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Dream world.

The world behind the Gate of Truth. . .

The information of the ancient era condensed into a city, which recorded every house, clock tower, workshop, and shop in the former city of Anjo.

Like an old photograph.

There are thousands of Sanye people on the photo; although these people are all gone, their shadows are all here.

Every point and every drop here is formed by the powerful ghost power.

An extremely powerful special spirit body created this city in the form of a ghost advanced death monarch.

At this moment.

A branch of colorful flowers falls from a height.

The flower branch penetrated the barrier of time frame little by little, and fell into the ancient city.

Everything in the old photos also moved with the falling of colorful flower branches.

Like pressing the play button.

In the San An District of Anjo City, in a small three-story building near the city wall.

Asay put on close-fitting clothes, held a cane and put on a hat.

He puffed up his chest in front of the mirror, and carefully looked at himself in the mirror.

“That’s great.”

Just like the people in the big cities that I yearned for when I was a child, those full-fledged nobles.

Since he was a child, he has been a proud person.

And now he finally put on this suit proudly, walking on the most prosperous avenue with his head held high.

After studying with the old priest in the shrine of Rolling Stone Town for two years, he finally seized an opportunity and became the priest of the Ice Ritual Temple in Anjo City with his outstanding talent.

In a few years, even if he can’t make further progress in the Ice Ritual Temple, at least he can enter other important institutions of authority in Anjo City.

You can even be independent and open a ritual workshop to produce various miracles.


No matter what, a better life and future are beckoning to him.

Asay came down the stairs on the second floor.

Downstairs, the mother was urging the maid to prepare the food. She saw that the maid was not agile and went to battle herself.

However, Ah Sai didn’t plan to eat at all when he walked down, and he just yelled and was about to walk away.

“I’m going out.”

Seeing A Sai’s behavior, the mother rushed over and grabbed A Sai by the collar of his neck.

A Sai’s feet stagnated, and he leaned back.

The aristocratic style is gone, and he has become a mud monkey struggling under the hands of his mother in a small town in the countryside.

Mother grabbed his hand and dragged him back.

“What are you going to do? Have you eaten yet?”

A Sai’s mother dragged A Sai hard, insisting that he finish his breakfast.

A Sai thinks this is too troublesome: “There are also outside, why do you have to do it at home?

Mother stood and watched A Sai eat: “They ask for money outside.”

A Saiman doesn’t care: “I have money.”

Mother glared at him: “If you have money, you have to save money.”

My mother watched A Sai begin to eat honestly before finally turning around and leaving.

But she immediately noticed Asay’s walking stick.

Mother took his cane and knocked on the ground a few times, just like a blind man on the side of the road looking for the way.

“I’m not blind, and I’m not in my seventies and eighties, so I still have a cane.”

Asay told his mother: “That’s not a cane, it’s the newest cane in the city, used by nobles and scholars.”

After speaking, he waved his hand: “You don’t understand.”

Anyway, his mother disliked him: “I can’t understand the people in this city.”

Asai was eating, he turned his head to look at his mother who walked into the room.

My mother is carefully wrapping the money A Sai gave her and putting it in a small box, and she is trying to find a place to hide it.

The cautious appearance, for fear that the money will be stolen by others.

A Sai raised his voice and said: “The thief is really coming in, you can find it wherever you hide.”

“Besides, where are there so many thieves.

The mother looked serious: “I used to live in Rolling Stone Town, we had nothing, so no one will steal it!”

“It’s different now.”

“When you have money, thieves will definitely come.”

A Sai shook his head: “No thief dares to steal the house of the priest of the temple with such blind eyes.”

That’s true.

It’s not just because of the status of the priests of the temple, who knows what kind of ghosts are in the houses of those priests who master divine arts. There are many things and traps involving extraordinary power in the houses of these powerful people.

Even if it is stolen, who knows if there are any troubles and imprints left on your body, the other party will find you immediately.

I finished eating.

A Sai then turned his cane, straightened his hat and left.

The old building at the intersection has been demolished, and a new workshop will be built here.

A Sai looked at the tall buildings and the commercial street with glass windows stretching the entire street.

