I’ll Quit Being a God Chapter 117: Chi Wo Guan, Groudon, Toshihiko’s cliff combo!


Tama Zhang tried his best to dodge, but in the end he was unable to dodge the sword and was wounded by Miya Kirimaru.

Although the wound was not deep, let alone fatal, it frightened the raccoon demon who had gained huge power and soared in strength.

“Ugh…this, this is…my power is disappearing…”

“Hundred Ghosts…my Hundred Ghosts…are leaving…”

Yes, the darkness scattered with the blood of monsters is the source of Yuzhang’s BUFF, the vitality of the monsters he killed.

Yu Zhang has never encountered this kind of thing before, and this is not the first time he has used this “Devil King’s Hammer”.

He, Yin Shen Xingbu Li Yuzhang, inherited the purest bloodline of his father and possesses the strongest supernatural power. He hopes to make a difference and has been full of ambition since he was a child.

But due to the “unknown incident” three hundred years ago, the raccoon demon clan lost its fangs, making his power useless.

My brothers even laughed at him for this, saying that there were no monsters like him in the Four Kingdoms.

This made Yuzhang feel desperate, but Yuzhang did not give up. On the surface, he lived a stable life, but secretly used his magical power to summon his subordinates and develop his power.

Until one day, someone gave him the sacred treasure that took away his father’s fangs and made the monsters of the four countries tremble when they heard its name, so that he could realize his ambition.

Yu Zhang was excited at the time. He returned home happily and showed off the knife.

But his brothers still looked down upon him and laughed at Shenbao and his obsolescence.

So Yuzhang drew his sword and killed all the brothers who laughed at him, and tasted the power of the magic sword for the first time.

Then they got out of control, kept slashing and gaining strength, and monsters gathered one after another, forming a new “Eighty-Eight Ghosts of the Four Kingdoms at Night”.

During this process, it’s not that I haven’t chopped down big monsters, nor that I haven’t been injured. Why is it today…

Is it a knife?

With the passage of strength, Yuzhang’s IQ finally came online, and his eyes stayed on Miyaki Maru.

The inconspicuous-looking ancient sword was emitting a breath and agitation that he hated.

Of course, those who don’t have a systematic Yuzhang will not know the special effects of Mimi Kirimaru.

What’s more, he didn’t realize that the power he snatched didn’t really belong to him, but was just forcibly gathered by the “Demon King’s Hammer”.

After being opened a vent by Miyaki Maru, it was like a dam collapsed, flowing wildly, unwilling to stay in the body of this enemy for a second.

The BUFF of the murderous book was terminated. Yuzhang not only lost his newly gained power, but also failed to retain the power he had gained before, and his strength declined significantly.

He was angry, he was unwilling, he roared:

“Nuliang Lusheng——”

He swung his knife.

However, under dozens of layers of BUFF, Lu Sheng was not afraid, let alone returning to the present before liberation overnight.

“It’s over, let’s face the reality. Gogami-ryu·Ba!”

Miya Kirimaru pulled horizontally, leaving another wound on Yuzhang’s body and knocking away the magic sword in his hand.

Yu Zhang was not a professional swordsman to begin with. He was so disturbed that he couldn’t even hold the sword steadily.

Yu Zhang, who has tasted the sweetness more than once, has developed a serious dependence on the knife. He instinctively chases after him, but fails to catch up.

Because the magic knife was caught before it hit the ground, it was caught by Night Sparrow, whose face was covered with a spell ribbon and had wings on its back.

Ye Que glanced at Yuzhang indifferently, her eyes were extremely hollow, and she did not take Yuzhang as the leader into consideration at all.

Just when Yuzhang was stunned, Night Bird turned around, flapped his wings, and flew into the sky.

“Wait a minute, give me the knife back ahhhhh——”

Yu Zhang wanted to stop him, but he couldn’t, because he also couldn’t fly.

Just as Night Bird was about to leave calmly through the air, with a whoosh, an arrow struck from below, interrupting her upward momentum.

Night Que lowered her head and saw that the human boy who had fought with her once before was holding a forbidden ghost bow, bending the bow and setting an arrow.

Others didn’t pay attention to the night sparrow, but he was always paying attention.

You lost some blood in the attack just now, and then you just lay in the corner without moving. Do you think I am blind?

You want to leave, have you asked me?

Lu Sheng has good reasons, so I gave him the BOSS. I will not let you go, the hidden BOSS, no matter what.

“Sorry, I want that knife too, so you can’t leave.”

Night Bird didn’t say a word, and flapped her wings fiercely, making her move even more urgent.

Seeing this scene, Guan Junyan raised his eyebrows and snorted coldly.

“It’s amazing to be able to fly!”

Do you really think Guan Guan has no anti-aircraft skills?

Groudon can’t fly, and he hasn’t lost to Kyogre.

Eat Wo Guan, Groudon, and Toshihiko’s cliff combo!

Forbidden Ghost Bow, come first.

Arrow off the cliff!

The arrow shot through the air.

The night sparrow was on guard, and its wings paused to dodge.

But this is just the beginning.

The bow is the weapon with the lowest proficiency level, followed by the Queling Spear.

Crank your arms and throw your spear!

The cliff gun!

It is faster, more powerful, and more terrifying than an arrow.

However, Night Sparrow is a veteran of air combat that has been around for hundreds of years. He was not frightened by the momentum of the cliff gun. He relied on changing speed to turn over and nimbly dodge.

Guan Junyan didn’t expect to be able to shoot down this hidden BOSS so easily. The momentum of the cliff gun was just to attract Night Bird’s attention.

The real back-up plan had been laid out long before Night Bird took the knife.

Carefully and quietly hide in the alley beside the road, all the way up to the roof of the tallest building nearby.

It wasn’t until the moment when the cliff gun was launched that it suddenly jumped out and launched a sneak attack from a blind corner that no one had expected.

Flying knives in the air.

This is the essence of the Cliff Combo, the Cliff Sword!

The body-protecting knife Sakura returns to the knife shape, inserted straight into the back of the heart.

What a night bird, Cliff Sanlian is impeccable in terms of angle, timing, and scheming, but she still has a way to hide.

The wings suddenly folded, looking for the book www.zhaoshuyuan.com changed from rising to falling, and the knife through the heart just missed him.

“It’s not over yet!”

The protective knife trembled and returned to human form in the next moment.

The daughter’s ten fingers are connected in a chain, which comes from her father’s golden spiritual power and her mother’s demon-breaking power. They pop up in turn, making the sound of BIUBIUBIUBIU in the air.

The fourth company of Cliff Sword.

Night Sparrow finally couldn’t hide anymore, and waved the “Devil King’s Mallet” he had just obtained to resist, and then launched a counterattack.

Sakura showed no fear and fought against the magic sword with her fists.

I am a daughter of knives, how can I be afraid of fighting with knives!

One punch, two punches, three punches.

After finally repelling the difficult little girl, she transformed into a knife and chased after him.

Just like this, the knife and the daughter switched back and forth. Although it could not cause substantial damage to Night Bird, it tightly entangled her and prevented her from leaving.

At the same time, Guan Junyan was not idle either.

Hold the nine-character pose with both hands and close your eyes slightly.

My heartbeat and breathing are in harmony with the beating of the knife. I calm down and use my spiritual power to communicate with this main weapon.

The young lady is working so hard, shouldn’t you, the eldest lady, also show some respect?

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