I am God Chapter 326: The chosen person will become the new god


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An iron cart entered the city of lights under the drag of Di Xinglong.

There was a noisy sound outside the car, and the smell on the street was not good, filled with the stench of excrement.

There are snake people, and there are other animals.

On the side of the road, you can also see many sail pack animals that are much smaller than the ground dragon. They unload their trailers and lie down in the corner to rest; The Earth Dragon caravan is more inclined to use sails to carry animals.

Old Tut’s divine deed lamp was taken away, and he sat quietly in the car, looking a little tired.

The ground dragon is indeed fast, but it is not as stable as the sail beast.

Very bumpy.

He was making small movements, and he was covering one movement for another.


The car suddenly tilted and hit another car.

There was a commotion outside.

But the lamp bearer calmed down the panic immediately, then straightened the iron cart and looked at the old Tut inside.

There was such a big movement of the vehicle rolling back and forth just now, but Old Tut leaned in the corner very comfortably.

However, the captain of the Lantern Bearer Squad saw what Old Tut was thinking at a glance: “What did you lose?”

“Don’t play tricks, you can’t escape our eyes.”

“Our attitude towards you is good enough, don’t embarrass us.”

Old Tut did not speak, and the captain of the Lantern Bearer Squad ignored him and went to find it by himself.


A crumpled ball of paper was found. It was a letter.

And it’s not written now, it should have been written long ago.

The captain of the lamp bearer didn’t open it either, he was very cautious; his responsibility was to bring old Tut back, and he would never do what he shouldn’t do, and he would never look at what he shouldn’t have.

“Is there something important in the letter?”

“Why not destroy it?”

“Or do you want to attract someone through it?”

The captain of the Lantern Bearer Squad looked at Old Tut’s expression, as if he wanted to see something.

But old Tut said nothing, as if he was sleeping.

The leader of the Lantern Bearer Squad sniffed the letter, and a special magic was activated. He didn’t feel any mark, but felt another force.

“Letter from the Rainbow Tree?”

The lamp bearer glanced at Old Tut, and carefully put away the letter.

“No matter what you think, it’s useless.”

“I will stare at you.”

Then a group of people continued to move forward, heading to the deepest part of the city of lights.


Old Tutt didn’t just use one action to cover another, he was also using one thing to cover another.

Old Tut left two things behind, and one was found.

The other one was left in the animal pen on the other side of the road, under the pack beast lying on its stomach to rest, and it happened to be undiscovered.

That’s his alchemy manual.

He didn’t choose to leave things ahead of time, because it was meaningless to stay elsewhere in advance; and the coordinates left behind had meaning only after arriving at the destination where these people arrived.

Old Tutt was taken to a building, and what was waiting inside was the person who caught him.

But the moment he entered the city of lights, he probably understood who was looking for him.

Old Tut looked at the old snake man in front of him who was wearing a cloak that covered his whole body tightly, but couldn’t hide his stooped figure.

He called out the other party’s name and identity.

“Light City Lord!”

“Alchemy Council Great Elder Hingis!”

The other party was much older than Tut, and he was exactly the generation of Sunrise Land Elder Hingis whom he had seen before exile from the White Tower.

Hingis was not surprised that the other party could guess him.

He twisted the tail of the snake a little bit and came forward, and took off the hood on his head.

“It’s been a while!”


“Actually, I have seen you decades ago, Tut of the Taling School.”

When Tut’s name was called out, he just walked up to Tut and stared at him.

Looking at his old face, just like her own, which cannot withstand the passage of time.

It seems that he is not looking at Tut, but also himself.

“In the blink of an eye, people grow old.”

Hingis turned away, and then talked about the Tarling School.

At that time, Hingis was not yet the Great Elder, but just a young man of the Golden Family.

But at that time, the Tower Spirit School had reached its peak.

Hingis can still recall the third-order evil spirit that was so powerful beyond ordinary people’s imagination. Its mental strength was nearly ten times stronger than his own now, which was derived from his innate strength.

However, that talent is not only the third-level evil spirit’s own, but the talents of many people combined together.

