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In the abyss.

At this moment, the seven layers of abyss are undergoing drastic changes.

The structure of the abyss is an egg of darkness, the more powerful the abyss layer is closer to the outer circle, the larger its territory will be.

The core of the abyss and the gate of original sin exist in the abyss in a form beyond the ordinary and unknown, ruling everything.


The first layer of the abyss is the magic fire abyss, and the second layer is the black mud abyss.

Now the black mud abyss has jumped up to become the first floor, and the second floor has become the dark prison abyss that just had its owner.

Because of the loss of Avon, the original first layer of Demon Fire Abyss quickly fell from a high position.

A ray of light appeared in the abyss of the dark prison.

Round, but with only the outermost ring of twilight.

It’s like a lunar eclipse.

A figure walked out of the light, and the entire dark prison abyss was burned with raging fire.

Different from the Devil Fire Abyss, the Devil Fire Abyss is burning with flames underground, while the Dark Hell Abyss is completely submerged in the fire.

The fire in the Devil Fire Abyss is spiritual fire, which originates from the fire of the spirit, while the flame in the Dark Prison Abyss is the kind of overwhelming world-burning fire that seems to swallow the entire world.

There were crackling and crackling sounds in the air.

One after another, the Burning Heart Demon appeared in the flames, turning into a road of flames to meet the figure that came down from the sky, and surrounded him.

The welcome of these Burning Heart Demons also made people see the appearance of that figure clearly.

It was a scorched black living corpse.

His right hand holds a matte long sword, exuding a terrifying and dangerous aura.

His appearance represented a sea of ​​flames and death.

He stepped on the ground, and the magma splashed up.

See it now.

Large formations are cracked.


From the cracks, a large number of black charred corpses that looked exactly like him crawled out.

Hate and fury were in the eyes of every corpse.

That is a newly born monster in the abyss, the vengeful fire corpse from the abyss of the dark prison.

The earth trembled and rose.

Finally, amidst the endless flames and the flow of magma, a throne made of metal appeared.

Darkmoon, the king of wrath, sat on the hot throne in the midst of fire and lava.

He spoke from the throne.

“I am the Lord of the Dark Prison Abyss, Dark Moon, the King of Wrath.”

“I am the original sin of rage.”

“Rage, revenge, killing, war.”

“After the light of the burning fire, there is the shadow of hatred.”

“From today, I will give the abyss new laws.”

“All those who choose to fall into the abyss with hatred and anger, if they are willing to pay the price of falling into darkness, suffer the pain of eternal fire.”

“You can pray to the wrath and borrow strength from the abyss.”

“The more you hate and the more angry you are, the stronger the power you will gain.”

The roar of the scorched corpse echoed in the raging fire and echoed in the depths of the abyss.


“With anger and resentment, go to those who manipulate your fate, go to those existences that were once powerless to resist.”

“Go revenge, go vent your anger.”

“The abyss will lend you strength to do what you are unable to do, to turn your anger into a real flame, and to make your hatred no longer disappear invisible.”

The third king of the abyss appeared, and the law of rage was born.

[Divine Artifact Abyss]

【Serial Number 3】

[Ability 1 Fallen Oath:…]

[Ability 2 Gate of Original Sin:…]

[Ability 3 King of the Abyss: …]

[Ability 4 Law of the Abyss: The will of the abyss is the **** of original sin. He endows the power of the seven original sins and the law of the abyss myth. 】

[Law of Lust: Abyssal monsters have powerful and irrepressible desires, and the queen of the abyss, Melder, bestows on them the power to reproduce. They can use the abyss to give birth to new abyssal monsters. (This law of the abyss was created by Melde, the lord of the black mud abyss)]

[The law of arrogance: All intelligent species are arrogant. From the moment they were born, they began to try to occupy everything in this world, own everything in this world, and put themselves above everything; Wang Yafuan bestowed all the monsters of the abyss with the fire of the demon spirit, and the abyss species with the magic fire will receive the inheritance of the abyss, and the flame can pass on wisdom and strength. (This law of the abyss was created by the first master of the abyss, Yafuan)]

[The law of rage: the abyss endows anger, hatred and power. From this moment on, extreme anger and hatred will communicate with the dark side of all spirits. Can transform anger and hatred into power, the more extreme the emotion, the stronger the power. (This law was created by Dark Moon, the Lord of the Dark Prison and Abyss)]

The other side.

