I am God Chapter 323: The competition for the position of the true god


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Dream world.

There is endless darkness here, even the puppet Oran feels that the up, down, left, and right are constantly changing here, and it can’t imagine what kind of world this is and how it was formed.

Only when a dream creature like San Rafael passes through it, he will not lose himself.

Standing on San Raphael’s shoulder, the doll Oran asked her in a low voice.

“This is the dream world!”

“The legendary kingdom of the gods?”

It has seen San Rafael open the entrance to the dream world before and send the dream of life into it.

But it was the first time it entered the interior, and only then did I know that it was like this in the dream world.

Saint Raphael nodded and told Oran.

“The kingdom of the gods, you seem to call it that.”

“The more formal one is the dream world, and some people call it the spirit world. I heard that people with second-level wisdom were also called priests of the spirit world.”

Olan didn’t ask what the priest of the spirit world was, but it probably knew that the one that San Rafael spoke of was once too far away to be touched.

Saint Raphael also introduced other conditions of the dream world: “The Kingdom of Creation God is in the deepest part of this place.”

“There is a fantasy sea of ​​stars, the home of all spirits, which is beautiful.

“The sacred boat will set off from under the sea of ​​stars every morning, and will not return until the next morning.”

“The ship is full of mortal dreams.”

Olan also responded: “I have read “Holy Blessing”, and this passage is recorded in it.”

“The King of Gods Traveled to the Star Sea and saw the dreams of the dead in Moonlight City.”

“When I saw this passage when I was young, I felt really shocked. The encounter between the dead and the living, the collision between myth and mortal, was a magnificent scene that I could not have imagined at that time.”


There were stories and myths, but only myths when you read them.

But when a forest nymph appears by your side, the stories you’ve read can look very different in retrospect.

You will find out.


“It turns out that everything is true.”

“Divine blessings are true, and the Kingdom of Creator God is true.”

The puppet Oran turned his head to look at San Rafael: “Even the fairies in the forest are real.”

After walking for a long time, San Rafael was tired halfway, and it was indeed very depressing to shuttle back and forth in the dark world, even if there was a puppet chatting with you.

Saint Rafael came out of the dream world, and when he came out, he found that it was already the city-state of Suinhor.

The puppet Oran watched San Rafael open an exit, and then pointed to the light spot on the other side that appeared under the power of San Rafael.

It seems that from here, you can see the mirror image of the world.

“I see an exit that opens directly next to it, why do I need to open another exit?”

Such a troublesome move really made Oran puzzled.

But San Raphael immediately acted like someone who had been there, and told the puppet Oran with his own experience.

“That is the tree hole of the rainbow tree. The rainbow trees in the world are very small, and the tree hole is not big.”

“Sometimes if the tree hole is too small, it will get stuck.”

Saint Raphael felt terrified, as if recalling the last time he was stuck in a tree hole by a group of people watching.

Olan the doll saw San Rafael’s expression and understood.

The person who was stuck in the tree hole was probably herself.

Surrounded by a forest, San Rafael found the nearby rainbow tree and took a lot of delicious food from it.

The puppet Oran looked at San Rafael’s box: “The storage grid is so precious, what you put in it is food?”

“Those people put all their most important things, and they used every bit of space.”

Saint Raphael was talking to the doll while eating.

“It’s okay.”

“Anyway, I don’t need to build the storage grid, and the free things don’t need to be wasted, so many places are empty!”

Puppet Oran: “Why not put it in the box?”

Saint Rafael hugged his box tightly: “The things in the box are all my treasures, and I can’t just put them in casually.”

Olan the puppet suddenly felt that the fairy in front of her had the potential to be black-bellied. She asked others to put all their treasures in her fairyland, but her own treasures were all packed in boxes and kept beside her.

The puppet Oran asked: “Why can’t you go directly to the kingdom of blood of the Scarlet Goddess?”

San Rafael told it: “I haven’t been there before, I don’t have the exact coordinates there.”

Saint Rafael has not said one thing yet, she is a storage fairy who became a monk halfway.

Many of the laws and spells about fairies, she uses so-so.

