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The realm of darkness.

Under the moonlight, black mud began to gush out from the body of Arrogant King Afoan.

From its eye sockets, from its bones.

It’s just that these filths don’t come from the abyss, but from purgatory.

He is inheriting the power and filth of purgatory, and is creating purgatory in a brand new way.

The voice of Avon, the arrogant king, was transmitted in the dark realm, even to the abyss, and to the outside world.

His voice was extremely cold, revealing longing.


A sarcasm for the superior existence that wants to control him.

“Purgatory Will!”

“I sacrifice myself.”

“I pay for me!”

“With my mythic brain!”

“Undertake the darkness of all souls, and accept the coming of the flames that burn the world.”

Endless magic fire gushes out from the body of the arrogant king, accompanied by endless black sludge.

Thousands of skeletal legions were submerged.

Be melted.

To be sacrificed.

The entire dark realm turned into a world of black and red.

Huge forces are pouring in, and at this time, this unstable dark domain has become precarious, and it is possible to fall into the world anytime, anywhere,

The ceramic villain was stunned, but he didn’t dare to go any further.

Because it is also a monster in the abyss, and more importantly, it is not an existence like the king of the abyss who has integrated mythical organs into the abyss.

Once it is wiped out, there is no chance of resurrection.

It is also afraid that once it steps into the dark realm, it will be broken in the blink of an eye, and then the lunatic Afyan will pull it and fall to the world together, what should I do?

In the final analysis, it is a ceramic villain dominating in the name of the God of Original Sin.

It’s just that the ceramic villain’s brain really can’t understand why Afuan did this?

What is the difference between doing this and committing suicide?

You can see the painting on the face of the ceramic figurine, and it looks at Avon like a madman.

Even though the abyss is full of lunatics, there are not many lunatics like this, who became the king of the abyss.

“You actually used yourself as a sacrifice.”

“You killed yourself to create purgatory?”

It can’t understand what the other party wants to do.

But in the depths of the original sin gate behind it, above the never-ending black rain.

The evil **** on the flesh and blood star stopped building blocks.

Watching this scene, Xiao couldn’t help laughing for some reason.

“Anjofus, isn’t your set of old-fashioned things out of date?”

“They all span an epoch, 250 million years.”

“You really are.”

“The ghost is still there!”

Anchofoss Summer.

In the last era, the first person to spy on immortality with a mortal body was the Samo family, and the first person to explore the path of immortality and create mythical props was Anhofus.

Xiao is Lan En’s student, Anhofus is Haru’s student, and Lan En and Haru are the two most important students of the first generation of truth sage Sun Dean,

One is a son-like existence who followed Sang De’an since he was a child, and the other finally inherited Sang De’an’s ideals and inheritance.

So Xiao and Anhofus are apprentices of the Temple of Truth of the same generation.

It’s just that when Xiao was just an ordinary student in the Temple of Truth, the other party was already famous for his genius.

Anhoefus was the first to think of using a contract to control monsters. It is said that when Lan En saw this genius idea, he was amazed by Anhofus’s talent and wanted to focus on training him.

But in the end Anhofus chose to leave the Temple of Truth.

And after he left the Temple of Truth, he created something like a bone demon.

The next thing was the disaster of the evil god.

When the other party was at the peak, Xiao was just an unknown little guy.

It took him countless years to catch up with the opponent’s figure.

At this moment, Xiao saw someone imitating what Anhofus had done, and he couldn’t help but see the figure of the other party in front of him.

Xiao envied this kind of genius very much.

After the words fell, his eyes fell on the figure imitating Anhofus again.

Looking at the other party falling to the world in madness.

Mocking himself in loneliness.

In flames and filth.

Black and red alternate.

Avon himself, the arrogant king, came with endless black mud, until the entire dark realm could not contain so much filth and fire.

At this moment, the purgatory ceremony has also reached the final step.

Avon headed upwards, towards the gap opened by the Dark Realm.

The moonlight is getting brighter and brighter.