There is also a puppet that summons a puppet of divine favor, releasing a terrifying spiritual force field, manipulating magic gold like the king of metal, a **** on earth.

It still shocks me when I think about it.

“I witnessed the power of the secret technique of the Tower Spirit School, and I also witnessed the power of the genius named Oran.”

“Being able to inherit the talents of the predecessors, and being able to plunder the secret skills of others’ talents, has given rise to many powerful characters in the Tower Spirit School.”

“The puppet named Oran became the fourth-order apostle.”

When he talked about the puppet Oran, when he talked about Oran’s release of the spiritual force field to control the scene, his eyes were excited and eager.

Old Tut: “So what do you mean when you say so much?”

“Just want to take a look at the old guys from the Taling School?”

Hingis looked at the old Tut, and said the reason why he secretly captured the old Tut: “I want the secret technique of the Taling School.”

Old Tut: “What secret technique?”

Hingis: “Vulcan transmission.”

Old Tut also noticed the look in Hingis’ eyes when he talked about the puppet Oran, and he couldn’t help it. The old man rubbed his face, and then asked Hingis seriously.

“You want to be a lunatic too.”


The old man spread his hands: “Become a puppet?”

Hingis said: “Olan is not crazy, I saw it with my own eyes.”

“If you can become an apostle, what can you do if you change your body?”

“That is the existence closest to the gods, the apostle who surpasses the limits of mortals, and has a life span of a thousand years.”

“If you change your body, you can get rid of the fate of mortals, why not?”

Old Tut looked into Hingis’ eyes, and he saw madness and extreme desire in those eyes.

Or rather, greed.

Old Tut looked at these eyes and suddenly thought of his teacher.

It’s not the same madness and longing.

It’s that even people like my own teacher couldn’t restrain their inner desires in the end and caused such a terrible disaster, which led to the demise of the entire Tower Spirit School.

If the Vulcan transmission technique fell into the hands of such a person in front of him, what would happen?

Old Tut’s attitude immediately changed, and his usual kind expression became serious.

“I know what you are thinking. You want to plunder other people’s talents and use them to break through your own strength and become an apostle.”

“I know better what you will do.”

“But you won’t get it.”

Hingis put away his smiling face, and the atmosphere became solemn.

“Do you know the consequences of rejecting a person who holds the power of your life and death?”

Old Tut usually looks like a very peaceful old man, a well-mannered polymath.

But at critical moments, he was more stubborn and determined than anyone else.

“Is this the Great Elder of the Alchemy Council?”

“You are a descendant of Xinji, you are a servant whose name is known to the gods, and you are destined to become the light of the Miracle Garden.”

“Xingi once led the entire Sunrise Land out of the wilderness, created the current prosperous situation, and finally became the light that guides everyone in the Kingdom of God.”

“When a person dies, he should belong to the fantasy star sea.”

“When the alchemist is dead, he should belong to the Garden of Miracles.”

Hingis said to Old Tut: “That’s an ordinary person.”

“If I can become an apostle of God, I can do better.”

Hingis moved forward a few meters and looked outside the door: “Look at how prosperous the Land of Sunrise is under my leadership. This is all due to me. I am the best of God. believers.”

“I’m not an ordinary person, I’m a descendant of Xinji, I have the blood of the golden family flowing in me, I deserve more.”

“The only problem is that my talent is a bit short.”

“The gods have already begun to select his apostles. If my talent is stronger, I will definitely be able to become an apostle of God.”

Old Tut: “Maybe, that’s your life.”

Hingis turned his head, and he could see that Old Tutt’s words angered him: “What is fate?”

“Fate is what God arranges. Do you, a mortal, know what fate is?”

Old Tut: “Then why didn’t the **** of alchemy and **** choose you.”

One sentence.

Let Hingis rush directly in front of Old Tut.

The Lao Sheren almost pressed his face, gritted his teeth and said to Tut: “God will choose me, He will definitely choose me.”

Old Tut looked at Hingis with ridicule in his eyes, which then turned into pity.

This high-ranking elder can only deceive himself and others in the face of his own beliefs.

“Those who blindly pursue power will eventually suffer evil consequences.”

