I am God Chapter 322: Insai God’s Hammer of Justice


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A storage wonderland.

In the white tower, more and more storage grids can be seen shining with light, marked with numbers, and imprinted with various imprints.

In the storage grid, a variety of items are also placed.

And the things in these storage grids are constantly changing, people put them in and take them away from time to time.

More and more storage slots have been enabled recently.

The alchemists built their storage grids one after another through rituals, and then obtained the petals of the rainbow tree through ritual feedback, and finally made the corresponding storage items.

The white storage tower is becoming more and more perfect, watching the grids running up and down, watching the lights of prayers rushing from the white storage tower to the sky.

San Rafael seemed to hear the gold coins falling from the sky and falling into his bag.

The fairy Saint Raphael swims in the white storage tower, swimming in the gaps of the grids.

“A lot of things.”

“All are babies.”

She was very happy looking at such a big treasure house.

She feels as if she has become the richest person in the world.

What is happiness?

This is happiness.

While passing by, she also saw storage spirits shuttling inside the white tower one after another, and they were assisting San Raphael in running the white tower and the storage wonderland.

Finally, she stopped in a mysterious large storage grid in the deepest part.

This is the creator’s storage grid, and the creator has put something in it recently.

At that time.

She saw an illusory palm coming from the sky, sending a ray of light into the storage grid, ignoring space and everything.

But apart from her, everyone in Xianjing and the outside world didn’t see that hand.

At this moment, San Rafael is like a cat full of curiosity. She shakes her fluffy head, and her eyes look at the storage grid for a while, and look up for a while to think.

“What would the Creator put in it?”


“You can’t see it.”

“Peeking is bad behavior.”

When most people say this, they are deceiving themselves.

Sure enough, another Saint Raphael in her heart said to her.

“Let’s take a look, maybe it’s something interesting.”

“No, that’s something from the gods.”

San Rafael turned his head to the other side: “I didn’t take it again, I just checked to see if I lost it.”

“Yes, this is not peeking.”

“This is the inspection responsibility that a qualified storage fairy should fulfill.”


San Rafael convinced himself.

Saint Raphael, the storage fairy, snickered, and approached cautiously.

She climbed to the top of the storage compartment No. 1, and then hung down from it.

Click to the gap on the top of the storage grid and look inside.

The huge grid does not match her petite body.

She is like a small person hanging from a big box.


However, she hadn’t waited for her to see what was inside.

The box opened suddenly.

Saint Rafael raised his head and looked at the storage compartment suddenly opened, with question marks all over his face.

“What happened?”

“Why did it suddenly open?”

“Did I open it?”

“I didn’t open it?”

Before she could think of the answer, a gavel suddenly popped out from the storage compartment.

The moment the mallet popped out, it was magnified tens to hundreds of times, and it hit San Rafael’s head all at once.

The knock made her eyes stare, she let go of her hand and floated in mid-air in a trance.

The mallet hit the mallet again and knocked her out of the white tower.


She jumped out of the white storage tower like a black dot and flew into the sky.

Finally, it drew an arc from the sky and landed on the rainbow tree in Wonderland.

On the rainbow tree, San Raphael is dizzy.


“Where did you get the hammer? Why did you hit me?”

Head up, **** up.

This time it hurts both above and below.

Rubbing his unintelligent head, San Rafael suddenly understood after a long time: “I was discovered by…the Creator?”

She raised her head, feeling a little guilty.

I always feel that there are a pair of shining eyes looking at me on the top of my head.



She felt that her little thoughts were completely seen through by God Yin Sai.


She no longer dared to peek at or touch other people’s storage compartments.

Like a thief who was caught, she fell down from the rainbow tree with a guilty conscience.

Although the evil taste has not been satisfied, the storage fairyland is indeed being continuously improved. She may be able to complete her storage fairyland in a dozen or twenty years, and bring it back to the creation Kingdom of God.

Just as San Rafael climbed down from the tree, a figure appeared behind him.

