I’ll Quit Being a God Chapter 119: Father and interests


Some of the surviving Shikoku monsters recognized the tanuki monster and were surprised.

“Yin, Yin Shen Xingbu Lord Tanuki, why are you here?”

Yes, he is the real leader and commander-in-chief of the Eighty-Eight Ghosts of the Four Kingdoms at Night, and Yuzhang’s father.

The reason for the bowing ceremony is also known.

“I’m sorry, please spare his life. Although he is an ineffective child, for me, he is still irreplaceable… I know that no matter what I say, I can’t compensate for what he did, but in the future I I will let him stay in Shikoku. Please spare his life. Other than that, I have no objection to him no matter what.”

Guan Junyan was talking too much, and he wanted to reply: This guy has killed so many monsters, and ten times of repayment is not enough. How dare you have the nerve to ask us to spare his life?

After looking at Sakura, who was wandering back from a distance, the curse turned into a sigh.

This is my father.

Even if you know that your son has made a big mistake, you can’t let go of this family affection, because it is a close relationship connected by blood.

Even the great monster with a glorious past cannot let go.

Besides, this is Japan where apologies can offset most of the mistakes. There is no real grudge between Guan Junyan and Yuzhang, so let’s keep the matter as irrelevant.

All eyes are focused on Nuliang Huaiao. As the leader of the Nuliang group who was most severely damaged in this incident, Yuzhang’s life and death depend on his thoughts.

But he did not show the courage of a monster leader. He just patted his grandson on the shoulder: “Lu Sheng, it is up to you to decide what to do -“

The day after the attack, he handed over the matter to Lu Sheng, so no matter what decision Lu Sheng made, Hua Lao would not regret it.

“——Your Highness Princess, Guan Xiaozi, you have no objection.”

Kotoko Iwanaga nodded and said: “My goal has been achieved. Tamaki’s life and death is not important to me or to the Supernatural Disaster Countermeasures Room.”

To eliminate the threat and eliminate the turmoil, Iwanaga Kotoko’s goal remains unchanged. It is not a problem to have Yin Shen Xingbu Tanuki as a guarantee.

Guan Junyan glanced at Lu Sheng and said, “Leave this dilemma to Lu Sheng, old man, are you too cruel?”

Yes, a dilemma.

On one side is the promise to the monkey shadow and the revenge for killing his father.

On the other side is the old friendship between the grandparents. Not to mention anything else, just the fact that Hua Laiao personally blocked a knife for Yuzhang put a lot of pressure on Lu Sheng.

“This is the responsibility that those who shoulder the responsibility of ‘Hundred Ghosts Night Parade’ must bear. Every choice and every move will affect the followers. How to shoulder all the trust, not let the subordinates down, and see through it at the same time Find out the truth behind the fog and make a choice that is not yours to make. This is the real master of demons and monsters!”

Hua Lao’s voice was not loud, but every word hit Lu Sheng’s heart, making a strong impact.

The little monster leader was silent for a moment.

First he looked at the monkey shadow, then at the hidden **** Xingbu Tanuki, and finally at his grandfather and the three ghost kings who were older than his grandfather.

Weighed repeatedly in my mind and finally spoke:

“Grandpa, what’s the truth behind the fog? Is there another hidden meaning behind what happened this time?”

“Indeed.” Hua Piao nodded.

Yin Shen Xing Bu Li said: “That knife, the knife that took away my fear, is what I have been looking for. It was brought to Songshan City by a mysterious man three hundred years ago. This time… Yuzhang is Do you remember who gave you this knife?”

“I remember…” Yuzhang nodded, but in the next moment he became confused and held his head hard, “I can’t remember. I should remember it, but I just can’t remember it. I just remember the eyes… The eyes are very strange… …”

“You must be lying, right?” said the monkey shadow coldly. He is not only tall but not smart. If there is really something hidden in this matter, I am afraid that this father’s hatred will never be avenged.

“No, Yuzhang’s words are consistent with the information I collected, and he is not a lie.” Yin Shen Xingbu Li shook his head, “Coupled with the information brought by Lord Xingxiong, I can be sure that Yuzhang is being used by others. I want to provoke a war between monsters again. Although this cannot make up for the sins he committed, at least give him and me a chance to atone, please.”

“I understand, I only have one request -” Lu Sheng closed his eyes and finally made a decision, “-we form an alliance. The more the enemy wants us to fight, the less we can do what he wants. Please grandpa Form an alliance with Lord Tanuki of the Hidden God Punishment Department.”

“That’s it?”

The two old monsters said in unison.

“That’s enough.” Lu Sheng said solemnly, then walked to the monkey shadow and lowered his head and said, “I’m sorry, I couldn’t fulfill my promise to you. Everything is my responsibility.”

“No, how could it be.” The monkey shadow could still distinguish the good from the bad, “You have your difficulties, but I will not give up revenge because of this. When the storm passes, I will definitely cut off the jade seal. Your head, in honor of my father.”

“Don’t worry, there will be a chance. I lost this time, but I don’t plan to give up my ambition. After the storm has passed, I will still act with the goal of being the top of the monsters. If you want revenge, you can come to me when the time comes. , as long as you can do it.”

At this time, Yuzhang was no longer in a state of desolation as he was stabbed by Lu Sheng and betrayed by Night Sparrow. Although he was embarrassed, his eyes were still bright. He had never changed since he was a child, even if he was laughed at by his brothers and other monsters.

It also attracted the attention of many people and non-human beings. The three ghost kings each crossed their chests and made hey~oh~ah~ sounds.

Guan Junyan sighed again. Find the book garden www.zhaoshuyuan.com

It does sound a bit heroic, but the more it is like this at this time, the easier it is for people to be tempted to kill.

Kotoko Iwanaga pulled the corner of his clothes: “What’s wrong? Do you think this result is too hasty?”

“There are also reasons for this.” Guan Junyan said without hesitation, “After all, so many monsters died for this. If they can all be resurrected, just pretend I didn’t say anything about it.”

“How could it be?” Qinzi shrugged, “There is a limit to the resurrection of Tensenga. Lord Sesshomaru is not willing to save everyone. If you die, you will die – it’s just a game between forces. There are many It’s always like this. What matters is not life or death, but what you get in the end. Lu Sheng also understood this and made such a choice.”

“I know. I am not only responsible for the dead monsters, but also for the living monsters, but I am unhappy just because I am unhappy.”

“Not everyone can eradicate enemies like you, leaving no one behind. You are very good at this.”

“Don’t compliment me.” Today, Guan Junyan is too lazy to explain and accepts everything. “People like me are not born to engage in politics and games.”

“It seems that we have nothing to do with it. Should we withdraw?”

Noriyuki Iizuna came to the two of them. Although his voice was low, it could not be hidden from the ears of real masters.

Xingxiong Yongyi turned his head and said with a smile: “Don’t be anxious, let’s make a deal and leave.”

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