I am God Chapter 354: : Deceiving the eyes of the evil god


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Facing the questioning of the Earth Witch.

The flaming corpse that fell from the sky let out a roar that shook the world.


Like a wild beast.

Perhaps this roar was already a response to everything.

The spiritual power field where flame, law, and spirit merged into one, the sea of ​​flames pressed down downward.

He wanted to burn the sacred tree that protected Moon Eclipse City, or simply wanted to destroy everything he could see.

After a loud bang, the flames can be seen igniting the crown of the sacred tree.


Cracks and cracks came from above, and flames flowed down from the canopy like water.

But in the blink of an eye.

The fire on the canopy was extinguished again between strange transformations.

Because this is not a simple tree, the shape of the sacred tree is constantly changing between wood, flesh and rock.

The huge sacred tree transformed from wood into flesh, and from flesh to petrification.

Turned into a huge petrified tree.

The raging fire on the tree was completely extinguished.

The gray barrier continued to heal after being damaged, and it survived the first wave of collision with the flame scorched corpse’s mental force field, and also blocked the flame scorched corpse from the outside.

But the flame scorched corpse must have more than one move like this.

The opponent’s left hand swung horizontally, and the flame field spread out.

A continuous stream of fire was born in the field out of thin air, and one after another flame puppets rushed out of the fire.



Thousands of flame golems whimpered and came from all directions with the sound of breaking wind.

Rushing towards Moon Eclipse City from all corners.

It’s like a thousand troops.

As long as the opponent finds a loophole, they can smoothly rush into the Moon Eclipse City, and then tear through the Earth Witch’s defense.

But the gray eyes of the witch on the canopy stared at the sky, and immediately activated a new response method according to the change of the flame-burned corpse.

Her brown hair fell loose, and her robes billowed in the wind.

The sacred tree under his feet also started a new round of changes.

“Second Form!”

The original sacred tree collapsed like a sandcastle, and turned into dense roots extending out.

But looking at these flexible roots, entangled and galloping in all directions.

It feels like countless long snakes are wriggling.


After breaking away from the form rooted in the earth, the body shape feels not as big as the one on the earth.

It seems that the previous sacred tree was rooted on the earth, and it gained such a huge size with the help of some kind of power. There is a powerful force under the earth supporting the power of the earth witch.

However, the densely packed roots were also very strong, instantly defeated those flame puppets and strangled them all.

Just at this time, there was another change in the sky.

Standing above the sky, the charred corpse raised its sword.

“Ah, ah, ah, ah!”

The flames from the sky kept gathering on the sword and inside the charred corpse, and there was a thunderous sound like lightning.

At this moment, the scorched corpse was shining brightly in the sky, like a small sun.

Behind the burnt corpse, a vortex kept spinning.

That is the entrance of the abyss. You can see that the power from the abyss is continuously gathering on the body of the charred corpse, which also proves that the charred corpse is constantly synchronizing with the abyss.


Jiao Shi swung his sword down.

A terrifying scene appeared, and the fire wave came out along the sword, tearing the sky.

The red ring of fire swirled down, as if it was about to split the entire Moon Eclipse City in half.

This power.

It seems to have surpassed the ordinary apostle class.

Obviously, the charred corpse has borrowed power from the abyss.

The Earth Witch immediately made a defensive posture, she reacted quickly, and her hands formed a prayer.

The sacred tree was built again.

She shouted: “The first form!”

The dense roots fused together and became the sacred tree again.

The crown of the tree emitted a gray light world, which blocked the sword that split the sky.


The sword glow formed by the flames directly tore the light realm and pressed towards the crown of the tree.

Earth Witch’s complexion changed instantly, and she yelled hastily.


The gray color on the shell of the sacred tree continued to spread, and it became extremely solid, turning into a huge petrified tree.

But the sword was not blocked at all.

The fire cut through the petrified sacred tree, with terrifying sparks and violent explosions.

It split open the canopy of the sacred tree and headed down.

In the next moment, the flames tore through the giant log.

The extremely thick trunk should also be split in half.

At this time, the Earth Witch quickly took new measures after the momentary delay.

