I am God Chapter 353: : Earth Witch


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“Your sin!”

“Your anger, along with your heart, belongs to me.”

The broken and scorched corpse whose lower body has completely disappeared is standing in the dark world.

“Rest in peace!”

He holds a sword in his right hand and a flaming heart in his left.

Suddenly, the sword in his hand turned.

Dark Moon cut a **** in her chest with her sword.

A corroded heart fell down, fell into the flames, and was incinerated.

But even so, he hasn’t died yet, the power of the magic tool, the greedy copper lamp, is constantly eroding him.

The lamp was devouring him and maintaining his vitality.

Dark Moon looked at the big hole in his chest, and Byron’s furious roar appeared in his ears.

“You heartless guy, a monster without any humanity.”

Dark Moon let out a chuckle: “Now, I really have no heart.”


“Turned into a monster.”

After the words fell, he stuffed his furious heart into his chest.

An Yueju hunched over, holding her chest with one hand.

The overwhelming fire poured out from that heart and his body.



A large number of abyssal monsters summoned by him crawled on the ground below, screaming terrifyingly.

They also seem to feel that a new king of the abyss is about to be born.

A powerful force poured into Dark Moon’s body, and at the same time repelled the greedy force.

Dark Moon can feel that this power is extremely compatible with him, and he doesn’t need to be familiar with it at all to operate this power.

Dark Moon’s body, which was swallowed by the magical props and greedy copper lamp, also began to grow again at this moment; but what grew out was no longer a snake tail, but a pair of humanoid legs.


The appearance of his scorched black corpse could never be recovered, as if that was the price he paid for becoming a rage.

Severe pain poured into Dark Moon’s body, burning every bone and blood of him, burning his consciousness and spirituality.

At the same time, the voices of thousands of people echoed in his ears.

“Dark Moon, why didn’t you die? Why are you still alive?”

“I’m going to kill you, I’m going to kill you.”

“Dark Moon, you will be punished!”

“General Dark Moon, why are you doing this?”

“We died for you, is that what you do to us? Is that what you do to us?”

Not just Byron’s rage, but the rage of thousands of other victims.

Scenes of pictures flashed before An Yue’s eyes, painful and crazy faces filled An Yue’s mind, and he let out a mournful roar in the raging fire.

He swallowed everyone’s anger, everyone’s original sin.

There is also Byron’s wrath, Byron’s sin.


“Yes, yes, I did it all.”

“I did it all.”


“Call me!”

“Curse me!”

“Hate me!”

Dark Moon knelt in the flames and screamed frantically, struggling in the flames.

He seemed to be slowly getting used to the burning of the flames, and the pained wailing turned into wild laughter little by little.


He stood up slowly from the fire, holding his sword.

“Come on, come on all!”

“I will put away your anger, your hatred, your original sin.”

“Swallow it all.”

The scorched living corpse opened its mouth, and swallowed the monstrous sea of ​​flames, swallowing all the flames.

He had a crazy face, like a lunatic, and his eyeballs were redder than flames.

He merged all the powers of Rage and became the new Son of Rage.

Just one step away.

He’s just one step away from taking the throne that’s rightfully his.

At the same time, the darkness under his feet kept sinking.

The mythical gate made of flesh and blood stood up in the darkness, and thousands of monsters melted on this gate, screaming tragically.

Under the gate of myth, the ceramic doll appeared again.

However, unlike in the mirror, the ceramic doll that appeared this time stood in front of the door like a god, looking down at the dark moon.

The ceramic villain seems to be very happy and proud when he sees that Dark Moon has chosen to integrate into the mythical heart of rage.


“I knew it, I knew you would definitely choose it.”

“Do you really hate it? Do you feel that everything can’t end like this?”

“Isn’t it uncomfortable to be played with by others?”

The ceramic villain seems to have seen through all of An Yue’s thoughts. After following Xiao for a while, it seems to have learned some of Xiao’s habits and characteristics.

It imitated Dark Moon’s voice and said loudly.

“This rotten world.”

