I am God Chapter 320: Bring the gospel to the world for the Creator


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San Raphael began to clean and tidy up the White Tower.

The puppet Oran was carried by San Raphael into a clean room, watching her carry the suitcase, stretch out her fingers and point to every corner of the room, one thing after another came out .

There are lights and mirrors on the walls.

There are beds, tables and chairs, and various decorations in the room.

This is San Rafael’s stuff in Rainbow Wonderland, and she moved it here.

Saint Raphael put the doll Oran on the chair and arranged it well.

“How did you do it?”

“There is a ritual array in my box, which is connected to Sister Flotty’s stationery fairyland. I entrusted her to send my things to me before.”

“As long as I activate the ritual array, things will be passed through Sister Floty’s rainbow tree.”

This is the power possessed by the fairies in the fourth-tier forest. Their fairyland has become an independent space, and they can even use the space as a transfer station to pass items.

“But sister Flotie has become a letter fairy, and she is already very busy just delivering letters.”

“So I want to be the first storage fairy.”

The puppet Oran laments the power of fairies, and their innate talent can create an independent space: “The power of fairies is really magical and powerful.”

San Rafael is not conscious: “Is it powerful? Just like it and use it together.”

Puppet Oran: “That’s because you are fairies, the existence of the kingdom of the Creator.”

It asked again: “Then why do you still carry a box and never leave your hand.”

This is not the first time that San Rafael has heard someone ask himself a question: “Because some things have to be kept close by and can be touched at any time to feel safe!”

Puppet Oran: “You like to put things away.”

Saint Raphael asked: “Of course, everyone has their own cherished things.”

“Everyone should have their own box, and put their favorite things in the safest place.”

Puppet Oran: “If the thing you like doesn’t belong to you, or wants to leave you.”

“What will you do?”

Saint Rafael didn’t think about this topic, she thought for a long time: “If it is someone else’s thing, I can exchange it; I have many treasures, and I can exchange it with others.”

Saint Raphael often exchanges treasures with the goblins, and each goblin is a treasure house in itself, they always like the new and dislike the old, chasing new and interesting things.

“As for leaving?”

“No, how could my things leave me?”

The doll Oran asked San Raphael: “After you build a new fairyland?”

“Are we treated as objects and imprisoned here forever?”

Saint Rafael wondered: “Imprisoned?”

“No, it’s a collection.”

“You are not human, and those floating light spots are all without wisdom. How can you call it a prison if you keep and protect an existence without wisdom and feeling?”

“But you are indeed a little strange.”

Saint Raphael stared at the puppet Oran: “You are a strange puppet, I have never seen such an existence.”

“How can props have wisdom?”

“Only mythical props have wisdom, how do you have wisdom?”

“Are you really a puppet?”

Saint Raphael couldn’t understand this question, but she really liked dolls.


“Just treat you as a puppet, and you will be with me from now on!”

Olan looked at San Rafael, and suddenly seemed to be struck by lightning, or woke up from a dream that he didn’t want to wake up.


“We are not alive.”

“Me, and them, and everyone.”

“We are all dead.”

The puppet sighed long and muttered.


“For decades.”

“Maybe, it’s time to end.”

Saint Rafael asked it: “End of what?”

The puppet no longer speaks, it seems to have really become a puppet.

Saint Raphael began to clean up the entire White Tower, and arranged a ritual array outside. She was going to bring her rainbow tree down from the Kingdom of Creator God and turn it into a fairyland.

The old caretaker Tut was also helping her. She didn’t expect that this old man looked ordinary, but he was very proficient in ritual patterns.

Even if San Raphael arranges one of the most complicated rituals in the second order, Old Tut can still help.

In the process of arranging the ceremony, San Raphael suddenly asked the old caretaker Tut.

“Have they really done a lot of bad things before?”

Old Tut was not in front of the puppet Olan, so he seemed less aggressive.

It looks like a kind and kind old snake man.

Old Tut showed a nostalgic expression, and there was regret in his eyes.

“Bad thing?”

“Maybe it’s not a bad thing.”

Saint Rafael: “Then why are they guilty?”