Kneeling down, she prayed directly to the god.

“The servant of the supreme ruler of life, the great giant Ruhe, the earth-burrower, the **** of protection that supports the earth and life.”

“Your apostle, ask for your gift.”

In a split second.

The continuous power from under the earth gathered and gathered on the sacred tree.

The splintered divine tree erupted with terrifying gray light, confronting the sword light.

The sacred tree, which was almost completely cut open by a sword, recovered in the blink of an eye, and the gray light emitted resisted the flaming sword light.


The gray light realm spread out from the inside, directly smashing the flame sword light into pieces.

It’s not over yet.

The moment the flame sword light shattered, layers of air waves exploded.

The air wave rolled back into the sky, directly impacting the flaming charred corpses on the sky.

It can be seen that after sending out that terrifying sword, it consumed a huge amount of power.

The flame scorched corpse seems to have become exhausted.

On the sacred tree.

Earth Witch also noticed this situation, and she immediately seized the opportunity to use another form of power.

The sacred tree at the foot shrinks, and a huge flower grows on the top of the tree. Although it can’t match the stalwart in the form of the sacred tree, it is more mysterious and exquisite.

The sacred tree disappeared and turned into a huge flower, blooming in the sky of Moon Eclipse City.

The petals unfold.

Piece by piece, they floated upwards, heading towards the scorched corpse wrapped in flames.



The flame scorched corpse was indeed exhausted, he roared and charged as hard as he could.

But they didn’t break into the petals, and were completely wrapped in it in the end.

The earth witch jumped up and appeared on the flower bag.

Then mobilized all my strength.


It seems that the Earth Witch doesn’t want to kill Dark Moon, she wants to seal Dark Moon first.

The petals slowly changed from translucent color to stone color, like a huge, delicate and delicate sculpture.

In the end, they were completely wrapped together and turned into a stone flower ball hanging in the sky.

Three forms.

The Earth Witch used the power of three life forms to finally defeat the crazy scorched corpse and the monster who ascended to the position of the King of Rage.

Although when the other party slashed that sword just now, it really scared the witch.

As for the people in Lunar Eclipse City below, many of them were directly frightened by the sword that split the earth and fainted. Everyone trembled under the power that was completely beyond the imagination of ordinary people, and they were in a state of panic all day long.

But luckily, the Earth Witch relied on the borrowed power of God to defeat the terrifying and ferocious flame-burned corpse.

Although no one in the city knows yet.

The hideous monster that wants to destroy them, the terrible charred corpse.

It is the Dark Moon General they once loved and were proud of.

Under the seal, the charred corpse is still struggling.

“Winter Dongdong!”



When the transparency of the petals is about to disappear completely and the seal is completely successful.

The originally crazy flames scorched the corpse, and the eyes that were surging with anger flashed a sliver of clarity.

He slowly stopped resisting the seal.

It seems to understand that this is just a useless move.

The monster that regained a bit of sanity raised its head and looked at the figure above the flower ball.

He held out his hand, then put it down again.

He seemed to want to call the other party’s name, but finally gave up.

But his action has already made the Earth Witch notice the changes in the flame-burned corpse, and those gray childlike eyes looked at him, with doubts, pain, and regret in her eyes.

Jiao Shi also noticed it and said something softly.

“I didn’t expect that.”

“It turned out to be you in the end.”

The battle just now allowed her to summarize the pictures she unconsciously saw in her dream, and she probably understood what happened to An Yue.

Of course, she doesn’t know everything.

“Dark Moon!”

“You really, became the king of the abyss?”


“You have already succeeded, you have achieved what you want.”

“Is it your own choice, or…”

The scorched corpse stared at the Earth Witch and the apostle power she had obtained.


“Remember that question you asked me?”

The Earth Witch fell into memory, and spoke after a short moment.

“Dark Moon!”

“What kind of world do you want to create?”

When she woke up, she thought she had understood Dark Moon’s ideals and what Dark Moon wanted to do.

But at this moment, she found that she never really understood An Yue.