The magic fire abyss is completely messed up.

Spiritual flames surge in the skulls of the monsters of the Skeleton Legion. It is the law of arrogance that endows them with wisdom, but it also endows them with depravity and madness.

Under the shackles of the king, they once humbled on the ground.

And now there is no king.

The greed, desire, and arrogance in their hearts push them towards the only and supreme throne.

“The king is gone.” In the land of the abyss, in the lairs of monsters, legions of skeletons gathered together.

“A new king is about to be born.” The powerful skeleton monsters felt that the king was gone, and they knew better that a new king was about to be born.

“Who is the new king?” The wise monsters whispered.

“I am the king, and I am the king of the Demon Fire Abyss.” The first monster rushed to the Black Stone Demon Palace, which started the chaos.

Countless skeleton monsters are fighting and devouring each other.

The corpses piled up into mountains, paving the way to the Black Stone Demon Palace and the throne.

Thousands of skeleton monsters died, and other skeleton monsters devoured the magic fire of these skeleton monsters; while they became crazier and more depraved, they also became stronger.

I don’t know how many monsters died.

It can only be seen that countless abyssal fires are hovering in the sky.

Finally, an extremely powerful monster let out a roar on the top of the bone mountain.


This is a soldier of the Kingdom of Evil who once followed Avon, and fell into the abyss with him.

At this moment.

He opened his mouth and swallowed the demon fire that filled the sky.

A new king has been born in the Demon Fire Abyss.

Once the laws bestowed by the old king of the abyss are born, they will not disappear completely.

It is not so much that the abyss empowers the other party to become the king of the abyss, it is better to say that the king of the abyss is consummating the abyss.

It is the fusion of the original sin, endowed with the law of the abyss.

The identity of the king of the abyss is only incidental to the abyss. The most important thing for the abyss is to find the person who fully fits the original sin and creates a new law of the abyss.

The will of the abyss descends.

Terrifying flesh and blood stars exposed a corner above the demon fire abyss, witnessing the birth of the new king and endowing him with the authority of the king.

The new arrogant king stepped on the bones and stepped into the Black Stone Demon Palace, and sat on the throne.

The war is over.

All the skeleton monsters crawled on the ground, not daring to make any more changes.

A new bone devil takes the throne, but Afran is the Lord of the Abyss who rules the laws of arrogance.

And the new king.

It is ridden by arrogance.


The Court of Ten Thousand Snakes.

Eclipse City.

The sacred tree had already dissipated outside the Moon Eclipse City, leaving only the indelible traces of the battle between the Earth Witch and the Wrathful King.

After the crisis in the city was lifted, everything continued as usual except for the legends and talk materials left in people’s mouths.

No matter how terrified and shocking it was at the time, everything can only return to mediocrity after the curtain is over.

The only thing that has changed significantly is the temple in Moon Eclipse City.

“It was the Prophet who saved us!” The people in the city finally knew what happened that night and who saved them that day.

“It is God who sent the prophet, and it is God who is protecting us!” In the temple in the city, ten times more people than usual have gathered in the past few days, and their belief and piety have also exceeded ten times usual.

“Giant Ruhe? Have you heard of this god?” People came to the temple, but found that there were seven more statues in the Temple of Life in Moon Eclipse City, but all the seven statues Only the shape of Mohu seems to worry that mortals will go crazy the moment they see their true faces.

“I heard from the **** attendant of the temple that Ruhe giant **** is not the name of a certain god. There are seven Ruhe giant gods in this world.” In the corner of the temple, a **** attendant is speaking to believers They pass on beliefs and myths, but the other party has been surrounded by devout believers, and they can’t hear anything clearly if they are far away.

