I am God Chapter 442: : Sally found a way to change her fate



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Moonlight Forest.


The forest fairies, lake fairies, and goblins in the fairyland all gathered. The witch doctors who are myths are packing up their things like servants at this moment, and lined up to take things on the hot air balloon boat myth Velen the Spirit stood by the door like a mascot, waving downwards.


“Is the **** going?” The goblins greeted Velen, but Velen just nodded without speaking.


?Where is the next stop? “The goblins asked again, but Velen just shook his head.


“The teleportation gate on the god’s car is random, and no one knows where it will open next time. The fairies in the forest with the power of space in their pens opened their mouths. They seem to know something about this gate.


Then they discussed with each other, there was a topic about the power of the Portal Gate, and there was also a topic about Rosa’s desire to build a fairyland of the Gate.


In the Temple of Ice in Anjo City.


Sheila is holding a painting, which shows the fairy in the lake and the fantasy vine. Sheila quietly admired her painting, sighing that her painting skills have improved again, she blew carefully. The ash that does not exist on it looks like the mythical spirit Velen who cherishes his own body.


She conjured up a delicate picture frame, and then mounted the picture on it.


Then she opened a door of light, behind which is the treasure house of the gods in the land given by the gods.


Sheila put her painting in and lined it up with another one, and the painting on that one was the fairy in the forest and the rainbow tree. Perfection was born.


But after turning around, she frowned again.




“It has been placed in the treasure house of God, so no one can appreciate my work?


This is not possible. It is a pity that such a perfect work is placed in the treasure house of God. In order to paint these two paintings, she has been painting them intermittently for hundreds of years.


Sheila thought for a while, and then took out two paintings from the treasure house of God.


She opened another door, this time to the goblin’s library.


She put her painting in the Great Fairy Library, and hung it in the most conspicuous place at the entrance, so that everyone can see it.


Now the Great Fairy Library contains not only Sheila’s works, but also her paintings.


Sheila nodded in satisfaction.


Sheila got up and came to the square outside the hall. Under the fluorescent light emitted by the moonlight plants, the whole square was brightly illuminated.


The ancient fountain pools have long since dried up, and have recently started gushing again.


A figure was standing next to the fountain, looking at a plant planted in it. It was the brown ball vine that Sheila had planted casually, and it was also the comparison before the dream vine was made.


Sheila walked behind the figure: “God, it’s time to go.


Shen Yin also stayed here for a while. During this time, the race of fairies in the lake was finally successfully created, and a new barter messenger was born and began to travel far away.


Yin Shen nodded, but did not move.


Because there was still a while before the door opened, Sheila also knew that it was not time for the portal to open, so she took out her magic mirror and looked at it.


Sweeping through the screen, there are basically some noteworthy things happening in the world at present.


Sila sat on the edge of the fountain pool, facing outside, while watching, she told God Insai, “God, the gods in the world are preparing to conclude a contract, and the beliefs are no longer divided by region,


“Warcraft? Potion?”


-God, a new extraordinary profession has appeared, called Demon Knight, which can connect itself with a beast with extraordinary power.


Finally looking around, Sheila saw Fei Yao and An Li who had already started to reincarnate.


“The Sanye people are still very devout. They want to rebuild the Temple of Truth and restore their faith in you.


Yin Shen said: “All believers are pious.”


“They are only devoted to the **** in their hearts, the perfect god, the **** they want”Compared with them remembering me, I hope they can remember their ancestors.


Sheila said: “After all, they are the last descendants of Ledley Kee.”


At this time, the dark shadows in the sky surged, blocking the light from the moonlight plants.


The black shadows passed through the heights like pipes, and then a girl wearing red leather boots fell from above, and stood on the edge of the fountain pool with a snap.


Sally was very excited, stretched out her hands, and shouted at Yin Shen.


? Let’s go, let’s go. “


“Big Fireworks.


Yin Shen told Sally: “You can go where you want, but you have to follow the rules.


The so-called rules are where the door opens.


Or after the door is opened, it becomes a vehicle, and the destination is where it is,


Sally sticks out her tongue at Yin Shen, she doesn’t believe this now.