The scorched corpse looked down, at the Moon Eclipse City that was still intact, and at this new country that had suffered so much.

His voice was full of unspeakable emotions.

“That’s funny.”

“In the end, it turned out to be my ideal to let the apostle of God come to save me.”

“The destroyer and the savior are staged at the same time.”


“A group of existences who do whatever they want!”

Finish this sentence.

Then, Dark Moon’s body exploded.

Terrible flames surged in the stone flower ball, and finally disappeared invisible.

In the sky, the Earth Witch also let out a sigh.

She knows.

This means that the other party has passed the test of original sin.

Became the real king of the abyss.

The kings of the abyss cannot be killed easily, because they have already merged into the abyss and become a part of this mythical prop.

The body was killed and only fell into a deep sleep for a short time, just like the former king of lust, Melde.

However, with the disappearance of the charred corpse in the present world, the affairs of Moon Eclipse City have finally come to an end.

But at the end, the Earth Witch glanced at a place not far from Moon Eclipse City.

Then, he looked at the distant horizon again.

There is doubt in the eyes.

“What’s going on in Pans City?”

On a hillside not far from Eclipse City.

Sueinhor’s blood scroller also received the oracle and came to Moon Eclipse City.

In fact, he had already arrived here before the scorched corpse descended.

He originally came to stop this disaster. God foresaw Abyss’ plan to destroy Xiao’s plan.

But unexpectedly, it happened to witness the birth of a new apostle.

Moreover, he is an apostle of the power of life.

“Life power?”

“Apostle rank?”

“The power of Ruhe? The apostle of the giant **** Ruhe.”

The power of life is different from the power of wisdom. The power of life regards the race as a whole. For example, the Scarlet Goddess and all the three-leaf symbionts are a whole.

All servants, subordinates, and apostles can also be regarded as the extension of the power of the demigod of life, she and the demigod of life are one.

So I haven’t seen the time when the earth witch prayed to the gods and borrowed strength.

He has basically confirmed that the other party is the apostle of the giant **** Ruhe.

But when the earth witch read the prayer and called out the name of the god, he knew which god’s apostle the other party was.

“Giant Ruhe!”

“Earth Burrower!”

The blood roller turned and left.

Originally Suinhor wanted to take advantage of this chaos to intervene in the Ten Thousand Snakes Court, and completely guide the belief of the Scarlet Goddess and Suinhor’s control to the Ten Thousand Snakes Court to execute their next steps. another plan.

But now a new apostle of God is born, which means that the Ten Thousand Snake King’s Court, the land of no one, has regained the protection of the gods.

The situation is completely different.


The first layer of the abyss.

The abyss of magic fire.

Avon, the arrogant king, flipped through the book “The Secret Book of Anhofus Bone Demon Transformation”, and didn’t put it down until the last page.

There are a lot of secrets hidden in this secret book, not just a simple bone demon transformation magic book.

The Bone Demon is a man-made monster with wisdom. When Anhofus created it, it contained part of the concept of the secret art of immortality that was explored by the Samo family, a descendant of royal blood.

And the eternal life secret technique of the Samo family.

It is the key to making mythical props, and it is also a part of the road to wisdom.

Although the arrogant king failed to find the secret of eternal life from it, he deeply felt some of Anhofus’s crazy thoughts and concepts.

Combined with those scenes in the mythology of the previous era, the madness of the other party is vividly highlighted.

He can imagine what a crazy guy that is.

Because I can’t become a god, I created a **** myself.

“Mythical me!”

“I can’t be a god, so make me a god.”

“Ji Jie Jie!”

The bone monster let out a weird laugh, and pressed its hand on its forehead, which was Afran’s habit when he was still a mortal.

“This thought…”

“It’s really wonderful.”

The arrogant king rises and steps down from his throne.

He walked outside step by step.

He held his head high, flames surged in his eye sockets, and the fleshless white bone jaw continued to crack, gradually reaching the limit.

He seems to be smiling, or looking forward to something.


The moment he has been waiting for for a long time has come,

Going all the way down, the murals on both sides keep passing by, which are pictures of doomsday.

