I Can Rewind Chapter 37: Peeping in the crack of the wall (7)


The door of storage room No. 004 was always open, and Yan Junze, Bao Jie, and Jiang Ruixin were standing at the door holding flashlights.

After seeing Zhou Dali rushing into the opposite room, Bao Jie and Jiang Ruixin both pointed their flashlights at the door of that room.

Only Yan Junze turned the flashlight and paid attention to the direction of the mummy behind him.

No sound came out, and Zhou Dali entered the opposite room, as if a drop of water had fallen into the sea, without even a bubble.

“Strong!” Yan Junze turned around and called out tentatively.

There was no movement in the dark house.

“What should I do?” Jiang Ruixin turned her head and glanced at Yan Junze nervously, “Is it because the strength is too strong, and you knocked him down as soon as you entered?”

“Impossible.” Yan Junze shook his head, “That guy’s body is exaggerated and his movements are frivolous. Even if he can easily subdue him, he still wants to yell twice to prove to us how awesome he is.”

“What’s going on? Who’s going to take a look now?” Bao Jie stood on one side holding the camera, her hands visibly trembling.

At this moment, the voice of the young security guard sounded again: “Where are people? Why don’t you come to help?”

It seems that after Zhou Dali joined him, he should still have played a role, at least suppressing the opponent.

“Bao Jie, come with me.” Yan Junze glanced at the mummy lying on the ground not far behind, and then said to Jiang Ruixin: “Ruixin, you are in charge of guarding here. If there is any movement from the mummy, you will Stare at him with your eyes.”

Jiang Ruixin shivered in fright: “But his eyes have been wrapped with cloth strips, so he can’t stare at them!”

“Why don’t you tear the cloth strips apart? If he starts to move, it will be convenient for you to stare at him.” Yan Junze suggested seriously.

“Truck your sister! I won’t talk, it’s fine like this.” Jiang Ruixin shook her head like a rattle.

“Later, Bao Jie will be standing at the door of the opposite room. I will be in charge of going in, and you will be able to see her too, so that both of you can take care of her.”

Yan Junze shrugged, gave Jiang Ruixin another order, and walked to the opposite side with Bao Jie.

The flashlight shone into the room, and found that it could only be seen about two or three meters away, and when it went deeper, it was submerged in thick darkness, and it was impossible to see the situation inside.

The situation is a little weird.

Yan Junze stood at the door and hesitated for a while, then checked the time retracement line in his mind, and there were 17 minutes left.

If he is in danger, he can retrace to the position he wants within the retracement line during this period of time.

Should be enough for the danger.

Taking a deep breath, Yan Junze held the flashlight in his hand, asked Bao Jie to use the light from the camera behind him to illuminate himself, and walked into the room.

From Bao Jie’s point of view, the second Yan Junze entered the room, a thick darkness enveloped him in an instant, and the flashlight disappeared quickly.

“Yan Junze!” Bao Jie was taken aback, and hurriedly shouted.

She was answered by dead silence.

Bao Jie’s heart was so frightened that it almost stopped beating, she stomped her feet and said anxiously: “Yan Junze, answer me! Where are you?”

The light from the camera and the flashlight can only reach not far from the door of the house, and can no longer penetrate into this thick ink-like darkness.

“What’s going on?” Jiang Ruixin stood at the door of storage room 004 opposite, and asked with a surprised face: “Did he disappear just after entering?”

“No…it’s gone, and she didn’t answer me.” Bao Jie looked like he was about to cry.

“How about I come over and take a look?” Jiang Ruixin suggested.

Ever since she tasted the fruit of victory, she has regarded her “staring eyes” as the first magic weapon for winning after encountering a ghost.

“You still pay attention to what’s behind you…”

Before Bao Jie finished speaking, the camera in her hand seemed to be grabbed by something. Standing at the door, she was instantly dragged into the room by a powerful force. She had no chance to speak the second half of the sentence, even Didn’t even have time to call out.