“Those who use the fire transfer technique will eventually be swallowed by the flames.”

“Even if you get the fire transfer technique, you can’t get what you want, it’s useless.”

“Grand Elder Hingis!”

“Give up!”

Hingis didn’t like old Tut’s words very much, he didn’t like hearing others say he failed.

He is the Great Elder, the supreme ruler of the Land of the Rising Sun, and the patriarch of the Golden Family.

His voice was calm from the beginning, and gradually became emotional, and it became more and more intense.

From the moment when Old Tut said why the God of Alchemy didn’t choose him.

“That’s you.”

“I am different, I am a descendant of the golden blood.”

“My ancestor, Xinji, was the first believer in the **** of alchemy and sex.”

Old Tutt did not back down at all: “Everyone thinks they are special.”

“But I think…”

“You’re definitely not that one.”

“Look in your eyes, crazy, greedy, blind.”

“After you get the fire transmission technique, you are destined to fall into madness.”

Old Tutt had witnessed the depravity of the teacher with his own eyes, and he was very clear that the chaos and madness that penetrated deep into his heart were irresistible, and no one could resist; Tut didn’t understand why.

“You will fail.”

“Then become a crazy evil spirit, and then cause a chain of disasters, the entire city of lights may suffer from the disaster.”

Hingis said: “I have a way, I will succeed.”

“You can just give it to me, you can live if you give it to me, and I can give you anything you want.”

“Don’t you want to re-establish the Taling School?”

“I can even help you and one of Oran become the elders of the Golden City again, and restore the glory of the Taling School.”

Old Tut shook his head and continued.

“Really not.”

“Even if it’s not for you, for others, I won’t give…”

Hingis suddenly felt a nameless evil fire ignited from his heart, filling his mind in an instant; maybe it was because he had reached the limit of his patience, or maybe it was because old Tut denied him again and again.

Negiate the attention of the gods to him, deny everything about him.

An unknown source of anger surged up, and Hingis suddenly roared.

“After I die, let him be flooded.”

He slobbered and raised the scepter in his hand.

“It doesn’t matter how many people die!”

“Whatever the city of lights!”

“What a disaster!”

“I am a golden blood, I deserve what I get, all this belongs to me.”

“If God doesn’t give it to me, then I will take it myself!”

But after he said this, he was also stunned.

He didn’t know, this was what he said in a hurry.


That’s what I thought in my heart.

Old Tut was also stunned for an instant, and now he could see the face of the man in front of him completely.

Some people can deceive others, and even themselves, but they can’t deceive the desire in their hearts.

Old Tut looked at Hingis.

He shook his head and said.

“I suddenly understood why the **** of alchemy and adultery didn’t choose you.”

“Your mouth is full of grandeur, everything is just for yourself.”

“You have no belief in God, no belief in an alchemist, and no pity for the people in your heart.”

Hingis was completely impatient now: “I hate people like you. You were given a choice, but you didn’t choose.”

“It’s okay, if you don’t give it to me, I will take it from your mind.”

“I didn’t want to use this method.”

An ordinary snake-human capable person came up with a lamp of the divine contract, which was exactly the lamp of the divine contract of old Tut, and this lamp was the source of the alchemist’s power.

The Lamp of the Deed has been sealed.

Old Tutt faced a desperate situation.

If you compromise, you will survive. If you don’t compromise, the other party will use magic to search his memory and seize the information in his mind.

Even if you won’t die at that time, it’s almost the same as death, even worse than death.

Seeing that his lamp of the Deed of Deed was approaching a little bit, and was about to be caught by Hingis, Old Tut suddenly moved.

He wants to **** his own lamp of the deed.


But as soon as Hingis lifted the scepter, a powerful force directly bombarded Tut and smashed him out.

Tut flew a long way after friction on the floor, and didn’t stop until it was installed on the wall.

Tut couldn’t get up for a long time, and he looked injured.

Hingis looked at Tut with lofty eyes: “I am a high-ranking alchemist.”

“Third level power.”

But Tut sat up slowly and leaned against the wall.

He looked at the lamp of his divine deed, and he could see that wonderful changes were taking place inside.

