I am God Chapter 321: The things stored by the God of Sai


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In a storage wonderland.

The bright sunshine and sandy beaches, small islands and white towers form a small space that makes people yearn for.

At this moment, the doll Oran is sitting in a wheelchair and being pushed around by San Raphael, playing wantonly in his storage wonderland.

Because dolls don’t like to move.

In other words, it needs to use the power of Elena’s heart every time it moves, which will make the power of Elena’s heart erode it, making it more willing to sit.

Saint Raphael gradually learned about the story of the doll Oran, who became a doll after fusing the heart of Elena, and this strange stone turned it into a metal body , also endowed it with the power to control metal.

“So this heart turns you into a talking doll, and if you use too much of its power, you will be completely swallowed.”

“What will happen then?”

The puppet Oran is not clear either: “Maybe it will become a real puppet!”

It was afraid that San Rafael would not understand, so it added: “The kind that can’t speak.”

Saint Raphael doesn’t like this, she’d still like a talking doll.

Saint Raphael thought: “Can I change my heart?”

The puppet Oran said: “Dig it out and I will die.”

Saint Rafael corrected: “It’s broken.”

The doll does not answer.

Seeing the doll Oran like this, San Rafael made a joke on purpose.

“Give it a try, for example, change to a wooden heart, I think it’s very good.”

“We fairies grow out of trees.”

The puppet Oran didn’t want to pay attention to her. It heard that fairies are very quiet and gentle, but it didn’t expect that when it actually saw a fairy, the other party was a talkative and rambunctious guy.

Saint Raphael pushed the doll Oran under the rainbow tree. The bright sun shone on the beach, the rainbow tree swayed in the breeze, and the fragrance of flowers spread from a height to San Rafael’s nose.

Saint Rafael took a deep breath of the fragrance of the flowers, and seeing her expression, the doll Oran could even imagine the fragrance coming from the shop.

San Rafael talked about his plan, about the storage wonderland. “

“When I become a fourth-order fairy, the fairyland will become an independent space.”

“I will take it back to the kingdom of the creator, and you and the storage spirits can also follow me, and I can introduce my friends to you.”

“I have so many friends.”

“They were all very nice and funny.”

Saint Raphael pointed to the flowers of the rainbow tree: “At that time, the flowers of the rainbow tree will have the power of space, and a small dimensional space will appear in every flower that blooms. I saw it on the rainbow tree.”

“A flower is born when it blooms, and disappears when it falls.”

“These dimensional spaces can be used by mortals. The more they use them, the more their storage wishes will be turned into power and integrated into my rainbow tree, and the tree will grow bigger.”

“The bigger the tree grows, the more flowers it will have.”

“It will grow into hundreds of meters, thousands of meters, ten thousand meters.”

Saint Rafael never thought about how tall a 10,000-meter tree is, she just said it with her imagination.

Saint Raphael pointed to the White Tower again, and she also had plans for this tower.

“The tower will not change, so the duration of the things hidden inside is forever.”

If the space of Rainbow Flower is time-limited, then the White Tower is the real eternal storage space.

“That is, the tower will be full one day, should I build a new tower?”

“Also, now I don’t have a fourth order, and the flowers of the rainbow tree can’t condense the dimensional space.”

“How can I collect the prayer light about storage?”

Pushing the wheelchair, San Rafael leaned on the back of the chair and propped his chin with both hands.

“If only someone could help me think about it.”


“You are just a puppet, how can you solve my troubles for me?”

How could Oran be fooled by San Rafael’s obvious aggressive method?

It doesn’t like to be busy.

But under San Raphael’s chatter and magic voice, the puppet Oran still made a suggestion.

“Let the alchemist help you build the white tower through rituals, and turn the white tower into an alchemy tool.”

“As much as they expand this alchemy tool, they have as much storage space, so that this white tower will become stronger and stronger, with more and more storage space.”

“You can also use the petals of the rainbow tree as the core of the ritual array, and make a storage alchemy prop specially used for access, and connect with this fairyland and the white tower.”

“This item is the only certificate to open the inner space of the White Tower.”

“At the beginning, let the alchemist store items through the rainbow tree hole, and then take out the items through the rainbow tree hole.”

“When you become Tier 4 in the future, you can even guide alchemists or other professionals to create items that can be directly extracted and stored.”

As a former alchemist, the opinion put forward by the puppet Oran is still very reliable.

