I am God Chapter 304: : Ritual of Demigod Recovery


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Towering mountains, vast and boundless plains.

The ribbon-like river wraps around the city, which gets thicker with time. . .


The silver-winged dragon flew across the plains, mountains and rivers, startling a large number of beasts drinking water by the river.

The flying dragon splashed water on the Shepherd’s River, and then soared into the sky.

The mountain at the end of the sky is getting closer and closer.

Silver Winged Wyvern is the eye of Duma, and it is also the node connecting the other end of the world with the giant island of Ruhe.

Duma has already drawn a map of Ruhe Giant Island, which is a giant island with a high north and a low south, and it has an area of ​​millions of square kilometers.

There are snake people, monsters and all kinds of powerful people on the island.

And the gods.

She saw an overwhelming blood-stained ocean on the southeast coast, and an unknown existence was peeking into the sky from the bottom of the sea.

She was also frightened by the terrifying shadow at the bottom of the sea, which was a demigod with life power.

In the Sunrise Mountains.

She saw someone enter the garden of miracles from the waterfall falling from the sky in a boat. The garden full of silver cups of desire is bright and brilliant in the daytime, and endlessly lit at night.

She has seen the Miracle Temple in the Land of Sunrise, witnessed the Fairy Prayer Festival in the City of Lights, and seen the incredible rainbow flower tree of the Fairy Clan.

She had seen the city of sky and sea of ​​clouds left 250 million years ago in Suinhor’s Fire Temple. Unfortunately, when she really wanted to see the lost country, it was completely gone when she arrived. closed.

In fact, even the sea of ​​clouds is still open.

She stared at the looming shadow in the sea of ​​clouds, but she didn’t have the guts to go in.

There is a forbidden place named after death, and there are creations that the snake people call the leftovers of the gods.

But Duma knew that it was a relic from the previous era.

There are too many miracles here, and too many footprints belonging to the gods, but she still hasn’t found the things left by her own gods in this world.

And at this moment.

She came to the place where life began in myths and legends, that is, the sacred mountain where the master of life created snake people and winged people.

The silver-winged dragon broke through the sea of ​​clouds and flew all the way to the highest point.

Above the sea of ​​clouds, the sun shines on the golden dome.

The Silver Winged Wyvern finally arrived at its destination.

Holy white feathers fell from the sky, and the charismatic puppets unique to fourth-order powers were activated.

The feather instantly turned into the shadow of the sky angel, and Duma appeared on the edge of the mountain top illuminated by the sun.

Duma’s divine puppet stood barefoot on the edge of the cliff, looking down.

The lower part is completely occupied by a dense sea of ​​clouds, and the earth, mountains and rivers can be seen through the scattered clouds in the distance.

Even with Duma’s personality that doesn’t show emotions easily, he couldn’t help but say something.

“This mountain is so high.”

Duma had never seen such a high mountain.

Compared with this mountain, even the former Fenboukin Mountain is small.

This mountain is so high that it seems that you can really overlook the whole world, and you can tell at a glance that this is definitely not a creation of nature.

It is a miracle bestowed by the gods.

Duma walked inside and looked at the surrounding environment.

She wants to find the traces of her family, the place where she was born.

“The mountain where life originated.”

“Legend, the master of life blew the horn, and the giant island of Ruhe rose from the sea, and there was life and green between the heaven and the earth.”

“The master of life first created the snake man, and then he wanted to create species that fly in the sky.”

That is Wing Man.

Durma read the myth of the snake man, and everything was the same as what Afoan said.

The other party did not deceive her.

The civilization of the snake people originated from the era of Sermos, the mother of all snakes, thousands of hundreds of years ago.

In that distant era, they had learned to write, build cities, cook, and breed.

They believed in the master of life, but because of the mistakes made by the snake mother Semoss, the master of life left here disappointed.

And that mistake was that the mother of ten thousand snakes, Sermos, let go of the ancestor of the Winged Man on the Tongtian Tower.

Since then, Yiren left Ruhe Giant Island and went to the other side of the world.

After the Silver Winged Wyvern arrived at Ruhe Giant Island, Duma had seen this legend many times.

Some come from books, some come from paintings.

There are poems on the celebration.

But only when you stand here, you can feel the magnificence of this mountain of origin of life, feel the breath of gods and the rhythm of life left here.

In order to truly experience the sense of reality.

“Although Avon did not deceive me, she concealed the legend about the ancestor of the winged people exiled by Sermos, the snake mother.”

“Is it because we are afraid that we will have hatred and hostility towards the snake people after we know it?”

Duma can probably guess what Afyan was thinking, but when standing here, it is difficult to really empathize with him.