As soon as she turned around with a guilty conscience, she was taken aback by the other party.


She patted her chest and said with a long breath.

“It’s Mr. Toot!”

Old Tut came under the rainbow tree at this time and looked at the fairy curiously.

“Master San Rafael.”

“Why did you suddenly fly out of the White Tower, and then fell from the sky?”

“Is this learning to fly?”

Saint Raphael stuck out her tongue, but she didn’t hide it.

“I peeked at the things the Creator stored in the White Tower, and a thing popped out of it was so big…so big.”

She gestured with her hands, describing the size of the mallet.

“Such a big hammer blows me away.”

Old Tut didn’t react at first, but after realizing that the title San Raphael mentioned was correct, the old man immediately opened his mouth wide.

I don’t know how to describe this daring fairy in front of me, you dare to peek at the things hidden by the Creator.

If it wasn’t because she was a fairy, she wouldn’t have been hammered into the sky, and nothing would have happened if she fell down.

It is estimated that there is no scum left.

“Master San Rafael!”

“Are you really brave?”

Saint Raphael rubbed his forehead with one hand and his buttocks with the other.

She was hit twice by the mallet, although she was not hurt, but it hurt.

However, hearing old Tut praised her so much, stars popped out of her eyes immediately, and she puffed out her chest proudly.

I also took a picture of it.

“Of course.”

“In Rainbow Forest, I am the most courageous.”

Old Tutt really wanted to complain: “I’m not complimenting you.”

Chatted with San Rafael for a while, most of them were old Tut who heard what San Rafael said, until he returned to the hut outside the White Tower, old Tut opened his mouth to San Raphael Phil said.

“Master San Rafael.”

“I’m leaving.”

San Rafael didn’t understand at first: “Ah!”

Old Tut said to San Rafael again: “I’m leaving.”

“I am the keeper of the White Tower, the keeper of this cage.”

“Now that there are no cages and white towers, I am no longer needed here.”

Saint Raphael understood, and suddenly felt a little bit reluctant to part with Old Tut.

For so many days, Old Tut and Oran helped her build a brand new storage white tower, plan the entire storage fairyland, storage rituals, and storage props.

Without the help of the two of them, San Rafael probably didn’t know how long it would take to figure out what was going on.

“Can’t you stay?”

“Is my fairyland not good enough?”

But Old Tut shook his head: “I’ve been stuck here for decades. I’ve spent two stages of youth and middle age here. I used to think that I would die of old age here.”

“You freed all those trapped in this cage.”

“Those trapped in the lamp, and me.”

“It is also because of you that I can still have the opportunity to start my life again at this time.”

San Rafael had no choice but to nod with her mouth pursed, without speaking.

Old Tut looked at the childish San Rafael. Although the other party might be older than himself, he still couldn’t help but say it like coaxing a child.

“Master San Rafael!”

“I am outside and will send you letters often.”

Saint Raphael watched the old Tut fawning over him, and his deflated mouth slowly returned to its original shape, but he was still a little reluctant to leave the old Tut.

She knew that Old Tut was not a creature with an unimaginable lifespan like the powerful race in the dream.

For fairies, goodbye is really goodbye, and parting is really just a short parting.

As for the snake people, after this farewell, they may not see each other again next time.

Old Tut said to leave, and immediately started to move.

In other words, he had already started preparing for it a long time ago, but he just said it before leaving.

Older people don’t hang around like younger people when they part.

They are used to hiding their emotions and everything in their hearts.

At the gate of the fairyland, San Raphael pushed a wheelchair and brought the doll Oran to see off Old Tut.

Even the storage spirits gathered here, turning from dots of light into individual silhouettes, to see old Tut off.

Olan, the puppet sitting in a wheelchair, looked at Old Tut: “You are free.”

Old Tut looked at the puppet: “You are free too.”

“I’m not going to imprison you anymore.”

“You don’t have to immerse yourself in the past anymore. You left this white tower. Have you ever thought about returning to the Land of the Rising Sun?”