San Raphael nodded, but looked up at his rainbow tree.


“Will they pluck my rainbow tree?”

Sometimes Saint Raphael would ask some stupid questions, and the doll is no longer strange: “You are a fairy with extraordinary power, born with a holy race, as long as you become stronger and stronger , you can create countless petals.”

Saint Raphael felt that this method was really good, and she immediately rushed back pushing the wheelchair and the doll.

The doll Oran sat in a wheelchair and suddenly asked about San Raphael.

“You come from the Kingdom of Creator God.”

“Have you seen the Creator?”

Saint Rafael nodded: “Of course I have.”

Olan the puppet asked again: “What is the Creator like?”

When the puppet Oran asked me this difficult question, he remembered the statue of Sally, the mother of life, that he had seen in Suinhor.

That is an extremely great **** in myths and legends, a goddess who created all life including snake people.

In the thinking power of the snake people in the land of sunrise, the creator is the creator of the world, and the main **** of the temple of miracles, the master of dreams, is the main **** from the kingdom of gods.

Saint Raphael thought for a while, then said.

“I dare not look.”

“But it should be a person who is as dazzling as a star. I can see endless rays of light pouring out of his body and spreading to the whole world when I lower my head.”

“You can feel that He is the source of all power, the beginning of all.”

The puppet Olan thinks this statement fits the definition of a god: “Indeed.”

“He made us.”

The two people were talking about the same person, but neither of them knew.

The puppet Oran asked again: “Then what about the **** of alchemy and magic, the great Iva?”

Saint Raphael replied, “He was a good man, and He was generous.”

The doll Oran was the first to hear someone use such words to describe a god.


After half a year.

Black Fire City, the land of the rising sun.

A mercenary wearing leather armor and holding an iron sword entered the hall of the alchemist council and threw the head of a four-armed snake demon on the table; the bracelet on his hand was obviously a powerful alchemist Props, this is a powerful and powerful mercenary.

Most of these people will become knights under one of the lords in Suinhor and Ten Thousand Snakes Court, or directly join the legion, seeking to become nobles; there are also people who choose to join the temple and become **** servants.

However, the atmosphere in the Land of Sunrise is more open, and this place itself is a no-nonsense area.

Many low-level powerful people from the local area or from Soinhorn and the Ten Thousand Snakes Court chose to join the fleet to go to sea, choose to become mercenaries, or simply wandered around for some reason to form a certain supernatural force .

Some schools of alchemy first emerged in this way.

He wiped his nose triumphantly and asked the waiter behind the desk.

“How many Xinji can be exchanged?”

Xingji means gold in the Snakeman language, and it is also the name of the first great elder of the Land of the Rising Sun.

However, since the gold coins of the Land of the Rising Sun also have the humble portrait of the great elder printed on them, the meaning of Xinji now also represents gold coins.

The waiter invited an alchemist from behind, and the alchemist said to the mercenary after checking.

The two seem to know each other, or they have already dealt with each other many times.

“You’re in luck.”

“The price of materials has increased recently.”

In the initial stages of making props, alchemists use their own power to make props.


They extract materials by hunting monsters to create the alchemy props they want.

But recently, the alchemists have a new goal.

By hunting monsters in the abyss, extract power and desired alchemy materials from monsters.

The power of the abyss is corrosive, but the alchemists have a way to strip the power from spiritual pollution through the lamp of the deed.


Recently, in the Land of the Rising Sun, even Suinhor and the Court of Ten Thousand Serpents, a profession of demon hunters has sprung up.

By hunting down the fallen, the fallen demons.

Use their body materials to exchange huge amounts of wealth with the alchemists, or exchange alchemy props, magical secrets and other things.

The mercenary took the bag and weighed it. After opening it, he found that it was indeed too much.

It was related to his own way of making a fortune, so he asked again.

“Why did the price increase?”

The alchemist replied: “Didn’t you hear the news? A fairy descended from the kingdom of the gods and brought blessings from the gods to mortals.”

The alchemist’s voice was full of admiration, this is the fairy who brought them wealth and magic, and it was nothing to him.

Is there anything more generous than this?

“The fairies brought us the gospel, the real gospel.”

“The fairy gave us the power and method to make storage props, because to make storage props, supernatural materials are very scarce recently.”

“You can take the opportunity to salvage a fortune.”

“After a while, maybe it will come down.”

Young demon hunter: “Storage props? What’s the use?”