Then changed his expression again: “Are you looking at me?”

The painted faces on the ceramics are constantly changing: “I want to pull down all of you guys who play with the world, guys who are above everyone.”

The ceramic figurine danced and danced, its huge face pressed down, and it showed a piercing smile towards the dark moon.

“You are…”

“True rage!”

The dark moon, like a charred corpse, stood in the darkness stepping on the raging fire, looking up at this existence: “Are you the God of Original Sin?”

The ceramic villain quickly denied: “No, no, I am the great Lord of the Abyss and the messenger of the God of Original Sin.”

“The God of Original Sin is very busy, so he entrusted me with the responsibility of selecting the kings of the abyss.”

“You win.”

“You have won!”

“Dark Moon!”

“You are the best one selected, the number one!”

“You will become the third king of the abyss under the throne of God.”

It opened its arms, as if listening to something.

“Did you hear that?”

“The new king of the abyss!”

“The whole abyss is cheering for you, and the dark side of the world is welcoming you.”

Dark Moon said: “You won.”

“We just made a choice without choice under the arrangement of God of Original Sin.”

The ceramic villain nodded and asked An Yue.

“Want to become the king of the abyss?”

“Want to challenge the gods and the true order of this world?”

“Are you ready?”

The little ceramic man stared at him, his eyes full of anticipation, or evil humor.

“Be the king!”

“It has to pass the test of original sin.”

Dark Moon raised his head suddenly, he sensed something was wrong.

“What do you mean?”

“I’ve gotten to this point, haven’t I succeeded yet?”

The little ceramic figure shook his head, and the smile on his face became more and more exaggerated.

“No no no!”

“It’s still close, your rage!”

“Dark Moon, your anger and hatred are not enough!”

Dark Moon drew his sword, and he pointed at the little ceramic figure with flawed eyes. He seemed to have sensed what the little ceramic figure wanted to do.

“What do you want to do?”

The ceramic figurine got up and stood in front of the mythical gate.

“Here you are, the real reward for the victor!”

“Makes you a real rage!”

Dark Moon roared furiously: “It’s over, everything is over.”

“Byron died, I fell into the abyss, and everything came to a breaking point.”

“Everything has been staged as you want, what are you not satisfied with?”

When the ceramic figurine moved, An Yue saw a vortex opened under her feet, and that vortex led to Lunar Eclipse City.

“Not satisfied.”

“What you say doesn’t count, only what I say counts.”

“Only what God says counts.”

The face of the small ceramic figurine suddenly extended from the door of mythology, it was so big that it covered the entire field of vision, and the smile on that face was extremely hateful.

“Dark Moon!”

“Get into a real rage!”

“Destroy with your own hands all that you have built, and rise to the throne in a fit of rage.”


“This is my gift to you.”

Dark Moon’s complexion changed completely. He came to Pence City because he was afraid of an accident in Moon Eclipse City. There was a new order that he had tried his best to establish.

He burned with raging flames and turned into a flame giant. The sword in his hand swelled to dozens of meters, and he slashed at the little ceramic figure.

“Stop it!”

However, the figure of the ceramic villain and the gate of myth kept retreating, and the dark moon fell down.

Falling towards that vortex, falling towards the lunar eclipse city in the world.

The exaggerated voice of the ceramic villain kept coming, reaching An Yue’s ears.

“Hate it?”


“Do you feel that you are too weak? Do you feel that nothing has changed?”

“Did you suddenly discover that the order you established is vulnerable to real power?”

“Just like you?”

“You still want to restrain the gods?”


In the laughter, there is endless mockery.

Dark Moon’s power began to extend into the third layer of the abyss, and his mythical organs began to resonate with the abyss.

It symbolizes that he is becoming the master of the third floor.

At the same time.

He also entered the test of original sin.

Avon, the king of pride, has passed this test, and so has Meld, the king of lust.

Only after going through this step can one truly grasp the power of original sin and become the manifestation of original sin in the world.

If you don’t go through this step, you can’t become the real seven original sins, so this is why the previous Byron and the current dark moon can stay in the world and have never fallen into the abyss.

