I am God Chapter 444: : The crisis of the ceramic villain


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The Temple of Life.

As soon as Oran’s words were spoken, Sukob and the witch immediately attracted their attention and deep thought. Both of them could hear that there seemed to be some hidden meaning in Oran’s words.

Sukob knew that Oran was going to tell the witch about Luhe’s seven seals, but he never thought that Oran would invite the witch as a witness to witness the conclusion of the contract of the gods. As soon as Su Kebu turned his head, he immediately understood.

“This is the will of the God of Desire and Alchemy.

And Su Kebu also immediately understood the meaning of the god, but he did not stop or express objections. Because the divine kingdom and foundation of the **** of truth and knowledge are on another continent.

No matter how strong God Ruhe is, he can’t extend his hand to another continent, right?

It is estimated that after A Saishen wakes up, he will not easily come to this continent again.

The hand may restrain him in the future, so don’t worry, he is a **** preselection,

Naturally, I hope that it would be best if none of those big bosses get off the field, or the first one to be killed might be someone like him who can’t get up and down. Su Kebu immediately closed his eyes and meditated, as if he hadn’t heard it.

On the other side, the earth witch Myrtle knew when she heard that Oran invited them to be witnesses of the contract of the gods

Olan wanted to use this method to draw her, the giant earth god, and even the giant **** Ruhe into the contract of the gods.

At the same time, the witch was promoted to the status of the supervisor of Ruhe Giant Island and even the human world, and the contract of the gods, which seemed to have no actual contractual force, was completely locked.

Because the more stable this contract is, the more God Iva and Oranchi hope to see.

This suggestion is really tempting, but although the witch lives in seclusion, she is not really ignorant.

It can elevate the witch to a high position in an instant, but it is also easy to fall to death.

Ever since the **** of truth and knowledge and the evil **** of original sin erupted in a war of gods because of their direct descent in the world, they were finally punished by the giant earth god.

There have been rumors in the world that the giant earth gods were summoned by the earth witches. They are the spokespersons of the earth giant gods and the guardians of the giant island of Ruhe. But no matter what the rumors are outside, Metel knows that she is not the guardian of the giant island of Luhe, and she cannot directly summon the power of the giant god.

It’s just because this is the back garden of the ruler of life, and those guys who act recklessly in the garden of the supreme **** just happened to be seen by the eyes of the giant god.

It was the Titan, not her, who decided to punish the two gods. Meter was silent for a long time, after thinking about it for a while.

She looked at Oran with those gray witch eyes, and told him, “I am the witch of the earth, not the witch of Ruhe.


There are seven Ruhe giant gods in total, and she cannot represent the seven Ruhe gods. “And the witch is just the eyes of the giant god.

“The eyes are just eyes, and they can only convey to the gods what we see. As for where and how the eyes of the gods will fall, that is the will of the gods.

*The Ruhe Giant God does not need a contract. Faith is our admiration and gratitude to God from the bottom of our hearts. “Faith does not lie in the amount, but in piety.”

Speaking of this, Meter finally added a sentence. “However.

“The giant island of Ruhe is a garden ruled by life. Anyone who dares to destroy the garden of the supreme **** will be punished. The earth witch refused the request to be the witness of the contract of the gods, but agreed to help Su.

The request from Cobb and Oran, because she really wanted the Seal of the Seven Gods of Ruhe, and wanted to have more witch partners. Let Ruhe’s eyes change from one pair to seven pairs.

Seven pairs of eyes are staring at you to see who dares to make trouble in the back garden of the Supreme God,

Olan didn’t say anything more after listening, as long as Mo Wuer agreed to the request, at least the goal of pulling them into the arena had been achieved. “Then thank Her Majesty the Witch for your help, when the contract of the gods is concluded, when the “Stone Carving of Blood of the King” comes.

“When the time comes, I will invite Her Majesty the Witch to fulfill the current promise.

The witch finally said to Oran: “I hope that your little thoughts will not be used on me again.

Olan smiled: “I don’t have any malice, I really hope that Her Majesty the Witch can become a better place and this world can become a better place. Oran feels that although he has used some careful thinking, his ultimate goal is is good.

The main hall of the temple.

