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Xia Na returned to Yoan Town with a box.

The people in the town looked at the familiar man in front of him, but his eyes and temperament had completely changed, and they called out his name.

“Little Shana?” The blacksmith in the town stood in front of the shop and asked the man who walked into the town suspiciously.

“Xia Na is back.” The woman who once worked as a servant in the Xia Na family also came out.

“Shana, where have you been recently?” More people came out.

It has been more than a year since Xia Na left home. .

Nothing has changed in Yoan Township, only Shana has changed.

Xia Na carried the suitcase and passed by the road in the town. He couldn’t hide the tiredness on his face. He raised his head almost dully, and replied with perfunctory words.


“I’m back.”

The ancient castle of the Shaner family in the distance is getting closer and closer. On the stone walls of the castle there are traces left by the war era in ancient times.

During the era of the Fire Guard City and the era of Suinhor’s founding of the country, this place used to be a strategically important place.

It was only in the past two hundred years that it gradually settled down and became Suinhor’s confidant, and the castle gradually fell into disrepair.

Shanna is back.

He stood under the window of the castle, not saying a word.

The windows of the castle are so high that you can’t reach them with your hands.

It feels like a prison.

The old man was helped out from the depths of the room by the maid, and said to Shana in the middle of the hall.


“Have you got the Stone of Wisdom?”

It seems to be asking, but the old man already knew the answer.

He knows everything, but hides everything in his heart.

Xia Na turned around and said, “Yeah!”

The old man looked at Xia Na with deep eyes: “You are doing very well, better than me.”

“The Shana family has been waiting for countless years, and finally saw the dawn in you.”

“I’m old, our Shana family is like this, after living for decades, this body has become like this.”

“The future still depends on you.”

“Some things, it’s time to let you know.”

Xia Na looked around: “Where’s father?”

The old man said to Xia Na: “He is not at home.”

Xia Na asked: “Are you going outside to perform missions too?”

Old man: “You, him, me, everyone has their own tasks and missions, and you will know when it is time for you to know.”

In the dark.

Shaner followed the old man along the corridor, and the paintings and wall carvings of the Shaner family came into view.

In the first one, behind the stone slab engraved with the words “When the Creator returns, the gods wake up”.

The old man opened a secret door.

The hidden door turns with a small sound, revealing a ramp leading to the depths.

Xia Na has been at home for so many years, and this is the first time he knows that this wall carving is actually a door.

The old man led Xia Na deep into it, and the oil lamps were lit up.

The two of them entered a stone room.

After a bang, the stone chamber moved downward.

The space below is larger than above, like a huge underground palace, and the sound of rushing water can be heard.

The Shana family used technology beyond the times to build this place, using water as power to drive the operation of the underground palace.

“This is the bottom of the lake.” Xia Na understood when he came to the bottom and saw strange structures.

In the center of the underground palace, Shana saw a depression like a giant bowl.

The deepest part of the depression is a bottomless dark cave.

There is a layer of white net covering the bowl-shaped depression, but you can’t touch it when you reach out your hand.

Xiaana saw familiar threads protruding from the depths of the cave, one after another extending from the dark cave, entangled together and formed a shape like a womb.

Xia Na asked the old man: “Where is this place?”

The old man replied: “This is the tomb where the Shana family is buried, and it is also the womb that gave birth to the Shana family.”

The old man led him towards the dark cave. Among the densely intertwined white silk nets, one could see a small arched bag.

There is a baby snakeman inside.

When Xia Na leaned over to look, the child’s eyelids moved a little.

It seemed that he opened his sleepy eyes and glanced at Xia Na.

Xia Na felt a chill spread from his back, and his whole body froze.

He turned his head to look at the old man and asked him.

“What is this?”

The old man told him plainly: “This is the new Xana.”

Immediately afterwards, in a tone that Xia Na could never accept, he told him a truth that he could not accept even more.

“In the future.”