“Seven gods? Why have I never heard of it?” People prayed to the gods, but this was the first time they heard the names of these gods.

“That’s because no one has ever visited these gods before. The prophet went to meet these gods and ushered in asylum for the world.” Someone said loudly.

The innermost part of the temple.

A **** attendant stood on a high place, shouting loudly with a solemn and pious expression.

“The land we live in, the world we live in, is supported by the seven Ruhe giants.”

“The name of Ruhe Giant Island is because of the seven gods.”

“Earth, sky, volcano, glacier, starry night, desert, moonlight.”

“It is synonymous with them.”

“God’s sight has never left the world. She has protected us from the very beginning. The seven Ruhe giants have been guarding us under the earth, guarding the descendants of ten thousand snakes.”

The servant of the **** shouted out the myth that has been passed down since ancient times, the story of the opening of the era.

“The master of life blew the horn, and the giant island of Ruhe appeared in the middle of the sea, and there was life and green between the heaven and the earth.”

“She allowed seven giant gods to support this giant island, support our world, and support us to thrive.”

“This is the blessing of the Lord of Life.”

“It is the most merciful and great boon in this world.”


“Let us praise the greatness of God together, praise the greatness of God!”

As the **** attendant spoke, he was moved to tears.

Everyone on the top and bottom of the temple prostrated themselves on the ground, facing the statues of the master of life and the gods, calling out devoutly.

“The great master of life!”

“Thank you for your blessings and favors!”

In the ruling hall on the other side of Eclipse City.

A group of people are vying for the newly captured territory, vying for the appointment of the governors of the five provinces that have just been divided and the city lords of each city.

Although these consuls are appointed by the Supreme Consul and the various houses, they only serve one term.

It is not like before, it is a hereditary title and territory.

But this does not prevent people from scrambling for power. Countless people are scrambling to climb up, grabbing the meat on the plate.

Divide up the fruits of victory.

The former leader of the Sun Flame Legion yelled, as if he wanted to overthrow the entire ruling center of the Ten Thousand Snakes Court.

“Who conquered the Winged Demon Province, Sirk Province, and Modo Province?”

“Who defeated the Lei Ze Kingdom in the north?”

“Almost half of the five southern leaders were captured by the Sun Flame Legion, why did we get the least?”

But soon, another group of people came up to quarrel with him.

“Sunflame Legion? Do you still have the face to say that?”

“Byron is a member of the Abyss Cult, do you know? He almost destroyed us.”

“I think everyone in the Sun Flame Legion has problems, so we need to investigate carefully.”

The supreme consul stood up at this time, and everyone fell silent.


“This is not a resolution made by a certain person. It is a resolution unanimously passed by the Supreme Council and all the houses.”

“You can not accept it, or you can express your protest.”

“But the decision has been made, and everyone, including me, has to implement it.”

Everyone left just now, but from the expressions on their departure, it was clear that the two sides still refused to give in, and they will use some tricks next.

The dispute was finally temporarily resolved, and the man who had just been the supreme consul rubbed his forehead.

When he actually sat in this position, he realized that it was different from when he was the deputy before, and the burden and responsibility on Dark Moon’s shoulders were much heavier than he had imagined before.

And what An Yue took over was a Ten Thousand Snake King’s Court that was in decline.

And what he took over was a vibrant country waiting to be rebuilt.

At this time, the waiter at the door rushed in.

“The Supreme Consul.”

“Someone is here.”

The supreme consul immediately got up when he heard the name of the visitor, and hurriedly came to a high-standard hall.

A man and a woman are waiting in the hall.

The woman is the Earth Witch, but when the Earth Witch came here, Suinhor’s blood scroller also appeared, I don’t know if it was intentional.

As soon as the blood roll saw the supreme consul, he immediately talked about his purpose.

