I Can Rewind Chapter 36: Peeping in the crack of the wall (6)


Yan Junze took a look at the time, 15 minutes had passed since the time retracement line he set, that is, the remaining 36 minutes, and there were 21 minutes left.

Listen carefully, the footsteps coming outside seem to be very calm, wearing leather shoes, it should be a man.

Everyone gathered behind the door of 004’s storage room. Yan Junze turned his head and glanced at the mummy on the ground. He listened carefully with his ears up, but no one spoke.

The footsteps soon approached the door of Room 004.

The four of them held their breath and raised their hearts to their throats.

At this moment, Yan Junze was guessing whether the person outside the door was the security guard in the duty room.

The others agreed that this guy outside must be a ghost.

The sound of footsteps stopped as they passed Room 004, and about two seconds later, there was a knock on the door.

A strange man’s voice came in: “Is there… someone inside?”


Everyone breathed a sigh of relief when they heard the voice, they were able to speak, and their trembling voice revealed panic, it should be human.

It seems that the sound of hitting the wall just now was too loud, which made a movement and drew the people above down.

“Who’s outside?” Zhou Dali asked.

“I’m the security guard of the building, who are you, and what are you doing hiding in there?” The man’s voice was still trembling, “There is nothing valuable in this place, and ghosts are still happening! Come out!”

“We are not thieves.” Now that it had been exposed, Jiang Ruixin who was closest to the door directly opened the door.

Standing outside the door was a tall and thin man wearing a security suit and holding a flashlight, but he was not the middle-aged man who was chasing dramas in the duty room. The security guard in front of him was obviously much younger, with a sharp face. Except for his thin body, he does look like a living person.

The young security guard obviously did not expect that there were four people hiding in the storage room. After seeing Yan Junze and others, he was startled.

Especially when he saw Zhou Dali’s physique like a small elephant, he thought to himself that it was the sum of the three of them, and he was no match for the guy opposite.

Before he could continue speaking, the flashlight in his hand swept over the crooked corpse on the ground.

The young security guard was so frightened that he yelled: “Then…there is a dead body! There is something supernatural here, you…you guys, hurry…get out…come out! Hurry up!”

“We dug up the body.” Yan Junze said.

“From the crack in the wall.” Zhou Dali pointed at the hole in the wall behind him with ease, a sense of pride welled up, as if he had forgotten the scene of his calves shaking just now.

“It’s no wonder there’s… a ghost! It turns out that there’s a… dead body inside!” The young security guard was terrified, and shone the flashlight on the mummy on the ground, but only below the mummy’s stomach, not the face.

“There should be no ghosts.” Yan Junze explained: “As long as we transport the body out and notify the police, or just find a place to bury him and let him rest in peace, there will be no more ghosts here.”

“Okay…okay.” The young security guard lowered the light of the flashlight and swallowed his saliva, “Close the eyes of the corpse, otherwise it will be scary to die forever.”

“The corpse is already dry, so it might not be able to close.” Bao Jie said tremblingly.

But after going through the illusion just now, she is much more courageous now.

“You can cover your eyes with a cloth strip.” Zhou Dali patted his thigh, “It should have been covered long ago, otherwise we wouldn’t have been staring at this guy.”

“Where to find the cloth strip?”

Just as Jiang Ruixin opened her mouth, Zhou Dali had already grabbed her sleeve and tore off a piece, saying, “The clothes belong to me. I tear off my own clothes. Is this a reasonable reason?”

Jiang Ruixin didn’t say anything, his eyes kicked, and Zhou Dali took four or five steps back in fright.

It seems that this guy has begun to fear Jiang Ruixin’s “bull’s eye”.

However, he did not personally wrap the cloth strip over the corpse’s eyes, but handed it to Yan Junze: “Come, you come.”

“Whoever came up with the idea will do it himself.” Yan Junze didn’t take the cloth note.

Zhou Dali fell into hesitation, looked at the security guard, then at Bao Jie who was filming, and gritted his teeth: “If I come, I will come, just practice your courage.”

Walking over the mummy, bent down, held his breath, quickly wrapped the cloth around the mummy’s eyes, and tied a knot at the back of the head.

“That’s it.”

The young security guard seemed to be relieved at this moment, and pointed to the corner of the corridor with a flashlight: “Let’s leave here first, and I will immediately notify other colleagues to come over after we get out, and clean up here together.”

“No.” Yan Junze shook his head, “We must leave with the corpse. To be honest, we are a team of spirit detectives, and we are here for him this time.”

The young security guard froze for a moment, lowered his head, as if he was thinking about something, the security cap on his head was slightly bigger, and it was also crooked at the moment, and would fall off at any time.

Suddenly, he turned around abruptly, and the security cap fell to the ground. Facing an open door opposite him, he shouted, “Who? Who’s in there?”

This door is opposite the storage room No. 004, and it is always open, but because there is no light, the furnishings inside cannot be seen clearly.

While asking questions, the flashlight of the security guard also shone through. Through the thick darkness, the light of the flashlight seemed to be trapped in a sticky mud, and it was impossible to see what was going on in the room.

The young security guard was also courageous. He was not intimidated, but rushed into the opposite room in a few steps.

The four people standing at the door of storage room 004 looked at each other in blank dismay. Yan Junze was the most courageous one among them, but he didn’t dare to rush in blindfolded before the situation was clarified. ah!

If not, the security guard was silent after rushing into the house.

Only the breathing of these people outside can be heard, and the surroundings are dead silent.

This kind of waiting was the most tormenting, Zhou Dali couldn’t help but snorted, and was about to speak when he heard the sound of scuffling and collision suddenly coming from the opposite room, which became more and more intense.

The anxious voice of the young security guard sounded immediately: “Come and help!”

Yan Junze and the others were taken aback.

Zhou Dali was surprised and said, “Isn’t it a ghost? Wait for Grandpa to clean it up for you!”

As a newborn sun, the object of the school’s flaunt, plus he is already strong~Soverse.com~ At this time, Zhou Dali’s blood is surging.

After saying that, he rushed out of 004’s storage room and went into the opposite room.

In the next second, the surroundings were pitch black, and the flashlight in his hand went out instantly, and there was no other light in sight.

Zhou Dali was startled suddenly, stretched out his hands to **** around, but there was nothing in front of him, he was so frightened that he hurriedly turned around, only to find that the direction of the door he had just entered was also gone.

It stands to reason that Yan Junze and the others were shining their flashlights on the opposite side. Standing in this room and looking towards the door, they could see the light of the flashlights, but now it was pitch black.

“Brother Security, where are you?” Zhou Dali panicked, and a strange and inexplicable sense of fear climbed into his heart.

At this moment, he can only place his hope on the young security guard who was calling for help just now.

Fumbling and shouting.

As soon as he finished speaking, Zhou Dali put his hand on an arm.

This arm has a sleeve, and there seem to be a few buttons on the sleeve, which should be a security suit.

“Brother Security, why don’t you speak?” Zhou Dali felt like he was about to pee out of fright, his voice trembling like an electronic sound.

The arm he was holding suddenly moved, and in turn grabbed Zhou Dali’s muscular arm.

Zhou Dali’s body stopped suddenly, unable to break free at all, his pupils quickly darkened, as if covered by a layer of black cloth, his mouth slowly opened, and a series of meaningless gurgling sounds came out from his throat. In the dark, it sounds particularly permeating.

His cheeks shrank rapidly, his veins were exposed, and then he fell down with a thud, losing his breath.

“Where are people? Why don’t you come to help?”

The voice of the young security guard suddenly sounded again in the room, revealing an indescribable anxiety.


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