I am God Chapter 443: : The stone carving of “Blood of King Power” bears the mark of the giant **** Ruhe


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With a lamp in hand, Oran boarded a small boat in a trance.

The boat goes up the waterfall at night, against the current and gravity.

Passing through the middle of the waterfall, the shadow of it and the boat disappeared into the world.

The upper half of the mountain peak is the Sky Miracle Garden, which has been separated from the human world to form a unique boundary, which looks as if half of the mountain peak hangs between the sky and the sea of ​​clouds.

The ship came to an end, and the collision made a soft sound on the shore.

Olan stepped off the boat and entered a silver sea of ​​flowers. There seemed to be whispers in the sea of ​​flowers, which made people feel drowsy.


“I want to become a god.”

“Taling Mysteries…”

At the end of the sea of ​​flowers in the distance, there is a city of lights.

The densely packed lamps turned into stars, gorgeous and tall lighthouses stood in the city, and various lamp spirits inhabited and talked in the city of lights.

Olan looked at the kingdom of gods without blinking his eyes.

No matter how many times he looks at it, he still thinks it is so beautiful.

In a castle hall full of the land of the rising sun, a **** in a silver robe and a woman in a golden dress are waiting for him.

“God Iva!”

“Golden Queen!”

Olan saluted the two of them, nodded twice, then got up and said.

“I’m back.”

God Iva and his wife, the Golden Queen, nodded together, and then asked Oran to get up.

“Olan, just sit there!”

And they also prepared a seat for Oran in the hall belonging to the gods, allowing him to sit down and talk.

Olan was flattered, but sat on it cautiously.

It was only later that I told God Iva about the process of going to Suinhor to meet the Scarlet Goddess in such detail that I didn’t miss any details.

“God Iva, this time we did not achieve direct success.”

“However, the Scarlet Goddess did not refuse, she just made a request.”

God Iva: “What request did he make?”

Olan elaborated on the details at the time: “The Scarlet Goddess asked us to get the stone carving of “Blood of King Power”, and use this stone carving as a ritual medium for the contract of the gods…”

The arrival of the age of the gods can be said to be inevitable, and the division of places of belief in the past is no longer suitable for the present.

Every country needs the power of various extraordinary professions, just like Suinhor inevitably brought in witch spirits, lawyers, alchemists, and tower keepers. Everyone can see the power of the gods. Necessity to conclude a contract.

However, this necessity also has priority for the gods in the world.

Some are very eager, while others feel that they can wait a little longer.

If the contract of the gods can be signed as soon as possible, the most dominant ones should be the gods of Iva and Oran.

The driving force of alchemists and tower keepers for civilization, the power of alchemy and alchemy towers, can be said to be an indispensable part of civilization, and it is the power that can most intuitively change a country.

However, most of the time they can only curl up in the Land of the Rising Sun, because they are afraid of other gods, so they dare not easily advance and expand towards the outside.

The Land of the Rising Sun is very prosperous, but after all, the territory is small and the population is not large.

As soon as the contract of the gods is signed, the influence of believers of God Iva, alchemists, and alchemy will quickly expand to the entire known world.

So to promote the conclusion of the gods’ contract, at present, the desire **** line is the most important and urgent. In addition, it is the knowledge **** line that hopes to help Asai to wake up as soon as possible.

After listening to the queen above, she asked a question.

“Did you hear the stone carving of “Blood of King Power”?”

“Is this the request of the Scarlet Goddess?”

When the Golden Queen heard the term, she immediately remembered something. She had seen such a thing in the barter dream of the fairy of the lake.

Although she only saw a short introduction on it, she was almost lost in the curse.

The Golden Queen glanced at God Iva, as if to say that such a thing is not in the hands of the goblin?

And such a dangerous thing, how can the apostle take it?

Olan nodded: “Yes, Your Majesty the Queen.”

After that, he looked at God Iva again. From the eyes of the Golden Queen, he knew that only God Iva could give him the answer.

“God, what exactly is “The Stone Carving of Blood of King Quan”?”

“Why did the Scarlet Goddess say that this stone slab can restrain the gods without strength?”