“About Byron, the villain of the abyss, and what happened to Dark Moon, the former supreme consul of the Court of Ten Thousand Snakes.”

“I need an answer.”

“Has the Abyss Cult’s corruption of the Ten Thousand Snakes Court reached this point?”

About Byron, the Earth Witch knows all about Byron.

If you say something wrong, everything is Dark Moon’s fault.

Byron is a chosen ordinary person. He is pushed forward by the tide of the times and becomes a tool used by everyone to achieve their goals. sorrowful.

But now Darkmoon herself has fallen into the abyss, forever in flames.

“Who is right?”

“Who is wrong again”

I can’t tell the difference anymore, and no one cares about these people present, they only care about how to divide up their interests in the future.

The Earth Witch stood up and said to the Blood Scroller.

“Byron and the dark moon have passed away. As the Prophet of the Temple of Ten Thousand Snakes and the Witch of the Earth, I prove that the Court of Ten Thousand Snakes has nothing to do with the Abyssal Order.”

“Your Excellency the blood scroller, please don’t worry.”

“As for how to judge this matter and how to deal with the people of the Abyss Religion, that is a matter within the Ten Thousand Snake King’s Court.”

“Your Excellency Blood Scroll, as the prince of Suinhor, you should not interfere with the internal affairs of the Court of Ten Thousand Snakes.”

Seeing what the Earth Witch said, Suinhor’s blood scroller nodded.

“Since the earth witch said it.”

“I still believe it.”

“Everything I do is to prevent those evil and dark forces from raging on the earth, and I hope that there will be fewer tragedies like Yimocheng in this world.”

Next, the Earth Witch spoke to the Supreme Consul.

“I’m ready to leave.”

The face of the highest consul changed: “Is there something wrong with us? Lady Witch?”

The Earth Witch shook her head: “I am the Prophet of the Temple of Ten Thousand Snakes. Generations of prophets have guarded our sacred mountain at the foot of the mountain of origin of life, guarding our beginning and origin.”

“There are people waiting for me there, I should go back.”

The Supreme Consul knew that he had no reason or excuse to stay, and he was only worried that the Earth Witch would leave because of anger or other reasons. If he left for this reason, he would feel more relaxed.

Having such a spokesperson for God in Lunar Eclipse City is also an invisible confinement for him, and he has to consider the other party’s attitude and opinions in many things.

The Earth Witch continued: “But before I leave, I have one more request to the Supreme Consul.”

Supreme Archon: “Please speak.”

Earth Witch: “I hope to recompile “The Myth of Ten Thousand Snakes”, and at the same time, all the large temples in the royal court can erect statues of the giant Ruhe.”

“The giant **** Ruhe is the shelter left by the master of life for us, and the descendants of ten thousand snakes should enshrine them.”

The Supreme Consul: “I will definitely do my best to facilitate the completion of this matter.”

The supreme consul of the royal court had just finished speaking, and the blood roll man beside him also spoke at this time.

“It’s also a god.”

“I think the statue of the Scarlet Goddess can also be put in.”

“Her greatness and her kindness make her also qualified to stand in the temple of ten thousand snakes.”

Earth Witch doesn’t seem to like Blood Scroller and Suinhall, because many recent disasters, the rebellion and war in the Southern City-State Alliance can be said to be promoted by Suinhall.

But it was impossible for the Earth Witch to directly say that another **** was bad, so she spoke.

“Then in Suinhor’s temple, the Mother of Ten Thousand Serpents and all the Ruhe giants must also be enshrined.”

“You must not directly interfere and suppress believers to choose their sub-letter.”

The second belief is a belief other than the main belief. For example, if you believe in the lineage of the Temple of Life, the main ruler you believe in is naturally the Lord of Life, but most of the other people in the Ten Thousand Snakes King’s Court choose to believe in the Mother of Ten Thousand Snakes.

Even generally speaking, these lower-level existence beliefs are more extensive than those of the dominant gods.


The blood scroller dared not go on.