Because everything is too long ago.

It’s so long, it can only be called a myth.

Duma shook his head: “Avon is an upright man, a good man, and a hero of the Evil people.”

“But he also has the paranoia, partiality, and arrogance of ordinary people.”

“We have always been like this, light and darkness coexist.”

Duma thought of Avon. They were not friends, but they were still sad about his end.

Duma picked up a stone on the ground.

Holding it in her hand, she bathed in the blazing sun on the top of the mountain, as well as the cold wind.

“If our ancestors stayed on Ruhe Island at that time, what would it look like?”

“Will it get better?”

“Will it still be like the Mother of Ten Thousand Snakes is afraid of, and the two sides will continue to fight like natural enemies?”

She lost her mind and thought of one question after another.

“The master of life is too great, he was born before everything started, and he doesn’t need anything from mortals.”

“He created us only because He could.”

“Does He really need us? What is the meaning of our existence to Him?”

Duma thought for a long time, but in the end he couldn’t figure out such a problem.

She is too small, how can she guess the thoughts of these eternal gods.

The top of the mountain is bare.

There is nothing left.

Duma has seen the records and pictures of the Snakeman. There used to be a city of life, a temple of life masters on this mountain, and a Tongtian Tower leading to the kingdom of the gods, but now all of them have disappeared.

Duma stood in the middle of the hilltop.

As she looked around, a powerful spiritual force spread from the stone in her hand.

Through the reverse time, trace back the information that has passed away with the years, and reveal everything that used to be.

In her eyes.

Roads appeared on the bare mountaintops, district buildings appeared, and tall altars appeared.

Behind the altar, a temple like a giant’s palace appeared.

It is simple but grand, it is simple but heavy.

It will have that kind of divine, majestic feeling.

Protrude to the fullest.

There should be a candlestick-like divine seat in the temple, but Duma’s spirituality dare not go back.

That’s not what she can and can see.

Duma looked at this city built by giant monsters in shock. It has the same feeling as that of “The Lost Kingdom”. Feel.

She walked through the streets of the city of life in her eyes, past the high, burning altars.

She walked towards the back of the Temple of Life.

There, she saw a huge tower.

“Babel Tower!”

The giant tower built by the Snake Man for the Mother of Life. It is said that the Mother of Life travels between the kingdom of the gods and the human world from here.

Duma walked towards the giant tower a little bit, getting closer.

The huge tower was constantly enlarged in her eyes.

Her slender neck was raised like a swan, and her head was raised higher and higher.


“The original creator, the source of all power and strength, the three gods of wisdom, life, and dreams.”

“As for the other gods, they are great existences that have come from ancient times across time.”

“At the beginning of this era, the master of life created everything.”

“She is the Creator of all life.”

“This is where the Wingman was born.”

“The master of life is that the snake man was first created on the mountain of origin of life, and then we were created on the Tongtian Tower!”

According to the information she knew from Afoan, and what she saw from the spiritual gate later, combined with what she got from the giant island of Ruhe.

Duma also lifted the layers of fog little by little, and saw the ancient truth.

In this era.

Few people know more than she does.

At last she stood at the foot of Tongtian Tower, as if she could directly touch its dark stone wall.

Her head was raised higher.

She seems to have seen the chains on the Tongtian Tower and heard the voices of the ancestors of the Winged People.

The chains bind a group of winged and intelligent beings, born to belong to the sky.

“My ancestors!”

“Did you want to stay? Or did you want to leave?”

“Do you want to be bound by chains in the tower of God, or do you want to fly freely in the sky?”

Although Duma can’t see, she can imagine everything in the past.

She heard the rattling of chains.

The ancestors of the Yiren broke free from the chains and flew farther and farther into the distance.

She chased after her until one step almost missed her.

And everything around her also disappeared in her eyes.

There is no ancient city, no temple ruled by life, and the giant tower reaching the sky is long gone.


Although they are all invisible now, it does not mean that they did not exist.

Duma looked at the sea of ​​clouds in the distance, and she seemed to see groups of Winged Men flying side by side.

Through the clouds and sky, fly across the sea.


“Although everything is not the best, it is not the worst ending either.”

“This world has always been like this.”

After completing his pilgrimage, Duma felt a lot more relaxed.

Duma was about to leave when another person just came here.

Outside the city of Pans.

A man with an unshaven beard and a face full of vicissitudes came from a distance.

His clothes were covered with dust, and the sword in his hand looked expensive, but the once gorgeous scabbard went somewhere, and turned into an inconspicuous leather scabbard.