Olan is indeed very curious, and he still hasn’t figured it out until now.

Why can a stone slab be valued so much by the gods and act as a force that can restrain the gods in the world.

God Iva pondered for a while and told Oran.

“At the beginning of the first era, when everything had not yet originated.”

“There is no present life, no light of wisdom, and no beautiful dreams.”

“The Creator created a wise god-king, and this world finally has the light of wisdom, and the god-king gave birth to sons, whose bloodline is called the blood of kingship.”

It was only then that Oran realized that this was what the Blood of King Quan meant.

God Iva didn’t speak quickly. Although the tone was emotionless, the content was still shocking.

Because every word and title in his words is connected with greatness and antiquity, telling the beginning of the most ancient sacredness and mythology.

“At that time, the Creator, the God-King of Wisdom, and the oldest of the first generation lived together on the God-given island, which is the God-given generation.”

“After the sons of the **** king became adults, the wise **** king bestowed wisdom and authority on the sons, and granted the mark of Ruhe to the blood of the king.”

“Since then, the species of wisdom can truly be called the species of wisdom, and the species of wisdom has obtained the power of power from the king of gods.”

“And the stone carving of “Blood of King Power” is the scene where the oldest person of the first generation recorded this picture.”

“In the Kingdom of the Creator!”

“In the palace of the King of Wisdom!”

God Iva lowered his eyes and told Oran.

“That stone carving symbolizes the God King of Wisdom, and also the sons of the King of God, and it is the beginning of everything for the wisdom species.”

“Without the authority granted by the **** king, there will be nothing later.”

“For the myth of wisdom, it is also one’s own belief and ancestors.”

“The king of supreme wisdom cannot be deceived, even if he is not bound by you, but if you dare to deceive him, it is tantamount to deceiving yourself and your destiny.”

This is the first time for Oran to hear the myths about the first era, and he knows the origin of wisdom and power. It turns out that all power does not come out of thin air.

It is derived from the Creator, from the gift of the God King of Wisdom.

Although God Iva omitted the key information about the name of the **** king, who is the creator, and who are the sons of the **** king.

But he knows.

These great existences of the ancient times cannot be easily mentioned even by their names.

But even so, these news are enough for Oran to understand the meaning of why the Scarlet Goddess said those words, and solve the deepest doubts in his heart.

Olan: “So that stone carving can really be used as a medium. As long as we find that stone carving, we can invite the gods to conclude a contract.”

Iva shook his head: “There is no need to look for the stone carving of “Blood of King Power”, it is in the hands of the goblin, and the goblin has already placed it in the barter dream of the fairy in the lake.”

“The goblin wants to exchange the stone inscriptions of “The Epic of Shiinsay” or “The Queen of the Stars and the Envoy Polo”. The story about Lord Polo and the Queen of Stars has a sacred meaning to the elves.”

“And the stone carving “The Queen of the Stars and the Envoy Polo” was carved by Mr. Polo himself. It is normal for the goblins to want to take it back now.”

Before Oran had time to ask who the saint was, Iva continued.


“There is no need to think about the “Hinsay Epic”. It is impossible to get this saint chapter.”

“The only thing that is possible to get is the stone carving of “The Queen of Stars and Messenger Polo”.”

Porik also knew this, so he didn’t even mention the option of “Hinsay” epic with Su Kebu.

Olan: “The stone carving of “The Queen of Stars and Angel Polo”?”

God Iva said: “This kind of thing should be in the hands of Xiao or Asai, and more likely it should be in the hands of Xiao.”

“Because he was the last person to control the Sky Temple before the era of God Abandoned.”

Olan frowned: “If it’s in the hands of the God of Original Sin, it’s not easy to get it.”

God Iva told Oran that everything is not that simple.

“And Xiao not only has the stone inscription of “The Queen of Stars and Angel Polo” in his hand, he also has the last chapter of the saint in his hand, which records the last bone book written by the saint. It is the scene where the saints meet the Creator.”

“The Scarlet Goddess Vivien should not only want to get back the stone inscription of “Blood of King Power”, but what she wants to get back is the last chapter of the saints.”