Old Tut hesitated for a while, and said to Oran.


“If I re-establish the Tower Spirit School, are you willing to help me?”

Puppet Oran: “You are so old, you still have to toss.”

Old Tutt said, “It’s because of his age.”

“If you don’t toss, you will have no chance to toss.”

“The Tower Spirit School shouldn’t just decline like this, there are more possibilities for alchemy.”

“We had so many ideas and ideals at the beginning, but none of them have been realized.”

“That’s a pity.”

Puppet Oran: “Isn’t the destruction of the Tower Spirit School just because of the ideals of the builders of the Tower Spirit School? Isn’t it because of our pursuit of this ideal?”


“Didn’t you hate these the most?”

Old Tut told the puppet Oran: “I thought about it recently, what I hate is that we failed, and I hate that we didn’t expect such dire consequences, rather than hating our original goals and ideals. “

“I suddenly understood what the teacher thought back then.”

“Teacher, he has already achieved fame. He is already a top alchemist. He has almost everything.”

“But we live in this world, and we were born in this world as intelligent species. As superhuman beings, we have to do more than that, and the meaning of our existence is not only that.”

“If we lose our goal and lose our answer, what is the meaning of our existence?”

“We are alchemists at the mercy of **, servants of the **** of alchemy and **. Could it be that we were tamed by ** in the end and became a beast-like existence?”

“That’s why he is so unwilling.”

“He was so desperate in his later years to want to carry out that experiment.”

At the end, old Tutt’s voice slowed down.

“It’s just that he didn’t expect it to end like this.”

Old Tut looked at the puppet Oran with peace in his eyes.

“There are still dreams.”

“Only this time, I will pursue it more carefully.”

After speaking, he suddenly laughed.

“It’s been so many years.”

“I am not imprisoning you, nor are you imprisoning me.”

“We’re just stuck in the past.”

Old Tut reached out his hand to Oran: “Olan, you were the most talented alchemist of the Taling School back then, and you can even be said to be the most talented figure of that era.”

“You are so smart.”

“Come and help me!”

The puppet Oran did not respond to old Tut’s request: “I am no longer the old Oran, I am just a puppet now.”

Old Tut shook his head: “It is not this body or this tower that traps you, but your own heart.”

Old Tut looked up, just in time to see the angry San Raphael, because old Tut tried to abduct her doll.

However, Old Tutt’s face was much thicker. He touched the top of his head with gray hair and some thinning.


“Today’s weather is really good, it’s a good day for departure.”

Hearing this, San Rafael remembered that Old Tut was really leaving.

Old Tut said to San Rafael: “Lord San Rafael!”

“You are a real fairy, you let me feel that there are such beautiful and holy creatures in the world.”

“We must do better, just like you said, we must understand the true meaning of storage.”

“Leave…all the good things in the world.”

Saint Raphael asked old Tut: “Aren’t good friends supposed to be together forever?”

“Why separate?”

Old Tut looked at the innocent fairy in front of him: “A true friend is one in the heart.”

“Not by your side.”

He gave San Rafael a small gift, a pair of metal music boxes, which can play a piece of music after opening.

“Beautiful and holy storage fairy, please keep my gift well!”

Old Tut left the fairyland without looking back, stepped through the rainbow-like gate, and returned to the land of sunrise.

For the first time, San Rafael understood that some things cannot stay with him forever.

Saint Raphael said to the puppet lying on the wheelchair.

“It’s okay.”

“You are always with me.”

The doll Oran raised his head, the sun reflecting off his smooth metal face.

“Master San Rafael, you still don’t understand what Tut means.”

“He wants to tell you that some things cannot be kept forever, but memories can be cherished forever.”

“What you store is not only things, but also memories.”

“It’s not just this fairyland and the things in this white tower that bring you happiness, but every bit of it.”

Saint Raphael scratched the back of his head: “Are mortals talking this complicated?”