The moment old Tute approached just now, relying on the induction of himself and the lamp of the divine deed, he had already cast a special magic technique of the tower spirit school.

Derived from the Vulcan God Art, but it has a completely different function.

“Don’t you want the fire transfer technique of the Tower Spirit School?”

“I’ll tell you now.”

“The Tower Spirit School can not only transmit fire, but also swallow fire.”

The voice fell.

The lights in the lamp of the divine deed unexpectedly blew up the lamp of the divine deed, and broke away from the lamp of the divine deed.

Drilled towards Old Tut.

Old Tut stood up and swallowed the lamp directly.

The flames are blazing.

Tut himself directly turned into a lamp spirit, and turned into a powerful special flame spirit body.

The spirit of the lamp is something that can only be condensed by the third-level powerful person, or after the death of the alchemist, he received the gift of the gods and entered the garden of miracles to become the spirit of the lamp.

But at this moment, Old Tut briefly possessed the form of a lamp spirit.

Although compared with the real lamp spirit, it is still much weaker.

The flames burst.

It spread directly along the interior, turning into a fire and rushing out along the passage and corridor.

A flame snake figure rushed out of the fire and rushed towards Hingis.

The first-order lamp holders guarding the entrance were engulfed by the lights on the spot, and the entire room was turned into a sea of ​​flames.

Even Hingis was caught off guard by this move.

Whether it is letting the lamp set up the lamp of the divine deed, or directly swallowing the lamp, it is an act of courting death.


This is equivalent to burning one’s own body, burning one’s own spiritual origin.

Until you burn everything you have.

It is equivalent to saying that there is nothing left after death. You cannot follow the law of creation to enter the fantasy star sea, and you cannot return to the kingdom of gods.

Death is not the most terrifying thing in the eyes of ordinary people in this world, this is the most terrifying ending.

The fire snake entangled and wrapped itself around Hingis’ body.

Hingis immediately summoned his lamp spirit, protected himself, and at the same time began to suppress the opponent, stabilizing the escaping fire.

“Don’t you want to enter the kingdom of God after you die?”

“Lamp Spirit” Tut himself is constantly burning: “It doesn’t matter, there is no eternal sleep.”

“At the very least, a guy like you can’t get the inheritance of the Tower Spirit School.”

“Our philosophy, our magic, our heritage.”

“I shouldn’t be spoiled by a guy like you.”

Hingis was almost engulfed by the flame of the lamp that suddenly exploded just now, and at this moment he was filled with shock and anger.


“Ta Ling School is really a bunch of lunatics.”

The fire-swallowing magic is not used in this way. It was originally a kind of magic that can only be used by third-level powerful people, but Tut used it forcibly at this moment.

Olan paid a huge price back then to keep the disaster within the Taling School.

He doesn’t care.

I am also unwilling to let new disasters happen because of myself.

The two lamp spirits, one true and one false, fought for a long time, directly knocking down the building, and then it gradually ended.

This ending seems to be a matter of course. A second-tier power user can’t be a third-tier opponent anyway. The gap between different levels is unimaginable.

The flames on “Lamp Spirit” Tutt’s body became weaker and weaker, like firewood that was gradually burning out.



Hingis swung his scepter down, and his lamp spirit followed suit, knocking out another “lamp spirit”.

Tuter lost his body, leaving only his spirit body and exploded into sparks.

There is only one phantom left.

The last phantom looked towards the distance, as if staring at someone in the distance.



It gradually fades away.

Hingis on the other side was also in a panic. When the first wave of flames hit, he didn’t expect it at all. A large piece of his robe was burned, and his hands were burnt.

He put away the lamp spirit, and slowly walked out from the broken walls and ruins after the fire. At this time, only the firefighters outside dared to come in.

Everything looks like it’s just an ordinary fire.

The more Hingis thought about it, the more angry he became. In the end, not only did he get nothing, but he was in a mess.

I didn’t intend to kill people at first, I just wanted to pay some price to get the Vulcan Transmission Art of the Tower Spirit School.


Why is this guy refusing to say yes?

It’s me who wants to pass on the Vulcan art, but not let him use it himself. Why does he care so much?