Old Tut was suddenly very excited: “Isn’t it a sin to touch the power that ordinary people should not touch and lose the awe of everything?”

“In order to pursue the so-called Taling esoteric meaning, I will ignore everything and take risks to carry out experiments that are not guaranteed.”

“Isn’t that the greatest sin?”

Saint Raphael stared at Old Tut, and then Old Tut came back to his senses.

He was a little apprehensive: “I’m sorry, Mr. San Rafael.”

“I shouldn’t have said this in front of you.”

Saint Rafael shook his head, expressing that he didn’t care.

“That’s why the puppets say they didn’t commit a crime, they just made a mistake.”

“They became like this because of the failure of an experiment?”

Old Tut looked at San Rafael: “Yes, Lord San Rafael.”

“Everything is because of that experiment.”

“It shouldn’t have happened, everything was wrong.”

“They finally paid for their mistakes, but at least they didn’t hurt others.”

Old Tut got up, suddenly remembered something and said something again.

“However, Lord San Rafael.”

“Don’t say that to Oran before.”

“Evil spirits also have their own feelings, and they are also very painful,

“And Oran.”

“It should be the one who suffers the most.”

Saint Raphael was thoughtful, and she recalled what the puppet said before.

At night, she quietly put a pack of her favorite pastries on the table.

She poked her finger at the doll again and whispered to it.

“I said the wrong thing.”

“You forgive me!”

The doll Oran turned his head and looked at San Rafael.

“You are a fairy, I am just a humble puppet, you don’t need to apologize to me.”

Saint Rafael: “What does that have to do with who I am?”

“I did something wrong, so I apologize to you.”

Although it feels that San Rafael acts like a child, hurting others because of his innocence and ignorance, but he will feel regret and embarrassment when he learns that he has hurt others.

It looked at the pastries on the table, and couldn’t help but laugh.

However, its face is made of metal, so there is no way to express its expression.

“I’m a puppet, so I don’t need to eat.”

Saint Raphael finally realized: “Ah!”

She scratched the back of her head and smiled innocently.

“I suddenly forgot.”

The puppet is helpless, it’s hard to get really mad at a guy like that.


Inside the White Tower.

Saint Raphael held a lamp of evil spirits that had fallen from the lamp of the divine deed, and said to the evil spirits hidden inside.

“I see you.”

“Come out, don’t be shy.”

The evil spirit rushed out ferociously: “Woo!”

Then it hit a layer of golden light.

It hit like a ball and bounced inside the white tower for more than a dozen rounds before finally returning to the lamp of evil spirits tiredly.

Saint Raphael finally saw clearly what kind of existence these evil spirits really were.

“A lot of people’s memories!”

She found that these evil spirits are all chaotic aggregates, and each evil spirit has multiple personal memories and desires.

This turned them into lamps of props and evil spirits, and they could never die like a human being, nor could they turn into a dream of life and return to the dreamy star sea of ​​the God of Creation.

“That’s how it is!”

“Of course it will be uncomfortable when so many people are crowded together.”

Although fairies cannot revive them, they can free them.

“Scatter all the power, and use the dream law of life set by the creator to complete the redemption, but this process must be completed in the dream world or fairyland.”

“Then you can turn into the dream of life again and go to the Kingdom of Creator God to accept the final judgment.”

“Of course.”

“If there is really no sin in you.”

The fairy looked at the lamps of the evil spirits and was very happy.

It’s like finding something interesting and new, something you want to do.

“La la la la la~”

But when she was singing happily and wiping the lamps, there was movement outside.

The Great Elder Hingis of the Land of Rising Sun brought a group of snake-man alchemists to the White Tower of Exile.

They asked to meet with the respected Messenger of the Gods to discuss the transfer and exile of the White Tower to become a fairyland and the use of storage fairyland by alchemists in the future.

Great Elder Hingis’ eyes flickered, and his gaze on the white tower obviously looked abnormal.

“Ta Ling School.”

“The most powerful alchemy school in the past, the madman school that threatened to directly break through the fourth-order apostle realm.”