They haven’t really, become part of the abyss.

Dark Moon could feel that he was being swallowed by endless rage.

He lost control of his body, completely dominated by rage, and turned into a monster that temporarily lost his mind.


Darkmoon knew what was coming.

Without reason, he will do what the ceramic villain planned.

Destroy the entire Eclipse City.

Dark Moon turned his head, looking at the outside world constantly enlarged in the vortex, he tried his best to control himself.

But he is constantly being pulled into the test of the abyss, and he is walking towards his throne.

His consciousness gradually blurred, and his eyes gradually fell into darkness.

“Stop it!”

“Stop it!”


Behind Dark Moon’s roar, there was powerlessness.

He tried his best, and everything he built in the end was not worth mentioning in front of the other party.

The reason why the other party destroys it is because the other party can do so.

Dark Moon was in complete rage because his ideal was about to be destroyed.

Darkness descended completely, swallowing Dark Moon’s consciousness.

It was only after Dark Moon completely lost consciousness.

The voice of the wildly laughing ceramic figurine stopped abruptly, and the last laugh was even full of astonishment.

It also seemed to have encountered some sudden accident, and let out a scream.

“Damn it!”


The filial piety of the ceramic villain spread throughout the abyss.

“What are you doing?”

“You’ve lost, you loser!”

“Do you still want to make a comeback at this time?”



The screen changes.

An infinite white light appeared in front of Dark Moon’s eyes, and he walked along the white light towards the depths.

He showed up at a training ground with a wooden sword in his hand.

His stature has become much shorter, and he has become himself as a child.

“Trance again?”


A tall man suddenly appeared, beating Dark Moon hard with his sword.

The dark moon kept retreating, and the man kept yelling at him.

“Dark Moon!”

“The weak are useless, they can only be eliminated.”

“The weak are enslaved, the weak are bullied, and the weak are devoured.”

“Dark Moon!”

“Do you want to be the underdog?”

Dark Moon raised his sword to fight back, and he questioned loudly.


“What is a weak person?”


“You tell me?”

“Is it either the strongest or the weak? How strong do you have to be to not be swallowed?”

The scene fades away, and Dark Moon finds himself suddenly reappearing in a castle.

The castle is littered with dead bodies.

This is his home, and there is no living person in the home at this moment.

His father was killed, and his mother and brothers and sisters died after being abused.

The young An Yue held a sword in her hand, and could only let out a hoarse roar.

“Who did it?”

“Who the hell?”

He was lying on the corpse, tears streaming down his face.

“Who killed you?”

“Why? What the **** is this?”

When the screen changes, he is on the run.

He already knew who did it, but it didn’t work.

The opponent is too powerful, he is no match.

He fled while being chased by the opponent, and finally joined the army and became a soldier.

At this time, the troubled times have reached their climax.

The heirs of the King of Snakes are fighting, the nobles are fighting, and the common people are also fighting.

The blood flowed into rivers, and the corpse mountain and sea of ​​blood were killed.

Dark Moon is no exception, he may still be the one who killed the most among these people, and his hands are stained with the blood of an unknown number of people.

He killed his enemies, he killed the rebels.

Killed countless innocent people.

Also, killed his companions.

Everyone has no sense of security. Everyone feels that others will kill themselves. Only by killing each other first can they not be killed.

On a counter-insurgency battlefield, Dark Moon once again killed his own soldiers, who had followed him for many years.

They used to be simple young people, but now in this crazy world, they have become lunatics on the battlefield.

He pulled the sword out of the soldier’s body and pushed the body to the ground furiously.

“Drink blood?”


“Let you drink, let you eat.”

Everyone around is retreating, looking at him with terrified eyes.

He stood alone on the battlefield full of corpses, bleeding all over his body.

He raised his head and opened his mouth.

The blood scab on the face also cracked.

He was so thirsty, he licked his lips, licking the blood on the edge of his lips.

What does that feel like?

It seems sweet?

This feeling is really too funny and too scary.