After leaving the fairyland, it is not very spiritual.

It was a very interesting trip for the two of them to walk along the way and rest for a while.

In a moment, he appeared in another place, another city.

The dream world is like a train.

The outside world is like a slide on the window, which is fleeting and constantly changing.

Even if it was so slow, the two arrived at the sea very quickly.

Entered the kingdom of another god.

Located in the strange land deep in the silent sea, the red lighthouse suddenly lights up, bursting out with rays of light.

It feels as if someone is intruding.

But the “people” in the land of blood have already made preparations, they knew in advance that someone was coming.

In the blink of an eye.

A large number of figures appeared under the steps, watching as a vortex opened under the lighthouse on the square, and a black-haired girl wearing a wreath came out.

Carrying the suitcase, she stepped across the vortex carefully, as if stepping over a threshold, stepping on the stone bricks of the square with her shiny lace-up leather boots.

It was also the first time for the black-haired girl to come here, but the most shocking thing was the puppet on her shoulder.

After all, for San Rafael, this place can only be regarded as a novelty.

For the puppet Oran, as a mortal, it stepped into the kingdom of God, as a guest.

“The kingdom of blood in the deep sea.”

The puppet Oran involuntarily called out the name here.

It looked up at the high lighthouse, and it heard the voices of the oldest race coming from the lighthouse again.

The most ancient ever chanted the sacred psalms devoutly.

Have heard of this place many times, but this is the first time.

It looked at the square and city in front of it, which had a very similar architectural style to the mural “The Lost Kingdom”, and the deepest Temple of Truth, which I don’t know if it can be called a temple.


It fixed its eyes on the towering peak in the center of the Kingdom of Blood.

There seems to be this looming mural on the steep mountain wall, with bright colors.

Even from such a distance, you can still feel that it must be a shocking work.

This undersea country must have existed for an unimaginable time.

It’s like the lost country above the sea of ​​clouds.

At this time, the coercion of myth came from the deepest temple of truth.

The blood-colored flowers spread from a distance, and instantly filled the feet.

Turned into a road.

The figure of the **** came from the end of the flower, and appeared in front of Saint Rafael and the puppet Oran in a trance.

It is a goddess in a gorgeous red robe.

The puppet Oran suddenly felt as if a mountain was pressing on his heart, and he had a faint feeling.

When he uttered the name of God Insai, he saw the shadows of demon gods entrenched on the ground.

At this moment.

The other party gave him the impression that the demon-like shadow was very similar.

The **** glanced at San Rafael with great interest. He was tall, and San Rafael was already tall, but thinner.

The other party is a head taller than her.

In comparison, San Rafael looks even smaller.

The red-haired demigod stared at San Raphael, and the other party was also curiously looking at his eyes and special hair.

“Your hair is so beautiful, it’s like flames.” San Rafael’s feeling is completely different from that of ordinary people, because of the huge coercion and majesty of the gods, ordinary people feel more like blood.

“A head of black hair, like the color in mythology, the fairies in the forest are indeed a family loved by the gods.” The red-haired demigod looked at San Rafael’s black hair and suddenly thought of something.

Finally, the red-haired demigod smiled.


“A messenger from the Kingdom of the Creator God.”

It can be seen that He likes the race of fairies very much.

But before that, He must show respect to Insay’s messenger.

First, I greeted each other with San Rafael.


Kneeling on the ground, she used the posture and etiquette of a three-leaf person worshiping a god.

“O Messenger of God Insai!”

“I have been waiting for you, waiting for the oracle of Insay.”

Saint Raphael also became serious. She stood up straight and explained.

“I don’t know if it is an oracle, but God Iva thought it was an oracle when he heard this sentence.”

“If God Yin Sai really wants me to tell everyone this sentence, then I will repeat it again.”

The entire Kingdom of God fell silent, and all the three-leaf symbionts in the back also knelt down together.

The posture of their worship to the gods is completely different from that of the snake people. In addition to the different body structure, it is also because the gods they believe in are completely different from the snake people.

Under the lighthouse.

In the center of the sea of ​​bloody flowers.