The alchemist took out a ring with a petal pattern printed on it: “See it? This is a storage item.”

“I can store things in the fairy wonderland, and then extract them from any place through the rainbow tree.”

The young witcher approached: “There must be a lot of treasures hidden inside!”

The alchemist immediately took his hand back: “You don’t need to know about that.”

The young demon hunter’s mind was very flexible, and he immediately thought of the usage of this storage item.

“In this case, it is equivalent to having a treasure house that no one can take or steal?”

Alchemist: “Not only that, for example, I hid a batch of important things in the City of Lights, and then as long as I send this ring to someone, he can get these things in the City of Fire Protection.”

“There are many other uses, so I don’t need to tell you more.”

The demon hunter wondered if he could hide some of his things.

In this way, if your identity is exposed and you meet someone who is chasing you, if you want to run away, you won’t be afraid that you won’t be able to take your things with you.


The demon hunter is a wanted criminal of Suinhall, which is not surprising. Many people in this industry are people with questionable identities from all over the world.

At this time, the alchemist took the opportunity to say: “Recently, I have been making storage props, and I am quite proficient.”

“If you get more supernatural materials, I can also calculate the price for you.”

The witcher asked the alchemist: “What if I want a ring like this?”

The alchemist said: “It’s cheaper for you.”

The demon hunter nodded in satisfaction, and then prepared to leave.

When he left, he couldn’t help asking.


“What’s the name of that fairy?”

The alchemist said to him: “San Raphael.”

The demon hunter nodded and wrote down the name: “This name doesn’t sound like a mortal.”

That’s it.

The name of St. Raphael, the Store Fairy, also began to spread throughout the Land of the Rising Sun.

In the future, it may spread all over the world.

As long as there are powerful people and places where storage items are used, people will know her existence.

With the rise of storage props, more and more alchemists choose to make storage props, and the feedback of these human actions is quickly transmitted to the unsatisfactory storage wonderland.

In the wonderland of storage.

Santa Rafi pushed her wheelchair to climb up the spiral stairs outside the White Tower, suddenly she raised her head and opened her mouth wide.

“Ah cut.”

The puppet sees San Raphael’s movement very strangely: “Do fairies also sneeze?”

San Rafael told the doll Oran: “Recently, many people pronounce my name.”

“I’m blocked.”

“Then I don’t know why, it just became like this.”

“Maybe I’m not used to so many people calling me, it will be fine after a while.”

San Rafael finished sneezing, and then became triumphant.

“No way, who made me so popular?”

“Although what they said was weird, some people treated me like a wishing machine and asked me to give them gold coins.”

“I’m not a gold coin fairy.”

Fairies are dream beings. When someone pronounces their names, especially when they are powerful.

They will feel certain information through the dream world.

Puppet Oran: “Why don’t you open a door? Do you have to leave this ladder?”

When asked by the puppet about why it didn’t open a door, she replied.

“Don’t you think that entering the White Tower like this makes you feel better?”

“It’s like letting a paper airplane fly out, you have to haha ​​at the plane.”

Puppet Oran: “What is a paper airplane?”

San Rafael: “It is an airplane made of paper.”

The puppet Oran still didn’t understand: “Then what is the plane?”

San Rafael was stunned immediately: “Huh? Yeah?”

She looked at the puppet Oran blankly: “What is the plane?”

She found that fairies have called paper airplanes for so long, but never understood the origin and meaning of this name.

“Anyway, that’s what the goblins say.”

As for where the goblin knew it from, it probably came from the gods in the pyramid temple.

It’s just that in this world, there are probably not many people who can look to Him for answers.

In other words, even if someone could meet the great Him, who would ask such a meaningless answer?

San Rafael entered the top of the White Tower.

Then boarded a white square box, and the box immediately began to descend rapidly, heading to the depths of the White Tower.

The surrounding boxes, big and small, made way for a passage, looking orderly.

But it has the same linkage feeling as dominoes.

Today’s White Tower is completely different from before. Based on the headquarters of the Tower Spirit School, it was refined into a super-large extraordinary tower by San Raphael with the help of the alchemists of the entire Sunrise Land. The embryo of props.

The White Tower has also completely changed its appearance from before. Although the outside is still cylindrical, the inside is square.

Going up and down in the White Tower is no longer through stairs, but a method of lifting stairs.