“It’s really crazy.”

“Everyone is crazy, so am I.”

Dark Moon yelled furiously: “Enough, enough!”

“Enough is enough.”

“Revenge is meaningless, war is meaningless, none of this makes any sense at all.”

“Nothing has changed, nothing will change.”

In a daze, he suddenly saw the corpses under his feet moving, not only the people he just killed, but also the people he had killed before.

His companion who died, his relatives.

At this moment, these people raised their heads one by one, looking at Dark Moon with rotten faces.

Among them were his mother, his grandfather and grandmother, his siblings.

“Dark Moon!”

“Why? Why do we die? Why does the killing never stop?”

“What kills us kills everyone.”

“Who the hell?”

Looking at these people, An Yue kept shaking her head, her face suddenly turned pale.

“I don’t know.”

“I don’t know.”

All the corpses are opening their mouths, questioning him in a piercing tone: “No!”

“You know.”

Dark Moon’s complexion suddenly changed, and he shouted frantically: “What’s the use of knowing? Can it be changed?”

“Can’t be changed.”


His expression was extremely angry, and his eyeballs were red.


“It is this disordered world that kills you.”

The dead people all over the place were persistent, chasing after An Yue, and even crawled under him, grabbing him tightly.


“Who is the one who caused the disorder in this world and everything?”

Darkmoon struggled among the corpses, writhing in the stench.


He stopped all movements and lay on the ground, as if he had merged with the corpses.

He lay on the ground and whispered.

“What makes this world chaotic is because some people are not restrained, because they are high above, and because they do whatever they want.”

“They can break the order unscrupulously, they can break the rules unscrupulously.”

The corpses climbed up one by one, completely submerging him.

“You know all this, why don’t you do anything?”

“You don’t do anything? Just watch?”


“Go beat them, go kill them.”

“Avenge them, and those who do what they want.”

Dark Moon, whose face was covered, spoke the last words in the mountain of corpses.


“I can’t do it!”

The screen returns to the beginning.

He was knocked down by his father’s sword, and he lay powerless on the ground.

He watched his father stretch out his hand towards him on the ground, and asked that sentence again.


“How strong do you have to be to be able to make the rules of this world?”

“How strong is it?”

“To destroy this hopeless world.”

Then, his father asked him.

“What if you have such power?”

“What do you want to do?”

“After destroying everything, what kind of world do you want to build.”

Dark Moon froze for a moment, and a light flickered in her eyes.

He slowly raised his arm and firmly grasped his father’s hand.

His lips trembled as he shouted from his hoarse throat.

“I want to create a world where no one can do whatever they want.”


“A world where everything is constrained.”

Father was no longer strict this time, but laughed and pulled him up from the ground forcefully.

A hand stretched out from the mountain of corpses.

Then, the terrifying scorched corpse crawled out from inside.

He stood on the top of the mountain of corpses, endless flames poured down from his body, igniting all the corpses.

The sea of ​​blood was like kerosene, instantly turning into a sky-high fire.

Boundless anger erupted from An Yue’s body at this moment, looking up at the sky.


“I want it!”

“Bring down the gods who dare to do whatever they want.”

“I want to tear up this world where the weak are swallowed up by the strong.”


The other side.

Fire giants descend from the sky.

Like a meteor, it smashed into Moon Eclipse City from the sky.

And at the same time.

The picture goes through the layers of the earth’s crust and comes to the depths of the earth.

This is an empty underground world.

Green carpet covers the ground, and a moonlight-emitting plant hangs on the stone wall to illuminate the space.

A transparent film of jellyfish covers the sky, and terrifying tentacles squirm on the stone walls.

The water here seems to be alive, forming a pool on the sky, dripping down from time to time to form rainwater in the underground world.

And in the center of this underground world, there is a stalwart and tall altar, on which a strange eyeball is enshrined.

A brunette woman is lying at the foot of the altar.

She has the form of a god, and she quietly closed her eyes and leaned on the stairs.

Things like roots grew out of her body layer by layer, continuously spreading outward, and extending to the ground.