Two groups of demigod envoys from Suinhor and the northern wasteland arrived at the Golden City at the same time. They were going to meet the envoys of the Creator at the storage fairyland above the sea, which was invisible and inaccessible to mortals.

Smerkel from the kingdom of blood, and Sukob from the wasteland just met on the Gold Coast.

Both were stunned.

Su Kebu also respected this legendary king very much, and the other party was an ancient man who was at least a few generations earlier than him.

“I have seen the apostle of the Scarlet Goddess, King Smerkel of Suinhall.”

The Scarlet Witch, mortals would call her the Scarlet Goddess.

It is one of the titles of Vivien, the ancestor of blood.

Smerkel also sensed the identity of the other party’s witch spirit: “You are… the servant of the **** of truth and knowledge, the leader of the wasteland witch spirit?”

The faith on Ruhe Island is basically divided among the three parties.

Suein Hall is dedicated to the Mother of Life and the First Ancestor of Blood, the Court of Ten Thousand Snakes is dedicated to the Mother of Life and the Mother of Ten Thousand Snakes, and the Land of Sunrise is dedicated to the Master of Dreams and the God of Alchemy.

Sukob’s identity is a bit embarrassing here, but fortunately, the wasteland witch spirit organization itself is not for the purpose of spreading belief.

Sukob: “I follow the oracle of the God of truth and knowledge, and I come to meet the God Attendant who descended from the Kingdom of Creator God.”

Smerkel: “I’m here for this too.”

Explaining the purpose, the two set foot on the sea together.

At this time, ripples were also set off on the sea.

After the shimmering waves, it was like a mirage scene.

The golden sandy beach comes into view first, and then the huge white tower.

Under the tower, there is a tall rainbow tree.

The first thing Smerkel and Sukob saw was not the tower, but the rainbow tree.

“What a big rainbow tree.”

In the world, such a majestic sacred tree cannot be seen.

It only exists in the Kingdom of God of Creation, in the Rainbow Wonderland where all fairies are born.

The two stepped into the fairyland.

Waiting for a while under the rainbow tree.

The two were not in a hurry, they knew that the owner here already knew they were coming.

There was a burst of starlight shining on the top of the rainbow tree, and a black-haired girl with a wreath appeared on it.

The fairy blinked Gu Panshenghui’s eyes, and looked at the two people below with a lively and curious expression.

“I am San Rafael!”

“The messenger of the gods from the Kingdom of Creation, the fairy in the forest under the master of dreams.”

“Who are you?”

The two demigod envoys prostrated themselves on the ground and saluted the black-haired girl.

“Smerkel represents the first ancestor of blood, and meets the messengers from the God of Creation, and the messengers of Insai.”

“Sukob represents the **** of truth and knowledge, and came to seek the guidance of the Creator.”

Although they sound like angels, the two of them are different from the one in front of them. The other represents Insai, the creator.

Saint Raphael knew immediately that the two people in front of him should be the same as God Iva.

It’s all about listening to the words spoken by the Creator.

Although San Raphael didn’t know if it was the oracle that was really intended to be conveyed, she was still going to meet these two human demigods.

“Is it God’s guidance?”

Saint Raphael poked his chin with his finger for a while, then lowered his head and said to Smerkel and Sukob.

“Just right!”

“I have some things that I want to go to the kingdom of the first ancestor of blood and the **** of truth and knowledge. I haven’t been there yet.”

“I will personally go to the kingdom of the gods to visit them.”

Santa Rafael’s storage fairyland has already opened up in the Land of Sunrise, but if it needs to develop more quickly in the future.

The place of belief of other gods is also a very important boost.

Smerkel and Sukob saluted together, even with the same voice.

“My **** is looking forward to your arrival.”

San Raphael waved his hand, and the petals slid by the wind.

“That’s it!”

“I’ll pass in a while.”

Two people appeared outside the fairyland.

The dialogue is brief.

Although the two didn’t get the answer, this trip was not in vain.