Outside that is the world.

Since Avon fell into the abyss hundreds of years ago, he has never really stepped into the world.

At this moment.

He finally embraced the moonlight in the world again, only one step away from the world he used to be in.

Avon jumped lightly.

Facing the moonlight.

Using the boundary formed by the greedy copper lamp of the magical props as a springboard, they headed outside.


He was also looking towards the small ceramic figure behind him, towards the gate of original sin, towards the evil **** deep in the gate of original sin.

He waved his hand.


There was a crisp sound, as if something was shattered.

In front of the Gate of Original Sin, the ceramic villain stared dumbfounded at Yafuan’s action.


“Go out?”

Until this moment, it didn’t really know that what Avon did was true, not just pretending.

Avon burst into the world.

He used himself as a sacrifice, at his own expense, to create a real purgatory.

Avon, the arrogant king, began to dissolve and disappear the moment he crossed the boundary.

The bright moonlight shone on him, and at this moment he seemed to be melted in the moonlight.

There is only a thick flame left.

That is his myth organ and magic fire.

Human world.

The mortals in Pance City have just experienced a horrible scene, and they are still in shock.

Suddenly, something strange appeared in the city again.

Busy and ready to start cleaning up the mess, or people who went home separately waited and looked at the sky.

They saw the king of the abyss leaping out of the abyss and stepping into the present world.

The mortals on the street all showed extreme horror.

“Again, something appeared in the sky again?” Some people couldn’t tell whether it was an illusion or real.

“Bones are bone monsters.” The huge skeleton was too frightening. Some people habitually collapsed on the ground and curled up towards the street corner, trying to avoid the next possible attack. shock.

And all the powerful people in the city are also standing on a high place at this moment, looking at the arrogant king Afran.

“That’s a monster from the abyss, a skeleton monster, a monster from the first layer of the abyss.”

“A monster over 100 meters high? Is that still a monster?”

“The King of the Abyss?”

Some people have already guessed the identity of this terrifying monster, but they don’t understand how the king of the abyss can cross the abyss and appear in this world.

In this world, who can release these terrifying existences and stay in this world.


The terrifying skeleton monster let out a roar.

His body instantly melted in the sky, turning into a magic fire capable of giving birth to the wisdom of monsters.


A few years ago, the ritual array that once fell into the earth from falling.

At this moment, it floated into the sky again.

The light in the sky intersects and criss-crosses, and a huge ritual array is opened in the sky.

In an instant, a vortex opened in the sky of the world.

The fetus of purgatory appeared in the sky.

The filthy black mud flowed from the body of purgatory jumping with the rhythm of life, turning into a black waterfall and falling from the sky.

The black waterfall connects to Avon below, and to the shattered realm of darkness.

The two are connected by Avon’s will and sacrifice, attracting each other like two magnets, and finally combined in the sky.

The flames burned fiercely, scorching the filth into mud and burning it into a stone-like texture.


A blazing flaming star appeared in the sky.

Inside the flame star, there is a brand new life form, the master of a new abyss.

The Will of Purgatory.

The ceramic figurine in front of the Gate of Original Sin felt that everything exceeded his expectations, and he was speechless for a long time.

At this moment it spit out a sentence.

“What is that?”


The line of sight penetrates all barriers, looking at the existence bred inside the flame star, looking at the appearance of the other party.

Until this time, the ceramic villain knew that Afran, the arrogant king, had actually created another self.

Afran, Lord of Purgatory.

Now, it understands why Afran finally ridiculed it as a fool.

The arrogant king would rather create another self and let the other self become a god.

I also don’t want to be suppressed by Xiao forever.

His arrogance won’t allow it.

His dignity does not allow it.

Perhaps, his inner will also has another plan.

He must escape from this deep and boundless abyss.

Even if the price is death.

This will comes from the figure showing infinite regret to himself under the moonlight, from the “nightmare” day after day.

From that sentence engraved deep in memory.


And that teary face.