Saint Rafael climbed out of the White Tower and sat on the top of the White Tower.

The great elder and a group of alchemists saluted the envoy below.

The Great Elder wrote the content of the contract on the paper with a pen, and then the contract floated to the top of the White Tower and fell into the hands of San Raphael.

Saint Raphael wrote what he wanted on it, and then verified the contract.

Although the Great Elder did not dare to tamper with the contract, San Rafael heard that there are many liars in the world, so he had to be careful.

The content of the contract is roughly.

Saint Raphael will be exiled from the White Tower as a fairyland, and the alchemist will have the permission to store items in the storage fairyland, but the alchemist must create a storage space by himself before he can store items in it.

Of course, the storage fairy will facilitate the alchemist to create a storage space.

Saint Raphael reviewed it briefly, and then crossed out one of the lines.

Her voice came from above the white tower, and the elder Xingis and his party could hear it clearly.


“It should be all intelligent species, not a single alchemist.”

“This world belongs to all intelligent species. I hope that my storage fairyland can be used by everyone, not by a certain person or race.”

There is no way, the Great Elder of the Land of Sunrise can only revise the content of the contract again.

Finally, the alchemists of the Land of Sunrise, who represent mortals, and Saint Rafael, the reserve fairy who represents the fairy clan, concluded a contract.

The fairy Saint Rafael painted a ceremony on the back of the contract, announcing the conclusion of the contract to the dream world as a fairy.

“Gods above, I swear in the name of the spirit world.”

“This contract is fulfilled.”

In a split second.

All the alchemists on the small island where the sun rose saw layers of dreamy starlight descending from the sky, covering the island.

Starlight surrounds the white pagoda paper, and finally manifests their contract into mysterious words and symbols.


Floating back to the dream world together.

Some alchemists looked at this scene blankly, their heads stiffened in shock.

Only then did they know that the power of the spirit world can not only form a contract, but also be used in this way.

Only then did they realize that the original contract was not just on paper.

It is that the fairy clan really made an oath with mortals that was recognized by the dream world and the gods.

But it is not a simple oath to be recognized by the spirit world.

Although the contract in the spirit world is not as powerful as the Wisdom Crown Oath, it directly penetrates into the root of wisdom, and can even directly bind a race for generations.

But its binding force is also very large, at least not something that ordinary people can defy.

Everything seems to be going well.

Saint Rafael chose this place to be her storage fairyland, and she signed a contract with the alchemists and all the intelligent species as the price of exchange.

The mortal world has undergone new changes, and the fairy family in the forest created by the master of dreams has also been endowed with new missions and meanings besides sending letters.

Saint Raphael on the top of the tower will return to the tower immediately, ready to start his own summoning ceremony of the rainbow tree.


“I finally found a suitable place, even the contract was concluded.”

“From now on, I will be a real storage fairy.”

“Storage is my duty.”

She was very excited and talking to herself.

It’s always like that in San Rafael.

Whatever comes to mind is what comes to mind, completely forgetting the snake man alchemists below to the back of his mind.

“Master San Rafael!”

But the Great Elder Hingis immediately shouted to Saint Raphael, and the voice was transmitted through the magic.

Saint Rafael stayed behind: “What’s wrong?”

Seeing the other party’s response, Great Elder Hingis said respectfully.

“The messenger family of the gods, Lord Saint Raphael from the kingdom of the gods!”

He finally made a request, and expressed his thoughts very sincerely and normally.

“Exile the White Tower is your fairyland, and it will no longer belong to the world!”

“But I hope that you can completely dispel the evil spirits in the tower, and then give us back what they left behind.”

The Great Elder speaks earnestly.

“After all.”

“They used to be alchemists, they were part of the Land of the Rising Sun, and they were fellow citizens of our blood.”

“We hope to bury them in the alchemist’s cemetery, so that they can rest forever.”

Great Elder Hingis was talking, and tears came to his eyes.

“Even if their consciousness can no longer return to the kingdom of the gods, then let them stay in the world and stay with their former kin.”

“Respected Lord Saint Raphael, Messenger of the Gods.”