“He will call you Father too.”

“Congratulations, little Shaner.”

Xia Na’s face changed instantly: “So I was born like this too?”

“Is this the Shana family?”

“We are not human at all, not even life, just puppets?”

“This line is the power to control us, is it what you call fate?”

“That Carmon, is the person you sent to supervise me to complete the mission, isn’t it?”

Shaner’s next words can be said to be extremely offensive.

“You are not my grandfather at all.”

“You are just another puppet that was created earlier, another puppet with strings.”

The old man looked at Xia Na as if he was looking at an immature child who couldn’t stand the wind and rain.

“Does this feel unacceptable?”

It’s just that he didn’t realize how cold and heartless his gaze was.

Xia Na didn’t bother to talk to the old man anymore, he felt that he had seen all the truth.

Hate and disgust appeared in his eyes, looking at this old snake man with elder spots on his face and a stench all over his body.

“You said that God will guide me, but it turns out that you are manipulating my fate.”

“In order to achieve your goal, you killed everyone on Silverfish Island.”

Xia Na almost gritted his teeth and said these words: “You have blood on your hands, you are not even a human old thing.”

The old man didn’t care about Xia Na’s offense: “The reason why the mission is a mission is because it must be completed.”

“No matter how you struggle, no matter what you think, whether you want to or not.”

“You have to do it all.”

“Little Shaner.”

Xiaana yelled and interrupted the old man directly.

“Don’t tell me such nonsense.”

“I don’t believe you.”

“It’s not that we want to accomplish any mission, but when we make it, we have strings and chains on us.”

Xia Na looked at his grandfather: “There is no mission at all, but you are manipulating our destiny.”

Grandfather looked at Xia Na and said lightly.

“Just a few people.”

“Is this necessary?”

Xia Na stared at Xia Na dumbfounded: “How many people are there?”

“That’s a whole island of people.”

“Everyone there is a living person, not something calculated by numbers, but a living person.”

“They have families and children.”

“Why do you let them die? Why don’t you die?”

Xiana roared, and powerful mental power spread out from his body.

A shard-shaped magical prop manifested between Xia Na’s eyebrows.

A flash of light fixed the old man in midair.

The old man didn’t resist at all, or he didn’t have the strength to resist such a majestic force.

He looked at Xia Na: “The stone of wisdom drives the power of the original sin fragments?”


“What are you going to do? Are you going to kill me?”

Xia Na turned around and walked towards the center of the depression.

The old man who was fixed in mid-air looked at him: “What do you want to do?”

Xia Na walked deep, without looking back: “I want to destroy this place, destroy this devil’s lair.”

“There will be no new Shana family born in the future, and no one will complete any mission for you.”

Xia Na resolutely said: “What kind of god’s guidance, what kind of mission of the Xana family.”

“Go to hell!”

Xia Na waved his hand, and a powerful force directly penetrated the dome above his head.

Flood water poured down from a high place, and layers of stones kept falling.

The entire underground palace collapsed from the upper floor to the lower floor.

And under Shana’s body, the giant bowl depression with an unknown black hole is also cracked layer by layer.

The old man was hanging in the depths of the darkness, he could only watch all this quietly.

He was abandoned here by Shana and will be buried underground.

He was not afraid of death, but looked at Shana with a pitiful smile.

“Whatever you do.”

“No matter how extreme it is.”

“No matter how crazy.”

“It’s all just an introduction to the pursuit of liberation, and it’s all just our struggle under endless despair.”

“In order to be free, we can sacrifice anyone, and in order to accomplish that mission, we can even use ourselves.”

“This is a reincarnation beyond death and time, little Shana.”

Xia Na was suspended in mid-air, following the cracked gap in the high place, rising up.

“Now, it’s all over.”

“Boom!” A huge stone fell down and landed on the old man, crushing him into a meat sauce.

At the same time, the underground palace was completely cracked.