How many people died, what does it have to do with him?

Go outside and get into a car frame.

The captain of the Lantern Bearer Squad came forward, and he handed the crumpled letter he got from Old Tut to Hingis.

“Master Hingis.”

“This is the letter that Tut tried to discard before, and I kept it.”

“I don’t know if there is anything you need in it.”

Hingis took it and didn’t care at first.

How important is the content of a letter.

Tuter will never write the secret technique of spreading fire on it.

The letter is two sheets of paper stacked together, one is from Oran to Tutt, and the other is Tutt’s reply.

It’s just that he was stopped before he could send it.

Among them.

Oran’s letter to Tut wrote something about the arrival of the Crimson Goddess and the messenger of the God of Truth and Knowledge, which talked about the oracle about the Creator.

It’s just that Oran didn’t dare to write the name of the creator, just like Xiuboen in the past, but used the real creator’s name.

“The true Creator issued an oracle and opened the door to a higher level for the gods.”

“The human **** system is about to be established, and the gods need new followers, subordinate to their mythology.”

“Maybe you can work hard, Tut, maybe you can become a **** in the future?”

There is such a paragraph in the speech.

Olan told old Tut these things, hoping that Tut would work hard.

Tuter’s talent is not bad, and he was able to become a student of the leader of the Taling School with Oran, which is enough proof

Olan didn’t want Tut to die of old age like this.

And Tut wrote a lot of words about memories in his reply letter, and finally gave a response to what Oran said.

“I have found what I want to do. I think it is more important than power, and even more meaningful than becoming a god.”

“I have accepted a few students, and they are very thoughtful and talented.”

“I will pass on my ideas, my alchemy, and my will to them.”

Last sentence.


“Life is not about length, but about meaning.”

But at this moment, of course, Hingis would not pay attention to this sentence, his eyes and eyes completely fell on the letter from Oran.

About the Creator, about the gods, about the human pantheon.


A new god.

It is true that the letter is not the secret art of the Tower Spirit School, but it is something more shocking, a secret about the gods and even the creator.

Hingis felt his mouth and tongue were dry, even if he swallowed hard, he couldn’t stop his throat from drying up.

He stared straight at the crumpled letter.


“Becoming a god?”

“Become a god!”

He said it three times in a row, but he couldn’t believe it the first two times.

The last time, it was an affirmation with a vibrato.

The letter was sent by the puppet Oran. It is about the messenger of the gods, about the Scarlet Goddess and another god. It does not seem to be forged, and it is reasonable.

Hingis thinks.

That’s true.

No, it must be true.

In a short letter, Hingis read it back and forth dozens of times.

It wasn’t until he was able to recite every word above that he completely put it down.

At this time, Hingis’ spirit was already in a trance and drifted into the sky.

He suddenly understood why the **** of alchemy and philandering would suddenly grant divine grace, and why he chose a new apostle.

“So this is not granting divine grace, nor is it selecting some apostles.”

“It is a guide to the myth.”

“Will the chosen one become the new god?”

If before, his desire to become an apostle was only for longevity, and he also had a part of following his own beliefs.

Even if he was not selected, he would only be reconciled in his heart.

So now, what was written on the letter paper completely crushed Elder Hingis.

Something deep in the Great Elder’s heart was shattered in an instant.

And the darkest depths.

Something began to echo, began to rush to the heart.

On the frame, the Great Elder sat cross-legged quietly, his eyes deep and seemingly calm.

But his hands were tightly gripping the letter paper, and his nails dug into his flesh without realizing it.


The Temple of Miracles.

The Great Elder Xingis returned from the outside in a daze, and returned to the main hall of the temple.

He raised his head and looked at the statue of the **** of alchemy and sex.

He stepped forward and stroked the stone platform under the statue.

He remembered the contents of that letter again.

Perhaps it won’t be long before there will be more statues next to this statue, and someone is destined to become a follower of the God of Alchemy and Sex, and become a part of the human **** system established by him.

Follow him to gain eternal life and become the gods above.

“Who would it be?”

“Will it be the elders of Miracle City, and the elders of Black Fire City?”