They confirmed that the Creator’s envoy really came, and he was a genuine messenger of the gods.

And more importantly.

There is indeed a Creator’s guidance.

The two looked at each other, and then they couldn’t wait to pass the news to their respective gods.

In the storage wonderland.

A wheelchair slid out from under the tree, and the puppet lying on the wheelchair looked at the distressed San Rafael above.

“Lord Saint Rafael, you just accepted the worship of two angels.”

“You should be proud, why are you so distressed.”

Saint Rafael once accepted the face-to-face worship of the **** of **** and alchemy, but she understood the meaning of it very well.

“They worship the Creator, not me.”

“But I do feel a little distressed.”

“When I was in the lower realm, I only knew about the Land of the Rising Sun. This is the place of faith of Lord Sheila, and Iva, the **** of alchemy, is also a servant of Lord Sheila.”

“I also know about Suinhall, but not much.”

To put it bluntly, the family of fairies in the forest are all creatures living in the Dreamland Continent.

Most fairies don’t yearn for the outside world, they prefer to stay in their own homes.

Saint Raphael can be regarded as a different kind, but she just wants to go to some familiar and sure places, places where Sheila’s divine power is shrouded and the light of faith is bathed.

That’s why she chose the land of the rising sun.

The other two places are completely unfamiliar, especially the kingdom of the God of truth and knowledge.

Puppet Oran: “Suein Hall is not far away, I have been there before, there is nothing to be afraid of.”

Saint Rafael: “But you don’t know!”

“The kingdom of the **** of truth and knowledge is beyond the giant island of Ruhe, which is also an unknown place that I don’t know much about.”

“I heard from sister Flotie that it’s dangerous there.”

“There was a mythical disaster there, and many apostles of God had a great war there, and they also fell into the abyss there.”

“Hundreds of thousands of intelligent species are extinct there, which is very terrifying.”

This is the first time the puppet Oran heard of such a thing: “A disaster at the level of mythology? A war broke out between multiple apostles?”

“The **** of truth and knowledge, I seem to have heard of it, it should be the **** in the legend of Aiweier?”

“I didn’t expect this **** to really exist.”

“In this way, the story of the people of Evill finding the new world is also true?”

There are so many secrets hidden in such a short meeting.

The puppet Olan finally saw the difference between the gods and the mortal world.

The doll Oran asked San Raphael: “Don’t you want to go?”

San Rafael shook her head, she still wanted to go.

I just thought in my heart, but I was a little afraid.

The doll Oran also noticed it, so she said to her.

“Didn’t you say that you are very courageous?”

“Don’t be afraid, you are the messenger from the Kingdom of the Creator God. You are the messenger of the gods who have met the Creator and the Dream Master. Who in this world can hurt you?”

The identity of Saint Rafael is indeed her greatest protection, but at the same time, it also means that Saint Rafael’s identity is neutral.

She can’t do things outside of her duties and missions at will, and she can’t easily intervene in disputes in the world.

“Not to mention!”

“What you do is convenient for everyone, even the gods need it.”

What the puppet Oran said made San Rafael turn his attention to it.


“Will you come with me?”

Saint Raphael hooked up the doll Oran and thought he had a great idea.

Doll Oran: “But I can’t move easily.”

“Every time I move, I need to borrow the power of Elena’s heart.”

Saint Rafael thought for a while, and his eyes lit up.

“I have a solution.”

Saint Raphael put on the ring given to her by Lord Sheila for safekeeping, and demonstrated the power of this ring for the first time.

The doll Oran asked her: “What is this?”

Saint Raphael told it the name of the ring: “The Ring of the Void.”

“It was given to me by the great master of dreams, Sheila, in the temple, um…”

“Give me an item for safekeeping.”

“I can use it to directly open the void of the dream world, fold ordinary things to the limit through space, and also exile other existences to the depths of the dream world.”

“More importantly, I can use it to learn the power of space, and gradually become familiar with the duties and laws of space of a storage fairy.”