Just reaching the end of the mural, Afran, the arrogant king, stopped suddenly.

He turned his head to look at the last painting.

The murals originated from the battle of the gods in the previous era, and ended with a few pictures of the birth of the abyss.

On the last mural, it presents the last scene of the abyss rising into the dream world.

At that time, the arrogant king Avon swore an oath to the crown of wisdom, the supreme artifact, making the abyss the darkness of all souls, and the abyss was sealed forever in the depths of the dream world.

In this painting.

The abyss has broken away from the earth, congealing into its present form of the Broken Egg of Darkness.

The broken place is also the door to the abyss.

In the screen.

There are two figures in the shattered place of the Dark Egg.

Avon, the arrogant king, stood in the abyss, and another figure stood outside the abyss, watching him face to face.

The Witch of the Moon.


The bone demon looked at the two figures, as if recalling something.

Standing in a daze.

He thought of the scene that he recalled countless times in his deep sleep.

It doesn’t look scary, and even if it is a scary scene, how many places in this world are scarier than the abyss? How many existences are more terrifying than the King of the Abyss?

But every time Afran, the king of the abyss, thinks about it, he feels that it was the most terrible nightmare in the world.

At this moment, that picture came to my mind again.

The moonlight shines down from the sky, along the shattered dark egg, and shines on Avon, who has become a bone demon and the king of the abyss.

A figure stands high, overlapping with the moon.

I can’t see anything clearly against the light.

But Yafuan could feel the other party crying.

The opponent was running towards him with all his strength, but was blocked by his strength, and turned into moonlight and dissipated in midair.

Finally, the other party said to him in great sorrow.

“Excuse me?”

Boundless mania burst out of the Bone Demon’s mind for an instant, and the flames in his eye sockets trembled violently.

“You bastard.”

“You want to kill me.”

“What else do you say I’m sorry for?”

“We are enemies, we are sworn enemies.”

“I am the king of the abyss, the most terrifying existence in the abyss.”

“Why did you say sorry? What can you be sorry for?”

Afran, the arrogant king, questioned the existence in the mural loudly, feeling agitated.


“You tell me!”

“You said, why did you say sorry?”

But the figures in the murals had passed away hundreds of years ago, and it was impossible to answer his doubts anymore.

Afran, the arrogant king, gradually calmed down. He no longer looked at the mural, and quietly walked out of his Black Stone Demon Palace.


The overwhelming army of bones gathered together and prostrated themselves towards their king.

At this time, the dark moon in the world has just opened the dark domain with the magical props, the greedy copper lamp, and is in a fierce battle with Byron, the son of wrath.

The two are competing.

The true throne of the King of Rage.

In front of the Gate of Original Sin, the ceramic figurine is enjoying the drama it wants.

In the realm of darkness, the dark moon has fused the magical props, the lamp of greed, and opened the door with the authority of the king of the abyss.

“The Gate of the Abyss!”

“Open it!”

As soon as Dark Moon raised his hand, a passage led to the real abyss.

Countless abyssal monsters crawled out of the abyss, and attacked Byron under the control of the dark moon.

“Follow the contract.”

“Kill my enemies.”

In the abyss of demon fire, a large number of skeleton monsters followed the call of the dark moon and came out through the gate of the abyss together.

Travel to the dark realms that beckon them, and engage in the battle and madness they crave.

And Avon the Pride King.

He also appeared suddenly from the Broken Egg of Darkness, and stood before the gate of the Abyss.

He looked at the gate of original sin that appeared, and at the little ceramic figure in front of the door; for some reason, he thought of the evil **** from the previous era, the little figure in a bottle.

The two of them lowered their heads together at this moment, watching the fight between Dark Moon and Byron through the gate of the abyss.

This is a ridiculous tragedy.

The outcome has already been arranged, who should fall into the abyss in madness, and who should die amidst cursing and cursing, there was no doubt from the very beginning.

As expected, the ridiculous drama ended without any surprises.


Darkmoon killed Byron and took the heart, the mythical organ of Rage.

But he didn’t know that the ceramic villain also arranged for his dramatic ending and the test of his original sin.

