I am God Chapter 325: Rebuild this tower of Chapterel


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The city of gold.

As the name suggests, the city is a wealthy city that seems to be flowing with gold everywhere.

It is the most important port in the Land of the Rising Sun. There are a large number of alchemy workshops in the city, and there are thousands of snakemen attached to these workshops.

Most of the time, it is difficult to recruit manpower for alchemy workshops, and a skilled craftsman is very sought-after in the city.


There may not be as many craftsmen as the Land of Sunrise in Suinhall, but the supply is still in short supply for the Golden City.

This is not just an isolated phenomenon.

It is true throughout the Land of the Rising Sun.

In the final analysis, it is not a question of the spread of technology, but a deeper reason for obtaining food and civilization.

After all, although Juanjue and other crops discovered one after another have solved the main food problem of the snake civilization, the output is still not high, especially compared to Jujube, the requirements for planting other plants are extremely harsh.

Whether it is the Land of the Rising Sun or Suinhall, most people still need to work in the fields to barely maintain a family’s food supply.

Most people are trapped on the land, and naturally cannot produce enough craftsmen and other professions.

There is only the Land of the Rising Sun, a land of richness, tranquility and peace, plus the blessing of God.

It is possible to support so many craftsmen.

The west side of the Golden City is near the mouth of the sea.

A new workshop has recently been established.

A group of craftsmen in the workshop are busy, listening to an old man’s order to modify two machines.

A spinning machine, a loom.

The textile technology has been hundreds of years since the era of King Smerkel, but it has not improved much from before.

What the old man and the workshop are doing at the moment is to change this situation.

Make some big changes in the technology of the predecessors.

This workshop is a workshop that specializes in making this kind of spinning machine and loom, and then plans to sell it to various places in the Sunrise Land, including Suinhor.

The name of the workshop is Tut Loom Manufacturing Workshop.

That’s right, it’s old Tut’s.

After Old Tut returned to the Golden City, he first established a textile machine manufacturing workshop, planning to transform the textile machine and loom according to some of his own ideas, instead of directly restoring the Taling School; because these craftsmen are alchemists The extension of the art is also the seed of the alchemist.

It is the future.

In the eyes of many alchemists, this kind of thing that has nothing to do with alchemy is not worthy of a noble alchemist.

But when he got older, Old Tut felt that those tower spirit secrets, alchemy secrets, and secret techniques that transcended the times were just castles in the air.

This seemingly inconspicuous and simple thing can change the fate of millions of people.

Technology that benefits everyone can truly change the world and the future of everyone.

He wants to start with the simplest things and do the most basic things.

Then step by step to realize those wildest dreams.

Even if.

It was not him who realized these dreams in the end, and he was already gone by then.

In the workshop of the workshop.

As the old man tested the machine made of wood, he checked and guided.

“Here, make it wider according to this drawing.”

“There is a problem with this structure.”

“Need to change.”

Standing among the craftsmen, Old Tut looked like an ordinary craftsman.

The young craftsman on the side wiped the sweat from his forehead, and finally couldn’t help asking Tut: “Mr. Tut, are you really a very powerful alchemist?”

Other craftsmen also heard about it: “I heard people say that Mr. Tutt was very famous in the Golden City a long time ago, and he is a second-rank low-rank alchemist.”

Tut looked at the eyes looking at him in pairs, and said jokingly.


“Decades ago, I was the next alchemist.”

The old man looked proud and self-satisfied, and looked at everyone’s expressions from the corner of his eye.

As he expected.

There were exclamations from the crowd, the next alchemist was already a very powerful existence in their eyes.

At the same time.

Everyone couldn’t help but speculate.

He was a low-level alchemist decades ago, so what about now?

“Master Tute, you are too powerful.” Now someone directly changed the title of Mr. to Master.

“What about now? Have you already broken through to the second level?” Someone rushed forward.

“It won’t be the third level, right?” Everyone looked at him with admiration. The alchemist is the goal of everyone’s admiration and yearning in the Land of Sunrise,

As craftsmen in the Golden City, although they don’t know the secrets of alchemy, they remember the ranks of alchemists very clearly.

Old Tut gave them the answer: “Right now, I am still a low-level alchemist.”

Old Tut was very sorry and lamented the fate and fate of life.

“When I was young, I only dreamed.”

“When I am in my prime, I will only regret it.”

“When I was the youngest and most able to do things, I couldn’t do anything,”

“I have wasted most of my life. I only hope that in the remaining days, I can try my best to do something that makes me feel meaningful.”

When he said the last sentence, the old man was looking at the spinning machine.