He is only the spokesperson of the gods in the world in name, when he was wearing the armband in his right hand and the certificate of the blood scroll.

He dare not replace the gods to decide this kind of thing.

The Supreme Consul seized this opportunity and implemented the plan left to him by Dark Moon before he left.

“According to the Supreme Code of the Court of Ten Thousand Snakes.”

“If the local people choose to believe in it, they can set up a statue of any righteous **** in their prayer hall.”

“Of course, this kind of pure belief cannot contain any regional and political things.”

The Earth Witch looked at the Supreme Consul: “What are you doing?”

“Are you not afraid of the wrath of God?”

The Supreme Consul looked at the Earth Witch, and he seemed not afraid to offend the Earth Witch at this time: “But God has no will to pass down, and there is no oracle saying that the descendants of Ten Thousand Snakes are born without the choice of faith.”

The supreme archon said: “Faith is free.”

“Choosing which **** to believe in is the freedom given to mortals by the gods.”

Earth Witch really wanted to refute something, but she couldn’t say it.

She knew that what the other party said was not wrong, and there was never an oracle.

The descendants of the Court of Ten Thousand Snakes are destined to believe in how they are born.

There is no master of life.

The mother of all snakes does not.

The seven Ruhe giants also didn’t care.

The only ones who care about this kind of thing are mortals themselves.

“The words of the consul are very interesting!” The blood scroll left with a smile.

Although the last words of the Supreme Consul seem to be very beneficial to Suinhor’s side, in addition to winning the joy of the blood scrolls, it is impossible to immediately change the belief distribution of the Ten Thousand Snake King’s Court.

These verbal things are not as shocking as directly moving the statue of the Scarlet Goddess into their temple.

And even if this way changed the belief of the Ten Thousand Snake King’s Court, it was because the Scarlet Goddess had influence in the Ten Thousand Snake King’s Court, not Suinhor’s influence.

But the Earth Witch stayed.

She wanted to know what Dark Moon left behind, and what exactly did the other party want to do?

She doesn’t want to interfere with how this country is governed, and she doesn’t know how to govern this country.

“What exactly does Dark Moon want to do?”

“Can you talk to me?”

The supreme consul thought about it, and really said the original plan.

“Before he left, everything was settled.”

“These are also written in the Supreme Code.”

“In the future Ten Thousand Snakes Court, everyone can choose their own beliefs.”

The Earth Witch looked at the Supreme Consul, the gray childish hole did not make people feel gloomy, but had an indescribable beauty.


“You feel that the future will no longer be divided by country or nation.”

“Everyone is free to choose which **** they should believe in?”

Supreme Consul: “It is like this.”

Earth Witch was silent for a while, she asked the other party.

“Do you and Dark Moon think this would be better?”

The Supreme Consul said yes, of course.

“A new era has arrived.”

“Naturally, there are laws of the new era. If you can’t even choose your faith, where is your piety born?”

“Can a belief that is forced to choose really be called a belief?”

“Master Witch.”

“Do you think the gods need such a belief?”

“In the future, the servants of the gods will walk all over the world, and they can freely preach to anyone. Every place has temples and halls of different gods; faith is faith, and it is only faith, no longer bound by other things .”

“And in this way, the royal power and the rights of the nobility are no longer granted by God.”

“There is no longer any eternal king.”

“If anyone can’t do well, if anyone can’t do well, everyone can choose to overthrow him.”

The supreme consul finally talked about Suinhor: “The king of Suinhor was chosen by God, so no one has ever dared to overthrow the God-chosen king.”

“Although Suinhor’s kings are still wise, it may be because of God’s blessing.”

“But those nobles are not like this. Those nobles passed down from generation to generation are about to overwhelm this kingdom.”

“Master Witch.”

“Just wait and see, they want to watch the royal court fall apart.”

“I think so.”

“In the future, the one that will fall like a landslide will be Suinhor.”

If this kind of statement is to other people, it feels like fooling people, and they probably won’t believe a word of what these politicians say.