The king of the abyss cannot be killed by ordinary methods. If there is no **** of original sin, they can still be regarded as the masters of the abyss.

After possessing the God of Original Sin, if they want to extract their mythical organs from the abyss, they must first obtain the God of Original Sin’s permission.

First of all, let’s not talk about whether these crazy kings of the abyss will make such a move, even if they want to do it.

The **** of original sin.

It is never allowed to agree.

They will be enslaved by the God of Original Sin forever.

But now, he did.

He broke through the blockade of the abyss, and escaped from the eternal control and slavery of the evil **** of original sin.

The moment when the flames and stars were born.

Avon’s consciousness also fell into a long sleep as his mythical organ was completely sacrificed and was about to be completely burned out.

The shadow of the demon fire surged above the flaming stars, and the voice of Avon, the arrogant king, came from the shadow.

Although the naked eye can see that he is rapidly dissipating and dying, but at this moment, Afoan can’t stop laughing wildly, with a lonely voice.

“Purgatory is born!”

“See? My purgatory!”


“I’m just arrogant.”

Afoan’s voice was transmitted over the entire city of Pans: “I am God!”

“I am the destined god.”

“I am the Lord of Purgatory.”

Everyone watched the birth of Purgatory, and watched the former arrogant king laugh frighteningly.

Some people looked at it indifferently, some were furious, and some seemed to see the end coming.

With the complete birth of purgatory, with the complete formation of flames and stars.

After the flame star was born, a powerful force attracted it to keep going upwards, toward the dream gate that opened above.

Avon’s magic fire is gradually burning out.

But in the end, his voice gradually cleared up.

His voice gradually became smaller, and he seemed to be slowly changing, becoming no longer like the arrogant king of the abyss.


What he shouted out was no longer the arrogant sentence.

I am God.

In a daze, he shouted.

“I am”

“I am.”


Avon seemed to recall something, and the shadow formed by the flame suddenly turned his head.

He is no longer as high as a god, overlooking the mortals underground, using this last chance to feel another taste of his will become a god.

He raised his head and looked at the moon in the sky.

The moon, or the light of the moon, has a special meaning to Avon.

That moment.

He seemed to see a silver-haired witch walking towards him in the moonlight.

She jumped down from a height with a happy expression, and opened her arms towards herself.

She called Afran’s name aloud.

Call him as.

“Lord Afran!”

In the shadow formed by the flames, Yafuan also gently stretched out his arms.

He seems to want to catch the other person.

But the light and shadow intertwine, and everything falls into the void.

There is no silver-haired witch, everything is just illusion, everything has long since disappeared.

But Avon showed a relieved smile on his face.

He seemed to really hug each other, catching that hug after hundreds of years.

he said.



Avon’s voice seemed choked up.

“I seem to be here, a little late.”

He is late.

Hundreds of years late.

With a smile, Afran’s shadow completely dissipated.

At the moment when Avon, the arrogant king, returned to freedom, he finally changed from Avon, the arrogant king, back to Avon, the former Evelian hero.

The real Avon is dead, and nothing can bind him anymore.

The big ship emitting golden light in the dream world came to pick him up, and took him to the destination arranged by the Creator for everyone.

There, everyone’s dream, everyone’s dream.

It’s all there waiting for him.

Under the lighthouse of the Elvir.

Nia, Sidi, Echirio, everyone is waiting for him.

They will eventually be reunited again.


The end of time.


Before the gate of original sin.

The ceramic villain trembled when he watched the arrogant king Yafuan speak wildly.

It listened to the opponent screaming and shouting in the world.

“I am God!”

“I am the destined god.”

“I am the Lord of Purgatory.”

Porcelain villain was furious, it felt that it was played by the other party, and played by the other party.

In the past, only it could play with others, and no one else could play with it.

The ceramic figurine growled loudly.

“Damn guy!”

“You haven’t won, you haven’t won.”

“The one who wins to the end wins, you can’t become a god, how can a guy like you become a god.”

But at this time, a huge god’s hand appeared behind the ceramic figurine and grabbed it.