Young craftsman: “Significant things? Are these spinning and looms?”

“You are a powerful second-tier alchemist.”

“Shouldn’t the alchemist create those powerful props and create all kinds of unimaginable strange creations?”

The old figure nodded: “That’s right, these machines are things that I think are meaningful.”

He asked everyone present: “In this world, what do you think is the most important thing?”

A group of craftsmen looked at each other, discussing in low voices, chattering.

Finally, someone stood up and yelled.

“The most important thing is to be full.”

Old Tut thought it made sense, and asked again: “Apart from being full?”

This time, more people shouted: “Of course you have to dress warmly after you are full.”

Old Tut nodded and said to them.


“Most people in this world still can’t afford clothes and food.”

“I can’t conjure food out of thin air, that’s not alchemy, that’s dreaming.”

“But I can make cloth more abundant and cheaper.”

“It depends on this machine.”

“Let one person do what seven or eight people did before, and produce cloth that only seven or eight people can make.”

The old man put his hands on the wooden machine: “This machine can make more people wear clothes.”

“Do you still think this matter is meaningless?”

The artisans felt completely different when they heard what Old Tut said.

Originally they just worked here, but now it feels like this job has a special meaning assigned to it.

The craftsmen became full of energy, and everyone became agile.

A few days later, Old Tut changed several versions of the spinning machine and loom and came out.

There are more artisans coming today.

There are still many teenagers who are not craftsmen, but just come to join in the fun. Most of these people are children of urban people, but Old Tut did not prohibit them from entering.

A female craftsman goes up to operate in person, first spinning and then weaving.

The spinning machine spun the fibers of the net rope rattan into yarn, and the final woven cloth was not only finer, but also several times faster than before.

Although it is extremely rough compared to the legendary clothes of the gods, it is already at the same level as the cloth worn by nobles.

“Oh!” The craftsmen raised their arms and shouted when they saw the cloth being spun.

“Successful, successful.” People are very excited, because they feel that what they have created is not just a spinning machine, but something meaningful.

“It’s so fast, and it’s spun so well.” People crowded up one by one.

Old Tut stood in front of the machine and said to everyone.

“Thank you!”

“Thank you for transforming these two spinning and looms.”

“Your hard work today will be turned into clothes for thousands of people.”

People shouted: “Master Tut!”

“You are very kind, this is all your fault.”

Another person said: “It is your genius-like idea that transformed such a convenient spinning machine and loom.”

This is the first time people have met such a polite and unassuming alchemist: “Yes, I have never seen such an approachable alchemist like you.”

Generally, those who open this kind of workshop are alchemy apprentices and servant alchemists.

Second-level alchemists, especially veteran alchemists like Old Tut who have mastered a lot of alchemy secrets.

In any Alchemy City in the Land of Sunrise, there are those people at the top of the pyramid.

But Tut sighed and said: “I designed this when I was young, but I didn’t care about it myself.”

“At that time, I was very proud.”

“What we wanted at the time was to pursue a higher and stronger alchemy, to do things that the predecessors could not do, to decipher one after another of the highest mysteries of alchemy, and to unravel those previous ones. A riddle left by people.”

“I didn’t expect that after decades, I would start here again.”


When the old man said this, his words began to turn.

“This is just the beginning, we will make new machines next.”

“Such as spinning machines driven by water, and various machines.”

“I need your help and I need everyone to do this together.”

The last paragraph is the most important: “I will test your talent, as long as any of you have the talent to become an alchemist and a powerful person, I will help you, and then teach you about alchemy.”

The crowd immediately fell silent, and no one spoke for a long time.

Finally, the young craftsman from before asked, “If the talent is poor, can you just become an alchemy apprentice?”

In the land of the rising sun.

Most alchemists will not accept students, unless you are from their family, even the alchemists of those schools basically choose talented people who can help them in the future.

As for those who seem to be able to become alchemists, but who are unlikely to achieve much, if they come from a lower background and have no family background, they basically have nowhere to go to school.

The old man looked at the young craftsman and said seriously: “I will teach you the same.”

“I won’t say that talent is not important, but I want to tell you.”

“Everyone does have their own limits.”

“But don’t explore, don’t try.”

“How do you know where your real limit is?”

The old man doesn’t look tall, he is too old, and his hair is a little bald.

But the words are particularly contagious.

Then, he looked at the other craftsmen.

“Even if there is no talent, just an ordinary craftsman can still create his own miracles and leave his name in history.”

“Even surpass those powerful alchemists, surpass those kings and powerful people.”


“These two spinning and looms.”

