I’ll Quit Being a God Chapter 115: You are a stick


Two streets away from the center of the battlefield, on the roof of a high-rise office building, Xingxiong Yongyi, dressed in yellow, drank wine and cursed:

“He is indeed a bastard. He really treats his subordinates as bait. I think the old tanuki was always rushing to protect his subordinates, why is he such a son? Disgrace, the scum of the monster world.”

“You don’t have to say that.”

The female puppeteer in a unique black outfit is carrying a white porcelain teapot in one hand and a white porcelain tea cup in the other hand, pouring and drinking.

“There are actually many such guys in history. In order to compete for the throne, human beings kill their fathers and brothers. Isn’t it true that the ‘Nine Sons and Ghost Mother’, one of the sources of your ghosts, also feeds on her own children.”

“What does the mother of ghosts in India have to do with our country?”

Xingxiong Yongyi sneered, and while pouring the wine, he did not forget to give his heart a malicious look.

“You said that…don’t you also…”

“I’m not as good as them, but I’m really not a good person.” Xin Yue’s voice added a hint of self-deprecation, “I have planted puppet seeds in more than one of my descendants and used their corpses to deal with the enemy. ”

“If it’s just a corpse, it doesn’t matter. He’s dead, so it doesn’t matter.” Hoshikuma Yugi said nonchalantly, “Although I don’t like to touch other people’s corpses, I also know that there are many professions that do. Think of corpses as important materials.”

“I can’t believe that the Ghost King of Dajiangshan, who has always been known for his stubbornness, can be so open-minded.” Xinjie looked surprised.

This time it was Hoshiung Yongyi’s turn to laugh at himself:

“I didn’t before. I gradually learned to do it after suffering a few losses. However, I still don’t like you. I always feel that your life is fake.”

“It’s a coincidence that I don’t like you either. You live too real. Reality makes people like me feel ashamed.”

One person and one ghost are like tea and wine in front of us. Different personalities and different paths cannot blend together.

Fortunately, they not only had tea and wine, but Xin Yue said again: “Even if they don’t like each other, they are not necessarily enemies, what do you think?”

“I hope so.” Yongyi nodded, and then listened attentively, “I’m finally back, although it’s a little late, but fortunately it’s not too late – won’t you leave?”

“It’s time to go. Gomon-in’s reputation among youkai is not much better than Hanakai-in. See you at the restaurant.”

After saying that, Xin Yue jumped up and jumped off the roof with the teacup and teapot.

Xingxiong Yongyi continued to sit upright and drink, until a petite body came from behind, his head with two horns came to her ear, and said in a sweet voice: “I found you. .”

“What did you find? I’ve been looking for you all this time!” Yong Yi punched the other person in the head with his backhand.

“Ah, you found me.” The girl was not angry even after being punched.

Obliquely, a red arm grabbed Xingxiong Yongyi’s wine bowl and poured it into his mouth.

“I’m so thirsty after running so much, Yongyi, please have another bowl!”

“Drink, drink, drink, you know how to drink, and you can do something about it.” Yongyi cursed, but he was not slow in his hand and threw a bottle over.

“It’s in charge this time.” The other person replied, “I was the one who flew back with the old civet cat.”

Xingxiong Yongyi said oh, finally stood up, and looked back at the two big monsters who had just stepped onto the roof:

“Long time no see, Slippery Ghost, Hidden God Xingbu Tanuki, you have aged a lot.”


Bright red.

The color of blood.

It was everywhere, but it wasn’t Guan Junyan’s blood, it was the monster’s blood.

The monsters from the Four Kingdoms, and the subordinates who were surrounding Yu Zhang before, now all fall to the ground.

Some have made no sound, and some are still struggling, looking at Yuzhang with resentment, unwillingness, and doubts, and repeating:


“Why do we do this…”

“What did we do wrong…”

Nura Rikuo, who had just regained his vision, was a little confused, but soon he saw that every monster that fell to the ground had stab wounds on his body.

At the wound, the darkness deeper than the darkness was wrapped in the “fear” unique to monsters and moved towards Yuzhang’s body. Yuzhang opened his arms and laughed like crazy.

“Why? Because this is my Night Walk of Hundred Ghosts. Concentrate all your fear on me and stay with me forever. This is my way to dominate. This is the magic treasure, the Demon King. The real purpose of the gavel – hum, a boring sneak attack.”

At the end of the sentence, Yuzhang suddenly tilted his head, and an arrow grazed his ear.

“What a divine treasure? It’s obviously a demon.”

Another arrow shot through the air, accompanied by Guan Junyan’s voice.

The boy who evolved into an all-round warrior used his bow and arrows, and kept attacking. When he stayed at Kagura’s house, he happened to find a set of Kyudo books, which covered everything from beginners to burial. After all, witches have been holding bows since ancient times. Of.

I play around with it every day and accumulate a lot of experience. Although the level is still the lowest, it makes up for the lack of attack distance and attack methods to some extent.

“It’s not up to you to tell me whether it’s a **** or a magic wheel! Yuzhangzhiye!”

The raccoon demon Daxiu knew it, but the green leaves were flying and circling, attacking Guan Junyan in an arc.

Kuan Junyan knew how powerful he was, so he unfolded the Wind Step and used his increasingly sophisticated ninja skills to fly over the walls and avoid the attack.

Long before attacking Inugami, Kotoko Iwanaga compiled the information on the monsters of the four countries into a document and sent it, including an introduction to the “Leaves of the Tamashii”.

This is the “magical power” of the Yin Shen Xing Bu Tan lineage, that is, the “natal magical power”. It can perform various magical operations through the leaves, and the name of Yuzhang comes from this.

Guan Junyan was waiting for his move, he put away his bow and changed his sword!

Fast step plus a fatal blow!

Yuzhang blocked with his sword, the two swords intersected, and sparks flew everywhere.

What is more dazzling than Mars is the collision between the darkness of “Demon King’s Mallet” and the blooming light of Kuji Kanesada.

After the double swords, the eyes of humans and the eyes of the raccoon demon are also competing.

“The way to be a hegemon? Don’t laugh to death! Gather the faith of your followers, dream high, and aim for hegemony, then you can be domineering. Laughter is more crazy than others, anger is more crazy than others, and live a more real life than anyone else. He is the overlord, you are like this – you are just a wretch who lives in a delusion and doesn’t realize you are being used as bait!”

“Shut up and look for Shuyuan www.zhaoshuyuan.com. It’s all because of you. Without you repeatedly ruining my good deeds, I would have succeeded a long time ago, and I will definitely become the master of demons and demons.”

Yu Zhang’s chest was filled with anger and anxiety, and the dark consciousness was constantly eroding his heart, making him extremely violent.

The violence brought strength and forced Guan Junyan back again.

However, doing so did not bring him any sense of security. Instead, Guan Junyan, who was forced to retreat, looked at him with pity.

“How pitiful. Even without me, there are plenty of people who can stop you.”

Tokyo is indeed the capital of Japan, with hidden dragons and crouching tigers.

The number of bosses that Guan Junyan has seen in this period of time are not thirty, but twenty. Even if Yuzhang relied on the special effects of the “Devil’s Hammer” to force his strength to over one hundred, how could he compare? Those strong men who rose up step by step?

Compared with them, you are just a stick!

It is true that if the BUFF has no limit and Yuzhang continues to kill, it may be possible to create a “one force can defeat ten”.

But since Guan Junyan knew the special effects of “Demon King’s Hammer”, how could he not make any preparations.

If you are going to fight Lu Sheng honestly, then forget it. If you dare to mess around, do you really think that someone is just a decoration?

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