t believe that none of these humans and non-humans can fly.

“He’s yours.”

“Thank you Mr. Guan!”

Sang Ying is also a straightforward master. Without a word of nonsense, he directly raised his machete and chopped off his head.

Yu Zhang closed his eyes and waited for death to come.

At this moment, a shadow that no one noticed appeared silently in front of Yuzhang, blocking the full blow of the machete with a short knife.

An old sigh came out faintly.

“That’s it.”

Hearing this voice, the entire Nuliang group was stunned.


“Presidential collar?”


The one who comes is the leader of monsters, the slippery ghost Nu Liang Hua Lao.

“Please don’t stop me, I want to avenge my father!” The monkey shadow is still insisting, and the hatred for killing his father is irreconcilable.

“Well, young man, don’t be so impatient.” A female hand rested on Xuan Ying’s shoulder.

“Take a drink and calm down.” A wine bowl was handed over from the other side.

Xuan Ying struggled hard but found that the power he was proud of was like a stone sinking into the sea, motionless.

Looking around, Que found two female ghosts, one yellow and one red, standing on the left and right respectively. Although there was no breath coming out, it made the monkey shadow feel huge pressure.

Not far from the two female ghosts, look for the third female ghost in blue at Shuyuan www.zhaoshuyuan.com, and greet Guan Junyan in a familiar place.

“We meet again, little boy. He has become a lot stronger. I wonder if his drinking capacity has increased?”

Guan Junyan saluted respectfully: “Long time no see, Lord Shuten, Lord Ibaraki.”

“Well, there’s no need to be so formal. We heard Yugi say that she admires you very much. Just do the same as her and call us by our names. I, Ibuki Suika, and she, Ibaraki Hanagi, remember it. Oh, after you become a ghost, we will meet often.”

Is it inevitable to become a ghost?

The corners of Guan Junyan’s mouth twitched, but he did not dare to lack any etiquette.

“Yes, Master Cuixiang, Master Huashan.”

The gorilla shadows over there are dumbfounded. Shuten Ibaraki is a well-known ghost king in Japan, much more famous than the Slippery Ghost. If they really want to stop themselves from taking revenge…

While my mind was trembling, another old man in a suit, top hat, and walking stick, whose style was somewhat similar to Kotoko Iwanaga, walked past shakily. He first sighed at Tamaki and said, “Silly son.”

Then the disguise was lifted, revealing the real body that was taller than Luan Honglian. It was a raccoon cat carrying a bamboo hat and without fangs.

The raccoon cat’s knees sank, and he couldn’t help but salute everyone and non-humans:

“I’m sorry.”

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