The **** on the altar, the eye of distortion suddenly burst out with a strong light,

A large amount of light was absorbed by forces from seven different directions, but there were also a small number of light spots scattered down.

Fall into the interior of other beings.

It is the woman at the foot of the altar.

Here, the aberrant eyes destroyed her body again and again, and rebuilt her body again.

This altar is deadly poison to those with powers of wisdom, but it is a supreme treasure to those with powers of life.

It was precisely because of this deformed eye that she was able to successfully pass the unimaginable threshold of transforming into a witch.

In the process of the body being destroyed again and again, and then reorganized.

The power of the witch is also gradually becoming perfect.

At this moment.

The consciousness of the witch is gradually awakening.

It can be seen that her eyebrows twitched slightly, and her fingers pressed against the edge of the altar.

Although she is in a deep sleep, her consciousness is not completely asleep; she is fascinated by lakes and lakes in her dream, passing a strange perspective, faintly paying attention to the changes on the earth.

At this moment, as her consciousness became more and more lucid, she saw what Dark Moon was doing.

She opened her mouth and made a sound for the first time in years.

“Dark Moon!”

“What are you doing?”

“Stop, what are you doing?”


The witch opened her eyes, and her lost eyes grew again.

The gray eyes pierced the earth’s crust, and noticed the flaming meteor falling from the sky.


Eclipse City.

At this moment, it is nighttime here.

The vision in the sky quickly attracted the attention of the powerful people in the city, and the supreme consul who had just taken office also saw the vortex in the sky.

Outside the governor’s mansion, the crowd surged.

“What the **** is going on?”

“A hole opened in the sky?”

“Something is wrong!”

Many people were at a loss, but the highest consul thought of something.

“That’s not a hole, it’s a gate to the spirit world.”

“Hurry up, remind people to start evacuating!”

“Ring the bell, ring the bell quickly.”

Many powerful beings released divine spells, making a loud noise.

Want to alert everyone in the city, and it did work.

Thousands of people escaped from their homes, and at this time, they just saw the flame meteor descending from that hole.

The biggest fireball was the charred corpse of Dark Moon, and countless streams of fire followed him and fell towards Moon Eclipse City.

Although the supreme consul reacted quickly, the opponent came even faster.

Many powerful people also exclaimed, because they found that the things that fell were beyond their previous imagination.

“How come?”

“So big?”

“Such a big meteor? Is it enough to destroy the entire Eclipse City?”

Looking at the scale of the flame meteor, it is completely different from the one in Pence City. At that time, the meteor was just a seed, but now it is almost complete.

As long as it falls, the entire Eclipse City will cease to exist.

“It’s over!”

“No, it’s too late.”

The supreme consul’s face was pale, and he could imagine what would happen next.

Eclipse City will be completely wiped out, and the Ten Thousand Snake King’s Court will also completely collapse.

The supreme consul is not afraid of death, but he just took over the country from Dark Moon, and took over the ideals and wishes of the other party, but what he ushered in was all defeat.

How can he accept this.

His expression is ferocious: “Who the hell!”

“Why are you doing this?”

“Who must destroy this country? Who must destroy us?”

The Supreme Archon roared at the fireball in the sky.

He still doesn’t know that this fireball is the former Dark Moon General.

And in the city.

Everyone was still running and avoiding.

But seeing the fireball getting bigger and getting closer.

Until most of the sky was covered by fireballs and streams of fire, many people stopped.

Such a disaster.

It is no longer possible to escape by dodging.

Many people who fled also gave up, screaming in despair.

“It’s doomed, this is a greater disaster than the one in Pence City.” Some people who experienced the disaster in Pence City wailed in despair.

“This is God’s punishment.” Someone prostrated himself on the ground, waiting for death to come.

“God is punishing us.” Apart from God’s punishment, mortals can’t think of any other scenes that can paint such a picture.

“Why do disasters always befall the Ten Thousand Snake King’s Court, where is our god? Why doesn’t anyone protect us?” Someone roared loudly, unwilling to accept such an ending.