This is a golden statue of the ruler of life, and there are statues of the seven gods of Ruhe on both sides, but the giant earth **** is the closest to the ruler of life. At this moment, the earth witch is praying to the earth giant for casting.

“The servant of the supreme ruler of life, the great giant Ruhe, the earth-burrower, the **** of protection that supports the earth and life.

Repeat it three times, and every time you say the word “earth burrower”, the voice will become an extremely ancient language. It is a kind of sound that is difficult to produce with the voice of a snake man, but it can directly communicate with the ancient myth of life.

Just thinking about it.

The witch’s eyes suddenly shone for an instant, and her consciousness was pulled up to the sky.

As if she had opened the perspective of God, she scanned the earth with her eyes, and the mountains, rivers and forests moved quickly under her eyes. The witch is looking for a certain existence on the entire Ruhe Giant Island.

“Ceramic villain.

The witch read out the villain’s name, and even held a fragment of a bronze mirror in one hand. It was the copper mirror that the villain had once possessed, and its breath remained on it,

The witch’s eyes first looked at the northernmost frozen plateau, and then dragged to the fire demon swamp and the wasteland witch country, “Not here.

Then the witch looked at the Thunder Swamp, the Kingdom of Yellow Sand, and the Endless Sea of ​​Sand, and shook her head, “Not here.

Reading one after another, the witch kept repeating that word.

“Not here.” Not here. “Not here.

Sukob and Oran also became nervous, looking forward to the next word: “I found it.

But until the end, when Merwul ​​finished the ceremony and stood up, he didn’t wait.

Moschel looked at the two of them: “I can’t find it.

Su Kebu asked: “Is it not in the world, or not in Ruhe Giant Island?

Mertel told Sukob: “It has appeared, I traced its breath and finally found that it is in the south of Suinhor.

“But then it was gone, lost over the sea.”

“The chaotic power is escaping from the Sea of ​​Storms, everything is chaotic there, and I don’t know where it is hiding. Myrtle looks a little tired, and it is not easy to rely on the power of God things,

Olan asked: “How long ago was that?”

Mosel: “It should be just over a month ago.

Olan thought immediately: “So it might still be at sea now?

However, this is not good news. Sea of ​​Storms is even bigger than Ruhe Giant Island, and much bigger. But Oran didn’t think so. He had seen the passage of Lei going out to sea, and he knew the danger of the sea of ​​storms, even after the black storm dissipated.

“Ceramic villain does not necessarily leave, it may also go to sea to do something,

“Even if it wants to leave Ruhe Giant Island, the Sea of ​​Storms is not so easy to get out of. Even if the black storm has dissipated, if there is no correct path, it will still be difficult to get out.

“So it’s likely to return next.

Olan looked at the Witch, and made another request: “Your Majesty, I still need to trouble you to pay attention to me.” Mosel nodded: “As long as it appears on the giant island of Ruhe, I can find it.” ,

Su Kebu also said:

“I will notify all parties, and I will also go to sea to find the trace of the ceramic figurine. Suddenly, Oran also remembered the same thing.

The ceramic villain is Xiao’s servant after all, and it would be very troublesome if it really wants to hide. ·If there is really no clue at all, I can write to Lei and borrow an item from Chi, “If we have this item, we can definitely find what we want.

Sukob and Meter looked at Oran together.

Mertel heard the name for the first time: “Who is Ray?”

Su Kebu is also very curious: “What kind of props can you find someone who can’t even find a witch?

Alan told the two: “Ray is an ancient puppet demon, a student of the demon god, and also a kind of **** from the previous era.” He has a miracle prop in his hand, a compass that is not only a compass , is the precious thing of the **** of demon spirits.

·But Lei wanted to go to sea to find the place where the sun rose, so the God of Demon Spirits temporarily gave this treasure to his students so that he would not get lost in the world.

“This miracle item does not have the ability to attack, but it has a very powerful and almost miraculous characteristic.

“When you want to find something, or long for something in your heart, it will point to that thing. Sukob and Meter looked at Oran in shock. There is still such a thing in the world. Props?

And a monster has left Ruhe Island to find the place where the sun rises? There seem to be many stories and legends in it.

Sukob: “Is he willing to help us?

A kind of **** from the previous era, a student of the god, if the other party is unwilling, they have nothing to do.

Olan nodded: “I have a good relationship with Lei, and everything we do is of some benefit to the Demon God, and he should be willing to help us.