These two people are the two alchemists who were selected before and bestowed with divine grace.

Finally, a question that made Hingis tremble all over just thinking about it appeared in his mind.

“There will be…”


The answer doesn’t seem to be what Hingis wanted.

Even if he wants to deceive himself at this moment, it seems that he can’t deceive himself now.

After killing old Tut and saying that after I die, let it be flooded.

He is completely different, a strange thing swallows everything he has insisted on in the past.

Darkness emerged from the ghost creature little by little, turning into tentacles one after another.

It entangled him a little bit.

Looking at the idol, Hingis’ inner desire became stronger and stronger.

“Why am I not the one standing on this?”

“It’s God’s fault that he didn’t choose me.”

“Yes, it was his fault.”

One thought after another flooded into Hingis’ mind, which couldn’t be suppressed and couldn’t be washed away.

But immediately, Hingis was terrified of what he thought.

“Why would I think so?”

“How can I think so?”

“I am a believer in the **** of alchemy and sex!”

Hingis hurriedly walked towards the other side, towards his resting place.

He’s tired and his head is in a mess.

After walking a long way and entering the passage.

He suddenly felt something was wrong.


He looked around, but he didn’t notice anything wrong.


He looked at the bronze mirror beside him.

It was only then that Hingis discovered that the bronze mirror he had smashed before had been restored and placed here intact.

Identical, including the wear on the temples.

This is not normal.

Hingis immediately became vigilant.

He looked at the mirror and himself in the mirror.

At this time, the horrible thing was discovered, and Hingis in the mirror suddenly smiled at him.

That smile is so pervasive, it is definitely not something that humans can make.

It said to Hingis.

“Are you back?”

“I’ve been waiting for you for a long time.”

It seemed that when Hingis shattered the mirror, it absorbed the darkness in his heart and became a certain node.

Originally, this was nothing, but when the darkness and sin in his heart continued to expand, some kind of mutation occurred.


Hingis yelled in fright, and quickly retreated two meters.

He had never seen such a strange sight.

“Who are you?”

The person in the mirror gradually turned into a ceramic doll, which was very delicate and colorful.

This is a very strange puppet.

Because he is not a pottery puppet of a snake man. Although he has limbs, he is not in the shape of a god, but a strange existence with bone armor; imagined life.

The picture in the mirror is constantly magnifying, pulling Hingis’ consciousness into a dark world.

He saw that the puppet continued to grow bigger and stretched to the limit.

He saw the stars turned into flesh and blood, and saw the black mythical gate standing behind the puppet.

And he himself stood before the gate of myth and the ceramic figure.

It looks like an ant.

Porcelain figures loom high above Hingis.

“Snake Man!”

“I like that sentence of yours very much.”

The puppet said this sentence in the voice of Hingis: “After I die, let it be a flood.”

Hingis was completely paralyzed by fright. In front of such an existence, he felt like a bug being watched by a giant.

The other party can kill him at any time, or step on him inadvertently, or reach out and pinch him lightly.

Looking at the mythical door, Hingis asked fearfully.


“Which **** are you?”

The ceramic doll told him: “I am not a god!”

“I am the cursed pottery puppet of the God of Original Sin.”

Hingis heard clearly: “The God of Original Sin.”

“The evil **** of the abyss?”

Hingis was even more frightened, this is the most powerful evil **** in the abyss, how could he suddenly stare at him.

“No, the king of the abyss and the evil **** of original sin are both bound in the abyss, and it is impossible to appear here out of thin air.”

“You are not allowed to appear in the world.”

“This is an oath you swore, an oath that cannot be broken.”

Ceramic doll: “Of course not out of thin air!”

“Because you are calling me, the darkness and evil in your heart are surging.”

“Your sin and greed are constantly pouring out of your heart, unstoppable.”

The ceramic doll looked at Hingis and made a deafening sound.


“You are guilty!”

“You are… a fallen person!”

Everyone is sinful, and there is always depravity.

It is not terrible to be swallowed up by the darkness and void in the heart.

But when you are swallowed by the darkness and emptiness in your heart, and at the same time stared at by the evil **** of original sin in the abyss, you are doomed to your own end.