Look at the male and female clover people in gorgeous and bright clothes.

This is one of the few big cities even in Xiyinsai, let alone in the eyes of the snake people, it is like a paradise on earth in the eyes of ordinary Sanye people.

Since the sage Sang De’an brought the power of miracles to the world, Siyin Sai has undergone earth-shaking changes, and his development is speeding up day by day.

Xinsa could have used this power to break through this harsh environment and push civilization to a peak, but all the Sanye people just indulged in the richness and luxury brought by this miracle technique.

But at this moment.

No one noticed this.

A Sai walked to the front of the street, and the entire commercial street was decorated with lights and festoons.

Clover people in various costumes stand in front of the glass window, looking into the distance with their heads raised.

“Here we come!”

“Here we come.”

There is a grand festival going on in the city, called the Festival of Redemption, which commemorates the birth of Second Generation Saint Stan Tito.

This is the day Stan Tito saves the city from a troll plague caused by the mad King Summer.

It is also on this day.

The great **** Insai took back the trolls of the royal family of blood, bestowed upon mortals the power of rituals and miracles, and brought happiness and redemption to mortal life.

“Boom boom boom.”

Intensive drums and accompanying conch horns sounded, and a team in festive costumes came from a distance.

The team was carrying a puppet approaching from a distance. People on both sides of the street saluted one after another, and many even knelt down to pray.

In the festive atmosphere of celebration, the team came in front of Asai.

The crowd also became crowded, everyone crowded together in an instant, and everyone wanted to be closer to the team.

Asay looked up.

On the raised shelf is a puppet supported by a cloth shell, coming with the light of the morning.

A Sai no longer stood on the other side of the street and looked at it against the light this time, what he saw was a patch of bright sunshine.

The sun not only shines on him, but also illuminates every detail of the doll.

Cheers came from the crowd: “Heroes and saints.”

“The great Stan Tito.”

A Sai stood on the side of the street and chanted along with the crowd, raising his hands high, raising his cane and hat.

“Stan Tito!”

“Stan Tito!”


The sound of the crowd turned into an ocean, and everyone was immersed in joy.

“That’s great!”

“This is the big city, this is Anjo City.”

“I like it here.”

With a smile on his face, A Sai kept waving his arms along with the crowd.

Until the team is completely gone.

The festive atmosphere has opened up, everyone on the street is smiling, and acquaintances are greeting each other.

Asai was walking on the road, he ran into the captain of the San An district security team.

He is very familiar with the other party, because when he was young, he once thought that if he could not become a priest, then he must become a captain of the security team who arrests criminals.

The captain reached out to say hello to A Sai: “A Sai!”


A Sai imitated the nobleman’s etiquette response, put on his hat again and asked the captain curiously.

“I heard that you caught a vicious criminal yesterday, is it true?”

“The other party also killed a noble outside the city?”

The captain said seriously: “There is no trial yet, so I can’t tell you.”

“However, I can tell you some details.”

Asay asked the captain: “What details?”

He was very curious: “Did you discover the details of the criminal’s criminal evidence from the small clues?”

The captain told Asai: “The criminal looks a lot like you!”

A Sai turned his head: “You’re joking again.”

The captain said: “It’s true, I almost thought it was you.”

A Sai followed the security captain all the way and came to the ointment shop opposite the Sheng’an District Public Security Station.

Although he has already eaten at home, he is still used to buying something here and taking it to the Ice Temple.

Before he could speak, a voice came from under the counter.

“I still want a sugar cube!”


Inside the store is a cute little girl, just a little higher than the counter; the parents of this store are usually busy at the back, and let the children help to watch the store at the front.

A Sai likes to look at this little thing bouncing around, it can be regarded as a bad taste.

But his bad taste will soon be destroyed, because the child grows very fast, and it has grown a lot in just a few months.

In a few months, he may have to catch up, because A Sai, who was malnourished since he was a child, is not tall.

A Sai lay on the counter: “Little one, how did you grow so fast!”

The girl replied: “Grow fast? Colin and the others grow faster!”