“We have been abandoned, we are doomed to perish, because we have no protection from God.” Someone burst into tears.

The fireball covered the sky and was about to fall on the Moon Eclipse City.


Dense root-like things stretched out from under the earth, entangled on the wall of Moon Eclipse City, and extended into the river outside.

A huge tree broke through the ground in an instant and appeared in the open space south of Moon Eclipse City.

It grows obliquely, with a huge canopy stretched out against the sky.

The gray power repulsed out and turned into a shield covering Moon Eclipse City, blocking the meteor that fell from the sky.


After the loud noise, everyone raised their heads for the rest of their lives.


Looking in disbelief at the surprisingly large sacred tree.

“What?” People on the street raised their heads one after another, watching the flames spread in the sky and the tree crown protecting them.

“A tree… grew on the ground?” This tree was really too big, too shocking, and it appeared too timely, so many people didn’t come to their senses.

On the other side, everyone in the mansion of the Supreme Consul also looked at the big tree that grew suddenly with shocked eyes.

“Is this a tree?” The consul never thought that such a thing would happen when everyone gave up.

“How could there be such a big tree?” The voices of others were also full of joy after the disaster.

“No, this must be a miracle.” A powerful person shouted.

“Only the power of God can do such a thing, and it is God who protects us.” The clergy among the crowd also think this way, and only those with power can truly understand how powerful and powerful this power is. incredible.

And all the snakemen in the city prostrated themselves on the ground, calling this tree a sacred tree.

“God tree!”

“This is God’s blessing.”

“The gods heard our call!”

Large tree covering the sky over the entire city.

On the crown of the tree known as the **** tree, the branches intertwined and fused, and then a person grew out.

More than that.

After this person walked out, clothes grew directly from his body.

It was a woman with brown hair and gray child, possessing the form of a god, like a goddess descending to the world.

The woman stands barefoot on the canopy of the tree, looking up at the fireball standing in the sky.

Looking through the flames, he saw a terrifying charred corpse in the center of the fireball.

Women know who they are.

Although, there is no room for recognition of the other party’s current appearance.

The woman’s hole was full of shock and disbelief.

“Dark Moon?”

“How did you become like this?”

The one who appeared here was the former Prophet of the Temple of Ten Thousand Snakes.

The current earth witch.

The Earth Witch signed a contract with the Ruhe Giant God, the Earth Driller, and became the god’s apostle.

Different from the former Moon Witch Nia, the Earth Witch possesses the power of a full version of the power of life.

Apostle of the fourth level of life power.

At the first level, she obtained the power of the life power to fuse other life body organs, and what she chose to fuse was the roots of a tree rooted in the earth.

At the second level, the life power person has life blood energy, just like the spiritual power of wisdom power.

At the third level, she gained the power to fuse the life template. That big tree is the life template she chose, and it is also her real body now.

At the fourth level, she received a part of Ruhe’s incomplete inheritance from the giant **** Ruhe. The tree-shaped life template integrated the power of the giant **** Ruhe.

So you can see that this tree is very strange.

It looks like half plant and half flesh, and the roots are constantly wriggling, like living insects.

Even under the urging of power, eyes grew on the tree.

Some of the characteristics of the earth burrower are still very obvious on her body.

She called Dark Moon’s name loudly, trying to wake this guy up.

“Dark Moon!”

“Are you crazy?”

“This is the capital you built, the country you rebuilt.”

“Why are you?”


“Destroy it?”

But at this time, the dark moon has been completely swallowed by rage, so how can one hear what the earth witch is saying.

The flame scorched corpse waved his hand, and dense fireballs fell from the sky.

A terrifying fire force field emanated from his body, turning the sky into a world of flames, and the law of flames twisted and transformed in his hands.


The flame-burned corpse jumped down desperately, towards the Earth Witch and the city she was protecting.

But the branches of the trees under the Earth Witch turned into tentacles and stretched out, wrapping towards the scorched corpse in flames.

The battle between the king of the abyss and the witch.


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