Xia Na looked at the capital city of Ten Thousand Snake King’s Court in the distance, but what was more conspicuous was the sacred mountain behind Pence City.

Xia Na stopped for a moment.

He looked at this great mountain of origin of life, and suddenly recalled that sentence.

“If a person lives in this world, if he has not seen the Fire Protection Temple in the Fire Protection City, the Mountain of Origin of Life behind Pans City, and the giant statue of God Iva in the Light City, isn’t his life in vain? “

He came here because of this sentence, looking for clues and traces of Carmon.

Next, he will go to the wasteland and the frozen plateau.

He searched many places, but he couldn’t find Carmon again.


What else can he do but look for it?

If you don’t vent that powerlessness, that resentment and despair.

What is the meaning of his life?

And he obviously felt that Carmon was by his side, but he couldn’t touch him anyway.

He looked up at the mountain of origin of life.

How insignificant he is compared with that mountain.

So weak and powerless.

Just like a mortal faces fate.

Xia Na suddenly burst into tears, he was obviously not sad.

In other words, since he left his hometown, it is difficult for him to understand what it feels like to be sad.

But he still shed tears.

A shadow pierced through the sea of ​​clouds and hovered above the sea of ​​clouds halfway up the mountain of the origin of life.

Shaner noticed the black dot hovering high above, and his sharp, unhuman eyes saw what the shadow was at a glance.

It was as if he had once penetrated the tomb of the king of Siinza and seen the jewel in the crown.

“It’s that thing.”

Silver Winged Dragon.

On the mountain of the origin of life, Duma’s spiritual intuition also made Duma notice that someone was looking at her silver-winged dragon.

Duma looked down from a high place, and noticed Xia Na at a glance.

But she didn’t remember the other party, after all, Xia Na only appeared in front of her eyes once.

That encounter was just a glimpse of the silver-winged wyvern passing the sky, and the other party did not look much different from other living beings on the earth.

She and Shana didn’t know.

Every encounter is not entirely an accident.

It is the attraction of the spiritual source to the desire personality, and it is the pursuit of the missing part of oneself by the source of desire.

Dream world.

The name of an item on the God’s Cup at this moment is also revealed again, including all its detailed information.

[Divine Artifacts: Destined String Puppet]

【Serial Number 19】

【Second-generation saint Stan Tito is a master craftsman. He once left behind a masterpiece called The Puppet of Fate. That ancient work has long since disappeared in the years, but he The story and past are still remembered by posterity; this magical prop is made according to the work of Saint Stan Tito, and the person who made it changed fate into destiny, because it not only symbolizes destiny , is also an indelible agreement that has been passed down through the ages. 】

[Ability 1 Thread of Memory: The Stone of Knowledge produced by the Four Points of Divine Grace is condensed from Shaw’s knowledge and memory. The ability to manipulate other people’s bodies, seize other people’s wisdom, and modify other people’s memories; the thread of memory itself does not have wisdom, but can only plunder other people’s bodies so as to have the ability to think with the help of the other’s body and wisdom. Shaw’s servant Kamon turned into The thread of memory will follow the plan that has been made for generations until the plan is fully realized. 】

[Ability 2 Puppet of Personality: The Stone of Desire created by the secret technique of four points of grace is composed of Xiao’s desire and personality. Actively looking for the carrier species, with the help of the division of this race from generation to generation, they share the same personality and follow the arrangement of the line of memory; the personalities of Desire Stone and Shana will instinctively pursue their own things, Shaw’s once-lost part. 】


Although Shana saw the Silver Winged Dragon again, he did nothing but lament the past.

Duma also saw Xia Na, but she didn’t care at all.

Just be a passerby.

However, at this time, another shadow frantically rushed towards the mountain of origin of life.

Chasing in the direction of Duma.

Duma was just about to leave, but she frowned and looked behind her.

“Who is it?”

I only saw white silk threads crawling up, like a large group of bugs.

The dense threads are intertwined and finally converged into a human shape.

The people in the thread group were very excited and confused.

“It’s you…”

“It’s you…”

“Found it… finally found it.”


“Found it.”

Last time, he also saw Duma’s Silver Winged Dragon.

It was the first time that under the guidance of instinct, Xia Na encountered a place that represented spiritual power.

But because the silver-winged dragon flew past, it was impossible for Kamon to catch up with him.

A few years later, Carmon finally met her again.

Duma asked the person made of thread in front of him: “Who are you?”

The threadball man stabilized a little bit with his chaotic body, and the rhythm of his speech also became smoother.

“I am a servant of God, Carmon.”

The people in the thread group stared at Duma and called her: “God’s apostle.”