“I think, a benevolent and kind fairy should agree to this little request from a mortal!”

After finishing speaking, he prostrated himself in a low voice and sincerely begged.

San Rafael was stunned. She heard what Hingis said was right, but she always felt that there was something wrong.


“But the exile White Tower I exchanged includes everything inside.”

The Great Elder Xingis said righteously: “They were all alchemists, and they were all real snake people.”

“How can a person with the identity of an alchemist be exchanged for an item?”

“This is an insult to the alchemist, of course not.”

The Great Elder immediately covered his chest and said sadly.


“It’s against our ethics and we can’t do this.”

Great Elder Xingis immediately brought up the identity of the gods and fairies to speak: “Respected Messenger of the Gods.”

“You are an envoy from the kingdom of the gods, how can you leave these evil beings in your kingdom?”

“They are evil and chaotic, they are corrupt.”

“Only entering eternal peace is their best destination.”

San Rafael hesitated.

She doesn’t have a clear concept of sin, and she doesn’t understand the definition of sin in the world.

As Oran the Doll said it wasn’t guilty, and old Tut the Keeper said they were guilty, she didn’t know who was right.

She felt that what Oran said was reasonable, but what Old Tut said was not wrong either.



The fairy is a little anxious, she has become very familiar with dolls and those so-called evil spirits recently, and she likes this place a little bit.

Even her liking for the place has something to do with them.

At this time, a ray of light rushed out from the white tower.

It regards the seal exiled from the White Tower as nothing, and its whole body exudes a metallic luster. The delicate metal doll rotates mechanically in its body, full of a sense of power.

It walked to the outside steps, walked past San Rafael, and walked down.

It said loudly, and the sound was transmitted through magic.

Mechanical and stiff rhythmic metal rubbing sound.

“I do.”

“I am willing to die, I am willing to annihilate everyone.”

“Since there is no way back, instead of wandering in the darkness forever, it is better to dissipate completely like this!”

The doll Oran came a little to the bottom of the tower, but the old warden Tut blocked his way.


“You can’t leave here, you can only stay in the tower forever.”

“You will pay for everything you have done.”

The doll Oran said to Tut: “I will not leave.”

“Let me die here!”

“If you die, you will be free.”


“It’s been decades, look at you have become an old man.”

“You’ve wasted most of your life here.”

The doll Oran looked at the old caretaker Tut, and sighed for him.

“You were so young, you are a gifted and talented person, you deserve a better life.”

“It’s not worth it…it’s really not worth it.”

“It’s over!”

“That’s the end!”

The puppet shook its head mechanically, looking a little dazed and stupid, but no one cared at the moment.

“I don’t know if I’m guilty, if I’m really wrong, but it doesn’t matter anymore.”

“That’s it!”

The old man screamed loudly that he could not accept this kind of answer.


“You can’t just die like this, your sins haven’t been redeemed enough.”

“Don’t try to escape, don’t try to escape responsibility.”

“Why did the Tower Spirit School become like this, and how did everything happen?”

“You are responsible, you are responsible, if you were firmer at the beginning, if you opposed it with me, nothing will happen later.”


The doll Oran looked at Tut and said to him.

“There is no if.”

“Everything has happened.”


“Let yourself go, let me go, and everyone in the Taling School!”

The old man Tut stood up in a daze, his body softened a little bit, and he lay on the ground crying loudly.

He himself didn’t know what he was crying about, crying about the decades he had lost?

Are you hating everything in the past and can’t get it back?

Or, could not accept Oran and everything left him.

This tower not only imprisoned the puppet Oran and many evil spirits, but also imprisoned himself.

San Rafael moved at this time.

Her figure flickered, and she appeared at the bottom of the tower from a high place, with colorful petals in the starlight.

She stood in front of Grand Elder Hingis and told her that she did not agree to his request.

“I don’t want to.”

“I don’t think they are evil spirits, nor are they bad people.”

Behind her back, the doll Oran spoke suddenly.

“Do you still want to store us in your fairyland? A fairy from the kingdom of the gods?”

Saint Raphael turned his head back and shook his head at the doll.