‘What rules, it is obviously God, you can go wherever you want.


Sally recently discovered an interesting phenomenon.


What Sai God thinks and expects in his heart will affect the world He created invisibly.


His will is enough to reverse everything, including the so-called fate in the mortal population, and some things on the level of probability.


Maybe this kind of thinking is not subjective, but even if it is something on the subconscious level,


It is also secretly urging the world to go in the direction of his consciousness and fall into more details.


For example, the so-called random portal.


Because of where Saishen wants to go deep in his heart, the next stop will appear there with a high probability, and the original random probability will become a certain number because of his subconscious thoughts .


So now Yin Shen told Sally: “You must abide by the rules, open the door randomly, and do not go back on your word after opening the door.


This kind of feeling is that the adults bought the food, but told the children not to be picky eaters, because the food bought by the adults is what they like to eat, and the place where the portal opens is most likely the place that Saishen wants to go.


Before, Sally believed this statement completely, and was “fooled” for a long time.


But Sally is very smart, and soon saw through the secret.


Sally pouted:


“Obviously all the places you want to go, I don’t believe it’s really random?


“God’s will is destiny, an unchangeable law.


Yin Shen did not answer, because many things in this world are indeed influenced by His consciousness in some way, which is irrefutable.


Even if he did set randomness, sometimes this kind of randomness is fluctuated by his accidental thoughts and subconsciousness.


Yin Shen raised his head:


“It’s time.


Sheila waves,


A bubble brought up the remains of King Ledlich and floated in the air.


While Sally was holding the bottle containing the dream that Boluoqi had given Yin Shen, mumbling endlessly beside him.


The group left Anjo City and the Ice Temple and walked outside.


“Big Fireworks…Big Fireworks…” Sally strode on her short legs, making every step extremely hard, reaching the limit. “Let’s go watch the big fireworks, God of Creation!” She shook her head and almost stuck to Yin Shen.


“Ah! Sally wants to see the big fireworks.


“The great God of Insai, the next stop must be the big fireworks.


As for Sheila, who was walking behind, seeing Sally muttering in a low voice, she couldn’t help laughing.


Leaving the underground cave and coming to the moonlight forest, there are still surprises waiting for Yin Shen outside.


Several goblins were neatly planted in flower pots, and I don’t know how long they have been waiting.


When Yin Shen and the others appeared, the goblins planted in the flower pots jumped up and down neatly, actively ran ahead to lead the way, and shouted loudly,


“The lava volcano has the ancient Black Rock City, the Glass Temple with nine ritual temples, the most beautiful glass garden, and… Sally’s well is not praying, or the well is not as simple as praying.


She is changing fate, modifying variables and probabilities,


Sally felt that as long as she kept mentioning the big fireworks in front of Yinshen, the next stop would be Lava Volcano, as long as she kept reminding Yinsaishen how good the lava volcano was before opening the door, Yinsaishen would definitely Interested in.


And as long as Insa wants to go, then the door will open there.


Who said fate is uncontrollable.


Look, Sally has found a way to modify her fate.


The uncontrollable probability and variables of opening the portal are infinitely approaching the lava volcano.


The possibility of the next destination appearing anywhere else is reduced, and the possibility of the next destination arriving at the lava volcano is infinitely enlarged.


Yin Shen and his party came to the front of the fairyland.


Among the dense moonlight plants, there are parked hot air balloon boats, and goblins and fairies in front of the fairyland send off the supreme god.


As soon as the Supreme God appears.


The goblins immediately hovered in the sky and cheered, and the fairies stood in front of the fairyland and saluted respectfully. Yin Shen boarded the hot air balloon boat, and everyone stood behind him, waiting for him to open the door.


Yin Shen looked at Sally who was staring at him with her big eyes. She folded her hands on her chest, as if she was praying to the gods.


More precisely, it is making a wish.


Then, Yin Shen turned his head and glanced at Sheila again.


“Lava volcano, it seems that the monsters and potions of this era were born there, God Yin is very interested in the word monster, maybe you can see the difference between this magic beast and the monster in your imagination .