Asai mentioned his students and shook his head: “Colin, this guy doesn’t know what he ate, and he grows so fast.”

“They are all taller than me.”

A Sai put the money on the stage, and then took the massecuite wrapped in paper.

He came to the Ice Ritual Temple, and his student and apprentice Colin was waving at him.



Asai stepped up the steps and walked up. Colin saw the paper bag in Asai’s hand at a glance, and said unceremoniously.

“The teacher is so kind, I know I’m hungry.”

A Sai held on tightly: “I didn’t buy it for you.”

But after finishing speaking, I still gave it to Colin.

A Sai first completed the tasks assigned by the temple in the Ice Temple, practiced the depiction of ritual arrays, and created various miraculous techniques.

Then he went to the library to read for a while, and then taught Colin a few apprentice priests in the afternoon.

Although he has only studied for a few years, he has already become a second-level priest because of his strong talent, and he is already able to teach apprentice priests.

A Sai returned the books in the library, by this time the sky had already darkened.

On the way home.

Suddenly the whole street twisted.

A looming figure appeared on the deserted street, looking at Asai.

That is a guy who should be locked in the prison in the city at this time period. He is wearing a priest’s robe and has a symbol of truth on his right hand.

Porik the Ghost.

“A Sai God!”

“Xiao will be resurrected soon, and he has embarked on the path of wisdom, although it is not a complete reincarnation.”

“He already has the door of spirituality, and then maybe…”

A Sai clearly saw the other party and heard the other party’s words, but he just walked past him with his head down.

“I don’t know you.”

“I don’t know Xiao Xiao either.”

He has seen each other many times, but he knows that the other party does not exist.

The other party is just a phantom, an existence imagined by oneself.

It is a phantom that does not exist in this world.

“What’s wrong with me? Do I have some strange disease?”

“Tomorrow, check the collection of books in the temple to see if there is anything like me.”

Asai walked through the street, everything became calm again.

However, after returning home, the house was full of chaos.

Some people exclaimed, some people yelled.

A Sai was taken aback for a moment, thinking that a thief really broke into the house.

He strode into the house, and saw his mother and the maid standing together, looking at something in the yard and yelling.

When the mother saw A Sai came back, she immediately pointed at the thing and shouted.

“Take a look.”


“What kind of weird thing is this!”

“It grew out suddenly, it didn’t exist in the morning.”

It is a tree with colorful flowers blooming on it.

It looks a bit like the Cup of the Sun, but the difference is very big.

There are no trees in this era, and plants can only grow in the sea. The Sanye people don’t know what it is.

The maid also said: “It’s so beautiful, what kind of plant is this?”

A Sai didn’t know what it was, he just told his mother and maid not to get close to the tree.

But he instinctively felt that this thing should not be a dangerous item. He thought of the figure that suddenly appeared just now, and he felt that this thing should be related to the other party.

“It should be some extraordinary item, maybe a prop?”

“I’ll take care of it.”

That night, Asai woke up suddenly.

The look in his eyes changed.

From the original sunshine, it became gloomy and deep.

He walked down the stairs slowly and entered the yard.

The rainbow tree in the yard shimmers under the moon, which is more beautiful than it can be seen during the day.

It is a beauty beyond this era, a miracle that spans time and space.

Asai stretched out his hand and touched the flower of the rainbow tree.

Missing travels through mountains and seas and through space.

The transformation of heaven and earth.

All kinds of pictures that did not belong to Anjo City appeared in front of his eyes.

He saw the vast green land, and he saw herds of beasts running in the jungle;

That was a wonderful sight that could never be seen in the last era.

He saw a beautiful forest fairy, sending a paper-folded letter to a distant place.


I saw the fantasy star sea.

The sky is covered with bright stars, and every twinkle of light is a mark of a life that once existed.

Those who once existed and lost have turned into stars and stayed here.

At this time, the figure of the ghost Polik reappeared beside Asai.

Porik stood under the tree and said to Asai.

“A Sai God!”

“The messenger of the gods will pass on your thoughts to the dead, and to the dream star sea, the destination of all living beings and spirits.”

“This flower branch.”