Duma frowned tightly.

But she had a flash of inspiration and suddenly thought of a name.


Carmon, who turned into a thread ball, was like a machine, and he replied stiffly: “That’s right.”

“We are…”

He paused, as if the machine had faltered.

After a long time, he continued: “The descendants of Baro.”

Duma understood completely, and she found a backup that God had arranged for her.

Sure enough.

Everything is on this huge island of Ruhe, where the gods originated.

Duma asked: “How can I confirm that you are?”

Carmon stared at Duma and approached a little bit.

He stretched out his hand, facing the mighty king of angels.

“No need to confirm, we all belong to God.”

“We are from the same origin!”

“We have the same power and source.”

Duma stared at the thread group for a long time.

Finally, he stretched out his hand and took the thread ball man’s hand.

In a split second.

A picture appeared in front of my eyes.

She seems to have seen the doomed marionette hiding in an unknown place, the stone of desire and knowledge exuding different lights hanging high, waiting to return.

She saw the city of gods descended in ancient times, and saw three figures, one old, two strong, standing under the coronation ceremony of the king of Sienza, discussing the final plan.

Finally, she saw a shadow radiating light all over.

An old clover man knelt in front of him, looking at him expectantly and longingly.

That is the **** she and the Yiren believe in.

The Lord of Radiance.

The screen flashed in the blink of an eye, but only for a moment.

But it has been proven.

The thread ball man then said: “My strength.”

“Did you feel it? The missing part of God.”

And the other side.

Durma’s body is inside the spiritual gate, and she is witnessing the violent churning of the entire spiritual sea.

The will of the gods is almost screaming and shouting: “Baro…”


“Take it back… take it back…”

On the mountain where life originated.

Duma nodded: “Where is the missing part of God? Is it with you?”

Carmon shook his head: “The power of God is divided into four parts, spirituality, wisdom, desire, and knowledge.”

“The God’s Stone of Desire and the Stone of Knowledge are placed in a place that no one knows, and we can’t find it.”

“Nobody can find it!”

“The Stone of Desire and the Stone of Knowledge will return only when the God’s Awakening Ceremony starts.”

“The wisdom of the gods is hidden in the crown of Heinsay. We spent a long time and finally got it back.”

“God’s spirituality entered reincarnation and wandered outside the giant island of Ruhe. We once wanted to go outside the sea of ​​​​storms, but failed.”

After speaking, Carmon stared at Duma again.


Carmon seems to be stuck again, the thread on his body is constantly wriggling, floating in the air.

It was a long time before the lines returned to their place.

He spoke again: “You are back, everything is in place.”

He chattered endlessly, and his words were somewhat repetitive: “You are here.”

“Now it’s time to start the ceremony, to start the final ceremony.”

Duma also saw that the person in front of him couldn’t be called a human at all.

He doesn’t even have a real self, just a prop.

Duma asked him: “What is the ceremony?”

Carmon replied to Duma: “The Ritual of the Way of Wisdom.”

“At the beginning of life, spirituality generates wisdom, wisdom gives birth to desire, and finally has the memory of life.”

“This is the law of wisdom endowed by the Creator to the intelligent species. Only the life that is naturally bred in this way is a blessed life.”

“Instead of…a prop.”

Duma: “What do I need to do?”

Carmon: “You just need to arrange for the spirit of God to enter the reincarnation again and enter the body we designated.”

“But the spirituality of the gods is too huge, so an introduction is needed to transition.”

“This is also the necessity of the ceremony.”

Duma: “Is that all right?”

Carmon: “That’s it.”

“Everything has been decided long ago, everything is predestined.”

“As early as…”

“Billions of years ago.”

The messy lines danced in the air, and Camon’s voice became hollow.

The thread cracked and dissipated little by little, and Kamon also left the mountain of origin of life.

He finally told Duma: “Everyone has their own mission and task, and everyone has their own destination.”

“Apostle of God!”

“Your task is to guard the door and live well to the end.”


Dream world.

Inside the spiritual gate.

Duma’s body stood above the sea of ​​clouds, a king of angels with a fifth pair of wings.

Although it looks uncoordinated, it has another kind of asymmetrical beauty.

The holy wings spread out, and the long white dress was dragged on the sea of ​​clouds.

She herself represents holiness, beauty, and purity, just like when everyone is just born.

Her power represents the source of spirituality from which intelligent life begins.

Facing the spiritual sea, Duma listened to the whispers of the gods deep in the “sea”.

She has heard it many times.

She once guessed the meaning of these words like a mother.

But she was not as crazy as her mother, who took these words as the will of the gods.

She knows.

