I am God Chapter 302: : The first ancestor of blood who found Xiao’s trace


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The sea of ​​sun flowers in the land bestowed by the gods.

The little brunette girl in a skirt is lying in the sea of ​​flowers and sleeping.

She was lying in the sea of ​​flowers with a pillow in her arms, and the golden cups of the sun were squeezed together, like an extremely wide bed.

When the wind passes by, the flowers and waves surge up, shaking gently like a cradle.


A group of goblins suddenly surrounded her, shouting loudly around her.

“Master Sally!”

“Miss Sally was stolen.”

The goblins called out to the adults, but only because they were forced to, without any real respect. .

And those words were full of gloating.



Sally rolled over with the pillow in her arms, and looked at the goblins surrounding her.

“It’s so noisy, if you keep making noise, I’ll plant you in a flower pot.”

The goblins dispersed in fear, but they still did not leave.

Sally asked again: “What was stolen?”

The goblins immediately approached and replied: “The house has been stolen.”

Sally was confused: “Whose home?”

The goblins: “Your home.”

Sally rubbed her eyes and woke up.

She thought about it for a while, and thought that her life temple had been stolen, so she immediately yelled.


“There is a thief!”

Sally was going to go back immediately, but after running a few steps, she turned around and headed towards the pyramid temple.

The goblins must have seen her home stolen in the pyramid temple.

She is going to find out where the thief came from, who dared to steal her things.

She ran to the pyramid temple.

In the temple, Sheila, the master of dreams, is surrounded by a group of goblins, and God Yin is on the other side of the temple.

The pillars of the temple blocked Yin Shen’s body, and Sally could only see a back.

Sally approached Sheila, the lord of the dream, and realized that the picture was a city on the sea of ​​clouds.

“What is my home.”

“You are exaggerating, you are exaggerating, and you are deceiving the great master of life”

As a result, Sally found out that the city that descended from the gods was just left by the sky behemoth was stolen, and said to the fairies.

Although it wasn’t true that the house was stolen, Sally was still upset.

“Dare to steal my things.”

“I want them to hand over the thief.”

Yin Shen walked over at this time. Although he didn’t look at it, he seemed to know the cause and effect.

“Of course it’s not your home, how could outsiders enter here.”

“It’s just the relics preserved by the trolls, and not all of your things are stored in them, they are relics from the previous era.”

Yin Shen looked at Sally’s panic-stricken appearance, but found it quite interesting.


“Who told you to open the door and show off outside.”

“How long has it been since you went back to see, maybe the treasures in your temple will really be stolen next time.”

Although the Temple of Life is Sally’s home, this guy lives in the land bestowed by the gods all day long.

The huge island of gods is her playground.

Forgot about his temple long ago.

“I asked Sally to see what was in the sea of ​​clouds, but I forgot about it later.” Sheila explained.

She also just saw that someone broke into the city of God’s Descend to steal things, but she didn’t see the cause and effect clearly.

When Sally saw Yin Shen teasing herself, she felt even more aggrieved.

Pout out your lips, you’re almost sitting on the ground.

“The huge island of Ruhe is mine.”

“It’s all mine.”

“It’s all mine.”

Yin Shen looked at her and said, “So, no one has stolen anything from you.”

“He just moved your things from your back garden to your house.”

Sally turned her face aside: “They just stole from me, I’m not happy.”

Yin Shen touched her head: “According to your logic, this world is mine, and you are mine too.”

Sally said back: “Yes, everything is God.”

“But I have my own personal space and my own belongings.”

It’s like a child asking for his own independent space.

Yin Shen looked at her: “Just like you said.”

“Although mortals live on your island, they also have everything of their own.”

“Don’t try to take everything as your own, what’s yours will come back to you in the end.”

Sally became embarrassed, and she felt that God seemed to be right.

Although mortals live on the island she created, it does not necessarily mean that everything is completely hers.

Although the giant Ruhe devoured many things from the previous era, many of those things had causes and consequences.

She finally gave up her plan to decide the lower bound.

Sally asked the goblins: “What did he steal?”

The goblin on the side said: “I stole a stone.”

Another goblin also shouted loudly: “That’s right, I took a broken stone and left behind a beautiful shiny crown.”