“You can say what you want, what you have never been able to say.”

“Bringing you all you care about, everyone you can’t let go of.”

A Sai did not respond, but quietly raised his head and looked at the sky.


The next day.

A Sai got up a little early today, and his mother was always up and busy with work before dawn.

She was wiping things in the hall, over and over again.

She is content with her current life.

The mother turned her head and looked at A Sai who was coming down the stairs: “It’s really strange!”

“Woke up so early today?”

A Sai did not speak, but sat beside his mother.

The mother also sat beside A Sai, and she seemed to feel A Sai’s mood.

She knew that A Sai wanted to talk to herself, although A Sai didn’t want to say it herself, she just listened to herself.

As long as he hears his mother’s voice, Asai can feel at ease.

“Life is so good now!”

“It’s like dreaming.”

A Sai looked at his mother and smiled.

“As long as you like it.”

Mother smiled from ear to ear: “It’s different in the city! Return you?”

My mother went on to talk about the past. After living a good life, I always think about the difficulty of the past.

“The house we lived in used to leak rain all day long, and the rain was ticking. It was really terrible.”

“And where did we eat such good food before.”

As we talked, the topic of mother became more and more distant.


“When you came back from the temple, you failed to become an apprentice priest, and the bad boys in the town came to bully you.”

“They are all bad.”

A Sai raised his head suddenly, opened his mouth wide and looked at his mother.

However, the mother was still immersed in the memory, and continued talking unconsciously.

“You go to work in the warehouse in the town. I originally wanted to go to the mayor’s house to work and pick up some cloth for sale, but it rained a lot and got sick…”

A Sai stood up, his eyes suddenly changed.

His pupils revealed pain, and he said loudly at the top of his lungs.


“None of this ever happened.”

He looked at his mother and asked him in disbelief.

“Mother, what are you talking about?”

“I successfully became the apprentice of the priest of the temple, didn’t I?”

“We successfully left Rolling Stone Town and lived the good life we ​​wanted, didn’t we?”

It was only at this time that the mother realized that the things in her memory were completely different from what happened now.

In that memory, Asai failed to become an apprentice to the priest of the temple, and his brain was deformed due to the failure of power guidance.

Asai’s brain was oppressed and he was blinded in one eye and limped in one leg, completely cutting off his desire to become a priest.

Under his arrangement, A Sai went to work in the warehouse in the town.

But because of the heavy rain, he fell seriously ill.



My mother felt very strange and didn’t understand what it was.


“Didn’t it happen?”

“Why do I…”

The mother’s face was blank, she didn’t know where this memory came from.

These things have never happened in the illusory city of Anjo. Those terrible things only exist in the outside world, not inside the door.

A Sai stood stiffly, and his body could be seen trembling constantly.

The mother also noticed A Sai’s situation, she first looked at him, and then hugged him cautiously.


“Are you scared?”

She stroked Asai’s face and said to him.


“Don’t be afraid.”

“If you’re scared, just cover your eyes!”

“If you can’t see anything, you won’t be afraid.”

“Don’t look at the outside world, I will always be by your side and protect you.”

Asai’s eyes were dark, but he recalled the touch of his mother’s palm again.

His tears continued to flow down, like a torrential rain.

He reached out and hugged his mother.


“I’m not afraid.”

“I just… miss you so much.”

The mother looked at A Sai, and she seemed to understand something.

The mother’s eyes became gentle, she gently stroked Asai’s face, and looked at her son who was arrogant and always refused to let her worry.

“Live well!”


“It doesn’t matter what you become, whether you are blind or lame.”

“Whether you are a priest or a king.”


“It’s a god.”

“I hope you will live well, in this world.”

A long time ago, Asai’s mother also said the same thing.

That’s what Asai said to him after he failed to become a priest apprentice.

He looked like he was blind in one eye and lame in one leg.

Asay’s mother is an ordinary woman who lives in the bottom of the Siyinsay Kingdom. She can’t say much philosophical words, and she is always haggling over every detail.

Live well.

This is her view of life, and her only expectation for Asai.

Live well.

That should suffice.