The master of dreams, Sheila, laughed. It was interesting for Yin Shen to ask this question at this time. It seemed that he wanted to go to the lava volcano. “God, you still agreed.


What Sheila said seemed to mean that God finally answered Sally’s prayer.


But Xila has another meaning. The lava volcano is next to the Kingdom of Blood. Yin Shen finally agreed to meet Fei Yao before leaving completely.


From Sheila’s point of view, God Yin did not want these last descendants of Laidlich to completely dissipate in this era.


Then the lava volcano might be their last stop on Ruhe Giant Island. Yin Shen has decided to meet Vivien before leaving.


Yin Shen just glanced at Sheila and said something specious.


“Before this, I hope they can remember their ancestors, their king.


Yin Shen looked indifferently, shook his head slightly,


“Not me.”


Sheila tilted her head a little, with doubts in her eyes.


She who can always understand God’s mind, this time she didn’t fully guess what Yin Shen said. Yin Shen stretched out his hand and held the door handle of the portal.




The moment the door was opened, an incomparably powerful force was transmitted along the doorknob, and the colorful fantasy power turned into a storm and vortex and swept the entire place where the hot air balloon boat was.


Colorful bubbles enveloped the hot air balloon boat, and then continued to shrink toward the inside, taking the balloon boat and disappearing in an instant.


The goblins jumped down from the sky and circled around the place where they disappeared a few times.


And the fairies in the fairyland also prostrated on the ground one by one to pray for casting.


The far east.


A large vortex appeared in the sea of ​​clouds, and then a dreamy iron bird with big wings condensed out of the colorful light.


This time, the goblin’s hot air balloon boat is in the form of a large aircraft.


In the cabin, Velen, the mythical spirit who looks like an astronaut, spoke.


“The next stop is a lava volcano.


After listening, Sally immediately raised her hands high.






“I know it works, I know it works.


Sally thinks that her strategy has worked, as expected, as long as she faces the **** prayberry, she can turn her fate around.


God is the most powerful wish-making machine in this world.


Sally was very happy and circled around Yin Shen.


She even has another prayer ready, a whole new wish, eg.




“Almighty Insai God, let the fireworks explode completely!


Hey, it seems that you don’t need Yin Saishen, you can do it yourself. Yin Shen seemed to see through Sally’s thoughts, and lowered his head to tell Sally.


“My will may change some things, but not all destiny.” For example, some people’s will, some people want freedom, some people’s dreams and desires, he


The choices we make.


“Not completely affected by me.


“I may change the rules and distort the rules, but the real destiny of this world is formed by people’s own choices.


Yin Shen touched Sally’s head:


“Like your own will, it is entirely yours.”


Sally opened her small mouth, her eyes sparkled, as if to say that I understood.


“I see.


“So I can do whatever I want now because I’m free?


Yin Shen put his arms around her shoulders and stood with her.


“I can’t restrict your thoughts, but I can restrict your behavior.


A cartoon colored house runs across the earth on wheels, and the clockwork wheel behind it makes the sound of turning.


Along the way, there is a road paved with a sea of ​​red flowers, which draws a smooth red road between the jungle and rivers.


Inside the magic wheel house.


Vivien stood in front of the window, behind her was a portal leading to the dream world.


This allowed him to clearly see the birth of life inside the huge cup of blood mist at the same time, and notice its changes at any time. Vivien turned her head to look at the entrance of the dream world, the interior of the kingdom of magic.


“It will take some time.


“But in this case, Anli’s Hong Kong power will be even greater after her reincarnation.


? This life is very important and will determine everything in the future. “


While the Scarlet Fei Committee rushed to the Moonlight Forest, it was also quietly waiting for the birth of An Li’s reincarnation.


Anli reincarnated with the help of a snake-human egg, but this snake-human egg was created by Fei Yao with the power of life, and it was infused with An Li’s incomplete divine favor stone, at the same time.


Vivien also takes the power of the Eye of True Knowledge as her sustenance, as the core of her authority, the sustenance of the new method of reincarnation and the path of wisdom in the second era.