This chapter was once enshrined on the lighthouse of the Misty Island, guiding all the apprentices of the Temple of Truth to land on the island.

And when Xiao betrayed the Temple of Truth, he took away all his and Lan En’s research on reincarnated people.

Olan suddenly realized: “So the real purpose of the Scarlet Goddess is to push us to take these things back from the hands of the God of Original Sin?”

After saying these things just now, Oran thought of more.

“More than that.”

“He is using us even more, let us help him suppress the God of Original Sin.”

Olan raised his head and looked at God Iva.

This has already involved the battle between the gods, it is not what he should say.

Olan can only ask: “God Iva, what should I do?”


Or reject?

God Iva told Oran: “The God of Original Sin has fallen into a deep sleep. It is hidden in the abyss, relying on the oath of the dark side to continue its power.”

“Maybe you don’t need to go to war to find the stone inscription of “The Queen of Stars and Messenger Polo”, you just need to find where such a thing is.”

“Compared to us, there is a force that is also eager to get the tablet of “Blood of King Power.”

Olan asked: “God, what is this force you are talking about?”

God Iva said: “I just said that after the sons became adults, the **** king gave the authority of wisdom to the sons, and the seal of Ruhe to the royal blood.”

“The former is the assigned authority and bloodline, and the latter is the imprint that controls the giant Ruhe.”

“So what is recorded on “Blood of King Power” is not just the beginning of wisdom and power.”

“On that stone carving, there are seven seals of the giant **** Ruhe.”

Olan didn’t seem to understand very well, he stood up in an instant and raised his head, the speed was as fast as if he wanted to break his own neck.

There was astonishment in his eyes, and he even stuttered when he spoke.




“Which Ruh?”

God Iva told him: “It is the one you imagined, the seven Ruhe giants who carry the Ruhe giant island.”

Olan stood in the divine kingdom of God Iva, but his eyes were full of trance.

In the dark, his consciousness seemed to fly up to the sky, overlooking the vast land.

But no matter how high his consciousness floats, he can’t see the end of the land, because this is an extremely vast continent.

And this continent is supported by seven indescribably powerful beings, named Ruhe Giant God.

Qi looked at God Iva blankly, and there seemed to be a line of words written on his face.

“Are you kidding me?”

If it was not a wise demigod who said this to him.

Olan knew that the gods in the first era directly had the blood of gods. He knew that those gods possessed the power of rituals bestowed by the creator, and could create all kinds of fantastic things that only existed in dreams.

He just learned that among these gods, there is a group of royal blood descendants, who are the direct descendants of the **** king.

What is even more unbelievable is that these descendants who inherited the blood of the **** king actually have the power to control the giant **** Ruhe.


Olan wanted to say something, but was completely speechless in the end.

But Oran finally understood.

Gods are real gods.

The sons of the **** king, those are the real sons of the **** king.

He always thinks that he has considered those gods to be strong enough, but many times the reality tells him that everything he knows and the limits he can imagine are still too small.

God Iva told Oran: “But sometimes it is not a good thing to have power that is so powerful that you cannot control it at will.”

“Ruhe’s power finally brings not hope, but destruction.”

“So in the end, the Creator took back Ruhe’s power and endowed the oldest with the power of miracles. The giant **** Ruhe has since gained freedom and no longer obeys the orders of the royal blood.”

“But the seven marks still point directly at the core strength of the Giant God Ruhe.”

“It’s a symbol of their strength, and a symbol of a race.”

“If you get the mark of Ruhe, the **** of life and power, you can gain their power and become their dependents.”

“For example, the earth witch entered the bottom of the mountain of origin of life by chance, and was given her own power and Luhe seal by the giant earth god.”

Olan immediately understood the significance of this.

“So whoever can get these seven marks is equivalent to finding seven ways to become a witch; but the earth witch has appeared, which means that there are still six left.”

“I can talk about the Earth Witch, or the Kingdom of Thunder, the Kingdom of Yellow Sand, and Moonlight City.”