“I will keep these two original machines forever, and engrave all of your names on them. All those who benefit from these two machines will always remember your names.”

This time, the craftsmen looked at the old man differently.

This is what the old man wanted, he continued to strike while the iron was hot.

“Many of you just said that you have heard of my name.”

“Then everyone should have heard about where I come from. Have you heard of the Tower Spirit School?”

Everyone immediately whispered to each other and talked about some rumors about the Taling School.

There are positives and negatives.

Old Tutt: “Taling School is an open school, it is passed on in the way of teachers and students, rather than in the traditional way of family blood.”

“The Tower Spirit School accepts alchemists who have the same philosophy, and trains alchemists who have the same philosophy from an early age.”

“No matter what your origin is, you can enter it and learn.”

“I was born in a family of craftsmen, but I became the chief disciple of the Taling School at a very young age. At that time, no one in the school looked down on me.”

“Because I have solved many unsolved alchemy puzzles.”

“We don’t ask where you came from, but what you can do.”

The previous tower spirit school, even in a school inheritance, is incompatible.

The young craftsman asked Old Tut: “Did these ideas of your genius come from the Taling School?”

Old Tutt liked this kind of question very much: “Not only that!”

He talked about some of the wonderful ideas of the alchemists, those amazing ideas.

“The Tower Spirit School once thought that spiritual power is also a kind of energy. Can it store this energy and continuously recharge props to create a machine that can run continuously.”

“For example, the weaving machine of this kind of alchemy tool can weave continuously without manpower.”

“The Tower Spirit School has another theory, which is also the highest mystery of the Tower Spirit School.”

“It is the word tower spirit mentioned in the name of the school.”

“This is a spirit body with wisdom and personality, which can control and operate a whole set of huge systems in place of an alchemist, and can calculate and solve various puzzles.”

“As long as it can be produced, one person can replace tens of millions of people, which is equivalent to a completely self-operating alchemy workshop.”

Old Tut opened his mouth and talked non-stop, attracting everyone directly.

Many alchemists know the ultimate secrets and conjectures of the Tower Spirit School, and most of them sneer at such fanciful conjectures. Of course, there have been many people who came here one after another.

And now, old Tutt is looking for new people who can realize these puzzles.

In the workshop workshop.

Many snake people were fascinated by this, and sat down cross-legged, like students.

They all thought that what Old Tut said was the future, because of the spinning and loom behind Old Tut, because these two machines were about to bear their names on them.


Stay forever.

They believe that the advancement of technology must bring a better life and future.

Until the end, Old Tut ended the discussion with one sentence.

“It’s just that all of this is still just an idea.”

“But I believe that someday someone will implement them.”

Old Tut paused, his eyes swept over everyone present.


“It’s you.”

In a word, seeds were planted in the hearts of many people present.

Sometimes what changes a person’s fate is a single sentence from a certain person.

You meet someone and you hear what he has to say.


You believe it.

This can change.

Even if it fails in the end, it is completely different from before.


The day before the opening of Tut Loom Weaving Workshop.

The old man was planning the future of the textile workshop in the room behind the workshop. He recorded today’s situation, as well as those seed characters he felt talented during the lectures.

Finally, the old man wrote on the first page of his alchemy notes.

“Everyone knows how to look up at the stars in the sky.”

“They all want to put on wings and fly with the wind.”

“But no one bowed their heads and built the ladder to the sky.”

“Because building a ladder is too troublesome and takes too long, it may not be possible to build this ladder until I die.”


“Not everyone can grow wings, nor does the wind come every moment.”

“The gifted people who have grown wings will eventually turn into legends and disappear in history, which cannot be repeated; the lucky ones who fly against the wind will eventually end as the wind stops, and no one cares about them.”

“They only change themselves, not the world.”

“But as long as we have a ladder to the sky, it’s like the ancient snake man built the tower of the city of life.”

“Everyone of us will ascend to the sky and touch the stars.”

“That era.”

“Everyone can grow wings, and everyone can fly with the wind.”

Tut closed the book, and when he did, his eyes were completely different.

The relationship between people is mutual.

When you change others, others also change you.

When Tut said those words, he was influencing others and telling himself.

“What am I going to do.”

“Why am I doing this.”

“What is the point of me doing this?”

The moment Tut closed his book, he knew.

His heart is extremely firm.

The opening of the Tut Loom Workshop caused a stir in the whole city.

Dozens and hundreds of businessmen flocked into the Tut textile machine workshop, looking in shock at the super high efficiency of the two spinning and looms.

In the sound of the operation of the wooden machine.

In the eyes of craftsmen, what they see is the rhythm of the era of reforming textile technology.