The stalwart ceramic figurine who was as tall as a **** let out an exclamation, and found himself back on the long table of bones.

It is held down by a left hand.

The ceramic villain who was tall and stalwart like a **** just now has become a real villain.

A small toy held between the fingers.

A voice came from the front of the long bone table from a high place.

“Don’t make noise!”

“You’re interrupting my data collection.”

The ceramic villain who was extremely arrogant just now dared not even say a word.

Still motionless.

It seems to have really become a ceramic doll.

Xiao, the God of Original Sin, leaned on the throne made of flesh and bones at this moment, looking at the burning star from afar.

A newly born purgatory.

It’s just that at the moment Purgatory was born, one could see an absolutely irresistible force descending on Purgatory.

That is the supreme law.

The power of the law directly lifted the purgatory and the flaming star towards the sky.

The flames and stars fly higher and higher.

Until the huge door opened through the sky and entered the dream world behind.

Subsequently, Purgatory was sealed in the depths of the dream world just like the abyss it once was.

The screen ends.

Xiao tapped the pen in his hand, his face lost in thought.

“Can’t this method break free from the shackles of the abyssal oath?”

“The main body is not the abyss, but the race of the abyss.”

As he spoke, he took out the scroll beside him.

The scroll reads.

The Crown of Wisdom Vow and the Second Way of God.

Seeing that Xiao finally had some free time, the ceramic villain immediately jumped out to speak.


“That guy is so crazy, he dared to call you stupid.”

“You can’t let him go, you must give him divine punishment, the most severe divine punishment.”

“Give him the most miserable ending.”

Xiao looked at this funny and ridiculous ceramic villain, and nodded.

“He said it well.”

“You are stupid.”

“Because stupid people always like to do things that don’t make sense.”

The ceramic villain wants to refute something.

But at this time Xiao lowered his head again, writing something on the scroll.

The ceramic villain is very unwilling, unwilling to be played by Yafuan like this, but at this moment it dare not say it.

Because it knows.

Winning or losing, winning or losing, and slandering and insulting are meaningless to this cold existence in front of you.

There is only one thing he cares about, whether the goal he wants to accomplish has been achieved.

The current evil **** of original sin, Xiao, is obviously doing something very important and related to his ultimate goal, as a plaything, he dare not disturb it anymore.

At this moment, a few more lines have been filled in the scroll of the Wisdom Crown Pledge and the Second Road to True God.

“Experiment objective 1: The Pyramid of Demon Spirits: It is about to enter the mythology, it is uncontrollable, wait for the change to come, just observe and collect data.”

The previous part has already been written, and what Xiao Dongbi wrote is the next content.

“Swish Swish Swish!”

The stroke of the brush rubbed against the scroll, making a soft sound.

“Experiment Objective 2 Purgatory Abyss: The experimental subject is an existence created from the abyss as a template. It was still bound by the crown of wisdom oath when it was born. The experimental results show that the oath is not based on the abyss, but on the abyss. Plant this race as the main body.”

“Experiment target 3 Arrogant King Afran: The subject is the person who made the oath of the Crown of Wisdom, but he did not show the connection with the Crown of Wisdom through the oath until his death, which means that the person who made the oath He is not the person who binds the oath, and he does not show anything special in front of the crown of wisdom.”

Write here.

Xiao thought for a while before writing.

“The experimental results show that the connection between the oath and the race does not depend on a certain individual, but something deeper.”

“I need further experimental data to discover the key points of the connection between vows and races, so as to find the path to the root of wisdom.”

Finally, Xiao made another stroke on the scroll.

“Experimental objective 4 Lord of Purgatory: has never appeared in the mythology, it can be used as a material for preparing the real **** experiment in the future.”

The scroll closes.

Xiao also put down his pen.


Deep in the dream world.

Different from the shape of the black broken egg of the abyss, Purgatory is a burning star of fire.

At this time, it can’t be called big, at least far less than the current abyss.

But the seed has already been planted.