Shaner saw a bottomless movement that seemed to lead to the depths of the earth.

He faintly saw all kinds of corpses piled up underneath, turning into a mountain.

The skeletons belong to countless races and are densely packed.

Many races, dating back hundreds of millions of years.

There are dozens of corpses of snake people on the top floor,

That’s generation after generation of Shaner.

This is a mass grave, thrown here like garbage.

Xia Na thought it was all the legacy of their clan, and showed disgust in his eyes.

But soon.

These things were all buried by rocks, lake water, and gravel.

Xia Na rose to the sky and rushed out of the lake.

At this moment, it can be seen that there is a vortex in the lake of Yoan Town, from which Shana rushed out just now.

The water level of the lake keeps dropping, but new water sources are filling in from afar.

Everything was buried under the lake, and everything about the Shaner family became a thing of the past.

At least.

Shaner thinks so.

Xia Na fell from a height, and he looked at the collapsed castle not far away, and then looked at the town of Yuean, which was further away.

He has no regrets.

Having killed his “grandfather” and knowing the truth he wanted, Shana immediately turned around and left Yoan Town.

He is going to find another person—Carmon.

He thinks.

No old man, no Camon.

It’s really over.


After Shana left.

Half a month later, Xia Na’s “father” came back.

Everyone in Yoan Town is talking about the landslide, and everyone is panicking.

“There must be something in the lake.”

“I said there was a problem.”

“Stay away from the Shana family.”

“Everyone in this family is like a lunatic.”

“The same is true for little Shana. After going out for a trip, he went crazy after returning.”

Knowing that he saw Shaner’s “father”, he shut up, and Shaner’s “father” ignored these people and headed towards the castle of the Shaner family.

He has gone to the Fireguard City to register to inherit the identity of the Xana family’s swearer, that is, the aristocratic status of the city-state of Suinhor. From now on, he is the patriarch of the Xana family.

At the same time, he is also the lord of Yoan Town.

“Father” stood by the lake, looked at the bottom of the lake and said something.

“Old stuff.”

“Finally dead?”

A trace of excitement finally appeared on his vicissitudes of face: “It’s time for me to know all the secrets.”

“Father” walked into the bottom of the lake, and he could sense something calling him from the bottom of the lake.

Xia Na’s “father” went deeper into the water bit by bit, and layers of white silk threads emerged from the bottom of the lake and wrapped around his body.

A powerful force, carrying ancient and cumbersome memories, was transmitted from the line into the depths of his mind.

“Father”‘s eyes turned blank, but his consciousness seemed to have traveled through time.

He saw dense white silk threads.

On the line, in an unknown place.

There are two stones.

No one knows where the two stones are hidden, and no one has been able to find it.

Whether it is a thread or other power, we all know the manifestation of its power, not itself.

Two stones are inlaid on a stone slab, and a puppet with strings is drawn on the slate. The slate and the carving style are obviously imitating the ancient style of the era of royal blood.

It is very similar to the legendary Stantito’s Puppet of Fate.

But the stone slab exudes powerful power fluctuations, and on the back is a hollow three-dimensional ritual array that is so complicated that it makes people dizzy.

The ceremonial array is a multi-layered array that combines the power of two stones to achieve an unimaginable ability and effect.

This is a magical prop with a very high serial number.

Although it is not as heavy as the former, it is also very precious and important.

A stone on the slate gave off a white silk thread, which fell from the sky to the earth.

Because this stone is the manifestation of knowledge and memory, it can manipulate other people’s bodies, seize other people’s wisdom, and even modify other people’s memories.

But the object that must be seized has wisdom, because it does not have wisdom itself, and can only plunder other people’s bodies.

In order to use the other party’s body and wisdom to have the ability to think.

The memory of a certain servant is engraved on the stone, and it will follow a certain plan for generations until the plan is fully realized.

Another stone casts shadows, and each shadow is a brand with personality, which will actively seek the carrier.