These are nothing but the whispers of the gods, like the babbles of mortals.

But this time it was different, she met the servant left by the god, an arrangement left over from the previous era.

“Is this really the will of the gods?”

“Is it God’s arrangement?”

Duma asked himself: “Isn’t it the arrogance of mortals? Isn’t it our speculation about the will of the gods?”

After thinking about it over and over again, Duma finally felt that this was not the case.

A descendant of Barrow.

A doll from a previous era.

A complete **** resurrection ritual.

This is definitely from the handwriting of the gods. Except for the gods, no one can make their arrangement cross the boundaries of the era and the barrier of hundreds of millions of years.


“Are you really going to wake up?”

Duma looked at the depths of the sea of ​​spirituality. She used to look forward to it, because she felt that the awakening of the gods would bring light to mortals.

But after seeing too many things, she is a little confused at the moment.

What will God be like when he wakes up?

Will it be what mortals expect from her?


At this time, another weary sigh came from the will in the depths of the spiritual sea.

Reincarnation again and again, hundreds of millions of years.

It’s not just the servants of the gods who can’t bear it.

Even the gods themselves feel hopeless.

Duma woke up in an instant, and she also felt sorry for this sigh.

“Hundreds of millions of years.”

“Does even the gods feel tired and hopeless?”

Duma no longer hesitated, she had already started to arrange for Xiao’s spiritual reincarnation.

The white mythical door slowly opened.

The sea of ​​spirituality is churning and surging, and the reincarnation that has been stagnant for many years is once again opened.

Though Duma was only a mortal, she sent her blessing to the gods.


“I hope this time is the last time.”


The other end of the dream world.

Before the Gate of Truth, the ghost Polik is using the Gate of Truth to collect information in reality.

However, the Gate of Truth is not omnipotent, at most it can only rely on the power of the Evelians to collect huge information in the realm of the Evelians.

That’s not all.

Only specific, important information and knowledge can be gathered.

At this moment, a mortal is offering sacrifices to the **** of truth and knowledge, offering the knowledge and memory he has mastered.

Mortals kneel in the temple, facing the statue of the **** of truth and knowledge.


“I dedicate to you an extraordinary experience I once encountered, which is the best memory in my life.”

“I beg you, I beg you to give me…”

The Gate of Truth judges that this piece of knowledge and memory is very precious and has the meaning of sacrifice.

A memory image turned into a book, entering the ocean of knowledge behind the gate of truth.

Finally fell in front of Polik.

Opening the book, Polik saw this memory and knowledge.

A child stood in front of a big rainbow-colored tree and put a letter in the tree hole of the rainbow tree.

“Please send this letter to my mother.”

“She is no longer in the world, she is in the kingdom of gods.”

“She must be there.”

“Big tree, if you can, send my letter to the kingdom of the gods!”

When the child left, he kept looking back at the rainbow tree.

Even if it was himself, he didn’t quite believe that his letter could be delivered.

The screen disappears.

The screen changes to a child’s home.

A few days later, the child had a dream. He dreamed that his letter had turned into a beautiful memory and merged into a dream bubble exuding a beautiful atmosphere.

Every word in his letter turned into a beautiful memory in the dream of life.

During his sleep, the child turned his body over and laughed out loud.



Ghost Polik had no expression on his face, but he got an important hint from the analysis and judgment of the Gate of Truth.

Of course the Gate of Truth can distinguish what is a real dream and what is the influence and reflection of extraordinary power.

He spoke with a mechanical cavity, with the same interval between each syllable.

“Rainbow trees can not only send letters to people far away, but also to people who have passed away?”

Even the Gate of Truth is the first time to collect and prove this kind of information.

Because no one would ever think of sending a letter to a dead person who happened to come across a rainbow tree.

Poric returned to the temple.

On the stage of the temple, he picked up a colorful flower branch.

This is the existence from the God of Creation, a beautiful fairy who claims to be the messenger of the gods, Flodi, sent to the God of Truth and Knowledge.

It’s just that the God of Truth and Knowledge is sleeping, and Polik accepted it on his behalf.

Porik held the flower branch and looked outside the temple, towards the city in the deepest part of the Sea of ​​Knowledge.

“Will it be a factor?”

Borik appeared on the outer layer of the city in a flash.

He threw the flower branch of the rainbow tree down and watched the flower branch fall into the ancient city little by little.

“A Sai God!”

“The messenger of the gods will pass on your thoughts to the dead, and to the dream star sea, the destination of all living beings and spirits.”

“This flower branch.”

“You can say what you want, what you have never been able to say.”

“Bringing you all you care about, everyone you can’t let go of.”


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