A scream that resounded through the entire corridor erupted from Jiang Ruixin’s mouth. With this scream, her back tightened suddenly, and her clothes shrank behind her, as if being grabbed by a big hand clothes on the back.

The next second, Jiang Ruixin’s flashlight fell, and she was dragged into storage room 004, and the door of the storage room slammed shut.

The first floor of the negative floor returned to silence.

The damp breath seems to be heavier than it was at the beginning.

In the room.

Thick darkness enveloped Yan Junze.

No matter which direction he went, there was darkness in front of his eyes, and the light of the flashlight in his hand had been extinguished strangely, and he couldn’t turn it on.

Is this house also haunted? Hasn’t the body been dug up? Why is this still the case?

A lot of doubts arose in his heart, standing where he was, Yan Junze did not dare to move carelessly for the time being.

First the young security guard appeared, and then he discovered the abnormality in the room, and things suddenly became weird.

Even if they heard a sudden noise coming from the room, the security guard’s reaction should not be to jump in directly, but to be startled instinctively, and then back away.

This is not a normal human reaction.

In a place full of ghosts, being able to hear strange noises in the dark and still be so excited, so natural, and so unscrupulous, I’m afraid only a foolish exorcist like Huang Chen would do it.

So, the action of this security guard is indeed abnormal.

Facts have proved that only in an extremely quiet place can a person’s thinking develop a powerful ability to operate. And this is the case with Yan Junze at the moment.

He hated himself for not thinking of this sooner, now that he was in the grip of a tiger, there might be little hope of getting out and getting out of this room easily.

Zhou Dali, it is very likely that he and his ancestor Zhou Shentong are now practicing Hercules Fist.

Yes, Zhou Heng’s ancestor had a well-known local man named Zhou Shentong. Note that it’s not Zhou Botong, and he doesn’t know how to fight with both hands. Yep, great reputation.

Yan Junze suspected that Zhou Heng’s nickname, Zhou Dali, should have inherited the genes of this ancestor to a large extent.

It’s a pity that the IQ inheritance is gone, otherwise he wouldn’t have followed that suspicious security guard into the house.

At this moment, Ke’er, who was lying on Yan Junze’s back, moved, and an inexplicable sense of crisis came.

Yan Junze couldn’t help but took two steps back.

In the darkness, his foot suddenly stepped on the instep of the other foot, as if someone had been standing not far behind him~Soverse.com~At this moment, he accidentally bumped into it.

Ke’er, lying on his back, let out a dull roar that Yan Junze had never heard before, just like a wolf dog that has been irritated, it is warning the opponent with a low roar.

In the next second, Ke’er bounced and jumped out.

Yan Junze couldn’t see anything, so he had to quickly turn around and face the direction Ke’er was rushing towards.


Not far away, there was the sound of an object hitting the wall heavily.

I don’t know what the result will be.

Yan Junze was heartbroken, but he never heard any other voices.

Ke’er’s favorability with him has now become “friendly”, otherwise she would not take the initiative to rush towards the figure in the darkness.

After waiting for a while, Yan Junze couldn’t help calling out: “Ke’er.”

Patter, a hand was placed on his shoulder from behind.

This hand is very big, not a child’s hand.

After feeling the size of this hand, Yan Junze knew the result of Ke’er’s throw.

A heart suddenly sank to the bottom of the valley.

Without any hesitation, a firm thought immediately appeared in his heart.


Dazzling, there is light again in front of my eyes.

This is the light of the flashlight.

He, Zhou Dali, Bao Jie, and Jiang Ruixin were standing behind the door of storage room 004, listening to the footsteps coming from the corridor.

Yan Junze looked gloomy, lowered his voice, and said to everyone: “No one is allowed to respond to the outside later, whoever dares to respond, I will strangle him to death!”

The other three looked confused.

“If you remind me, just remind me, why do you keep looking at me?” Zhou Dali stared at Yan Junze inexplicably, feeling that he had been greatly wronged.


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