“Although it is not a mythical item, but in terms of function, the mythical item cannot do such a thing.”

The dream master Sheila gave San Raphael this ring, one is to protect her safety and ensure the safe establishment of the storage wonderland.


It is also for Saint Raphael to be able to further familiarize himself with the laws of space through the Ring of the Void after the storage fairyland is completed.

Although Saint Rafael said that he wanted to be a storage fairy, the storage fairyland needs to use space power, which is much more specialized and difficult than the letter paper fairyland.

Saint Rafael only verbally said that he wanted to become a storage fairy, but in fact he didn’t fully possess this ability.

Sheila can be regarded as assisting her and urging her at the same time.

It is well-intentioned.


The power on the surface is only imaginary, the most important thing is that this ring can connect to the dream world.

It is equivalent to Saint Rafael wearing this ring. As long as he is connected to the power of the dream world, he is connected to the will of the dream master Sheila.

No matter where she is, Sheila, the master of dreams, will notice her immediately.

Puppet Oran: “So you still have such a powerful thing, so do you still need to be afraid?”

Saint Rafael: “But, sometimes you are afraid!”

It’s like a strong man who screams when he encounters a small bug.

She has never seen such a terrible disaster.

I also imagined that there is an abyss where all the filth gathers in the world.

What’s more, she also said that other people are the gods of toilets and filth.

I don’t feel anything when I say bad things, and I feel that this is really a stroke of magic.


But after going down to the lower bounds, I became a little timid.

Although the other party probably didn’t know about such a trivial matter, he still felt very guilty. Hearing that the guy was very powerful, the two demigods didn’t kill him.

How can a weak and not very smart guy like her be an opponent?

“He wouldn’t know me? Wouldn’t he know that I spoke ill of him?”

“In case the myth in the toilet…”

“No, what if the myth in the abyss comes out and hits me?”

“How do I run?”

With this ring it’s different, I can run very fast.

She stretched out her hand, and instantly compressed the doll Olan to the size of a palm, and placed it on her shoulder.


“Now I can take you wherever I go.”

“If I run away, you catch me and run with me.”

The doll Oran stared at San Raphael, and it discovered another quality of the fairy.

Afraid of death.

San Rafael comes down from the rainbow tree.

She took out her suitcase in the tree hole, checked her things and was ready to go.

She sang, looking slow.

But I am doing what I want to do and what I like to do all the time.

Preparing for this journey and departure.

After San Rafael’s fear and retreat disappeared, his face turned into anticipation.

At this time, the puppet Oran asked a question that he cared about very much.

When Saint Raphael was talking with the two demigod messengers, he naturally mentioned the name of a god, but the doll Oran had never heard of this god’s name.

“Who is that **** you just mentioned?”

Saint Raphael asked, “Which god?”

The puppet Oran blurted out: “It’s just what the apostle of the Scarlet Goddess, who has the same name as the ancient king, said… Yin~Sai~”


The puppet Oran doesn’t know yet, but that is the ancient king.

But when it just uttered the word Yin Sai, the sound behind it became infinitely elongated.

This feeling.

It is as if time is stretched until it stands still.

Before the words were finished, the eyes of the puppet Olan suddenly went blank, and the whole world changed.

It sat on San Rafael’s shoulder, but suddenly saw a scene that did not belong to its own perspective.


“How did I fly?”

Its consciousness seems to be pulled away from the earth in an instant, and it looks down on the earth from a very high place.

It looked around blankly.

Suddenly, I saw endless darkness and storms sweeping everything, and the earth, sky, and sea were all terrible shadows.

It saw the shadow of the World Destroyer Demon God roaring and roaring on the ground, and heard the death-like horn.


It heard some terrible existence whispering in its ears, as if tentacles were entangled on it, trying to make its consciousness directly fall into madness.

Languages ​​from eons ago echoed in its ears.