In the eyes of the goblin.

That crown is much more beautiful.

Sally didn’t understand why this man came in to steal a stone, she thought for a long time and got an answer.

This must be a fool.

A fool ran into her garden by mistake, picked up a broken stone and left happily.

Thinking of this, Sally felt that there was nothing to be angry about.

“The words of a stone.”

“Then I won’t argue with him.”

Sally is unusually magnanimous, she speaks like a little adult, imitating Yin Shen’s tone of voice.

“But stealing is not good. If he doesn’t change it, he will suffer in the future.”

She held the goblin’s magic mirror and said to the sea of ​​clouds on the other side of the mirror.

“Close the door.”

“How can a thief go in casually?”

The sea of ​​clouds is churning.

The Sky Beast, one of the Luhe monsters, is very wronged. Didn’t you let the door open at the beginning?

The goblins started to make noise again: “It’s not human beings who go in.”

“Not human!”

Sally: “Huh?”

“Isn’t it human?”

Sally immediately added to the sky behemoth and other Luhe giant monsters: “It’s not a human being.”


When Shana returned to Silverfish Island, the fire on the island had not been completely extinguished.

But the fire is drawing to a close.

The shore of the island.

Xia Na was soaked in water, standing on the shore looking extremely embarrassed.

His body was shaking, and he didn’t know whether it was because he had been swimming too long or because he was too cold.

Xia Na swam back, and he left the boatman’s boat forever on the City of God Descended, in the sea of ​​clouds.

Xiaana’s mind kept flashing the figure of Camon and the appearance of his grandfather.

He thought of the image his grandfather passed on to him again.

The gloomy old man approached him a little bit, his eyes were so cold in his sunken eyes.

He said to himself: “Of course it is to employ people.”

“Little Shaner!”

Shana walked past the pedestal of the burning house, and he entered the very center of the island village.

He saw the two-story log cabin where he once lived.

He has spent the past few months planning how to get to the City of God’s Descend, and he has even gradually gotten used to life on this island.

He thought of the boatman’s child again, who always ran upstairs to ask Shaner.

“Mr. Shaner.”

“Is your poem finished?”

The picture was finally frozen in the dark night. He raised his head and looked at the sky above the wood that had been cracked by sparks, as if he saw Kamon manipulating the net to stand in mid-air, watching him.


“You can’t resist fate.”

Xia Na stared at the sky, and he felt dense lines appearing in front of his eyes.

White threads fell from the sky and entangled him.

Hold him and everyone else in the air, and control his fate.

Xiaana’s head was still dripping with water, and her slightly curly hair stuck to her face.

“Is this the god?”

“This is the Xana family?”

This is completely different from the **** Shana imagined, as well as his apostles.

Xia Na drew out his sword and kept waving it around.

Cut to the air around you.

It seems that he wants to cut off all the threads that bind him, so that there is not a single one left.

“Are you kidding me?”

“You inhuman things, you guys.”

“Why do you represent gods, and why do you represent destiny.”

“I will not accept it.”

“I will not agree with the fate you gave me.”

He is like a lunatic, slashing towards those invisible lines that actually control him.

Finally exhausted.

Xiaana walked around the entire island like a walking dead.

The huge spiritual power he obtained from fusing the Stone of Wisdom covered the surrounding corners, lifted up the collapsed houses one by one, and explored every corner of the island.

He did not find any survivors, let alone traces of Carmon.

In the end, I can only leave.

In the middle of the night after Shana left, light suddenly burst out from the black ashes after the flames burned.

One after another, hazy and illusory shadows came out of the darkness.

That is the Burning Heart Demon of the Abyss.


A bony hand pushed away the black charred wood pressing on his body, and crawled out from below.

Wreckages were spliced ​​together one after another, and groups of skeleton monsters wandered on Silverfish Island.

From the darkest corruption and evil, they have crossed the boundaries of the abyss to reality.

They taste the darkest and corrupt power of mortals, taste their fear and despair, and devour their desires and emotions.

Because of the law of the abyss.

Only such a fallen place can they inhabit, and only such a fallen place can allow them to appear.

The former paradise has become a corrupt place where monsters linger.

With such a large-scale sacrifice, the entire island disappeared.