In a rage, he destroys everything he has built.

Let Rampage truly live up to its name.

Finally, Dark Moon draws his sword towards the ceramic villain in a rage.

The ceramic figurine watched his rage and laughed.

“Hate it?”


“Do you feel that you are too weak? Do you feel that nothing has changed?”

“Did you suddenly discover that the order you established is vulnerable to real power?”

“Just like you?”

“You still want to restrain the gods?”


There is endless mockery in the laughter of the ceramic villain, and the dark moon also fell into the world under his mercy, and the consciousness also fell into darkness in rage.

But at this time, Avon, the arrogant king, also moved.

He followed the passage opened by the Gate of Original Sin, followed the broken exit of the Egg of Darkness, and walked outside the gate of the abyss.

One step at a time.

The king of the abyss actually left the abyss.

In that remaining dark realm.

Countless monsters crawled on the ground at the same time, shouting the name of the arrogant king Avon, and they themselves gathered into a powerful force, leading Avon to come.


“The Great King of Pride!”

“Avon, the arrogant king!”

“We welcome you soon.”

Those monsters summoned by the dark moon are now obeying Avon’s control to welcome him out of the abyss.

At this moment, the ceramic villain shifted his attention from Dark Moon to Afran, the arrogant king.

The voice of the ceramic villain was extremely surprised, and he turned his head to look at the first floor of the abyss.

“What are you doing?”

Finding that something was wrong, the ceramic villain immediately used his authority to suppress all the monsters that led Yafuan, the arrogant king, to leave the abyss.

It yelled, with puzzlement in its voice.

“You’ve lost, you loser!”

“Do you still want to make a comeback at this time?”


But it was a step too late when it reacted, and Afran, the arrogant king, had already escaped from the abyss.

Dark Moon, the new king of wrath, just disappeared in the dark realm made by the magic props and greedy copper lamps, and Yafuan, the arrogant king, appeared in the dark realm on his hind legs.

The terrifying Bone Demon King has come.

The huge coercion made thousands of monsters lie on the ground unable to lift their heads, but at the same time, there were also a large number of dead monsters, born from the bones, and stood up again.

The bone force field covered everything, and the entire dark domain seemed to become another abyss of magic fire in an instant.

These monsters screamed and screamed wildly.

“The King of Bone Demons!”

“The King of Pride!”


The 100-meter-tall Bone Demon King stands in the darkness, looking up at the Gate of Original Sin and the abyss.

You can see the astonishment on the expression of the ceramic figurine.

What it was astonished was not why Avon appeared in the Dark Realm, but because the other party was already a complete loser in its imagination, and was played by it and the evil **** of original sin behind it between.

The opponent wants to use Byron’s hand to create a new abyss, and the plan to create purgatory is no longer possible with Byron’s death.

The ritual of purgatory failed completely. Without Byron taking over the darkness and filth, it would be impossible to breed a new purgatory will, to breed purgatory.

Purgatory cannot be born normally, and it is impossible for Yafuan to jump out of the abyss and go to purgatory; everything he built with painstaking efforts will become the wedding dress of the evil **** of original sin.

He is now.

You want to jump out of the abyss?

That is a dead end.

After the ceramic villain panicked, he also wanted to understand all this.

It calmed down immediately, and looked at Afran in the Dark Realm playfully.


“What do you want to do?”

“Are you looking for death?”

After thinking about this, the ceramic villain is not in a hurry.

It looked at Avon and laughed, as if if you dare to run out, then give it a try.


“You can’t even die.”

“Because you have become a part of the abyss, you can’t die even if you want to.”

“Avon, accept your fate!”

“You can never escape the palm of God.”

The huge bone demon raised his head and looked at the shattered corner above the Dark Realm.

Moonlight shines in from the outside world.

This scene is so similar to that day’s scene.

The ceramic figurine’s triumphant laughter came from above, from the abyss and the gate of original sin.

“You have failed!”


The haughty king turned his head to look at the little ceramic figure, and also vaguely looked into the depths of the original sin gate, and spit out two words.