Saint Rafael recalled the picture he saw in the pyramid, when the Creator Insay was chatting with the Dream Master.

It’s about God’s Moon, about the root of wisdom.

It seemed that the round of God’s Moon appeared in front of her eyes again, and the scene of God’s Moon turning into a door opened, she saw a **** tree sprouting from the root of wisdom, bearing fruit Got four fruits.

Saint Rafael first explained the previous dialogue, the source of wisdom and the scene of the true **** discussed by the creator and the dream master.


It was only then that the key words were said in the tone of the God of Insai.

“When they establish the kingdom of God on earth!”

“When they pass on the grace and wisdom to the world!”

“The fruit of wisdom will naturally come.”

I don’t know why, but when she started to recall this scene, she imitated the Creator Insay’s speech.

Everyone seems to have really seen the eternal stars come down, and the endless white light shines down from a high place.

It doesn’t matter who it is, whether it’s kneeling or standing.

No one dared to look up to see the source of that light.

Until the end.

It was Vivien, the first ancestor of blood and the scarlet goddess, who broke the tranquility and ended the transmission of the oracle.

What Saishen brings is not an order, but a guide.

He opened the door to a higher level for the wisdom species,

“Insai God!”

“The blood of wisdom will always be grateful for your gift, and the descendants of Laidlich will always remember your faith.”

The red-haired demigod stood up and looked at the messenger of the gods in front of him.

“Have you seen Insai God?”

Saint Rafael nodded: “I have seen it, but I didn’t dare to really look at it.”

The red-haired demigod asked again: “Is the **** still the same as before?”

The Sanye people’s belief in gods is completely different from that of the snake people.

The distance between the snake people and the gods is too far, and the distance between the three leaf people and the gods is too close. They are the direct blood of the king of wisdom, the first wisdom species born in the world.

They once lived in the Kingdom of the Creator, at the foot of the Pyramid Temple.

The sea of ​​flowers full of sunflower cups was once their god-given paradise.

The messenger of the gods in front of him scratched his head, not knowing how to answer such a complicated question.


“I don’t know what God was like before.”

“After all, I’m not because of the God of Sai, and I can’t imagine being happy and angry because of God of Sai.”

One sentence made many of the three-leaf symbionts present laugh out loud.

The last time we met was in a hurry, Smerkel hadn’t noticed anything yet.

When he talked too much at the moment, San Rafael seemed to have exposed something.

The red-haired half-god glanced over, and the three-leaf symbiont below immediately became serious, but they all looked at the fairy in front of them with eyes that held back their laughter.

But San Raphael didn’t realize it.

“Moreover, only the masters can directly see God Insai, even if I see it, it is just the projection of God in this world.”

“I’m just a forest fairy.”

Saint Raphael was a little aggrieved, feeling that the question asked by the red-haired demigod was too difficult for her.

Vivien stopped asking questions and instead invited Saint Raphael to enter her kingdom as a guest.

Hearing about being a guest and eating, San Rafael was immediately interested.

She walked into the Temple of Truth, looking at those ancient text slabs, her eyes were full of curiosity.

At this time, she suddenly remembered a question, and immediately asked the red-haired demigod.

“Why do they call you Lady Vivien?”

“Shouldn’t you be called a god?”

Vivien told St. Rafael: “Because I am the third generation of truth sages.”

“And they are the priests of the Temple of Truth.”

“For Suinhor, I am their god; for the priests of the Temple of Truth, I am the Sage of Truth.”

Saint Raphael: “I have only read the Hymn of the King of Wisdom and the Epic of Heinsay.”

“I’ve heard of the Temple of Truth, but I can’t remember clearly. Can you tell me what it looks like?”

Hearing this, Vivien was suddenly a little disappointed.

Has the former Temple of Truth been gradually forgotten by people?

Even the fairies in the forest of the God of Creation no longer remember them.

But he still talked about the origin of the Temple of Truth with St. Raphael: “The Hymn of the King of Wisdom and the Epic of Heinsay were written by the first-generation saint Tito. Race God.”

“The second generation of saints is his descendant Stan. Stan ended the era of royal blood and exchanged his life for the power of miracles. He left behind his own student, and the name of this student is Sander’an.”