“Let them look for the stone carvings of “The Queen of Stars and Angel Polo”.”

“At the same time, we can also pull the witch into this contract of the gods.”

Although the Ruhe giant gods do not need faith, people still believe in them crazily.

Now their faith is not weak in the world.

The big ones include the Temple of the Earth and the Witch of the Earth, which directly occupy the entire Kingdom of Ten Thousand Snakes and control the mountain of the origin of life.

The small ones also include the Kingdom of Yellow Sand, the Kingdom of Thunder, and other countries, as well as the forces that believe in them scattered everywhere.


Witches and their predecessors, blind female prophets, as one of the most special powers, also possess a special power.

It is called foreknowledge.

But in fact, it is not the real future prediction, but the witch’s eyes can see what is happening anywhere on the earth.

Even if the crisis occurs in a distant place, they can still know the crisis before it completely arrives, thus showing the power of foreknowledge.

As long as it happens on this continent, they can use this power to predict in advance.

If the stone carving of “The Star Queen and Angel Polo” is really on this continent, the Witch and the Prophet can find it.

But Oran only thought of the first floor. In fact, Ivar has another plan.

God Iva got up, stepped on the treasures everywhere from the high throne, and walked down to the front of Oran.

Finally, he talked about his other meaning.

“Didn’t Vivien say that the gods in the world are afraid of restraint?”

“Then make the constraints deeper.”

“So making an oath in front of the **** king and the first king’s sons is only the first step, and then let the future seven witches be the witnesses of the contract to protect the gods, and finally send them back to the sky temple.”

“Since the witch has drawn the line on behalf of the giant **** Luhe that the gods cannot directly attack on the giant island of Ruhe, this may be a misunderstanding, or it may really have such a meaning.”

“Let it be real if you can.”

“Let the witch become the real supervisor and guardian of the world!”

The Crimson Goddess has her own thoughts, and Polik has his own calculations, so Ivar adds a fire to it, completely locking up the contract of the gods.

In the future.

The seven witches are equivalent to the eyes of the seven Ruhe giant gods in the world, and they will also become the supervisors of the world.

Olan raised his head to look at God Iva, and suddenly felt that this **** was different from what he had imagined.

After being a **** for so many years, God Iva is no longer as ignorant as before, just like a blank sheet of paper.

God Iva looked a little cold, but the words he spoke to Oran were full of power.

“The power of the gods may be properly restrained.”

“Only in this way can the civilization of the world be more prosperous and the future that the supreme gods expect will emerge.”


The kingdom of ten thousand snakes.

The city of Pans under the mountain of origin of life.

There is a sacred tree at the foot of the towering sacred mountain. The crown of the tree covers half of Pans City, giving people a strong sense of security.

It seems that as long as there is this tree, no matter how big the storm is, it will not be able to erode this paradise and holy place.

This is the holy land of the snake people. Although it is no longer the capital of the kingdom of ten thousand snakes, it still can’t stop people coming here for pilgrimage.

People come here to meet the sacred mountain left by the master of life and the giant **** Ruhe.

At the same time, he also kowtowed to the sacred tree, praising the name of the earth witch.

The Earth Witch’s name is Meter, which means Paradise in Snakeman language.

She was born to be a prophet, guarding the Temple of Life and the Mountain of Origin of Life, as well as the origin and paradise of the Snakeman.

Even after becoming a witch, it is still the same.

On weekdays, she lived in seclusion in the depths of the temple, never appearing in front of people, but today the door of her seclusion was suddenly opened, and she walked out wearing a holy robe.

This is a woman in the shape of a god, with a large robe covering her graceful figure, wearing a hood and veil, making her look extraordinarily mysterious.

As soon as Qi walked out, people outside knelt down in groups facing her.

“Master Witch.”

“Master Witch.”


Everyone looked at her with longing and madness in their eyes, as if they saw a **** in the world.

The influence of the Earth Witch in the country governed by Ten Thousand Snakes can be said to be extraordinary.

Earth Witch Meter didn’t speak, she just summoned the **** attendant of the temple, so she gave orders.