As soon as the form is born, it will be a natural **** form and reincarnation, the hatchling of a brand new extraordinary profession, the source and origin of a new extraordinary profession. Similar to Sky Angel, Witch Spirit, or Alchemist.


But it’s more like Douma to be more precise.


Vivien had thought about it a long time ago, she has become a demigod of life, and it is impossible to become a species of wisdom, so she can only rely on An Li for everything,


In her vision, An Li will be the new fourth-generation Sage of Truth, that is, the first Sage of Truth in the second era.


Anli will re-establish the Temple of Truth in this era, and the new Temple of Truth and those who return to the Temple will all believe in the God of Insai as before.


In this way, it is as if the former Heinsay reappeared again.


Xin Sai, believe in the kingdom of In Sai God.


Vivien had a good idea, that’s why she was so looking forward to meeting God Insai.


She hoped to be guided by Insai, to see their supreme god, and to be recognized by the god.


Vivien looked out of the window with anticipation in her eyes.


“Insai God!”


“The creator who brought everything to this world, you created life, because of you life has wisdom, and because of you, the world has dreams.


“Everything about you will never be forgotten, because we will always remember, Sanye people will always remember.


The house of magic wheels moved forward quickly, suddenly Vivien in front of the window felt something, raised her head, and the house of magic wheels slammed on the brakes, Vivien stared at the sky with wide eyes.


“What’s that?.


“It seems to be.


…miracle power?


Under Vivien’s gaze, the colorful light in the center of the sea of ​​clouds spread out.


A huge white iron crow pierced through the sea of ​​clouds and appeared in front of her eyes with an extremely shocking posture.


The power of myth surges in the sky, and the fluctuation of space flows in this world


The Scarlet Goddess was stunned for a moment, and then immediately realized something.


“God’s car?


“That’s the car of Insai God!


She did not expect that she had already seen the vehicle of God before she arrived at her destination.


Vivien was so excited that it was indescribable, she rushed out from the window in an instant, turned into a streak of blood and chased after the huge white iron crow.




“Insai God!


The Scarlet Goddess crazily shouted the name of God, chasing after the God’s car as before. The Scarlet Goddess is very fast, but no matter how fast she is, there is a speed limit.


The car of the gods in front of him seems to be traveling through the space.


You chase after him, but you have no idea where it really is.


Xiang chased in one direction, but he was not sure whether that direction was the real direction of the god’s car.


The only way to catch up with him is for the Supreme God to stop for you.


It’s a pity this time.


The chariot of God did not stop for her.


She can only watch it go away, watching the white iron crow take a slow posture, but


Across the space and disappeared at the end of the sky


Everything she longs for, everything she believes in, and the eternal stars she seeks. Just like that, it disappeared from sight until it disappeared.


The Scarlet Goddess chased her all the way to the end of the sky, but she couldn’t see anything in the end.


Knelling on top of the sea of ​​clouds in a daze, she stared blankly into the distance.


She was as painful, confused, and at a loss as ever.




“Am I not qualified to meet you, or is there something I’m missing?


And on the other side.


On the goblin’s hot air balloon boat.


It was only then that Sheila understood the meaning of “before this” in Yin Shen’s words just now, because at this moment Fei Yao hadn’t recovered their past, and hadn’t completely recalled the Sanye people past.


Their **** king, the sons of the **** king, their ancestors.


They have not fully recovered the source of wisdom, and their beginning.


They only think that they are believers of Insay, the successor of Insay, and the inheritance of saints.


But for these, the supreme gods don’t care.


In the eyes of God Insai, they have only one identity, the descendants of Laidrici.


On the other end, Su Kebu came to a small confession hall inside the Lawyers Association and prayed to the statue of the God of Truth and Knowledge.


The painting of the Kingdom of God on the dome became real, and the figures and clouds on it began to flow.


The light of the imaginary sea shone in from the stained glass window, pulling Su Kebu away from the guild a little bit.


The moment Sukob opened his eyes, he had arrived at the City of Knowledge.


The gate of truth stands tall and majestic in the distance.


Although it looks a little scarred, it is much better than before.


One ghost after another appeared holding the book of witch spirits, looked at Su Kebu, and nodded to him.