Especially because it is close to the Lost Kingdom, which has recently risen to fame, it didn’t take long for the outside world to be alarmed.

The Lantern Bearer Squad under the command of the Great Elder of the Land of Sunrise has arrived here.

These powerful men, dressed in alchemist costumes and holding lamps in their hands, cast various spells to destroy the skeleton monsters everywhere.

“It really is an abyss monster.” The lamp bearers who set foot on Silverfish Island all looked serious. It seemed that they had encountered the existence of an abyss monster before. This is a terrifying and extraordinary phenomenon that only appeared in recent years Race.

“Be careful of the Burning Heart Demon, use the mind barrier magic.” A Heart Burning Demon rushed towards these alchemists one by one, and was discovered by the leading alchemist, who put it into a bottle.

If something like the Burning Heart Demon is not prepared in advance, it is far more dangerous than other monsters, but once it is prepared, it is the easiest to deal with.

Especially as believers of the God of Alchemy and Desire, they have faint restraint on monsters like the Burning Heart Demon.

“Don’t be corrupted by their dark power,” the leader yelled.

They killed the Burning Heart Demon and Skeleton Demon that lingered here, and prepared to pray to the God of Alchemy and Desire for divine power, and held a ceremony to clean up the filth in this area.

Along with them, there was also a Suinhall man.

He didn’t do anything when he killed the monster, but observed quietly.

This is an old man who looks very energetic. It is hard to tell his age if his hair is not gray.

His eyes are full of wisdom, and his demeanor has the demeanor of a scholar.

The old man is Master Breman, the creator of the Lost Kingdom.

After completing the Lost Kingdom, the master returned here again.

He wants to seek new inspiration, but also has the meaning of pilgrimage.

But he didn’t think of it.

In such a place so close to the lost country, such a tragedy happened.

Master Breman was more careful. He immediately noticed that the fire was not an accident through careful observation of the details, but someone held a ceremony here.

And those dead islanders were not just killed, but sacrificed.

“What kind of ritual array is this?”

“It is necessary to kill so many people for sacrifice, what **** would accept such a sacrifice?”

“Is it a sacrifice to the existence named Abyss that appeared recently?”

Breman picked up a bone left by a skeletal monster. Unfortunately, the traces of sacrifice on it have been polluted by the monster, and it is difficult to find signs left by the ghost transformation ceremony.

Briman thinks it’s not that simple: “Run to the abyss sacrifice under the lost country, is this person crazy?”

There is a strange tattoo pattern on Bremen’s back.

He is also a trifoliate symbiote.

Breman opened a small silver pot, and one after another blood-colored worms crawled out of the silver pot and rushed to the surroundings.

They burrow beneath the ground and spread out in all directions.

These blood-colored worms are best at searching for breath and exploring all the traces left by life.

They can find what Bremen wants.

While waiting for the news, Bremen looked around.


He looked towards the high sea of ​​clouds.

Briman suddenly became alarmed, and his complexion changed drastically.

“Not this island.”

“They didn’t come for this island and the people on the island, their goal was there.”

Breman’s eyes fixed on somewhere behind the sea of ​​clouds: “It’s the lost country.”

The master was in a trance for a moment, the small silver pot under his feet suddenly vibrated, and the **** worms released came back one by one.

Briman picked up the silver pot, and at the same time received the message from the Scarlet Worm.

“All of them are ordinary people, they should be fishermen on the island.”

“What does this person do?”

Briman went to a place and asked the worm. This place should be a place to trade fish. It was a merchant who came to the island to collect fish.

“It’s a merchant.”

Walking and walking, Breman walked to the center of the island.


“What are these two moving beings?”

Bremen felt that there were two existences leaving traces on the island, but he couldn’t feel their aura.

It seems.

Neither of these guys are alive.

Breman’s blood-colored worm is very sensitive to the breath of life, but these two people have no rhythm of life at all.

Breman was shocked, he felt that he had found an important clue.


“Two people who have no breath of life? Or are they so strong that they can cover up the rhythm of their own life?”

“But sure.”

“Two beings with extraordinary power have come here, they must be very powerful.”

Briman followed his senses and released the **** worm again.

He traveled all over Silverfish Island.

