I am God Chapter 357: : The road to demigods in the new era


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Endless sea of ​​sand.

Two people are walking in the desert, but one walks with two legs and the other with a tail.

One of the young people spoke: “Teacher!”

“How does it feel to walk on your feet?”

Because when he saw the teacher stepping in, he sank in for a while. In this kind of desert, the tail of the snake man seems to be more practical.

Usually he envied this form very much, but now he finally discovered an inconvenience of this form.

Young teacher replied: “Excellent.”

“It’s like having two tails.”

The young man immediately covered his head: “Ah, this metaphor is really disgusting, no one wants to grow two tails.”

“You should use a greater adjective to describe this morphology.”

“This is the form of a god.”

The teacher said: “God is not great because of the form of God, but because this appearance is the form of God, so it is called great by people.”

“No matter what form the gods are in, it will not affect their stalwart.”

“No matter how you describe it, God is God.”

The young man can’t speak for the teacher, and he dare not talk about the gods like the teacher.

After all, his teacher is used to seeing all kinds of gods, unlike him.

The teacher asked the students again.


“What do you think God should be like?”

The young man thought for a long time: “Merciful? Great? Protect mortals?”

The teacher nodded: “This is indeed a **** in the eyes of mortals.”

The young man asked again: “So what is the real **** like?”

The teacher told him: “God is not changed by the will of mortals. If He wants to be kind, He can be kind. If He wants to be magnanimous, He can be magnanimous.”

“As for protecting mortals, as long as He wants, that’s fine.”

“He didn’t do it because of the prayers and hopes of mortals, but because He was willing to do it.”

But after saying this, Sukob went on to say another sentence.

“But I like the kind of **** you mentioned.”

He even said in his heart: “If one day I can become a god, I will become such a god.”

The one who has the shape of a **** is Sukob, the apostle of the God of truth and knowledge, and the other is Sukob’s student Long.

They followed God’s will and came to the mysterious Demon King City deep in the sand sea to carry out God’s will.

Under the magnificent door of truth, the stalwart light and shadow said to Su Kebu.

“If you feel confused, you can go to Demon King City to have a look.”

“There are the oldest secrets there.”

“There is an ancient existence that is about to enter the mythology.”

“There, you may find something that can inspire you, and find your own path to becoming a god.”

This is what God said to Su Kebu, so he came to this sea of ​​death sand.


They saw the erratic and mysterious city in the yellow sand all over the sky.

The thick city gate opened, revealing the giant city full of ancient and exotic atmosphere behind it.

All kinds of strange monsters appeared in front of the two of them.

A doll with a metal body that can move and speak, and a raging flame burning inside the glass shell.

A living body like a ceramic jar, and a demon hovering in the sky like a kite.

Su Kebu and the young students looked at this fantasy kingdom with surprised expressions.

“The demon family.”

“There really are such magical creatures in this world.”

Every living body in the city is an extraordinary spirit. It is said that they will not die, and new consciousness will be born from the body after the consciousness is annihilated.

If you don’t worry about it too much, this may also be called a kind of eternal life.

Su Kebu didn’t know why he suddenly remembered the path of wisdom into the mystery, he always felt that the form of this creature was somewhat similar to a certain part of the mystery.

Sukob didn’t know.

The original birth of monsters originated from the secret technique of eternal life of the Samo family.

It was born because Haru, the ancestor of monsters, explored immortality, and it is also inextricably related to the road of wisdom.

The devil spirit was created by Elena based on the devil monster.

The two walked towards the inside, and many monsters were greeting them, and the two seemed quite welcome.

Because there are not many outsiders who can come to this city, every visitor will naturally receive the attention of the demons.

“Apostle of the God of Truth and Knowledge, hello.” A metal doll sat on the side of the road, waving at Sukob.

After saying the name, he said it to the friend next to him.

“Is it called this name?”

“His name is so long!”

The friend replied: “This is not a name, it means that he is an apostle of a certain god.”

Su Kebu also returned the gift and said: “Hello.”

A monster that looked like a child jumped up and down in front of Su Kebu, stared at him for a long time, and kept silent.

In the end, he ran straight away, talking while running.

“The apostles of this era seem to be nothing special!”

“It’s far from Lady Elena.”

Su Kebu was stared at by the other party for a long time, thinking that the other party was looking for something to do with him, but the result was like this, and he couldn’t help but laugh.