“Sang De’an is the first sage of truth.”

Vivien talked about two generations of saints and their deeds.

Because of Saint Tito, the Sanye people have recovered the history and the past, and possessed the original myth.

Because of Saint Stan, the Sanye people got the future and miracles, and created the myth of civilization.

The emergence of the sage of truth pushed the era of the Sanye people to the highest peak.

Epic, civilization, heritage.

This is the story after the myth, and it is the story of generations of Sanye people creating miracles one after another.

This is the Temple of Truth.

Saint Raphael asked Vivien: “Is the title of a sage of truth more noble than a god?”

“That’s why you keep this title?”

Vivien told St. Rafael: “It’s not noble.”

“It’s meaning.”

“The Scarlet Goddess is just a title, and it’s just a title I have after I have reached the strength.”

“The sage of truth represents us and the meaning of our existence.”

“It is what we have pursued for generations, and it is the root that we will never give up.”

He stood in the Temple of Truth, looking at the old-fashioned writing slabs, and looking at the divine spell writing left on the wall.

“See it?”

“These are the things left by all the priests of the Temple of Truth, and left to all people.”

“These words convey their wisdom and will.”


“Their expectations.”

He pointed to these things.

“We are born of the will of the saints.”

“We obey the will of the saints.”

“We too will always enforce their will.”

Although Saint Raphael couldn’t fully understand it, she still felt a heavy emotion pressing on her heart: “The Scarlet Goddess.”

“What is the will of the saints…?”

The Scarlet Goddess stared at San Rafael and told her in a firm tone.

“Creating the future of Sheensay.”

“Guard the civilization of the Sanye people.”

Saint Raphael was a little sad for the Scarlet Goddess, but he still said: “But the civilization of the Sanye people has disappeared.”

The Scarlet Goddess told San Rafael: “The inheritance is still there.”

“Even if 250 million years have passed, the inheritance of the will of the saints has not been broken.”

“Even if the blood of the Sanye people has been cut off, we are still here.”

The Scarlet Goddess looked at the earth.

“In the future.”

“There will be a true successor of the will of the saints, and he will tell everyone that the inheritance of the will of the saints is still there.”

“The light of the beacon of the Temple of Truth will never go out.”

For San Rafael, this is just a touching story.

But for the puppet Oran sitting on her shoulder, this story is like a sharp knife piercing into its heart.

Hearing this, his blood boiled, and his whole body trembled.

It couldn’t help thinking of the past, and wanted to hide its face and cry.

But it is just a puppet at the moment, it can only sit stiffly on San Raphael’s shoulder.

The puppet Oran bowed his head deeply.

“Two generations of saints.”

“Three generations of sages.”

“The inheritance of will from generation to generation, and the succession of countless people.”

The puppet Oran thought of his teacher, and thought of the Taling School.

They also used to pursue the same ideal and seek the desired future.

But they do not have the wisdom and perseverance of the saints, nor the vision of the sages of truth.

No more.

The kind of courage that goes on and on, from generation to generation, and perseveres in pursuit.

It shocks the priests of the temple of truth and the greatness of the saints.

I also sigh for myself.

“We are too far behind.”

“So we failed and we gave up.”

The puppet Oran raised his head and looked at the back of the Scarlet Goddess. What it saw was not just a god, but the last guardian of civilization.

Guarding the last lighthouse of civilization.

The last light.

The Crimson Goddess led two people out of the Temple of Truth, walked deep along the passage behind, and finally came to a cliff.

They saw a colorful mural.

There is no longer any shelter from the buildings here, allowing them to see the whole picture clearly.

“This is the mural I traced back to the Sky Temple.”

“There used to be a picture of Saint Tito’s pilgrimage on it, but as early as the last era, it has disappeared in the years.”

Saint Raphael raised her head, and she immediately recognized the place on the painting.

“This is… a pyramid temple?”

“All the masters are here.”

The Scarlet Goddess nodded: “The mother of life sits on the altar, the eldest son of the **** stands under the altar, and the master of dreams is on the right of the god.”