It is the same as the former, itself is just a dead thing.

However, the split shadows were integrated into another race, and passed on through the division of this race from generation to generation.

At the same time, because this stone is the manifestation of desire, it will instinctively pursue what belongs to itself, the part of itself that has been lost.

The Shaner family.

It is the carrier of personality imprint made by one of the stones.

They have the same personalities, and they will complete their missions under the control of the line.

The plan was perfect and it looked perfect.

But something went wrong.

The strings responsible for monitoring and controlling appeared, as did the puppets responsible for finding and completing missions.

There used to be a carrier of wisdom, a species of wisdom.

It disappeared in time.

And new intelligent species have not appeared for a long time.

The light of wisdom comes from the Creator, who has been away from this world for 250 million years.

Without a carrier, without a smart puppet that can be manipulated, they lose their function and have no meaning.

They are possessed by various ignorant species, and they themselves have become fools without advanced intelligence, and their previous plans have become empty talk.

Thousands of years.

Hundreds of millions of years.

Xia Na’s “father” felt the memories of countless species wash into him, although it was only fleeting, it disappeared after passing through his mind.

But he can feel the pain and loneliness of eternal reincarnation.

In the lake.

Xia Na’s “father” was shaking violently, with panic and despair on his face.


One day there was a turning point.

In the swampy jungle, a beast with a backsail looks to the sky.

A round of silver moon breaks through the barrier between the illusory and real worlds and appears above the sky of the world.

The Creator who disappeared for 250 million years.

Back to this world again.

All the serial number props are glowing again, and the powerful power and the power of the law rule everything again,

That feeling and excitement deeply penetrated Shana’s “father”.

He feels this gloomy and hopeless world.

There is light for a moment.

Then a large group of snake-man tribes who followed Arsini migrated here, and they planned to establish tribes and towns here.

They rushed into this lake to take a bath, and they were manipulated by the lines rushing out of the lake while laughing.

A snake man was dragged to the bottom of the lake, and a shadow entered his body.

That was the beginning of the Shaner family.

Shaner’s “father” received such a huge amount of information, and what impacted him was not only his consciousness, but also his body.

His figure suddenly hunched down, and his face became much older.

“Father” took a sip of water and swam out of the water.

But he was still panting desperately on the shore like a drowning man.

He stared at the sky in disbelief.


“So this is Xia Na?”

“This is the so-called mission, the so-called God’s guidance?”

“Father” yelled in despair, almost at the top of his lungs.

But after despair, nothing can be changed.

He didn’t understand what the stone slab engraved with the couple with strings represented, and he didn’t understand the power of the Stone of Knowledge and the Stone of Desire.

But he knows.

If even 250 million years and even death cannot make this mission reach the end.

What else can he do?

What else could he resist?

“Father” turned over and hugged his head helplessly.

He kept repeating a sentence: “The mission must be completed.”

“It has to be done!”

“Must be sure to get it done”

“At all costs, it must be done, it’s over, it’s over”

“It’s time to end”

At this time, there was movement on the lake again.

“Father” looked up.

Dense white silk threads extended up from the lake, holding a child in front of the “father”.

That’s a new generation of Shaner.

“Father” stepped forward at a loss, his lower body submerged in the water, took the thread and gave it to his child.

“Wow!” The child woke up as soon as he touched his father, crying.

“Father”‘s mind suddenly flashed the words that old Xia Na said: “How long have you waited.”

He is holding the baby.

It seems that all the strength has been drained from the whole body, and the head is tilted to look at the lake and the distance.

The whole person is like a marionette without any ego.

“It’s a never-ending cycle.”


Suinhor city-state.

A village in the east of Meiya City, from here you can see the lava volcano in the distance.

The village is not well-known, and there have never been any big names.

It is said that King Smerkel passed by here many years ago and stayed in this village. This is the most bragging thing about this unknown village.