Although Su Kebu’s student Long didn’t say anything, he still felt that these monsters offended his teacher.

“They are so impolite.”


However, Su Kebu didn’t care, but found these monsters quite interesting.


“In front of them, we are the juniors.”

Su Kebu knows that the identity of any of these ancient demon spirits may be beyond his imagination, and it may even be related to any god.

The architectural structure of the city is very interesting.

There are stairs and covered bridges everywhere.

When going up and down, it’s like shuttling in a three-dimensional maze.

There are many interesting monsters along the way, some will tell stories to Su Kebu, or ask Su Kebu to tell stories.

There are also people who will make deals with Sukob in exchange for something that this country cannot see, and what they give out is even rarer.

“Hey, apostle, what do you know?”

“You are from outside, do you have any interesting stories?”

“Do you have anything interesting? I can exchange it with you.”

After seeing the style of this strange kingdom, the two finally came to the palace to meet the demon king and queen here.

Ordinary people are not qualified to see the demon king and queen, but Su Kebu’s status is not bad, barely considered extraordinary.

Su Kebu said his purpose of coming, and the other party was not surprised that he came with the will of the gods.

“Do you want to see Lady Elena?”

“She won’t necessarily see you.”

Sukob: “I hope you can pass on my request for me.”

But in the end Sukob still entered the God Realm deep in the Pyramid of Demons, and met the real master of the city.

Sukob didn’t go in outside the Insai Temple.

The other party came out from the temple.

Even though Elena, who had turned into a demon doll, was not wearing armor, she was just wearing an ordinary cloak.

But when the Luhe sword at her waist was revealed, Luhe’s aura and her own ancient coercion overcame it, making people feel a huge sense of oppression.

Sukob saluted and looked up at the other party.

“Lord Elena.”

Elena, the demon puppet, also raised her head, looking at Su Kebu with two faces, one full and one empty.

It was that illusory face that spoke first.

“A Sai God?”

“It’s Haru’s student, Anhofus!”

Of course Elena knows Anhofus, but at the very beginning, she didn’t know the full identity of Anhofus.

At that time, she was just an ordinary student when Anhofus was there, and Elena even gave Anhofus a basic course in divine arts.

Sukob: “He is God Asay.”

Eleanor nodded: “I remember him, the little guy who doesn’t like to talk and always sits in the corner.”

“The descendants of the Samo family, the blood of kingship, the direct bloodline of the king of wisdom, Laidricky, and the grandson of the king of madness.”

“He is a genius, just like his teacher Haru.”

“He set off the disaster of the evil god, and even himself was overwhelmed by the disaster, and finally escaped from the cracks of death.”

“He thinks he can control everything, and regards this world as his testing ground, as a farce.”

“In the end, it was regarded as an experiment by others, and it became a drama in the eyes of others.”

Elena fell into memories: “What’s going on with geniuses like them?”

“Why do you always make one disaster after another, leading to one tragedy after another?”

“It is precisely because of having extraordinary talents and possessing unparalleled intelligence.”

“That’s why they always choose the paths that ordinary people would never choose. They always think that they will control everything, and they always believe that they must be right and absolutely successful.”

“But in the end, they suffer the consequences of their genius and pride.”

Elena thought of Haru, and an inexplicable emotion came to her heart.

Haru is the youngest of the three of them. When he was young, Haru was always by Elena’s side. His father died when he was very young.

So he likes to be with Sunderan, Elena and Lan En very much. He was very naughty when he was young.

Haru is very talented, arguably more talented than Lan En.

Sang Dean regards Haru as his own son, and prepares to leave everything to him.

It’s just that no one thought of it.

This is how the story ends.

“Anjofus, if there is no him.”

“Haru won’t be like that.”

“If he hadn’t given Haru the secret of eternal life of the Samo family, Haru might not have gone astray, would not have fallen into madness, and the teacher would not have died.”

“He ignited Haru’s ambition, and Haru left him with his own spell.”

“They stepped into madness together, and also ushered in the same fate and ending.”

Sukob heard some ancient myths and rumors. He also heard that God Asay had another name, Anhofus, but God Asay never admitted that he was Anhofus.

Su Kebu said it again: “Asay is Asay.”

“The Anhofus you are talking about is Anhofus.”