“There will be distinguished guests coming later, you are ready to welcome them.”

God attendant asked: “How many people are here?”

Earth Witch: “It’s two people.”

As she said, guests will arrive soon.

They are two apostles.

Among the bells and music they entered the Temple of Life, where the witch Meter was waiting for them.



“You guys came to see me, what’s the matter?”

As a witch, Meter can see the arrival of the two apostles, but she can only see part of the world, and it is impossible to see the dialogue between Oran and Sukob and the gods.

Sukob and Oran looked at each other, and then told the witch Meter.

Su Kebu: “Your Highness, we want to ask you to help us find something, a very important thing.”

Olan: “This thing is about a contract that will be signed between the gods next, a contract about faith.”

About signing the contract with the gods, Sukob and Oran are equally affirmative and firm.

Olan needs to pass on the belief of God Iva to the whole world, and his own Tower Keeper also needs to expand, only in this way can he become a **** in this era.

Sukob needs to revive his gods, and at the same time take his lawyers and codes to various countries and civilizations, and build the future he wants.

Although their purposes may be somewhat different, they still have different calculations.

But the ultimate goal is the same.

It is of course good to be able to bring in more temples, more gods and even witches and future witches.

But the Earth Witch didn’t smile when she heard what they said.

He frowned instead under the hood and veil.

After experiencing the battle between the God of Truth and Knowledge and the God of Original Sin, the witch Meter didn’t have a good sense of other gods.

She believes that those gods act recklessly in the world, and only the giant gods are the ones who truly turn into the earth to carry hundreds of millions of creatures and truly protect the snake-man civilization.

“This has nothing to do with me, and it has nothing to do with the giant **** of the earth.”

“Why should I help you?”

But Sukob and Oran had already figured out how to persuade the Earth Witch before coming here, and they were very sure.

Sukob and Oran told her some information about the contract of the gods, especially about the stone carving of “Blood of King Power”.

Mertel asked after hearing this: “The stone carving of the blood of the king?”

Like Sukob and Oran before, she didn’t understand what the stone inscriptions of royal blood were.

Even more incomprehensible, what power does a stone slab have to restrain the gods.

Olan told Meter: “This stone tablet records the oldest secret, the secret of the origin of the gods and power.”

“And this secret is the power to restrain the gods of wisdom.”

“However, on this stone carving that originated from the origin of time and from the ancient times, there are not only secrets about wisdom, but also secrets about life.”

Mertel raised his head, and his eyes behind the veil looked at Oran.

She knew that the life Oran spoke of was life power, and this secret must be the secret of the gods.

Olan didn’t keep it secret either, and said the moment Metel looked over.

“The slate has the seals of the seven Ruhe giant gods, and there are the giant Ruhe seals.”

“Your Highness, I think you should understand what this means.

Mertel immediately stood up after hearing this, and stared at Oran intently.

“Do you know what you’re talking about?”

After a long time, she sat down again.

“Do you have the marks of the Seven Gods?”

Olan nodded: “The Seal of the Seven Gods of Ruhe.”

Of course Metel understands what this means, which means that after mastering these, the Seven Witch Paths will appear completely.

Although possessing the Ruhe seal does not mean that anyone can become a witch, it is impossible for ordinary people to withstand that powerful power, nor can they bear the gaze of the myth of life.

But compared to finding someone who can become a witch, the threshold is the most important and the most difficult.

So far, Meter can only get a response from the giant **** of the earth.

As for the other giant gods, they will ignore her.

And what is displayed in front of her now is a ready-made threshold.

Mertel has always hoped that a new witch can appear and bring more power of the giant Ruhe to the world, and now this opportunity has appeared in front of her.

Olan saw the fluctuation in Meter’s eyes, and immediately said while the iron was hot.

“So, Your Majesty the Witch.”

“Please help us find out where the stone carving of “The Queen of Stars and Angel Polo” is? Is it still on the giant island of Ruhe?”

“Only in this way can we get the stone carving of “Blood of King Power”.”

“At that time, the contract of the gods will be witnessed by the witch and the giant **** through the medium of stone carvings.”


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