Hingis refuted as if he had been struck by lightning.


“I am a believer in the **** of alchemy and sex, and the blood of the gold family flows through my body.”

“God will protect me, God will guide me, God will…”

Hingis roared loudly: “Don’t try to tempt me to fall, don’t even think about it.”

“Don’t think about it…”

“I belong to the human world, I belong to the **** of alchemy and magic, I am the Great Elder of the Land of the Rising Sun…”

The God of Original Sin’s curse-sealed pottery puppet stands aloft, as if he doesn’t care about Hingis’ emotions at all, nor does he lead Hingis to degenerate.


“You still think your **** will bless you?”

“You have been abandoned!”

“Why did you fall, why did you lose your light.”

The ceramic puppet looked at him jokingly: “Isn’t it because you no longer believe in your gods and obey your beliefs?”

Hingis was shocked by this sentence, he grabbed his head, and nearly collapsed on the ground.

“That’s not it!”


His words were so weak that he couldn’t even convince himself.

How could a person with faith say those words.

A person with faith will think in his heart, why isn’t the one on the altar me?

The ceramic doll then said: “Do you think you have no talent? That’s why you were not chosen by God?”

“No, you have the talent to become Tier 4.”

“But you are old, you are dying, your **** has abandoned you.”

“You have failed God’s test.”

“Because… you are useless!”

The ceramic doll laughed out loud, mocking Hingis, a ignorant mortal.

“It’s ridiculous, you still want to make up for your talent.”

“No matter what you do.”

“Because you are useless, your **** has many believers, and countless people can use it.”

“You are not unique, you are just one of them.”

The ceramic doll stuck down and looked at him with one eye, looking at Hingis’ old appearance: “Why would the **** of alchemy and adultery choose an old guy like you, a useless person, to be his apostle?”

Hingis lay on the ground, crying bitterly.


“It’s all bullshit.”

But it can be clearly seen that Hingis has begun to collapse.

The scary thing is not that the monster in the abyss lures you to fall, but the scary thing is that everything this monster said is true; Hingis has already felt these things, but he himself is unwilling to believe that’s all.

The terrible monster of the abyss has pierced your self-deception and let you face your desire.


A door has been opened for you.

Behind the ceramic doll, the door of original sin slowly opened.

The light of myth came out from inside and landed on Hingis.


“There is not only one person in this world, and there is not only one choice.”

“The God of Original Sin can give you the power of the apostle of the abyss, and give you the identity of the original sin performer.”

Hingis did not speak for a long time, and everything fell into silence.

I don’t know how long it has been.

Hingis slowly raised his head and looked at the ceramic doll.

“Really… can you?”

Hear this sentence.

The ceramic doll laughs.

It laughed uncontrollably, as if what it liked most was seeing the depravity of mortals.

It lowered its body and approached Hingis.

Said to him.


“A thousand years is enough?”

“Don’t you want to live for ten thousand years? One hundred thousand years?”

“Don’t you want to live forever?”

Hingis hurriedly said loudly that the greed in the eyes of the Great Elder of the Land of the Rising Sun is getting stronger and stronger, and he is becoming more and more unscrupulous.

“Not enough!”

“Of course not enough.”

“I want more.”

Hingis no longer looked at the ceramic doll, but at his own wrinkled hands.

“I want to live ten thousand years, one hundred thousand years.”

“I want——eternal life.”

“I still want…”

Hingis raised his head and looked at the mythical door.

But he didn’t say it.

The ceramic puppet laughed even louder this time. After laughing, it suddenly lowered its head and said to Hingis.

“Become the human agent of the evil **** of original sin.”

“Promise you the future king of greed.”

At the same time.

In the passage, Hingis had already walked in front of the mirror with his eyes in a daze, and stuck to it tightly.

Deformed black arms emerged from the mirror one after another, grabbing the elder Hingis.

Captured his darkest thoughts and desires.

The snake man in the world.

And the evil **** of the abyss.

At this moment, there is a connection because of depravity and darkness.

It also released the power of the abyss from the darkness. (to be continued)


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