“Two generations of saints crossed the sea of ​​sunflowers and met in Insay.”

“Everything about the Sanye people begins here, and this is the myth of Heinsay.”

The doll Oran also raised his head to look at the mural.

In an instant, it heard countless three-leaf people whispering in its ears, and even began to hallucinate.

But this time.

It refrained from uttering the name of any being, even if he did not understand the Word of Wisdom and the Word of Wisdom.

But it doesn’t even dare to say a word in Snake-Man Language, for fear of causing a chain reaction because of the special scene here and this sacred painting.

The puppet Oran raised his heart and looked at the painting.

It has never seen such a gorgeous painting.

You can feel the prosperity of a civilization through this painting, and it feels the gorgeous brushwork of Master Breman’s “Lost Kingdom” on it.

But this painting is even better. It was definitely created in a period of civilization’s heyday.

The pride of civilization, the piety of faith, and the infinite longing for the future are all condensed into it.

The puppet Oran has heard San Raphael talk about the creation myth, and also learned a lot of unimaginable information from other conversations.

It even heard the terrifying words that mortals can become gods.

But that’s all.

Nothing compares to the impact of this painting.

“I saw the origin of everything, I saw the beginning of the myth.”

“Everything comes from the beginning of wisdom, life, and dreams. I saw the lineage of the gods who ruled, and saw the gods who created everything.”

It looks at the three master gods.

The mother of life is completely different from the familiar stone statue of the temple. She is nestled at the feet of the Creator, looking at the distance with ease and happiness.

He is no longer a majestic god, aloft creator, but more like a little girl.

The king of wisdom, Laidley, stood under the stage and looked straight into the distance. It was he who brought the light of wisdom to everyone.

The master of dreams held a dream egg, passed his dream into the distance, and bestowed a destination for all souls.

But all three originate from the same existence.

This is not like the three gods where everything originated, but more like a portrait of a family, with the family surrounding the head of the family.

The puppet Oran looked up and looked at the existence above the altar.

That exists.

There is no face, no shape, only endless light.

But the moment they saw the light, everyone knew what it represented.

“Insai God!”

Olan, the puppet sitting on Saint Raphael’s shoulder, didn’t say the name, but only the name of the **** appeared in his heart.

At this moment, what it feels is not shock, but a kind of peace surrounded by the cosmic sea of ​​stars, but its head is a little dizzy.

True greatness and stalwart bring more than just shock.

It is a feeling of being engulfed and lost in an instant.

It feels like a moth.

Can’t wait to blend into that light.

“He is the **** the gods believe in.”

“God on God!”

Finally, the puppet Oran spit out three words.

“The Creator.”

It used to think that this word was a title of respect, an incomparable divine title, but at this moment Oran felt that this title was just a plain adjective in front of such an existence.

There is no honorific title, let alone any dignity.

It seems.

It should be.

Looking at the painting, no one spoke.

After a long time, it was Olan the puppet who suddenly asked.

The target of its inquiry is the Scarlet Goddess. It has a question that it must want to ask, and it expects the sage of truth to give it an answer.


“If one day, the things I pursue, the things I leave behind, the dreams I pass on to others.”

“Brought disaster to this world and brought pain to all people.”

“What should I do?”

Puppet Oran: “I want this world to be better, and my dream is to be better.”

“But this world will not be reversed by my will, nor will it be changed by my thoughts.”

“When disaster strikes.”

“Never ask our original intention.”

Vivien looked at the puppet Olan, his blood-colored eyes were as crystal clear as jewels, and his figure and appearance were so perfect that they did not belong to the world.

As a result, it gives people a strong oppressive force.

As soon as He opened his mouth, he presented it directly in the form of rhetorical questions.

“There will be stones blocking the way on the way forward, why don’t you just walk?”

He looked directly into the eyes of the puppet Oran: “We don’t know where the road will lead in the end, and no one can really predict what the distant future will look like.”

“We will know whether this road can be passed after we have gone through it.”

“Hesitation and hesitation cannot lead to the future, and one generation can only do what one generation does.”

“If one day your actions really bring disaster!”