But for believers like the Earth Witch, it has another meaning.

She doesn’t care what the consul wants, let alone what interests the consul represents.

She knew better that when the consul said these words, he must have the idea that the clergy who represented the divine right would no longer interfere with the ruling institutions of the royal court.

She just looked at the meaning of this sentence from her own perspective, from the perspective of the apostle of the gods.

She really felt that what the other party said seemed to make sense.

And once this belief mode is turned on, it is not necessarily a bad situation.

“There are so many fallen people in this world, and so many people who do evil things in the name of God.”

“Maybe it’s because faith is born without a choice!”

Before this.

The people of Ten Thousand Snakes choose to believe in the Mother of Ten Thousand Snakes, the Land of the Rising Sun believes in the God of Yinwa, Suinhor believes in the Scarlet Goddess, and the people of Evel believe in the God of Knowledge and Truth.

Everyone’s beliefs are doomed from the moment they are born.

And at this moment.

The witch seems to have really seen the change.

The witch turned and left, leaving a word for the consul.

“I’m waiting.”

“Waiting for the birth of the picture in your mouth, and see if what you said is right.”

From this sentence, it can be felt that the Earth Witch is different from before, and is no longer the prophet she used to be.

She had enough life to see that happen and come.

She even has enough power, when everything goes badly.

Go stop it.


Pence City.

Since the Prophet disappeared, the Temple of Ten Thousand Snakes has been closed.

In the past few years, it has even begun to gradually decline, and it cannot compare with the grand scene of the Holy Land in the past.

But today the situation is completely different.

The gate of the temple opened, and members of the Knights of the Temple and many servants came to wait outside.

On the main street outside the Temple of Ten Thousand Snakes, there was a sea of ​​people.

A winged demon came from the sky, and the fire demon on the holy fire platform suddenly ignited itself, turning into a pillar of fire and burning towards the sky, as if cheering to welcome the visitor.

The Winged Demon landed outside the temple, and a woman with brown hair and gray eyes came down.


It is coming down.

When everyone in the Ten Thousand Snake Temple saw this form, they were so excited that they couldn’t restrain themselves; although they had already heard the news, they felt completely different when they actually saw each other.

“The shape of God.”

“Apostle of God, the prophet really became an apostle of God.”

“This is a miracle!”

“Master Prophet, you have really found God’s protection for the world.”

“It’s the witch, the witch of the earth.”

The Earth Witch walked towards the temple step by step, and everyone prostrated themselves on the ground.

She walked into the corridor, into the building like a city within a city, and walked up the stairs step by step.

Saw the Temple Knight Leader who had been waiting for her.

The leader saluted and said to her.

“Master Prophet!”

“I knew you would come back.”

The earth witch smiled.

At the same time, the trees in the entire city of Pans burst into bloom in an instant.


Accompanied by a loud roar.

At the foot of the mountain where life originated, a stalwart sacred tree grew.

“Then… look at that…” Everyone in Pance City saw this scene.

“The holy tree is the sacred tree of the Prophet.” Before the Prophet returned, many people had already heard about what happened in Lunar Eclipse City.

“This is a miracle.” Although miracles have happened many times on this mountain and in this city, this time it feels different, because this tree gave them real shelter feel.

The sacred mountain pierces through the clouds and is so high that it does not reach the top.

The three merged into one, bringing together a unique scene in this world.

The Earth Witch stood in front of the main hall of the temple, looking at the entire city of Pans.

Say it.

“The mountain where life originated.”

“This is the place where the Lord created us, and it is also the place where everything originated. This is the sanctuary where the gods once wandered back.”

“From now on, there will be no one, and no one will be allowed.”

“You can do whatever you want here again, and blaspheme the glory of the gods here.”

The voice of the Earth Witch spread throughout the city of Pans.

From then on.

Faith of the giant Ruhe came down to earth.

The Court of Ten Thousand Snakes finally ushered in the protection of the gods they wanted.


The kingdom of blood in the deep sea.