The interior of the white tower is divided into many grids, these grids are of different sizes, they are spliced ​​together, and the grids can even move up, down, left, and right.

These grids are lockers.

At the same time, you can also ride up and down on the lattice, which is very magical and interesting.

When there are not enough lockers, the tower of alchemy props will expand by itself, and then create new spaces and new storage grids.

However, this super-large alchemy prop has not yet been formed, and the space is sufficient, so naturally there is no need to consider this kind of problem.

When refining and designing this prop, the puppet Oran and old Bart gave many opinions.

For this aspect.

Both of them are professionals.

However, San Rafael still retains the way of entering the tower from the outside along the stairs to the top, and then into the tower.

Although this method is troublesome, San Rafael likes it very much.

San Rafael stood on the storage grid.

Looking at the storage grid slowly slowing down, it finally reached the deepest part of the White Tower.

There are several storage grids at the front of the number, which divide three huge lockers.

Saint Raphael deliberately left the first three empty, which means that these are the lockers she left for the three supreme gods.

Even these lockers will continue to expand and grow as her abilities become stronger and the White Tower grows larger.

Saint Raphael carefully placed the ring of the dream master Sheila in one of them. Although the dream master’s preservation was meant to be given to her, San Raphael still kept the ring when it was not in use. stored up.

Saint Rafael was very happy after putting things away.

“I did it.”

She turned her head to look at the puppet Oran, the joy and joy on her face were not hidden at all.

“This is the first storage mission I have received, and it was given to me by Sir Sheila.”


“I’m done with it.”

Saint Rafael felt as if she had completed the most important ceremony in her life, a very important agreement for her, and she brought the puppet Oran back to the top of the White Tower.

She began to transform the prayers of mortals about storage into the prayer light she needed.


“My prayer light.”

Rays of light burst out from the grid in the white tower, and then converged towards the sky.

The light fell like a rain of fire, falling into the entire storage fairyland, and falling into the interior of the White Tower.

One by one, the storage spirits turned into light spots and rushed out of the white tower, bathed in these lights, and started a new change.

Under the rendering of the light of prayer, the phantoms of these storage spirits became completely solidified.

One after another, the silhouettes and figures of the storage spirits appeared here.

They have the appearance of a snake man and wear similar clothes.

But they can help San Raphael with a lot of things, if they want to.

Looking at the familiar figures, the puppet stood up from the wheelchair without wanting to move at all.


The radiance in the doll’s oran jewel-studded eyes became brighter and brighter.

There is no expression on the face of the puppet Oranmetal, but its voice is trembling.

These people used to belong to a certain faction, including old people, middle-aged people, and young people.

Although these storage spirits seem to be awake sometimes, they exist because they are attached to this fairyland. They remember some of the past, but most of the time they seem to be sleepwalking.

The puppet Oran walked forward blankly, approaching the storage spirits.

The storage spirits turned their heads one by one, and the first person started to call out to Oran.


Then, the second sound, the third sound.



They finally broke free from the eternal darkness and chaos. Although there is only a shadow left, at least they will not be imprisoned in pain forever.

Extraordinary is like a double-edged sword. It gives you the power to surpass the ordinary, but the consequences of using it indiscriminately are extremely terrible.

It gives you consciousness and wisdom, but it may also imprison your consciousness and wisdom in darkness forever.


This is also the reason why the creator created the fantasy star sea.

Looking at it, he suddenly lowered his head.

He dared not look any further.


“Are you back?”

A cry from Oran directly made Oran kneel on the ground.

It suddenly hit the ground hard, then hugged its head.

Saint Raphael didn’t understand how the puppet became like this, let alone the agitated emotions inside it.

At this moment, Old Tut, the watchman who was collecting petals under the rainbow tree, suddenly sensed something.

It rushed up from the foot of the mountain and quickly reached the top of the tower.

Then he froze completely.

The old caretaker Tut suddenly remembered that he was once the most talented student of the Tarling School.

Decades ago.

Both he and Oran are the teacher’s students, and they studied under the head of the Taling School.

At that time, the Tower Spirit School had a large number of teachers and students, and the entire Golden City belonged to them. The people of the Tower Spirit School thought that they were at the forefront of alchemy, and their ideas could change the world.

“Traditional family alchemists are conservative and ignorant, only schools can create the future.”

“The secret of the tower spirit is the ultimate secret of the alchemist, creating a tower spirit with wisdom.”