Avon’s arrogant head was held high, and he didn’t pay attention to this little ceramic figure at all.

“A clown who thinks he is also a **** through the power of original sin.”

“You think my plan is what you imagine?”

“You think Byron is the one I chose to take over Purgatory?”

“Do you think that what my servant Senge did was to create the seeds of the abyss?”

“You think I want to let myself jump out under your noses?”

“You think.”

“Can’t I imagine that you are looking at me?”

The arrogant king heaved a sigh of relief, full of sarcasm.

“All of this is just a cover for you to see, my plan is far more than that.”

The mocking voice of the ceramic figurine stopped abruptly, and the painted expression on the ceramic doll’s face froze for a moment.

It seems to have a premonition of something.


Everything is back to decades ago again.

When the purgatory ceremony plan was just started, the day Senge was selected.

In the dark prayer hall of the Abyss Order.

The young Senge knelt in front of a skeleton monster with an excited and fanatical expression. He carefully took the original black mud from the opponent.

The voice of the arrogant king of the abyss spit out from the mouth of the skeleton monster, telling the young servant.

“Seng, my servant.”

“Go create a new abyss for me.”

The skeleton monster seemed to be lost in thought as well, thinking about this plan that he had prepared for a long time.

But it wasn’t until the real beginning that he realized that he hadn’t given this new plan, this new abyss a name.

“Call it the abyss of purgatory!”

“It can also be called Purgatory, it belongs to me!”

Senger prostrated himself on the ground, motionless.

At the same time, the talking skeleton monster instantly melted.


It turned into a small weird embryo, inside which was sealed an unborn life form.

An extremely powerful being.

Since then, Senge has embarked on the mission entrusted by his master, and used his own life to implement it.

He created the prototype of purgatory and started the ritual of purgatory.

He was looking for someone to start the purgatory ceremony, and he waited for the opportunity from the king of the abyss.

The only thing that is different from everyone’s expectations is the embryo.

Of course.

When carrying out the master’s mission, he still has his own selfishness.

He turned into darkness and brought one disaster after another to the Ten Thousand Snakes Court.

He wants to destroy this country, the country that has destroyed the homes of the Evelians and enslaved them for generations.

Destroy the country that brought him pain.

The screen turns again.

Dream world.

The coordinates where the fetus of purgatory is located.

When Senge appeared here for the second time, the former original black mud had turned into a large black swamp, and the former embryo had also been conceived and formed.

Among the embryos was a young figure.

Through the film, he looked at the existence with the shape of a god.

Senger’s eyes were full of anticipation.


“The great hero Afran!”



“I will complete your plan, this great plan, and free you from the **** of original sin.”

“The real **** who belongs to us Evil people is about to be born.”

From the beginning, what was conceived in the embryo was not the body that Avon used to receive consciousness.

It is a new Avon.

An Avon who inherits Avon’s memory.

An Afran who is about to become a god.

That is, in Senger’s eyes, the snake-man Aiweier became a god.

This one was made by Avon the Pride Lord.

Avon, Lord of Purgatory.

Avon, the arrogant king, knows that everything about him is locked by the abyss, and he knows that it will be difficult for him to escape from the palm of an existence like Xiao no matter what.

His only way is to use a method that everyone can’t believe to break the situation.

What Senger has done is not only to create the Seed of Purgatory and start the Purgatory Ritual.

It even creates a brand new Lord of Purgatory.

The person who took over the coming of purgatory was not Byron from the beginning.

He started from the beginning.

It’s just a pawn.

A chess piece used to deceive everyone, an abandoned piece that seems to be the protagonist but is abandoned by everyone.

Seng’s hand touched the film, and this was the closest he got to the **** in his eyes.

“I will succeed.”

The black mud surged under his feet.

Swallow Senge completely.

Now, he wants to start the real plan.

Let Byron complete the final sacrifice, and at the same time shift everyone’s attention to Byron and Dark Moon, so that the existence that truly undertakes the coming of purgatory will be hidden in the darkness.

With his life, with that pawn, with Darkmoon and all.

Go ahead and cheat that horrible one.

The eye of that evil god.


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