“God said~”

“God said…”

“God said…”

“King Ladricky…”

Countless oldest races are calling the name he just wanted to say, shouting a certain sacred epic chapter in a fanatical tone, but at the same time cursing him.

Curse him for speaking the language of the oldest, curse him for calling the name of Insai in the language of the oldest.

“Touch taboo…”



“That is the language of wisdom…”

“Do not pry… Do not sing… Do not shout…”


The puppet Oran has never seen such a scene, and it feels that it will be completely swallowed by the darkness of the dream world.

Terrible shadows clung to him one by one, and countless roots in the darkness entangled him, locking him tightly.

At this time.

Someone flicked a brain crash on its head, directly waking it up from its sinking.

It heard San Rafael’s voice again, which made it feel so intimate.

It seems to have risen from the abyss to heaven in an instant.


“Don’t use the wisdom language to say the real name of the root **** and the creator. The syllable just now is the pronunciation of the wisdom words of the Sanye people in the last era.”

The doll Oran was in a daze, and San Raphael looked at it worriedly.

“This kind of writing is the language and writing of the oldest Sanye people. You are not qualified to use it. If you use it, you will suffer backlash.”

“It’s okay to learn and use lightly, and some people have done it before, but you actually use this pronunciation method to call the name of God Insai directly.”

“Fortunately, your strength and spirituality are not strong, and what you communicate is only the curse of the will of the previous era in the dream world.”

“If you are more powerful, you will die if you say the name of God Yin Sai.”

Saint Rafael scares the puppet Oran with the words he heard: “You will see the eternal outer star, see the holy shadow jumping out of the universe and the long river of time, and you will be dragged into eternity In the cage of time.”

“Endless years will completely annihilate you into an empty shell, hundreds of millions of years will crush you like a giant wheel, and eternal darkness will completely swallow you and leave you there.”

This is the first time the doll Oran has heard of such a statement.

The stronger you are, the faster you die.

The puppet Oran did not understand: “Why are you all right after reading?”

Of course San Rafael knows what kind of existence the three-leaf symbiote is: “The guy just now is a three-leaf man who survived from the previous era. He is qualified to be called the creator, because they are the king of wisdom, Laidlich direct lineage.”

“In the previous era, they called themselves the firstborn sons of God.”

“Didn’t you see the servants of the God of truth and knowledge, didn’t you dare to use that way of reading?”

Saint Raphael saw that the doll was fine, and immediately put on an old-fashioned look.

“You are the one who is stupid!”

The puppet Oran never imagined that one day he would be called stupid by San Rafael.

The puppet Oran feels that there are too many problems. The information in the conversation in San Rafael just now makes people feel like their minds are about to explode.

What are three leaf people?

What is smart text?

What is Laidlich, the king of wisdom?

What was the last era?

But what it wants to know more now is what is the name it just uttered. Just a name alone has such terrifying power.

It heard the hymn that came from hundreds of millions of years ago, and heard the ancient life that originated from the wilderness singing the praises of this god.

When the world first opened.

When everything was just born.

It can even feel the vicissitudes of life in that voice, dating back to the beginning of everything.

Saint Raphael glanced at the doll Oran suspiciously. Didn’t it talk to him about the Creator before?

“Insai God?”

“He is the supreme **** of this world, the Creator of all things!”

The puppet Oran felt even more dizzy: “What?”

I don’t know how long it has passed, but it seems to have cleared its messy mind.

“Then what is the mother of life?”

Saint Raphael said as a matter of course: “Daughter of God Insa?”

By the way, San Rafael told the puppet Oran about the first myth, the myth recorded by the Clover.

“At the beginning of everything, God Sai created wisdom and life, and he bestowed wisdom on Laidlich, the king of wisdom. Since then, the dark world has ignited the fire of wisdom.”

“He gave life to Sally, the mother of life. The mother of life has the power to create life and brings the rhythm of life to this world.”

“The Creator Insa created everything and lives in the Pyramid Temple of the God of Creation.”

“The present world belongs to the second era.”