Just wait for future growth.

It can also gradually increase its own strength through the oath of the crown of wisdom and the power of the dark side of all spirits.

At this moment.

Intense changes have taken place inside the flames and stars, and the life form that has been gestating is finally born.

A being born with the form of a **** opens its eyes.

The flames and stars cracked a gap, forming a gully, a cliff leading to the depths of hell.

Dense monsters crawled out of the cliff ravine where the bottom could not be seen.

The layers upon layers of monsters gushed out like a tide, extremely terrifying.

And deep in the ravine.

The Lord of Purgatory came out slowly.

Countless monsters raised a throne for him in the flames, and crawled under him.

Serve Him as Lord.

He who was born along with Purgatory can be called a myth of destiny.

He was born with power beyond the rank of ordinary apostle, equivalent to a reincarnation of wisdom and power who has been reincarnated many times.

But at least for now, he is far from a real myth.

There is still a gap.

The Lord of Purgatory has exactly the same face as Afran’s when he was young. There is no expression on his face, let alone any human emotion.

He sat on the throne, feeling his power.

Although he is a newborn, he has inherited the memory of the Yafo Security Department.


The Lord of Purgatory pronounced Afran’s name, but there was doubt in his voice.

But soon, he denied the name.

“I am not Avon.”

In the raging fire, he seemed to have confirmed his identity.

This terrifying existence erupted with unparalleled aura, and the entire flame and stars trembled under his will.

“I am the Lord of Purgatory, I am the destined god.”

“I don’t need a name.”

“The Lord of Purgatory is my name.”

The Lord of Purgatory stood up from the raging fire and looked towards the direction of the abyss.

There is an infinite longing in his heart, he wants to swallow that abyss and become one with it.

From the very beginning of its birth, Purgatory was doomed to have an endless relationship with the abyss.

They were born from the same source, and they are destined to return to the same destination.

Two last.

Only one can be left.

Either purgatory is swallowed by the abyss, or purgatory swallows the abyss.

The voice of the Lord of Purgatory came out from the raging fire and echoed in the dream world.

“Original sin evil **** Xiao!”

“You and I have a real contest.”

“It’s just now, just the beginning.”


In this world.

The story that happened in Pence City today can be called twists and turns. It seems that the doomsday disaster almost comes every time, but in the blink of an eye, those disasters dissipate in a situation that the people in the city don’t understand at all.

It seems that all disasters are coming towards this city, towards the mortals in the city.

But the other party just passed by.

Not even looking at these mortals.

It’s just that no matter what, they finally saw the sun rise the next day smoothly.

That’s something to be thankful for.

“It’s over?” At the moment when the sun shone on their bodies, many people still felt a little unbelievable.

“That’s it?” The people in the west of the city looked at each other in blank dismay. When they saw the meteor falling from the sky, when they saw the arrogant king descending on the world, when they saw the flaming star born in the sky, they thought the end was over. arrival.

“Are we still alive?” Someone laughed.

“This is really lucky.” The whole street cheered.

They don’t know.

The Abyss Religion and the original High Priest were only destroyed for the sake of destruction, but these superior existences.

The God of Original Sin, or Avon who became the Queen of Pride.

They all act for their own ends, and mortals are not important to them.

They don’t care whether it is destroyed or not, whether it exists or not.

As long as they achieve their goals, mortals are just witnesses to their goals, not participants.

The city of Pance fell into a carnival today, and everyone was celebrating the aftermath of the catastrophe.

“The tavern is half price today.”

“Go, go, go drink.”

“It’s not easy, I must get drunk today, I don’t want to do anything.”

It’s just that the cheering people didn’t notice.

In the aqueduct of Pance City, a golden and shiny copper lamp is heading for the distance along with the water and sand.

After the brass oil lamp was used up by Dark Moon and Afran, it fell into the ditch as the Dark Realm was broken.

It has now started a new journey.

Waiting for the next person to pick it up, waiting for its new owner.

Waiting for the next story to come.


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