I’ll Quit Being a God Chapter 116: Strong on the outside but capable on the inside


When the night sparrow was shedding its hair, Guan Junyan took action.

On the entire battlefield, except for Night Bird and Abe who are behind her, Guan Junyan knows the details of this girl best.

Night Sparrow has an extremely terrifying skill, just like its real name “Dark Mirror”.

Two darkness, attacking physically and mentally respectively.

Physically, it deprives you of your vision and plunges you into permanent darkness.

Spiritually, it reflects the dark side of your heart and amplifies it, making you scared, frightened, and crazy.

Once you are hit, you are basically at your mercy, which is a typical first sight kill skill.

Fortunately, this technique is not without its weaknesses.

To pull the enemy into the dark mirror, you need to use the night bird’s feathers as a medium. When the night bird’s feathers “enter” the eyes, the skill will be activated.

So, as soon as Night Bird floated into the air, Guan Junyan protected his head and face, not giving the darkness a chance to invade. Then he shot out his gun like a dragon and flew out to attack.

Ye Que didn’t tangle with Guan Junyan, maybe because he didn’t expect someone to avoid the dark mirror, or maybe he deliberately hid his strength. In short, he was knocked away by Guan Junyan in two or three times, and his skills were immediately broken – mirrors are such a thing It requires continuous reflection to take effect. The “body” of the mirror is knocked away and the effect is naturally lifted.

But in these three or two times, Yuzhang killed more than ten or twenty monsters, his BUFF increased by more than ten levels, and his attributes were greatly improved.

Even if Guan Junyan activated the Vajra Power, he still couldn’t resist it.

He was not upset because he successfully interrupted Yuzhang’s continued buffing, and the dead monster was not from his side.

If you want to blame me, I blame you for following the wrong master. Guan Guan saved you, which is the most benevolent thing.

“People from the Four Kingdoms, if you don’t want to be hacked to death by your boss, stay away. The rest come with me and send this self-righteous ‘Lord Overlord’ to where he belongs!”

Guan Junyan said he was coming with me, but there was someone who moved faster than him.

“I’ll do it!”

With a flash of light, the Demon Exorcist Knife, Miyaki Maru, was chopped down together with its master, Nura Rikuo!

“Don’t take action.”

As the two swords collided, Guan Junyan shrugged and sneered:

“He broke the rules first.”

No matter what Yuzhang’s purpose is, it is an indisputable fact that Night Bird participated in the war. If you want to fight in a group, don’t blame me for beating you back with more people.

I like group fights the best. I built my career through group fights.

“I know.”

Lu Sheng gritted his teeth, his strength was not as good as Guan Junyan, let alone wrestling with Yuzhang, it was difficult to fight with both hands.

Even so, he still refused to give in.

“However, as the Lord of the Hundred Ghosts at Night, I must tell him what true ‘fear’ is – you did it wrong, Yuzhang!”

“What did you do wrong? The most important thing for the Lord of Hundred Ghosts at Night is to be strong. Only strong is the foundation, and only then will there be followers. A weakling like you will only be stepped on by me!”

Yu Zhang’s other hand also moved. Instead of holding the knife, he punched Lu Sheng directly in the chest and knocked him away.

And this was just the beginning. After the punch, Yuzhang’s steps were like flying, and he caught up with Lu Sheng at a faster speed. He swung the “Demon King’s Hammer” horizontally, trying to cut Lu Sheng in two.

Guan Junyan raised his eyebrows and was about to hand out the Queling Spear in his hand, but a pair of small hands hugged his neck from behind.

The familiar smell of milk spread into his nose, and Guan Junyan knew who it was without turning around.


“Mimi said, believe it.”

Who do you believe?

Believe in Nura Rikusheng and believe in Miyaki Maru.

Before Sakura opened her mouth, Yuzhang’s sword had already passed by Lu Sheng’s waist, but there was no real feeling, and there was only a shadow that twisted and dissipated like smoke.

“This is——” Guan Junyan’s eyes narrowed.

He was sure that the land creature just now was his true form. When was he replaced by a phantom?

“This is the nature of a slippery man.”

Kotoko Iwanaga came over. She had no fighting ability, but she had always played the role of answering questions.

“The Slippery Ghost is originally a monster that ‘doesn’t exist’, so he can openly walk into other people’s homes, eat and drink. Mr. Lu Sheng has mastered his own abilities.”

The dissipated phantoms gathered in an instant and stabbed Yuzhang in the back.

Yu Zhang rushed forward and narrowly avoided the blow.

Lu Sheng did not continue to pursue, but held the sword on his shoulder. Although he was in a low position, he looked down on the taller raccoon demon.

“Strong, I don’t deny this, but you are in the wrong direction. Being strong is to better protect your companions and important people, not to become stronger by any means necessary.”

“Shut up.” Yuzhang was stabbed in a painful spot and killed him as quickly as possible.

Lu Sheng, however, did not fight with him anymore, relying on his body skills and the characteristics of the slippery ghost to dodge calmly:

“Have you really become stronger? Everyone here can clearly see that it is not you who becomes stronger, it is the knife.”

“Shut up!!!”

“Your fear is completely different from the fear I felt from my grandfather. He is powerful and handsome, but does not make people fear or jealous, so everyone will follow him——”

“Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!”

“The so-called fear is actually a ‘longing’. This Nura group founded by my grandfather owns Zhen, Bingli, Qingtianfang, Kurodafang, Shumu, and Zangying… It has everyone’s organization, I want to protect it! It was only after I discovered this that I carried the Hundred Demons on my back!”

“I told you to shut up!”

Lu Sheng kept talking and Yuzhang kept cutting.

One sword, two swords, three swords.

Five knives, ten knives, twenty knives.

But none of the swords hit Lu Sheng.

At first, Lu Sheng’s figure was still erratic in the smoke, but later he just stood there and let Yuzhang chop him, but he didn’t hit with a single blow.

“No one is willing to follow the fear of a guy who doesn’t value his companions. You are just strong on the outside but weak on the inside – Mirror, Flower, Water, and Moon!”

The moment the announcement came to an end, Lu Sheng finally announced the name of the skill in a convincing manner.

The eyes are sometimes soft and sometimes sharp.

The former represents the human being, and the latter represents the monster.

Two bloodlines and two personalities, united by the same mind, pushed Lu Sheng’s power to a whole new level.

Three-quarters, a quarter-demon boy raised his knife high.

He could hear voices coming from behind, voices supporting him.

“Come on, Master.”

“Come on, Master.”

“Kill him!”

“Have you seen it? This is the young master of our Nuliang group.”

With such companions and such followers, how could I possibly lose?

Even if I lose, I won’t lose to a guy like you.

As long as Lu Sheng’s thoughts are still there and Lu Sheng’s “fear” is still there, “Flowers in the Mirror, Moon in the Water” will not be lifted!

As the name suggests, the flower in the mirror and the moon in the water can be seen but cannot be touched.

The successor of the Slippery Ghost, the young master of the Nura-gumi walked up to Yu Zhang in a grand manner and held up the Miyaki Maru.


The state in the water in the mirror was instantly lifted, and he cut it off with a single blow.

The blood of monsters is scattered along with the darkness.

PS: The surface BOSS is for Lu Sheng, the hidden BOSS is for someone.

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