The red crystal wall covers the bottom of the deep sea, and this mysterious country is deeply embedded on the giant island of Ruhe.

In a sense.

This kingdom is also part of the giant island of Ruhe.

The Scarlet Goddess also carried a small piece of Ruhe’s giant island, although it was really only a small piece.

At this moment.

The Scarlet Goddess is standing under the mural, which is copied from the scroll of the creation **** of the Sky Temple.

The Scarlet Goddess has also noticed the changes in the Ten Thousand Snakes Court and the Land of the Rising Sun. Of course, she also knows what the Ten Thousand Snakes Court wants to do.

More important.

She has already known about Suinhor’s internal problems.

She suddenly asked Alpens beside him, the founding king of Suinhor.

“Should there be a choice in belief?”

“There is a choice in belief? How can there be such a thing?”

The Crimson Goddess was born in the Sanye people, in Suinhor.

In her eyes, such a thing is a bit funny.

But in her heart, she really felt that the times needed some changes, because Suinhall’s problems were indeed accumulating.


All these changes may also be closely related to the next plan of the three leaf symbionts to cultivate a new **** to compete for the fruit of wisdom.

It may be related to the Scarlet Goddess and the entire trifoliate symbiote as a whole, and all the strategies that follow.

Alpens said, “Master Vivien!”

“Snake people are not Sanye people, and this era is not the previous era.”

“We are the life created by the Creator himself, and we are the descendants of the wise king Laidliki, but they are not.”

“This era.”

“It is the age of the gods, and the age of Heinsay belongs only to us.”

“The Ten Thousand Snake King’s Court’s approach may not be completely right, but it can’t be judged as wrong at the moment. It depends on the next situation.”

The Scarlet Goddess looked up at the picture scroll of the Creator God.

Looking at the stalwart star light and shadow of the creator Yin Sai in the colored painting scroll.

The goddess looked at the wise king under the throne of God, Laidiliqi, and Sheila, the master of dreams.

There is also Sally, the master of life who leans against the Creator and sits unscrupulously on the altar.

For the Scarlet Goddess and the Clover Symbiote.

This is their temple.

Although Suinhor enshrined the Scarlet Goddess in the Temple of Life, it seemed that she was the servant of the Lord of Life.

It’s not wrong, it’s just incomplete.

The Crimson Goddess believes in the entire creation **** system, and believes in the creator Insai.

For the Sanye people, Ledlich, the king of wisdom, is more like an ancestor than a god.

The blood of the Sanye originates from Laidliki, the king of wisdom, but they were created from the mother snail of all things ruled by life, and Sheila, the ruler of dreams, was originally the messenger of Insai.

The Scarlet Goddess took a few steps forward.

As she moved closer, her head was raised higher.

“The Creator is due to Sai.”

“Ledlich, the king of wisdom, Sally, the mother of life, and Sheila, the messenger of God.”

“In Sinnsay, there is only one true god, and that is Yinsay.”

“Everyone has only one belief, and that is the God of Insai.”

The voice of the Scarlet Goddess is full of memories.

In the beginning.

There is only one **** in the world.

The king of wisdom is really just the king of wisdom, the mother of life is also the mother **** who created all life, and the master of dreams is just the messenger of Insai.

For the Sanye people, for the oldest person in the country of Hiinsai.

They are hard to imagine.

What is it about choosing a faith?

Is there such a thing?

So even if Vivien can figure it out now, deep down she can’t accept it.

But in the end.

She also really understands.

It is not because of the change of race, nor is it that the belief has changed.

It’s because the first era has long passed, and because the Sanye people have become the oldest ones, and everything has passed away with time and cannot be traced back.

Suyin Hall is not Xiyin Sai, and the Snake Man is not the oldest Sanye Man.

The Scarlet Goddess could only let out a long sigh.


“Insay’s era belongs only to us, and for us, Insay is the only creator.”

“They are not, this is an age of the gods.”

“Insai is Insai, the gods are gods, and we are us.”


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