“But he has left Ruhe Giant Island, so I can only find him through the letter of the rainbow tree.

“I just don’t know where he is now, whether I can contact him immediately, and whether there are rainbow trees around him. Now, the division of labor between the three is over.

Moreover, the three of them are also certain about whether they can find the ceramic figurine. In the temple of Thunder Kingdom.

The Chief God Attendant of this generation held a letter in his hand and stood alone in the bedroom of the former “Witch” Liz. He raised his head and looked at the reproduction of “The Lost Kingdom”.

The surface of the lake has no time to become a mirror, the clouds pile up to form mountains, and the kingdom of God is hidden in the sky.

But what the chief servant of the Thunder Temple recalled was the scene of the past, the “witch” who disappeared into the sea of ​​clouds, the young chief attendant said softly: “Witch Liz!”

The original farce was not clever.

Some people have already seen it, including the Chief God Servant of this generation. But no one dared to expose it, and even new tragedies were still being staged,

The temple and the king are proclaiming that Liz has become a sky witch, and she has entered the kingdom of God to become the real one

Your Highness the Witch, but all that has become the past, and now they need to prove their sanctity again. When you tell a lie, you need countless lies to make up for it.

The caves are getting bigger and bigger, and the lies are endless.

The new king and all the servants of the temple are planning to elect another Liz II, who will be called the reincarnation of the sky witch, and will be kept in the depths of the temple, and will be sent to reincarnation in the future , This is indeed the case, the life power person will carry out reincarnation every once in a while.

Whether it is the earth witch, or those three-leaf symbiosis, or the dependents of giant gods hidden in all parts of the world.

But recently he received a letter from Her Majesty Metel, the Witch of the Earth Temple.

The Temple of the Earth notified all the forces that believed in the giant **** Ruhe, and told them that as long as they found a monster named ceramic villain, they could grasp the other six ways to become a witch.

For the forces that believe in the Ruhe Giant God, this can be called the light of salvation in the darkness, and it is also the same for the chief of the Thunder Temple. The Chief of the Thunder Temple picked up the letter in his hand, and read the last sentence of it again.

“When a new witch appears, we will gather together on the Mountain of Origin of Life and hold a council of witches in the holy place of the supreme god.” The giant **** is the guardian of the garden of the gods, and we are the giant **** watching the world Eye.

The eyes of the young Chief God Attendant showed anticipation:

“Witch council, will there be a real sky witch?

He turned around and walked outside: “This farce and lies should come to an end. The entire Thunder Kingdom immediately moved.

“Notify our fleet, and those who belong to us at sea.” Tell them.

“Use all your strength to find a monster called a ceramic villain, and you must find it.

The country of yellow sand.

This is a country that is not very conspicuous and noticeable, and other gods seem to have not cast their eyes on it.

Therefore, almost everyone here is a believer in the desert giant.

At this moment, a large number of people of the yellow sand gathered in their capital to hold sacrificial ceremonies to the desert giants. The style still has the barbaric blood sacrifice style, but various other wild animals are used. After sacrificing the gods, the leaders of the people of Huangsha from all sides quarreled with the gods and servants. “At all costs, we must join it.” Someone shouted excitedly.

“Is what the earth witch said true?” Several people surrounded the titular king, looking at the letter from the witch Metel in his hand.

“Your Highness Meter has no need to deceive us. She is the apostle of the giant **** Ruhe, and the apostle who truly belongs to the life of the hand.” His Majesty the King is very convinced. >

In the eyes of the people, he is more like one of the biggest city lords and tribal leaders.

·We should also have our own Sand Witch, our Highness Witch. “Someone shouted along,

“But we don’t have a fleet, so how can we go to sea to find that small ceramic figure.” A man of yellow sand stood up and said to the others.

“Anyway, there are so many people looking for it, so we can wait for them to find it.” Someone made a “smart” suggestion.

The king of the kingdom of yellow sand immediately denied this suggestion and looked directly at the other party angrily.

“But if there is no merit at all, why should we finally be recognized and finally get what we want?” When they show the Sand Witch in other forces and countries, what will we do

What is it (_)”

The question of whether to join or not seems to be no longer worth talking about.