In the eyes of the merchants, what they heard was gold coins flowing down from the machine.

“This is it, this is great.”

“I want to buy ten, the same ten.”

“I want them all.”

“Why aren’t there so many? When will it be made?”

Old Tut stood on the second floor, looking at the scene below.

He doesn’t care how many units he sells, what he sees is the flame that ignites the world.

The business of Tute Textile Machine Workshop is extremely hot, and orders come in continuously, not only from the Golden City, but also from cities such as Miracle City, Black Fire City, and Light City.

Subsequently, there were even merchant ships that came all the way from Suinhall to order machines, and then brought them back to various cities in Suinhall.

Compared to the Land of the Rising Sun, Suinhall has a greater need for textiles and cloth.

But at the same time, counterfeiting also began to appear.

But that’s okay.

Old Tutt started new experimental subjects and research, and began to try to manufacture new machines.

Old Tut took several students from among those craftsmen.

He is going to take these students to start the project on transforming the power spinning machine. Although he already has some ideas in his mind, he hopes to use this project to teach these students how to explore the secrets of alchemy , How to correctly view the role of alchemy.

He even wanted to revise some of the ideas of the Taling School through this subject.

A new era.

The new Taling school.

New concepts are also needed to support the direction of everyone’s progress.

Old Tutt took the students outside the city to see the wide river and the waterwheel built beside the river.

Water drives the waterwheel to turn, and the water flows endlessly along the canal to the distant fields, where curly **** grow.

“Water wheel?”

“Mr. Tut, why did you bring us to see this?”

Old Tutt told them: “Because I need you to observe the power of water, to use them with alchemy.”

The students feel that this has nothing to do with alchemy.

“How could this be alchemy?”

“Yes, this is the power of water flow.”

Old Tut asked them: “What do you think is alchemy?”

The student replied: “At least it is extraordinary power?”

Old Tut did not answer, but talked about another matter.

Another person was mentioned.

“My good friend Oran is a supreme genius. He became a Tier 3 authority at a very young age. I think his talent and talent surpassed everyone in that era.”

“I even think that he can rely on his own strength to walk out of his own fourth-order apostle path.”

“Although in the end he really possessed the power of an apostle, but…”

After saying this, Old Tut suddenly stopped.

He said no more.

The students were stunned, unable to imagine such a person in this world.

Third-level authority, apostle level.

Third-level powers are already out of reach in their eyes, and apostle-level existences are almost no different from gods in the world in their eyes.

Old Tut took out a letter and said to the students.

“He sent me a letter not long ago.”

“How do you think people like him view alchemy?”

How could the students know, they could only **** up their ears and listen to Old Tutt’s continuation.

Old Tut opened the letter and said a passage on the letter.

“He said this to me in the letter.”


“In the past, we always speculated about this world with our own ideas, always thought that we could create everything, and always named everything after our own ideas, so that it seemed that everything was created by ourselves.

“We always think that we can create everything and create the future.”


“All this exists in the world.”

“They are there and will not change because of us.”

“What we do is not create them, we discover them.

“It’s not that we created the mystery, but we discovered the secrets of this world.”

After Old Tut said this, all the students fell into deep thought.

Because these are the words spoken by an existence with the power of an apostle.

“Not long ago, I also wrote a paragraph for myself as my creed for starting again.”

The old man repeated that sentence again. He wrote it in the notebook before, and now it is attached verbatim.

“Everyone knows how to look up at the stars in the sky.”

“They all want to put on wings and fly with the wind.”

“But no one bowed their heads and built the ladder to the sky.”


The old man’s voice is not loud, but in the eyes of the students, his voice is like a beam of light, a door.

It leads them to a whole new world, a world that really belongs to alchemy.

“It’s like the Tongtian Tower built by the ancient snake people in the city of life.”

“Everyone of us will ascend to the sky and touch the stars.”

“That era.”

“Everyone can grow wings, and everyone can fly with the wind.”

Old Tut showed a smile on his face, which was a tacit understanding between friends.

“Although the two of us said different things, we thought of going together at the same time.”


“What I want to tell you is that alchemy is the secrets hidden in this world. Discovering these secrets and using them is alchemy.”

Before he started his first subject, Old Tut taught the students a lesson that they will remember all their lives.

“I hope you will always remember this conversation between me and Oran.”

“I hope that one day, you can rebuild this tower that reaches the sky.”

“Taling School’s previous philosophy was that we are an open school, and we welcome all people with the same philosophy.”

“I want to add a sentence for you now.”

“Alchemy is discovery, not creation.”