“God Asay wants to help you and help you ascend to the position of mythology.”

“And He wants to remind you.”

“Original Sin God Xiao has been paying attention to you, it is very likely that there are some conspiracy and tricks.”

Eleanor heard an annoying name again, her originally indifferent expression moved slightly, it seemed that her mood began to turn bad.


“Another crazy guy.”

“His crime of killing Lan En will never end.”

“Thank him for the reminder for me.”

“But the help you said is unnecessary.”

At the beginning, Elena would rather reach out to Iva than to reach out to Asai.

“Didn’t he say he was A Sai?”

“Since he said that he is not Anhofus, let it be all over.”

“He doesn’t want to come to me, he has nothing to do with me; I only taught Anhofus the knowledge of divine arts, but I didn’t teach him anything, and he doesn’t use it to give me anything back.”

“And Anhofus has already betrayed the Temple of Truth. Even if he is Anhofus, he has nothing to do with me.”

“Tell him that I don’t want to see him, it will remind me of Haru and the teacher’s ending.”

Elena turned around, dragging her cloak to the ground, and disappeared into the gate of the temple little by little.

“That’s it!”

“You should go back.”

Su Kebu looked up at the temple. Although he was a little curious, who was enshrined in these ancient temples.

But in the end, he was able to swallow his curiosity and left the temple.

He did not complete the oracle this time, but it was because of the rejection of the other party, and Sukob had no choice.

But outside, Sukob’s student Long discovered something strange.

It was a strange bug that Long exchanged from the hands of those demons.

Long grasped the worm in his hand, lifted the silk spit out by the worm in his hand, and shook it twice.

The worm was hanging at the end, and it began to shake.

Su Kebu immediately observed with interest.

“A bug that spins silk?”


“And this kind of silk seems to be able to transmit spiritual power, which is somewhat interesting.”

These bugs eat sand, and the silk they spit out is also very interesting.

Very tough and delicate.

More importantly, Sukob discovered that this silk can also be used as a material for ritual arrays and scrolls.

Long bought it precisely because he discovered this characteristic.

After observing, Su Kebu had his own guess.

“This should not be an ordinary bug, it may be a bug that was born under the influence of the power of the gods under the earth.”

“Don’t forget, the endless sand sea is also a forbidden place for death.”

Sukob’s student Long also remembered something.

“I read in the book before that Alsini, the ancestor of the Suinhall people, discovered the peculiar plant of the curly ball fern at the edge of the moonlight forest, and the later city-state came into being.”

Sukob nodded.


“The mighty power of gods is everywhere. They are influencing the world all the time and creating miracles.”

“Our witch spirits are to record this world, to imitate the laws of this world, and then to discover these miracles and secrets.”


Under the wasteland.

Two men were driving a large pack animal. Long was driving the cart, while his teacher Sukob sat in the back of the cart.

There were also a few tusks, pack beast cubs, and boxes containing seeds from a host of other plants in the cart.

Su Kebu held a small wooden box in his hand, and he could see something moving in the wooden box.

Su Kebu was leaning his head and looking into the wooden box.

Inside the wooden box are several strange bugs and a lot of sand.

It’s the kind of silk-spinning bug.

Su Kebu observed the worm spinning silk, and at the same time said his own thoughts: “If this kind of silk is used to make a scroll, the effect is better than paper, and maybe it can be made to carry third-order or even fourth-order power. scroll.”

Long, who was driving the car, had a more novel idea: “I think if this kind of silk can be spun into cloth, it must be very good to wear on the body.”

Su Kebu froze for a moment: “Weaving?”

Su Kebu didn’t really have the idea of ​​wearing it as clothes. After all, this kind of rare bug, this extraordinary material with special functions, is too extravagant to be used as clothes.

But if it is used for crafting, clothes with special functions are also good.

“This is a good idea. Draw a ritual array on the cloth and seal the magic at the same time.”

“Maybe it is possible to make a supernatural item of the shelter type that can be used once or multiple times like a scroll.”

Long felt that he must get one to wear when the time comes, and it must be indescribably majestic: “After I go back, I will find ways to breed more of these insects, and I must weave a piece of cloth. “

Long Yue said more and more vigorously: “Teacher!”

“What shall we name it?”

“No one seems to have discovered it before, and no one has given it a name.”