“We can gather all our strengths to build a ship of magical props. We must build the best and then recruit people to organize a team of fine taxation to go to sea to make our reputation and a fleet of alchemists

Go to sea. “Someone proposed to build the most expensive ship, and then join the White Tower Alchemy Alliance to go out to sea, so that the face will be saved.

“Boats are still needed. Look at how rich the White Tower Alchemy Alliance is. Don’t they just have a lot of ships?” The workshops and colleges inside the Alchemy Alliance don’t have much impression.

“You can ask the demon spirits for help, and you can also hire them to join our fleet.” Someone immediately thought of the demon spirits. These guys are also very good at making magical props.

Happy to help out with some technical work.

“That’s not cheap.” There are leaders and lords who feel distressed, and the demons are not stupid; and I don’t know when they started, these demons are very meticulous in accounting, and the charges for doing something to help are more and more expensive every time. ·Now is not the time to be stingy, let’s pay the money together. “A strong man said loudly that it is not just the Kingdom of Thunder and the Kingdom of Yellow Sand,

Moonlight City in Suinhall, followers of the lava giant in Meiya, even walking in the wilderness

The ascetics who followed the footprints of the Starry Night Mountain Range also moved one by one, and they all heard the name of the ceramic villain. “Porcelain villain?

“Slave of the evil **** of original sin?

“If you find it, you can find the secret about the witch?” It was okay at first, but then it became. “If you find it, you will be able to find the treasure of the evil **** of original sin.” The ceramic villain carries the secret treasure of the **** on his body.

“If you find it, you will be able to know the biggest secret in this world?” The ceramic villain has an artifact on his body.

All of a sudden, the entire world of Ruhe Giant Island was in a state of confusion because of a single name, and the monster named Ceramic Villain spread its reputation and chased it everywhere. Everyone is looking for him.

Mortals, servants, kings, and gods are all looking for it.

Warships on the sea travel with its introduction, and the pirates who run rampant hold its portrait.

In the mercenary union, its bounty rose to an unprecedented level, causing countless ferocious mercenaries and demon hunters to stop and watch, while opening their mouths wide.

The Innocence of the Serpent’s Way.

—A group of evil members of the Abyssal Order gathered together and held a meeting. The depraved priest of the sect frantically slapped the table, his face extremely hideous, “What’s going on?”

“Aren’t we the only ones looking for ceramic figurines?

“What’s the situation now? Why are everyone looking for it? The fallen priest is very angry, thinking that someone has betrayed the news.” Who the hell?

“Who leaked the news?

The fallen priest picked up a piece of paper, glanced at it and threw it on the table, angrily talking about the news from outside. “Since there are artifacts? Why don’t I know?”

A group of evildoers were scolded **** by the fallen priest, and they didn’t dare to breathe,

This is not a good place. It is not uncommon for the fallen priest to kill them or even swallow them alive in the Abyss Cult of Innocence City.

After finishing his anger, the Fallen Priest looked at everyone silently, very dissatisfied. The cult leader slapped the table again: “Bang!”

The hardwood table jumped up suddenly, and everyone’s heart seemed to thump together, “Hurry up and find it, my artifact.

“No, the artifact of the great king of the abyss is about to be taken away by others. Sea of ​​Storms.

Although the black storm that represents death has dissipated, this sea area is still not safe. The giant **** Ruhe named Saile Siren took back his power under the sea and sank into the sea of ​​the northern sea

In the ditch, the dissipated power was recollected and connected with the water veins of the frozen plateau, turning into the water cycle of Ruhe Giant Island. Therefore, the northwest of Ruhe giant island can often encounter huge water eddies leading to the deepest part of the seabed,

The suction penetrates the clouds, carrying the chill that freezes everything.

If the fleet hits it directly, it will be directly sunk, even if it flies through the sky, it will be sucked down and everything around it will be frozen directly. The sky giant in Thunder Swamp has restrained its breath, but its power continues to flow from

The sea and the clouds absorb water to form rainfall for the entire Ruhe giant island.

As a result, thunderstorms and heavy rains continued in the eastern part of the giant Ruhe Island, and various abnormal celestial phenomena emerged one after another, among which were mixed with the power of giant gods, and there were relatives of gods haunting them.

There are a group of unpredictable archipelagos in the southern sea, they seem to always change their positions, and the fleet will often get lost among them and never come back.