“Where does the wisdom to find life come from.”

“Find all the answers, this is the alchemist.”

Old Tutt can still think of these words that transcended the times. Those words were spoken by these people in front of him. Every word can change the times and the world.

Until one day, everyone began to question the meaning of Ta Ling.

Batch after batch of people left the Taling School, and even fought with each other.

Finally, the teacher decided to start the experiment.

However, so many people have failed in the past, this time there was no miracle, and even more terrible consequences appeared.

It’s not just the teacher who has been corrupted by madness and turned into a terrifying prop.


Everyone went crazy.

In the end, it was Oran who fused Elena’s heart and killed the mad teacher and all the members of the Taling School.

But even so, even so.

Everything cannot end, everyone has turned into evil spirits and is imprisoned in this white tower. The once sacred tower has become a terrifying prison.

Old Tut looked at a figure in front of him, this time he did not cry or feel sad.

Instead, he gradually smiled.

“They are all back.”

“All are back.”

He chased over the edge of the tower, touching every shadow, calling their names.

He came in front of the kneeling puppet, and in front of the kneeling and trembling Olan, who buried his head and dared not lift it up.

Old Tut stared at Oran for a long time.

Finally, he let out a long sigh.

He stretched out his hand to get him up, and helped up this good friend who had lost everything like him, even his body had been completely lost.

Olan lowered his head and asked Old Tut.

“Do you hate me?”

“Hate me for killing them?”

Old Tut showed a tired expression on his old face: “I don’t hate you for killing them, they are no longer what they used to be, I just hate why you didn’t stop the teacher with me .”

“I actually hate myself too, if I could have been more determined.”

“However, who knew it would turn out like this?”

Old Tut kept shaking his head, his brows drooping and his expression became uncomfortable and sad: “We are like gamblers, always thinking that we will succeed next time.”

“But never really thinking about it, we may also have the most terrible failure.”

The puppet Oran didn’t dare to look up at all, he didn’t dare to look at these people.

“Where is the teacher?”

Old Tut told it: “He’s not here.”

The puppet Olan immediately understood that the other party should have chosen to enter the dream world in the end.

In an instant, the doll’s body collapsed a lot.

The mouth of Oran the doll opened, then closed, and spoke in words too small to be heard.

“Can he pass the judgment of the Creator?”

Old Tutt said something that St. Raphael said before: “Let all sins be left to the Creator to decide!”

The old caretaker Tut looked around, looking at the white tower.

The obsession of his life, the place where he was imprisoned for the rest of his life.


“This is no longer a prison.”

“This is the White Tower.”

Finally, his eyes fixed on San Rafael.

“Master San Rafael!”

“You saved them, and…”

“Saved us.”

Olan the puppet raised his head and looked at Old Tut. Old Tut looked completely different from before.

It seems that a knot in my heart has completely dissipated.

Saint Rafael looked at the two of them. Although she couldn’t understand their emotions, she still said according to her own thoughts.

She puffed out her chest and looked like I was very powerful.

“Don’t be afraid.”

“From now on, you will live in my fairyland, and I will protect you.”

Old Tut laughed suddenly, and those who didn’t know thought that the person in front of him was not a fairy.

It’s the eldest sister of an underground force in Lantern City.

The storage spirits gradually returned to their positions, falling into every corner of the storage wonderland.

This fairyland has also become lively, and you can talk to these storage spirits wherever you go.


They alternately lucid and confused, and they repeat themselves.

But occasionally, there are always some unexpected reminders.


Saint Raphael wrote letters to friends in the Kingdom of Creator God, telling them everything about himself in the world.

There are fairies, there are goblins, and there are gods.

She specially opened a storage space for Sir Sheila, the master of dreams, and put the ring that Lord Sheila gave her to keep in it.

“I also left one for Insai, and I am looking forward to doing something for the supreme Insai.”

“Although I no longer send letters for the gods, I can still store things for the gods.”


“There is also the master of life.”

But when she writes this name, she always thinks of the scene where she was captured by the Master of Life.

At that time, Sally, the master of life, watched her go through the tree hole, and she wanted to learn from her to get into the tree hole of the rainbow tree.

Fortunately, she was finally persuaded by Master Sheila.

So she wrote below: “Because the aura of the ruler of life is too majestic and powerful, the weak and poor Saint Raphael dare not take the liberty to disturb him. If Mrs. Sheila sees the ruler of life, please Help me convey it!”