“In that era, more people who benefited from the knowledge and ideals you imparted will stand up and save this disaster.”

The puppet Oran took up from St. Rafael’s shoulder, and the magical spell cast on it by the fairy gradually lost its effect, and it fell to the ground in the size of a normal person.

It stared at the Scarlet Goddess intently.

It seemed to see a ray of light, which directly shone into the depths of its heart.

The Scarlet Goddess suddenly laughed, no longer the majesty and seriousness before.

“Sounding shocking?”


“I didn’t say that sentence.”

The Scarlet Goddess asked again: “Do you know who said it? And who answered it?”

The puppet Oran shook his head, the emotions surging in his heart had already made him speechless.

The Crimson Goddess stretched out a finger, pointing to the heart of the puppet Oran.

“Owner of your heart, she once posed that question to the sage Sunderan.”

“And what I just said is the answer given to her by Sunderan.”

Vivien had noticed this strange doll long ago.

At the same time, he also noticed the special “heart” in its body.

Today’s Scarlet Goddess, Vivien, the former third-generation sage of truth, told it.

“The successor of Elena’s heart!”

“The heart you have once belonged to the Temple of Truth.”

“She is also a practitioner of the saint’s will. She once followed the sage of truth to create the future, and she also wants to change her country and civilization.”

“Elena’s ancestors were the ones who tortured the first generation of saints Tito, but the sages of truth finally accepted her as a disciple. This place used to be their territory. The pilgrimage painting was drawn by Elena’s ancestors.”

The eyes of the Scarlet Goddess were like lights, seeing through the doll’s heart.

“And now.”

“You brought her back here again, talking almost exactly the same question.”

The Oran puppet opened its mouth wide, which it never expected to see.

It is also known for the first time.

The origin of the heart in my body.

Even San Rafael, who was at the side, was so shocked by the news that he covered his mouth.

The Scarlet Goddess shook her head at the puppet Oran: “You must learn to believe in the future and your descendants.”

“Many things have been born in this world, and many things have been extinct.”

“But some things will never be annihilated, that is, human will, human inheritance, and human wisdom.”

“As long as there is life in this world.”

“As long as there are creatures called intelligent species in this world.”

“It will always be passed on.”

“Everything has a beginning and everything has an end.”

“But after the end, someone will start a new chapter in the circle of the predecessors.”

The puppet Oran still didn’t speak, it lowered its head.

Hold out your hand.

Pressed on his heart.

Olan was very grateful to this heart, because it was its power that saved him from the disaster.

But Oran hated the heart because it imprisoned him and killed all the Tarlingians.


For the first time, Oran felt that this heart had a different meaning.

This heart is not dead, this heart is alive.

It is not something dark and corrupt to devour itself.

It’s beating, it’s surging.

It is burning with blood.

The puppet Olan read out the name of that ancient existence: “Elena!”


After Saint Rafael and the puppet Oran left.

All the three-leaf symbiotes gathered in the Temple of Truth, and the red-haired demigod also boarded the throne of flesh and blood.

Everyone began to discuss the significance of the Insay Oracle.

No one dares to ignore the meaning, because every time Insay’s oracle comes, it represents the beginning of a new era.

Every time His shadow appears in this world, it guides the future.

The Scarlet Goddess pondered for a long time, and summarized the general content of the oracle.

“The root of wisdom bears the fruit of wisdom and opens the door to the future for the power of wisdom.”

“As for the latter, it is the condition for receiving the fruit of wisdom.”

“Establish a human **** system and compete for the position of the true god.”

The Scarlet Goddess looked at everyone and said to them.

“This era!”

“Not the era of life power.”

“Everything is the same as before, and it is still the era of wisdom and power.”

“It’s just that in this era, a true **** of wisdom and power is destined to appear.”

Alpens: “Master Vivien, this oracle seems to have nothing to do with us.”

Smerkel expressed a different opinion: “We are the successors of Heinsay, how can we say that it has nothing to do with us.”

Vivien had already had an idea in her mind.

She stood up and expressed her thoughts seriously.

“Perhaps we should also look for an heir to the saint’s will and join this competition for the position of the true god.” (to be continued)


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