Sukob walked through the cross road in the city of knowledge, and came to the largest library stairs to see the ghost Polik.


“Master Polik.


Polik seemed to have known Sukob’s purpose, and said after seeing him.


“The Stone of King Power and Blood Merchant was carved in the hands of the goblins, and the goblins have put it in the barter dream of the fairies in the lake.


“But if you want to exchange it, you must have another thing, the stone carving of “The Queen of Stars and Angel Polo”.


“It is a stone carving, and at the same time it is a miracle prop, from the hand of the **** envoy Polo.


Porric seems to know this tablet, and is very familiar with it.


Porik holds the door of truth, and the door of truth contains the image of this stone carving called “The Queen of Stars and Angel Polo”.


Anhofus once witnessed this stone carving with his own eyes, and he was in charge of the Sky Temple.


Sukob asked again: “Then where is the stone inscription of “The Queen of Stars and Messenger Polo”?”


Porik said: “The first era was once enshrined in the Sky Temple, but it was lost later.


“And there were only two people in charge of the Sky Temple during that time,


One is Anhofus, and the other is Shaw.


Su Kebu vaguely knows the name Anhofus, and knows that this name is inextricably related to the God of Asai,


And Xiao Sukob also knew that it was the evil **** of original sin.


He asked: “So this thing.


What Su Kebu meant was whether this thing is here with God Asay.


Porik told Sukob: “It is not in the hands of Asay God.


Sukob has the answer in his eyes:


: “In the hands of the evil **** of original sin?


Porik can basically determine that it is in Xiao’s hands: “Xiao has taken a lot of things, such as the chapters of saints on the island of mist, some secret treasures of the sky temple, and the ancient inheritance of various ritual temples.


“But after Xiao chose to cross the era, none of these things were found.


The giant island of Ruhe is where the previous era was located. Everything that used to be buried here, he must have hidden the things in the last era in some way, and left these props on this continent.


“And now these things, after he woke up in this era, he should have found a lot of them back.


It was as if Vivien had found her magic wheel house after waking up.


In the era when the evil gods were raging, he once controlled most of the world, which is equivalent to Xiao’s control of most of the world.


The wealth he possesses is beyond imagination, and he has countless crazy villains who follow him.


It is by virtue of these secret treasures that the magical props that revived him in this era were created? The destined thread-stretching puppet,


Speaking of this, Polik looked at Sukob and said something suddenly.


“They are all descendants of some **** kings, and even saints, which are beyond imagination.


“Some of the items inside are enough to drive the gods crazy.


Su Kebu was stunned. He suddenly felt that this matter was difficult, and the meaning behind it was far beyond his imagination.


The fact that the Scarlet Goddess wants to obtain the “Blood of King Power” slate may not be as simple as they imagined before.


Su Kebu frowned: “This is a bit troublesome.


More importantly, the evil **** of original sin has fallen asleep, where will this evil **** put things?


Behind the original sin gate? Put it somewhere no one knows?


Also, has he retrieved the stone inscription of “The Queen of Stars and Messenger Polo” in this era.


However, Ghost Polik told Sukob another news.


A very important clue “Xiao threw his slave ceramic figurine into the world before he fell asleep. If you can find it, you may find clues about Xiao’s treasure house.


Su Kebu pondered for a while: “Porcelain villain, is this guy in the world?


Su Kebu was very puzzled, why did such a guy not move at all in the world.


It seems that there is some major conspiracy.


This ceramic villain is not strong, but his name is not small at all, and he is famous in the world.


Which one of the kings of the abyss was not played by it to death.


On the other hand, the ceramic villain can be said to be the plaything of the evil **** of original sin, but it can also be said to be the only existence that can get close to the evil **** of original sin.


If there is one person who knows where the original sin **** put “The Queen of Stars and Angel Polo”, then only this guy.


In front of the huge National Library, Polik turned and left.


“That’s all I know, the rest is up to you.


Ending the connection with the Gate of Truth, Su Kebu returned to the human confession hall again, Su Kebu stood up, he has only one thought now.


“How to find this little ceramic figure?”


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