“Is that the same as what we named it? What will it be called in the future?”

Long: “How about calling it a Longworm?”

“After all, I discovered its specialness at a glance, and then prepared to carry it forward.”

Su Kebu: “The name should be simple and direct, Longchong? I don’t know what it means after hearing it.”

“Long, you are a witch spirit.”

“You must look at the world with the eyes and ideas of a witch spirit.”

Su Kebu thought for a while: “Silk Weaver.”

“That’s the name.”

As a teacher, Su Kebu immediately decided on the name of this kind of bug.

Long originally said that it was just for fun, and he didn’t care about how to name it.

Su Kebu really likes this kind of bug. With this kind of bug, it will be more convenient for witch spirits to make scrolls, and they don’t have to go around to collect extraordinary materials.

But after watching for a long time, Su Kebu sighed again after putting down the box.

“Although this kind of bug is good, but also as a gift of the giant **** Ruhe, I think it is still not as good as the ball.”

“Food is the most important thing. The curly ball Jue discovered by Arsini has fed generations of snake people, and only then has the current prosperous civilization of snake people.”

Long also talked about a rumor he heard recently: “I heard that some alchemists in the land of the sunrise want to re-cultivate the ball fern to increase its production and reduce its planting requirements.

Su Kebu was very happy when he heard it: “Did it succeed?”

Long shook his head: “Where is it so easy to succeed?”

But Su Kebu still smiled and said: “It would be great if someone does it, as long as someone has this idea and starts to implement it.”

“Success is only a matter of time.”

Sukob sat in the trailer, looking at the earth and the distance while stumbling.

Although there are still various tragedies happening in every corner of the world, there are still unspeakable tragedies.

But if you jump out, stand on a high place to observe the world.

I found that everything is getting better.

Everything is moving forward.

With hope in his eyes, Su Kebu couldn’t help but said.

“That’s great!”

“It will be better in the future.”

Long turned his head and asked, “Teacher, what’s so good?”

Su Kebu didn’t answer, Long just felt a little baffled.

The two of them also didn’t know that they brought out the silk-weaving spirit insects from the endless sand sea, and after generations of cultivation and domestication, they began to degenerate continuously.

Some of them become the most common weaver worms, but at the same time these common weaver worms can also reproduce on a large scale.

Their descendants, the silk they spit out, and the things weaved with their power.

It has become an important part of the civilization of the next era, even the next era, the next era.

At this time, a city appeared in the distance.

It was a village once established by witch spirits, and later it became a small town, and now it has become a city.

Su Kebu and Long walked down, and Long saw Su Kebu put some bulky things in with the storage ring on his hand.

Long picked up the cubs of the toothed beast and the pack beast, and asked Sukob as he walked towards the city.


“Tell me, why can’t the storage ring store living things in it?”

Su Kebu told Long: “Because the storage process has to pass through the dream world, the storage space is also a special field.”

“Ordinary living things die the moment they pass through the dream world, and they are not dead, but ordinary life forms cannot exist in the dream world; there is no real life there, unless you are performing spiritual travel.”

“If you go in by yourself, either you are a creature of the dream world, or you are strong enough not to fear the environment of the dream world.”

“I will die in an instant.”

Su Kebu: “But I heard that the powerful people in Suinhor have indeed found a way, and theoretically they can survive in the dream world for a long time.”

“In this way, he wants to sneak into the fairyland of the storage fairy Saint Rafael through storage props to steal things, and then bring them out.”

I have to say, this is really a “genius” move.

This topic is exciting, and Ryu’s eyes light up all of a sudden.

“And then?”

“Did he succeed?”

Sukob: “I don’t know.”

Long asked: “How come you don’t know?”

Su Kebu: “Because he didn’t come back, who knows if he succeeded?”

“There is a high probability that it may be swallowed by the dream world as soon as it enters the dream world.”

“There are many possibilities.”

“Anyway, no one has seen him since.”

“Maybe, he really succeeded, passing through the barrier of the dream world and entering the fairyland; he just felt that it was not bad in the fairyland, so he stayed there and never came back.”

Su Kebu looked at Long with some regrets. As an elder and teacher, he teased his student Long and said.

“Why don’t you try it too?”

“See why you can’t succeed? Teacher, I will record the experiment for you personally, and I will ensure that your name will be recorded in history.”