Xia Na came here, and he found out that this village is the hometown of Kamon.


“Who would choose such a weird name? We don’t have anyone named Kamon here.”

That’s what the people in the village say.

Xia Na immediately told about Camon’s appearance, and even took out a pen and paper on the spot, and drew Camon’s appearance on the paper.

The people in the village immediately recognized the Kamon that Shana said: “His name is not Kamon, his name is Rendell.”

Shaner: “Rendall.”

The villagers nodded: “That’s right, that’s his name.”

One by one the villagers said in a hurry, and they all seemed to know this Rendell.

“But he’s not a mercenary, and he doesn’t know how to fight, let alone kill.”

“He is a very timid cobbler, but a few years ago he suddenly stole a mercenary’s leather armor and ran away, and I have never seen him again since then.”

“There are no relatives in his village, just a bachelor.”

Carmon said that he had gone to sea, and the people in the village burst into laughter: “Go to sea?”

“He is a seasick guy, not to mention going out to sea, even a few bumps in the boat in the river are enough to make him dizzy.”

Xia Na felt that apart from his appearance, the Kamon mentioned by the people in the village did not match the Kamon in his memory at all.

But Xia Na felt that Carmon must have been at sea.

The scenes he described at the time, as well as his sighs and regrets, cannot be concealed.

How can someone who has never gone abroad describe the black storm and everything that happened at sea so vividly.

Xia Na spent another two years to investigate according to the route that Carmon had traveled abroad.

In the Land of the Rising Sun, he found a sailor who was said to have followed a captain named Carmon.

However, when he saw the sailor, he was taken aback. He looked very old.

If he was a sailor, it must have been decades ago?

But when Xia Na asked, the old sailor immediately shouted.

“Yes yes yes!”

“Captain Carmon, a very interesting person!”

“I followed him when I was young and traveled to many places.’


“After he went out to sea in the end, he never came back.”

“It is said that I encountered the most terrifying black storm on the sea, which is the most terrifying thing on the sea.”

“I didn’t go that trip because I found a wife and didn’t want to take risks at sea.”

Having said so, it can be seen that the old sailor misses the days of sea adventure and the interesting captain very much.

Xia Na took out the portrait he drew and asked the old sailor if he remembered him?

“No no no.”

“He doesn’t look like this, he has a big beard and a scar here on his face.”

Xia Na thought he had found the wrong one, maybe it was someone with the same name and surname.

He stood up, ready to leave.

At this time, the old sailor suddenly remembered something, and said: “When I went to sea for the last few times, a noble boy came.”

“The one with thin skin and tender flesh always holds a book and calls himself a scholar.”

“At that time, I was with the captain all the time, saying that I would go to sea with him to explore the outside world.”

The man was stunned when he saw Xia Na. He stood up and rushed to Xia Na.

He looked Shaner up and down, and finally asked in doubt.


“Isn’t that you you?”

“Yes, Shaner!”

The old sailor cracked his mouth with a smile, but unfortunately all the teeth in his mouth fell out.

He seemed to see an old friend

“You are Shana, right?”

“Shana, it’s me!”

“Drunkard on the Sail!”

Shaner nodded: “I’m Shaner.”

The old sailor was even more shocked: “Why are you not old at all?”

“Still the same as when you were young?”

Xia Na didn’t know how to explain, so he fell silent.

Shaner got the answer, but he was more confused than before.

He didn’t understand who Carmon was, and he didn’t understand who he was.

He stood by the sea.

There is fog on the sea today, and I can’t see anything.

In the mist, he faintly saw himself being hung in mid-air.

Let others pull the string helplessly.

Xia Na looked at the people around him, at the busy sailors on the pier.

He felt that everyone here could be Carmon, but he could never find him.

Shana felt a deep sense of fear.

But the more so, the more so.

He must find Carmon, and he must know what the other party is.

“I will definitely find him!”

“Then let him pay the price, I will definitely find him.”


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