“One of them performed some kind of ritual and killed everyone on the island.”

At last, I came to the pier where the boat was docked, and looked at one of the empty piles.

There should have been a ship moored here, but it is gone now.

“The other went there by boat.”

“I went to the land of death deep in the Thunder Swamp.”

Breman was finally sure, but he felt unbelievable.

What kind of person can pass through the depths of the Thunder Swamp without fear of such a terrifying white mist.


“How can someone enter there? Isn’t that courting death?”

But all the answers point to someone getting in there.

This was a premeditated plan. Someone killed everyone in Silverfish Island and held a brutal sacrifice.

In the end, this sacrifice allowed them to enter the lost kingdom in the sky and achieved a certain purpose.

After thinking for a long time, Bremen still accepted this answer.

Even if it’s unbelievable.

“someone used a certain method”

“Entered the lost kingdom?”

“What does he want? Does he want to desecrate the land of the gods?”

“Desecrate the lost kingdom?”

I don’t know why, but Breman felt a strong anger in his heart.

It seems that someone has desecrated the holy place in his mind.

Briman immediately found the receiving merchant who had recently entered Silverfish Island, and brought him back to Silverfish Island in order to make him recall more.

Briman asked him: “Has there been any strange people on the island recently?”

The merchant who received the goods shook his head while thinking about the answer.

“Is there anyone outside?”

“Silver Fish Island is too remote. Except for the people nearby, there are also people who cash register silver fish. Few people go there.”

Bremen pointed to a place on the island, where the scariest worms collected the most traces.


“There should be two outsiders living there, haven’t you seen them?”

The merchant who received the goods was stunned. He seemed to instinctively feel that someone lived there, but he couldn’t remember it.


“It seems that someone lives here, no”

But for a moment, he felt that his feeling was unreasonable.

He finally recalled a positive memory, then shook his head again and again.

He said with a serious face.

“No no no.”

“I remember.”

“That is the house of the residents of the island, but it has always been empty and no one lives in it.”

Briman was also stunned, he didn’t understand why this result happened.

He felt that the person in front of him was lying.

What he didn’t know at the time was that the merchant’s memory had been modified, and it was modified by a high-level existence.

It is not an illusion, but directly modify and erase from the memory level.

Briman successively searched for two people who had been to the island before, but they found nothing.

It was only then that Bremen realized something was wrong.

“They didn’t lie, they said what they remembered.”

“But their memory has problems, and it obviously doesn’t match the reality.”

Master Bremen thinks there is only one possibility: “Revise memory.”

“Someone definitely modified and erased the memory.”

Erasing and modifying memory itself is a power involving extremely high-level divine arts.

It is even more impossible to restore and retrieve it.

Unless you have a backup in advance.

Briman summarized all the clues and information he found.

“Two people without any rhythm of life entered Silverfish Island and made a plan to break into the lost kingdom.”

“They held some kind of ceremony, and then erased the traces of the ceremony through the power of the abyss.”

“They were able to ignore the death taboo in Thunder Swamp, and they entered the kingdom of gods in the sky to achieve a certain project.”

“They can also tamper with the power of other people’s memories afterwards, and erase the traces of their own existence.”

Briman felt that this matter was beyond his imagination, and behind it was a huge plan that he could not imagine.


He felt that even entering the Lost Kingdom was not the ultimate goal, but a part of the plan.

And they erased other people’s memories just to prevent the plan from being exposed.

The more Breman thought about it, the more terrifying he felt, and even fidgeting.


“What kind of person is able to do such a thing?”

“What are they going to do?”


One month after the Silverfish Island tragedy.

Blood-colored flowers bloomed all over Silverfish Island, completely covering this small island.

The showy flowers bloom one after another, revealing a slender flower core.

All the darkness and filth were removed, and at the same time, all the breath and traces here were brought under the control of the comer.

Deep in the sea of ​​red flowers, a red-haired female demigod stepped out.

It is about the city of God’s descent, and Vivien also came to Silverfish Island in person.

Vivien is different from Bremen. She sensed the location of the ceremony as soon as she came, and knew how the information was carried out and arranged, and what the effect was.

Vivien could even feel that the ceremony was not performed on the ground, but in mid-air.

She looked at the sky on the island and frowned suddenly.