“I have a way.”

“I have a way to save all the evil spirits, and I will definitely have a way to save you in the future.”

The puppet was stunned for a moment, and there was a gleam of light in its jewel-encrusted eye sockets, but it dimmed in an instant.


“They have gone crazy, we are all completely broken, and it is impossible to recover.”

“It’s as if time can’t go back.”

Saint Rafael said loudly: “Puppet, I am a fairy from the Kingdom of Creator God.”

“I can’t bring them back, but I can make them a dream of life again.”

“They can enter the Kingdom of God of Creation to accept their own judgment.”

The puppet looked at San Rafael, it didn’t know whether to trust him or not.

San Rafael appeared directly on the stairs,

She turned her back to the sky and the sun, attracting the puppet and the caretaker Tut to look over.

She opened her arms, as if this could represent the Kingdom of the Creator God, and the will of the supreme God.

“We can’t decide who is right and who is wrong, who is really guilty.”

“Olan, Tut!”

“Let all sin and evil be judged by the will of the Creator!”

The doll looks up at San Raphael.

The light shines from behind San Rafael.

The giant tower of the White Tower, the boundless sea, and the clear sky.

At this moment.

It seems to have truly understood what it means to be a messenger of God, and it has also seen the light of redemption.

The Great Elder Hingis did not want to see this happen. He was about to persuade San Rafael, and he was just one step away from success.

“Master San Rafael!”

“I still have something to want…”

But San Rafael appeared directly in front of Hingis with a flash of starlight and the shadow of petals.

“Don’t worry.”

“I won’t take it for nothing, since they are not in the contract, then I will exchange them with you with other things.

She stretched out her hands, and her suitcase suddenly appeared in her hands.

The suitcase bounced open, and a stone lump flew out from inside.

An ugly statue of a human head appeared in San Rafael’s arms.

“Dang Dang Dang Dang!”


San Raphael’s tone was excited and full of emotion.

The thing that seems to appear on the stage is an incredible treasure, a treasure that is hard to find in the whole world.

Saint Raphael once again made a deal with Grand Elder Hingis, and it was a deal he couldn’t refuse.

“This is a sacred object given to me by your gods, the holy artifact of the **** of alchemy and adultery.”

“How about I exchange them with the holy things of your gods.”


Seeing Hingis’ jaw dropping in shock, San Rafael thought he was shocked by this treasure.

She felt a little proud of herself.

Unexpectedly, I would even be willing to take out such a treasure!

You made a lot of money.

Saint Raphael is also full of consideration for the elders.

She felt that although the Great Elder Hingis in front of her didn’t look like a good person, he was actually quite a good person.

“Don’t worry!”

“I will not let your compatriots degenerate, they will welcome the dream of life they should have.”

“They will be redeemed and will no longer be evil spirits.”

Saint Raphael saw the great elder Hingis standing there in a daze, and directly stuffed the “sacred object” into his arms.

You don’t want to be polite to me.

The Great Elder was stunned as he held a lump of stone in his arms.


“Holy object?”

But this is indeed a holy object, with the power of the **** of alchemy and **** surging on it.

But there are a lot of things piled up in the kingdom of the **** of alchemy and adultery, all of which are so-called “holy artifacts”.

Besides, there are obviously many powerful things in it that are unimaginable to ordinary people, why did the **** of alchemy and adultery choose such an ugly stone lump to give to you?

The **** of alchemy and adultery must not like you very much, right?


They dare not say worthless, or even refuse, which is blasphemy.

He could only welcome him back respectfully, and left the island with his people.

San Rafael was still in the distance, waving at their ship.

I couldn’t be happier.

She felt that this time it was not a win-win situation, but a win-win situation.

No, more than triple wins.

Counting so many evil spirits, this must be at least a hundred wins.

She stood by the golden beach and shouted into the distance.

“This is a meaningful exchange, this is the conclusion of a contract between the intelligent species and the fairy.”

“This day will go down in history.”

The Great Elder Hingis on the boat turned around, wondering what he was thinking.


Rainbow Wonderland.