“I heard that fairies live in the Kingdom of the Creator God. Maybe you followed the passage and went all the way to the Kingdom of the Creator God?”

Long immediately refused.

“You don’t have to.”

“How can a righteous person like me have the thought of going to the fairyland of the fairy to steal things?”

“Anyone who can think like this is a despicable person, but I am aboveboard.”

Long speaks nonsense, but in fact the road has narrowed.

People in the city saluted the two of them one after another.

Especially for the leader Sukob, many people prostrated themselves on the ground, almost treating each other with the etiquette of worshiping gods.

Long immediately talked about one thing with Su Kebu. Although Su Kebu knew about it, he never expressed his opinion.

“The people in the city are ready to build a country.”

“They also want to go to the place where the Evil people used to be to recruit people from those tribes, and some want to take people to the east to expand to the Fire Demon Swamp.”

These places are poor places that the Ten Thousand Snakes Court once didn’t care about and didn’t care about. The people living in these places basically maintain a backward tribal state.

People in some places have even lost the words handed down by the snake mother. Because of the long-term isolation from the outside world, people outside cannot understand the spoken voice.

“The Kingdom of Witch Spirits.”

“What do you think they are going to name the new country?”

Sukob shook his head, rejecting the name.

“Not good, it sounds like a vassal of the witch spirit.”

Long was extremely surprised: “But this country was established by you, with the support of Wu Ling.”

Su Kebu asked Long: “So I wasted so much effort just to let you build a country that is vassalized by Wu Ling and me, a country that has no hope and no motivation to move forward?”

“I don’t need such a country, what do they mean by this name?”

“They will be completely tied to me from now on, let me open up territories for them, and even let God arrange everything for them?”

“Then such a country is useless to witch spirits and gods.”

Sukob understands that what God wants is not more believers, nor more human territories to believe in Him.

What God wants is to find those who can walk with Him among those believers.

It is not a country like a pool of stagnant water.

“If they really want to build a new country, they must be ready to be self-sufficient and self-reliant from the beginning, and think about how to lead everyone to open up the future.”

“How the kingdom of the secular world should be established is their business.”

“We are God’s apostles and servants, we are carrying out God’s will and walking in the world, looking for those who are willing to believe in God, looking for people who are willing to walk with God.”

“The world is changing rapidly. In the future, witch spirits will not be limited to one place, but will travel all over the world.”

“I can tell them.”

“The future witch spirits will not be limited to a certain place, nor will they be limited to this wasteland.”

“Witch spirits are not territorial nobles, nor are their gods their kings. They need to guard this three-acre land.”

It can be seen that Sukob is changing.

From the beginning of refusing to change, to now I take the initiative to step out of my comfort zone, try to observe the world, and even want to use my own ideas and power to influence the world.

After all, he was just a believer before.

And now he is a **** of preparation.

Long looked at Sukob.


“You are a sage.”

Su Kebu smiled, and walked into his laboratory without stopping.


Inside the lab.

There are a lot of books in front of Su Kebu flipping through, and you can even see the text in those books swimming as if they were alive.

Many ideas and proposals were written on the manual in front of Sukob, but most of them were crossed out in the end.

At this moment.

He is experimenting and deducing the feasibility of one of the methods.

“The core of the road of wisdom is the reincarnation of the four steps of spirituality, wisdom, desire, and knowledge. Using the power of reincarnation and the beginning of life, a new mythical blood is derived.”

“If you reincarnate again and again, you can finally become a god.”

“Can I separate a large amount of consciousness at one time, and reincarnate dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of times at the same time?”

But thinking about it, Sukob shook his head.

“Split so many new consciousnesses, so many new life forms.”

“In the end, can you tell who is the main body and who is the clone?”

Su Kebu felt that no one had thought of this method of avatar before, but no one would dare to do it.

He finally thought about it and crossed out the plan.

At this time.

He wrote a new plan.

This time Sukob went to the endless sand sea, saw many demons, and after seeing Elena.

There are a lot of novel ideas.

Su Kebu took a pen and drew on a piece of paper the appearance of those ancient demon spirits in the Demon Abyss King City.

“An extraordinary body cast by the blood of mythology.”

“The cycle of spiritual consciousness is born.”

“The immortal form of the demon spirit can be regarded as another form of reincarnation?”