“Ghost Transformation Ritual?”

“Who is performing ghost transformation here?”

“Do you want to plunder the blood of the gods, or create servants?”

The transformation of ghosts is not something ordinary people can do. Only Asay, the **** of truth and knowledge, and his servants can do it.

But Asay is on the other side of the world beyond Ruhe Island.

More importantly, Vivien felt that with his strength, there was no need to do such things secretly.

Too petty.

If this guy Asai wants to degenerate, it must be a scene that is even more terrifying than the disaster of the evil god.

Other than that, only the villain in a bottle can do it.

But the villain in the bottle was dead, and Vivien felt very puzzled.

“Could it be that a believer in Asai has fallen?”

Vivien immediately walked on the island, sensing the deeper aura of the ghost transformation ceremony.

Suddenly, Vivien’s expression changed dramatically.

“This is the light power of the evil god’s original sin.”

Vivien felt the power fluctuations from the fragment that Carmon used to start the ceremony.

The attributes belonging to the myth are so vivid here.

This method of transforming ghosts is typical of the power of the villain Anhofus in the bottle.

Vivien was extremely familiar with this aura.

She once experienced this power on the holy mountain, and she once felt this power in her hometown of Cross City.

Vivien was sure that it was the power of the evil **** Anhofus, the villain in the bottle, and even this demigod was shaken violently in an instant.

“Anhofus the villain in a bottle?”

The sea on the southeast side of Ruhe Giant Island has a huge wave.

The moment Vivien said the name, the power of the blood kingdom was reflected in the sky, and the whole sea was filled with red tide.

Terrible shadows wander under the sea.

That is Vivien’s real body, her posture as a demigod of life power.

It took a long time before Vivien calmed down.


“It’s dead, it was killed by Stoun.”

Vivien doesn’t think the villain in the bottle can come back to life.

Who else? Who else can use the light of original sin of the villain in a bottle?


“No, he’s dead too.”

But as soon as the name was said, I couldn’t help thinking about it.

It’s different from the villain in a bottle.

Xiao died very strangely back then, he died at the hands of Vivien’s sister An Li with almost no resistance.

This is too simple for a scheming character like Xiao.

He just said to An Li: “What Xiao owes to Teacher, I will return it to him.”

And die generously.

It feels like a vicious murderer who finally surrendered because of a few words from a positive person.

How is this possible.

It’s just that Vivien’s energy was completely concentrated on the final battle of the Holy Mountain back then, and she didn’t have the energy to pay attention to Xiao’s problems at all. She just thought it was Xiao’s end.

At that time, the villain in the bottle, Vivien, Situen, A Sai, everyone wanted his life.

The final battle of the era is about to break out, and he is one of the core figures of the vortex of disaster.

He has nowhere to go.

Besides, Xiao’s mythical organs have been refined into props by them, so what is there to doubt?

And now he has become a demigod, with a higher perspective.

The more I think about it, the more I feel that there is a problem.

Vivien looked at the sea of ​​clouds, although she didn’t see the City of Gods Descended, she suddenly remembered something.

“The city that descended from the gods.”

“Heinsay Crown.”

The magical props made from Xiao’s divine blood are there. If he wants to come back to life, then the Crown of Heinsay is a must.

The more I think about it.

Vivien felt more and more likely.

“He didn’t die, he was reincarnated?”

“He wants to get back what he lost?”

Vivien walked forward in the goblet of blood mist, and reached the shore little by little.

The light shines from the clouds and casts on the lake.


“If you have not died, if you have also come to this era.”

Vivien’s expression turned stern in an instant, and her voice was full of anger and hatred.

“I will do it myself”

“Send you into an eternal nightmare.”

Xiao is also a student of Vivien’s teacher Lan En, and she also received guidance from this senior brother when she was young.

The other party is dozens of years older than her, and she used to have a lot of respect for this elder.

Until Xiao killed the teacher Lan En for power, and killed a large number of priests of the Temple of Truth on the island, until he pushed the disaster of evil gods to an unstoppable climax.

This is a character who will do anything to gain power and pursue his goals.

He doesn’t care at all whether what he does is right or wrong, he only knows what he wants.

And this.

It is what Vivien hates the most.


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