A group of fairies surrounded a thick and tall rainbow tree, facing it and performing some kind of prayer ceremony to communicate with the world.

And the world on the other side.

Under the golden sandy beach and the white pagoda, Saint Raphael, a fairy in the forest, is also holding a ceremony like a dancing god.

This strange fairy was chanting a spell while uttering strange words.

“My rainbow tree, come quickly!”

“Come on quickly!”

“Come on, come on, come on.”

Suddenly, there was a sound like thunder in the sky.


A passage between the human world and the dream world was opened, in the shape of a black vortex.


In the vortex in the center of the sky, a tall colorful flower tree fell down.

The rainbow tree of San Rafael falls into the middle of the island, rooted in the very center.

A circle of light spread out, covering a radius of hundreds of meters.

Which includes the White Tower.

The field expands.

The power of the fairy in the forest is integrated with the small island, and connected with this land.

The entire Tower of Exile and this small island gradually disappeared, disappearing above the sea, and this tall white tower could no longer be seen from the coast of the Land of the Rising Sun.

Ordinary people can no longer easily enter here.

Subsequently, the rainbow tree opened up the channel of this area and all the rainbow trees, and connected with the tree hole space of all the rainbow trees in the world.

“By contract.”

“Start connecting channels, connect all rainbow trees.”

In the hole of the rainbow tree in San Rafael, the vortex was constantly spinning, and finally stopped, opening one channel after another.

The scene at the other end of the tree hole is constantly changing.

Sometimes it is a forest.

Sometimes swampy lakes.

Sometimes you can see villages and cities in the distance.

Saint Raphael looked at everything here, watching the light film isolate the connection between here and the outside.



“This is my wonderland.”

She was overjoyed.

Saint Raphael flew up directly, and flew into the midair.

She flew to the rainbow tree, and used her own power to guide the power of the tree and the dream world, and with the huge power before the ceremony ended, she directly brushed towards the White Tower.

The power of the dream swept across.

All the spiritual structures in the White Tower were instantly defeated, the power of the evil spirits was dispelled, and then reconstructed by the laws of the dream world.

Turned into a personal life dream.

Saint Rafael guides them to the sky, to the entrance of the dream world that has not yet been closed.


“Let’s go to the Kingdom of God of Creation!”

“Go to that eternal sea of ​​stars where all souls belong.”

Staying in front of the entrance to the sky, her expression suddenly became much more serious.

“Fear not, there is no pain ahead, only eternal peace and sweet dreams.”

“The sacred ship will welcome you.”

“The sea of ​​dreams is waiting for you.”

“You will always be by the Creator’s side.”

A personal dream of life rushed into the sky and embarked on the last journey of life.

But there are some dreams of life that do not enter the dream world.

Instead, he chose to stay.

Stay with Oran, stay with San Rafael.

Bring yourself into this storage wonderland.

They became individuals with only memories left, phantoms one by one.

Like the phantoms of the three-leaf people in the land of fairies, the administrator of the library.

In the future, if Saint Rafael or the storage fairy can become a demigod one day, these phantoms can also become her spirit of prayer.

Or she can also call it the spirit of storage now, because they also voluntarily become part of this storage wonderland.

The storage spirits turned into light and surrounded the white tower, as if celebrating their new life.

Some storage spirits collided together.

They seem to know each other and seem to be whispering.

The puppet Oran appeared beside San Rafael at some point, and it looked at San Rafael.

It doesn’t know how to speak, but it can feel very excited.

It’s like seeing light in the endless darkness.

“You redeemed them.”

Olan the puppet did not say a word.

Saved me too.

“Thank you.”

“Thank you very much.”

This is the first time San Rafael has been thanked by someone.

In the Kingdom of God of Creation, everyone will like her very much, and will like to talk and play with her.

In the world, everyone respects her, even fears her.

Only no one will thank her.

She didn’t know how to answer the other party, so she could only scratch her head, and then said proudly and proudly.

“You’re welcome.”

“Because – I am the messenger of the gods.”

“I come from the Kingdom of Creator God, and it is also my duty to bring the gospel to the world for the Creator.” (To be continued)


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