Old Tutt is very serious: “I hope you can analyze all the secrets in this world with your feet on the ground, just like this water, water can be turned into clouds, rain, rivers, and rivers. The sea; it has endless secrets, and it is not something you can underestimate.”

“Like this wind, do you know where the wind comes from? Do you know how to make the wind?”

“You don’t know anything, all you see is the use of the so-called extraordinary power.”

“The extraordinary power and magic in your eyes were only created by the predecessors observing the world.”

“And now!”

“I need you to create a new extraordinary, to discover those new secrets in this world.”

“Those most tiny and inconspicuous scenes may contain the ultimate mystery in this world.”

The former Babel is tangible.

The Babel Tower mentioned by Old Tut is invisible.

But it is a thousand times, ten thousand times more difficult than the construction of the tangible Tongtian Tower.

The students looked at the river again, at the flowing water.

There was a different feeling in my heart.

For this world, there is infinite curiosity and awe.

Old Tutt led the students to start renovating the hydraulic spinning machine. Each of the students had different ideas. experiment.

His teaching methods and concepts are obviously very different from those of the former Taling School.

Everything is on track.

As old Tut hoped.

Night falls.

Most people in the textile machine workshop have left work, but some people have stayed.

“That’s not the case.”

“You are doing it wrong.”

“I think it can be changed like this.”

Several of Tutt’s students were arguing non-stop. Although they did it separately, they still liked to have a debate to prove their ideas.

After arguing for a long time, one of the students finally said: “It would be great if we could make a spinning machine like an alchemy tool.”

Another student shook his head: “Don’t think about it, the looms of the type of alchemy props are not something we can make now, and most of the alchemy props can only be used for a short time, and it is impossible to run them for a long time, and the power that will be consumed is also Unthinkable.”

A more whimsical statement appeared: “If you can store your mental power as the teacher said, it would be great to use it as energy to make up.”

The student said again: “This is not what we can do now.”

There is no other way, we can only follow the most basic step by step: “Hey! Let’s do hydraulic power honestly!”

Old Tut looked at the students who were busy with a few craftsmen in the workshop of the textile machine workshop, showing a gratified expression.

He left the workshop and headed for the distance along the main road.

He is going to go to the Temple of Miracles, and spend some money to request to use the power of the rainbow tree to send a letter to a distant place, to his friend Oran.

However, walking halfway, a large number of figures wearing cloaks suddenly appeared in the dark alley.

Each of them is holding a metal lantern, and there are special symbols on their clothes.

“Lamp bearer?”

Old Tut knew that these people were the most elite team of powerful people controlled by the Alchemy Council, and they were specially used to deal with the most difficult things.

They specialize in combat, and they are completely beyond the reach of alchemists like Old Tut.

A man came to old Tut, and he said to Tut.

“The elder wants to see you.”

Old Tut asked: “Which elder?”

The lamp bearer stopped talking.


The City of Lights.

Lamps are lit in the Temple of Miracles, even at night, they do not hesitate to spend, and illuminate the entire temple extravagantly.

The light is the proof of the power of the god, and the light is the symbol of the god.

An elder wearing a gorgeous white hat walked out of the dark passage, passing by a bronze mirror of equal height placed on the side of the passage.

This mirror is also a valuable thing in the eyes of ordinary people.

Especially this mirror is different from ordinary mirrors.

It is polished so smooth that it can clearly illuminate the fine hairs on a person’s face.

When the elder stopped in front of this bronze mirror, he couldn’t help but stop and take a look at himself.

In the mirror, he is wearing a white robe, holding a scepter in his hand, and the crown of the Great Elder on his head is inlaid with extraordinary gems.

Just by looking at it, one can tell how powerful this is.

He admired himself quietly, he said in his heart.


“This is the master of the Sunrise Land, the ruler of the entire Sunrise Land.”

He couldn’t help but stepped forward, wanting to take a closer look.

However, after getting closer, I saw that the face in the mirror was so old.

Behind the cloak of power and power lies an ugly, aging snake-man.

In an instant, the elder’s expression changed.

The anger came out suddenly, faster than the flames, like thunder.

He raised his scepter and slammed it heavily on the mirror.


The bronze mirror was torn apart in an instant and fell to the ground.

The elder stopped staying and walked outside.

At the same time, he kept muttering in his mouth.

“Ta Ling School.”

“They must know how to plunder the talents of others.”

“I need to change my talent, as long as I have talent, I can be recognized by the gods.”

He looked at the lights outside, and his figure gradually disappeared under the bright lights.

“I will be an apostle, the first apostle of God.” (to be continued)


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