Hearing these words, Ah Sai knelt down on the ground weakly.

He hugged his mother’s leg tightly and bowed his head deeply.

His voice was almost sobbing, he wanted to scream out his despair and anger together, but in the end it all turned into reluctance.



“I know…I know…”

A Sai finally understood.

No matter how he conceals it, no matter how much he deceives himself.

The illusion here is also just an illusion, just the mother in his memory.

There is no one else here, only his own memory.

And his longing for his mother cannot be given by these illusions.

The sun shines into the house.

A Sai was writing something while sitting at the table, writing vigorously on the cloth with a pen.

Mother came over and asked Asai: “Who are you writing to?”

A Sai turned his head and said with a smile: “Here you are!”

Asay wrote several letters, divided into several scrolls.

He went to the yard and threw the letter into the tree hole of the rainbow tree.

Colorful fluorescent light surrounds, and petals fall into the air.

The letter in the tree hole also disappeared.

Asay looked up at the sky.

“If you can receive it.”

“Just tell me!”

As these words began, everything around them began to slowly dissipate.

From this paradise-like cottage to the street outside.

And then to the whole city.

Those familiar and unfamiliar people disappeared into the void one by one.


There is only Asai left.


Dream Land.

In the stationery wonderland, the fairy in charge today is Saint Raphael.

This sloppy fairy was sitting under the tall rainbow tree, the paper airplanes in the sky were spinning one by one, and finally landed on her hand.


The fairy Saint Raphael held the paper airplane and flew it out.

Thrown into the tree hole.

Every time one flew out, she would imitate the sound of breaking wind in her mouth.

This is a sense of ritual.

The rainbow tree radiated light again, and several special letters were delivered to her.

Saint Raphael was very curious and picked up the letters.

“A letter from a god? The **** of truth and knowledge?”

“Not paper?”

“Is this the first time you see a letter in this style?”

The fairy looked at several scrolls, feeling a little distressed.

“But how to make a paper airplane?”

In fact, it can be delivered without being folded into a paper airplane, but San Raphael always feels that the flight is soulless, and the delivery is not dreamy enough.

Finally, she decided to send it over by herself.


The destinations of these letters are all fantasy star seas.

The fairy in the forest travels through the fantasy star sea, looking for the corresponding recipient, the corresponding dream of life.

The fairies in the forest themselves are dream races, and they are like fish jumping into the sea in this dreamland.

But it’s weird.

She found the first few, but couldn’t find the last one anyway.

“There is no such person?”

“Why can’t I find it?”

“Could it be that…the **** of truth and knowledge got it wrong?”


Inside the Gate of Truth.

Asai, the **** of truth and knowledge, had a dream, and the power of the dream came from the God of Creation, dragging him into a dreamland.

A Sai did not refuse, he was content with it.

In a dream.

He dreamed of the captain of the St. Ann District Security Team, he dreamed of his student Colin, and he dreamed of the owner of the ointment shop.

He dreamed of many people and saw colorful dreams of life.

But only.

Didn’t dream about his mother.

He went from anticipation, to loss, to doubt.

At this time, a beautiful girl with black hair and a wreath appeared in the dream.

The girl told him: “I didn’t find the recipient, did you make a mistake?”

“If you make a mistake, vote again next time!”

After speaking, the girl disappeared.

Ace opened his eyes.

A powerful force spread along the void, and the door of truth opened with a bang.


The two huge doors were pushed slowly, making a roaring friction sound.

A huge transparent shadow appeared in the door of truth, and then slowly condensed into a figure in a black dress. It was a young man with a hat and a cane in his hand.

Horses of Poric family ghosts appeared before the Gate of Truth, kneeling before the young man.

“The Polik family.”

“My highest homage to the great God of truth and knowledge.”

Porik looked at the young man with unparalleled fanaticism in his eyes.

“A Sai God.”

“You finally… finally woke up.”

“You are the embodiment of knowledge, the most polymath, and the **** who seeks the truth.”

“We are willing to follow your footsteps and pursue the eternal truth.”

“Whether it is 100 million years or 200 million years.”

“It’s still longer.”

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