“Everything in the last era ended in 250 million years, and it didn’t start working again until a few thousand years ago, and the mother of life recreated the wisdom species a thousand or hundreds of years ago.”

“Your story, the story of the Snake Man and the Wing Man begins here.”

“Initiated by the Mother of Life.”

The puppet Oran finally understood a little bit, and understood the relationship between the first era and the second era.

For them, the mother of life is undoubtedly the Creator.

Because He is the Creator of the Snake Man and the Wing Man, the Creator of this huge island of Ruhe.

But for fairies, three-leaf people, goblins and gods, the concept of Creator is completely different.


“Is this the truth?”

The puppet Oran finally understood why the relationship between the gods was always incomprehensible, why the mother of life and the master of dreams of the Miracle Temple were both the main gods.

It turns out to be above everything else.

There is also a supreme **** unknown in this era, a **** named Insay, the **** who created everything.

The doll Oran asks San Rafael: “Why?”

“How can no one know Him in this era?”

“If He really exists and is so powerful? Why can’t this world even find His shadow?”

San Rafael asked him: “Can you see the shadow of Ruhe Giant Island?”

“Everything is built on the power of God Insai, and everything is born from his power.”

“Everything about you comes from God Insai, just like the plants, beasts and bugs that grow on this land.”

“They live here, but they don’t know what the mainland is, but they don’t know the name of Ruhe.”

Olan the doll was first shocked, then excited.

Suddenly depressed at the end.

When he heard the last words of San Rafael, he suddenly thought of himself, and of the Tarling School.

“People always speculate on secrets with their own ideas, always think that they can create everything, and always name everything with their own ideas, so that it seems that everything is created by themselves.

“I thought that was all it was.”

“I didn’t expect that people still use their own ideas to interpret the gods, and use their own ignorance and ignorance to define the gods.”

The doll Oran looked at his feet, watching his own shadow cast on Saint Raphael’s shoulder.

“We always think that we can create everything and create the future.”

“What we do is not create them, we discover them.

“Whether it is the profound meaning of the tower spirit, or the eternal god.”

“They are there, unchanged by everything.”

The puppet Oran sighed: “We should face the world and all the unknowns with a more humble attitude.”

“This is the essence of alchemy.”

He said the last sentence to San Rafael: “Not creation, but discovery.”

San Rafael couldn’t understand, and he didn’t quite understand Oran’s mood at the moment.

But she was ready, and opened the passage to the dream world with the puppet Oran.

Drilled in at once.

A large number of storage spirits rushed out and surrounded the edge of the dream world passage.

Saint Raphael waved to them: “Take a good look at the house!”


On the other side, Smerkel and Sukob were reporting to the gods what they found in the Land of Rising Sun. They did see Saint Rafael, the messenger of the gods.

The two gods almost gave the same answer.

God of truth and knowledge: “It seems that the **** of alchemy and adultery should have obtained an oracle?”

“Go back!”

“Don’t spread the news outside.”

Vivien, the first ancestor of blood: “Don’t stay in the land of sunrise too much, after all, it is the kingdom of the **** of alchemy.”

“Hurry up and talk about the situation in detail.”


Behind the Gate of Original Sin.

Roshan is like the **** seat of the stars, but it is constantly changing and squirming.

The evil **** on the mountain of meat raised his hand, and a delicate ceramic figurine appeared in his palm.

Brought him news from the world.

The ceramic villain spoke: “The messenger of the God of Creation really brought an oracle, and it seems to be a very important oracle.”

“Smerkel under Vivien’s seat and Sukob under Asai’s seat have both arrived at the Land of Sunrise, and they have already met the messenger of God Insai.”

The Cthulhu God of Original Sin only said one sentence: “Find a way to get the oracle of Insai.”

Subsequently, the small ceramic figurine disappeared again.

The will from the Kingdom of the Creator God originated from the will of God Insai.

For the gods in the world, this can also be called an oracle. (to be continued)


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