These are just a few of the known dangers.

In addition to this, there are many unknown horrors, too numerous to enumerate and indescribable. The sea is always accompanied by unknowns, death and terror.

Back then when the Evils left the giant island of Ruhe, they had the perception, prediction, and planning of the gate of truth, but now the first wave of warriors who dared to leave the giant island of Ruhe to explore the outside world are still groping in the dark, hoping to find out— A mature route,

On the sea, there is a fleet of three ships sailing, and the sailors on board are all sailors from Suinhall. The picture is real. Another person said: “That’s good luck?”

“Obviously we were very lucky. We just escaped the reality of the ghouls. Many unlucky people died in that disaster. The sailor who was tying the cable said: “But our backstage is all over. Accumulated things

They were all confiscated, and they were even wanted as pirates. Now it can be said that there is nothing left. A snake man who was watching from a high place lowered his head and shouted loudly.

“What are you talking about?”

“As long as this voyage can be successful, we have everything.

“Fame, wealth, status, women, all can be easily obtained,

They used to belong to the fleet of the Hunter family of the Red Army, responsible for trading for the Hunter family, and occasionally worked part-time on warships and pirates.

But I didn’t expect that after returning from a long voyage, Hongtu City and the Hunter family were gone.

They also suddenly became rootless ducklings. Fortunately, they escaped the disaster and survived

Unfortunately, the part-time pirate incident happened before, and what they robbed was the fleet of the nobles from the Fire Protection City. They instantly became wanted criminals and became notorious.

But what happened next was a bit magical.

They are hiding everywhere, completely talking about pirates.

The captain accidentally got a nautical chart in a pirate tavern, a nautical chart from hundreds of years ago. The nautical chart of the Evelians also marked the destination of the Evelians—New World.

It was through this route that the giant island of Ruhe left, found the legendary new world, and left behind various legends.

It is said that when the captain got this nautical chart, he dreamed of a **** pointing to the other side of the sea at night. Driven to a desperate situation, they set off with longing and hope.

The captain stood on the high place on the second floor and looked into the distance with the binoculars, and then corresponded to the nautical chart.

After that, the captain rushed down excitedly and shouted to his men. “Boys.

“Really, the nautical chart is real, there is no doubt about it.”

“We’ve really bypassed the most dangerous places and are heading towards the New World.” This has never been reached before, except for the Evelians.

Everyone cheered immediately, and the atmosphere was very good, even though they were exhausted after a long sea journey. The captain put the nautical chart in a wooden tube, stuffed it into the sleeve, and said to everyone

“New World.”

“The people of Aiweier went out this way back then, and we will certainly be able to.”

·According to the route map, we can reach the destination where the Aiweier people arrived in two more months.

“Everyone work hard, as long as we find a new world, we can be forgiven by the king and become nobles.” We will be recorded in history.

The captain thought of the **** he had dreamed about before, and pointed to himself to move forward.

·This is God taking care of us. Not only are we lucky enough to avoid disasters, but we will also be lucky to reach the end. The Aiweier people started from Aiweier City, and they started from Hongshi City.

It took a lot of work to make a big circle.

The only thing to be happy about is that their boats are better and faster than the Evils.

If the legendary new world can be found, the names of the people on board will be included in the annals, they will gain unimaginable wealth and status, and they can even see the king get a title.

Everyone on the boat was extremely excited, as if they had been injected with chicken blood.

At this moment, a certain existence in the warehouse also heard the captain’s loud cry. In the box where all kinds of looted treasures are placed,

The little ceramic figurine suddenly turned his head, and the painting on his face suddenly changed.

A strangely funny laugh reclined among the gold coins, accompanied by a mocking sound. “Stupid mortals.

What kind of route map is given to them by the ceramic villain.

As for the favor of the gods, it seems that there is nothing wrong with it. The favor of the evil **** is also favor.

Everything is the ghost of the ceramic villain, in order to let the boat take it away and escape from the giant island of Ruhe.

The ceramic figurine was proud of his intelligence, but suddenly his face changed, and his painted expression turned into a few question marks, “What’s going on?”

The small ceramic man touched his stomach, and the imprint on his stomach was suddenly activated, and its little hand passed through a vortex, as if it had penetrated into his stomach.


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