The Kingdom of the Creator God.

The rainbow tree hole outside the window of the pyramid temple shone with light, and a star light floated up and rushed into the temple.

Not long.

A white and flawless palm grasped something in the starlight.

Sheila received a letter from San Rafael, which described the interesting things that happened around San Rafael recently, and then thought of the strange things that San Rafael once said.

The master of dreams, Sheila, couldn’t help laughing as she watched.

Because Saishen did not know when to appear in the temple, the Creator happened to see the scene where Sheila covered her mouth and smiled.

“Is it a letter from the fairy with glowing eyes?”

Sheila nodded and put down the letter in her hand: “Yes! God, do you remember her too?”

Yin Shen also has an impression of this special fairy, he said to Sheila.

“When you were young, everyone thought they could get everything in the world, and they always liked to hold everything they wanted in their hands.”

“Although she is a fairy in the forest, as long as she is a life, she will naturally have desires. This has nothing to do with good or evil.”

“It’s just that there are many things in this world that you can’t get all of them, and some things you have to learn to let go.”

Sheila stepped forward and looked at Yin Shen: “She is still too young, but one day she will know this.”

“Isn’t the meaning of life just to grow?”

“Just like I used to be.”

“I used to be the little girl who hid in the corner and cried because of my own mistakes.”

Yin Shen also remembered the past: “Yes!”

Although Yin Shen didn’t read the letter, he seemed to know the content of the letter.

In this world, it seems that there are not many things that can be hidden from His eyes.

“Since she gave me a storage box, let me put something in it!”

A look of surprise appeared on Sheila’s face.

She was also very curious about what Yin Shen would put in the Storage Wonderland.

Then, she saw Yin Shen broke off a branch from the rainbow tree outside the window.

The light flowed, and the branch became a small wooden hammer.

The master of the dream world looked at this thing with question marks all over his head.


She looked at Yin Shen, wanting to get an explanation.

But God Yin didn’t have anything to say, so she had to ask.

“Why a gavel?”

Yin Shen said: “Because it just fits.”

Sheila: “What is suitable?”

Yin Shen: “It’s suitable as a reminder, or a small punishment.”

Yin Shen didn’t explain, and there was a slight arc on his face.


On the wilderness further north of the Ten Thousand Snake King’s Court.

Mysterious stories and legends of the ancient Evil people are circulating here.

It’s just that so many years have passed, and those who have witnessed the existence of the city-state of Aiweier have all passed away, and only legends remain.


It is rumored that a group of strange people appeared on the wasteland with magical powers.

In the depths of the wasteland, a group of secret groups who believe in the **** of truth and knowledge are holding a grand ceremony.

This is a complex dark underground palace.

In the underground palace is an organization called Wasteland Witch Spirit, and the leader of the organization, Assassin Sukob, is praying to the gods.

“The **** who grasps the truth, the master of books and knowledge, the **** of eternal reincarnation.”

“Your kin and servant, Sukob, is requesting your will attention and is always ready to listen to your oracle.”

As the ceremony begins, mantras and gods are chanted repeatedly.

An indescribable feeling descended on this place.

Everyone was so overwhelmed by the powerful coercion that they couldn’t lift their heads, and even felt that the power and the book of witch spirits in their bodies were restless.

Everyone understands that the gods are watching here.

Su Kebu then prayed to the gods: “God of truth and knowledge.”


“The messenger of the Creator Kingdom came to the world, brought the oracle of the Creator to the world, and bestowed the Gospel on the Land of the Rising Sun.”

As soon as the words came out.

Suddenly, I felt that the gaze that was looking at the world changed completely, and it became infinitely larger, and everyone’s consciousness was frozen.

A stalwart gate slowly opened, and the shadow of a **** appeared in the gate.

A large number of ghosts appeared on both sides of the steps, and they looked at the believers in the world together.

This scene directly drives the believers who saw the gods and the door of truth for the first time crazy. There is nothing more sacred and glorious for believers than this.

The gods had a direct dialogue with Sukob and conveyed his will to him.

Su Kebu is not an ordinary believer, he is a family member who once endured the descending carrier of the will of the gods.


“Go to meet the envoy from the Kingdom of Creator God who represents the will of Insai God.”

After saying this, the door of truth slowly closed.

The wasteland witch spirit organization hidden in the depths of the wasteland also started to set out for the land of sunrise. (to be continued)


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