“An incomplete, incomplete reincarnation form.”

“It’s just that this kind of life body has not reached the fourth level and does not have a complete secret of the path of wisdom, so every time they die, they will dissipate their power and then regenerate. They do not have the process of infinite accumulation .”

When Su Kebu saw those demon spirits at the time, he felt that he might be able to learn from this magical life form.

“If I treat my book of witch spirits as an immortal body, with the help of ghost life form, combined with the reincarnation method of the path of wisdom.”

“Let the book of witch spirits continue to produce new memories one after another, a new special life body.”

“Let it grow and mature until the end of life.”

“The power is back in the book of witch spirits.”

“Is it possible to skip reincarnation after life and find a way to replace reincarnation?”

“I don’t need to accumulate the three parts of spirituality, wisdom, and desire. I just need to continuously accumulate knowledge and a quarter of the power of memory, and use the incomplete cycle to reach the threshold of mythology first, and then find a way to turn back when the time comes. To make up for it.”

Sukob was very excited, and he could see that his writing hands had doubled in speed.

Sukob doesn’t know.

It is not that no one has used his method of inspiration before.

Xiao, the evil **** of original sin.

This is how we came to this era from the previous era.

This is how the other party condensed the personality of the spiritual gate with incomplete power.

Just last.

Xiao was knocked down from his position as a demigod, from a demigod to a mythical prop.

God’s Cup Sequence 3 Abyss.

But Xiao has proved that this method is indeed feasible.

Sukob’s method has made some improvements and perfections based on this method.

The more Sukob thought about it, the more he perfected his ideas about this new path of wisdom.

“The Book of Witch Spirits is a body composed of three parts: my spiritual origin, wisdom spirit, and desire personality.”

“I can continuously generate a new memory and let it repeat this step.”

“What kind of memory should I give them?”

“My own memory?”

Sukob shook his head: “No, no, no, there will be problems.”

Sukob thought of something, an idea he had before.

An idea he had thought a long time ago, something he wished he could do, a power he could have.

“If someone can give power to the contract, then the world will be given order.”

But now, he may really be able to empower the contract.

Su Kebu stood up suddenly, and shouted out loudly with his eyes shining.


“The mission of the contract?”

Sukob thought of a way.

Set up a ceremony, a contract ceremony.

When mortals use their own power to form this contract, use the text of this contract, the memory and mission of the contract to create this special memory spirit body similar to a ghost in the Book of Witch Spirits.

He was born because of a contract, and his task is to supervise, inspect, and complete this contract.

In the end, it dissipated because the contract was reached.

This is the mission of this special memory spirit body, his whole life.


Countless spiritual bodies that have completed their missions and lived their lives have returned and become Sukob’s power again.

“The Book of Witch Spirits.”

Su Kebu summoned his own book of witch spirits in the laboratory, and Su Kebu immediately wanted to try it.

Will his idea succeed.

We must first see if he can create this kind of book that is unique to him, to the witch spirit and the book of witch spirit.

A special spiritual life structure comes.

Sukob’s Book of Witch Spirits is a mythical organ, a special mythical device created using the door of truth.

However, unlike the first-generation brain-shaped mythical organ of the Sanye people, the Sanye people are balanced, combining the four forces of spirituality, wisdom, desire, and knowledge in a balanced manner.

The book of witch spirits uses spirituality, wisdom, and desire to create the main body of the book of witch spirits, and its main power is used to record and maximize the power of knowledge.


“This is an attempt to become a god, it is too dangerous to try here rashly.”

“If you fail, it may be an irreparable situation.”

The experiment of the powerful is extremely dangerous, which is why the witch spirit built this underground palace, and the alchemy built the test tower.

Not only to prevent outsiders from snooping and intruding, but also to prevent the experiment from getting out of control, which is unimaginable.

Su Kebu’s current experiments and attempts have gone beyond the controllable range.

Sukob thought of Asai, the **** of truth and knowledge.

He immediately knelt on the ground, raised his head and looked at the shadow of the **** on the dome.

Seeking the guidance of the gods.

He wants to complete this attempt under the protection of the gods.

“The God who grasps the truth, the master of books and knowledge, the God of Eternal Reincarnation!”

As the name of the **** was chanted, the light of the Kingdom of God on the dome painting fell and shone on Sukob.


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