I am God Chapter 270: : Do you also want to pry into the secrets of the gods?


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Beyond Ruhe Giant Island.

The continents of this era are connected and merged into one super-large continent. In the center of the continent is an unimaginably large desert.

However, there are rich swamp forests along the coast.

All kinds of peculiar landforms and environments constitute the ecology of this world.

There are surprisingly large insects, far more species than Ruhe Giant Island, and all kinds of strange reptiles.

For the Evelians, this is a completely new world.

Everything here makes them feel novel.

The place where the Evils landed is a large peninsula with an area of ​​hundreds of thousands of square kilometers. It is surrounded by sea on three sides and has a rich coastline.

The peninsula connects the northern part of the mainland, and there is a raised plateau mountain range at the junction.

That is the habitat that the Mother of Life once prepared for the Winged Man.

It’s just that the Aiweier people haven’t even explored the entire peninsula, and they don’t have the energy to touch more distant areas, and they don’t know that they are very close to the territory of the Yiren.

Snake people are indeed good at building cities.

They chose a natural bay port and re-established New Evil City.

The powerful man controls the power, and can easily change and shape the stone.

They built the city walls and built the electricity supply.

Civilians cut down trees to build houses, or directly used mud and stones to build walls and houses.

The prototype of a city was born.

While building the city, there are still a steady stream of Evelians coming across the sea.

The Evil people can’t wait to leave the giant island of Ruhe. On the one hand, of course, it is because of the enmity between the Evel people and the Ten Thousand Snakes Court, which makes the Evel people have a very strong sense of crisis.

On the other hand, it is naturally something that the people of Aiweier dare not mention.

Conversion of the Evelians and Hewborne.

They changed their faith from the pantheon of life to the pantheon of wisdom, although the gods did not punish them, nor did they care about their faith.

But the Evelians are still terrified.

Fortunately, at this time, the God of Truth and Knowledge gave them blessing and guidance, and they left the huge island of Ruhe created by the mother of life and came to the new world to open up their homes.

The third one is also because a rich new continent is extremely attractive to the Aiweier people.

There is a fertile land here that is comparable to the southern part of Ruhe Giant Island. They can also learn from the city-state people to plant curly **** and net rope vines.

They can not care about the threat of war at all, and freely develop their homeland.

All of this.

It is much better than their former habitat, the barren Ruhe giant island north.

On the crudely built unloading dock and port, Avon led a group of people to watch from a distance.

They are waiting for the last boats to arrive.

According to the time calculation, the fleet should have arrived a few days ago, but until today, there is still no shadow of the fleet.

This made Avon a little anxious.

Although Yafuan didn’t speak, one can see the anxiety in his heart from his expression.

It’s just that Yafuan is no longer as frizzy as before. No matter how anxious he is, he still stands firmly at the front and looks straight into the distance.

Achilio, the servant of the Temple of Knowledge, noticed Avon’s mood.

The middle-aged servant said.

“Don’t worry.”

“There are often delays at sea, and it is normal to arrive later.”

Avon nodded, and he gave another reason for his concern.

“But the wind and waves at sea are not right these days, so I am a little worried.”

“I don’t know if I’m thinking too much.”

Aizilio is a God Servant far older than Afran, and he is one of the Elvirs who were rescued from the Land of Sunrise by Xiuburn.

It stands to reason that Echirio should be the one who is more suitable to be the heir of Xiuburne.

But in the end Xiuburn chose Avon.

The former Chief God Servant chose this young man to inherit his will, and chose Avon to lead the Evelians forward.

Echirio chose to respect the will of Hewborn.

Because the other party rescued the Evil people from danger, and because Xiuboen saved his name.

At the same time.

Echirio also believed in Xiuburn’s choice.

He felt that Xiuburn must have his reasons for making such a decision.

He is a person who is not keen on power. He conscientiously guides Afran how to become a qualified chief servant and how to face and deal with various complicated situations.

Yafuan has not yet become the third rank, so he is not the real Chief God Servant of the Temple of Knowledge, he can only be said to control the Temple of Knowledge as an agent.

This is also the rule made by Xiuburne.

Only the third-level high-ranking witch spirit can become the chief servant.

Shubern uses this method to inspire all those who come later, hoping that those who come later can surpass themselves and become stronger and stronger.

A female servant, Wu Ling, who was younger than Fuan, suddenly shouted: “Look ahead.”

The maid rushed from Wulingnia to the face of Avon, and stood in front of the sea, pointing at the figure in the distance and shouting.

“There is a boat.”

“The boat is coming.”

The ship that can be seen on the New World must belong to the Evelians without a doubt.

Avon moved his gaze away from Echirio and looked into the distance.

I also happened to see Nia’s snow-white shoulders and skin.

Nia has a tattoo on her shoulder, which is a lighthouse.

It used to be the lighthouse of Evil City. When she left her homeland, she asked someone to tattoo it on her body.

She didn’t say why.

But Yafuan and everyone can also guess that she wants to remember her hometown forever, and tattooing it on her body feels like being with her hometown forever.

Seeing the fleet, the expression on Afran’s face finally relaxed.

“Finally back.”

But as the fleet approached, everyone felt something was wrong.

Aizilio on the side was the first to speak: “Why are there only so few ships, what about other ships, and other people?”

Nia looked puzzled: “Are you behind, didn’t you catch up?”

When the fleet completely docked at the port, everyone noticed that the ships were full of scars.

Some masts show signs of fracture and repair, and some hulls even have horrible tear marks and monster bite marks.

Everyone on the boat was in a panic, and after getting off the boat, they collapsed in groups on the land.

Avon found the person in charge of the fleet among the crowd, and lifted him up from the ground.

“What happened?”

“What about the others? What about the other ships in the fleet?”

The head of the fleet cried and said: “My lord, we encountered an irresistible storm and disaster on the way. It was a storm mixed with black extraordinary power, and we couldn’t resist it at all.”

Of course Avon knows what that black storm is. It is more terrifying than the wildest storm on the sea, and it is mixed with extraordinary destructive power.

“Didn’t I give you the correct route?”

“Obviously as long as you follow the route given by God, nothing will happen to you. How could you encounter a black storm?”

“How do you do it?”

“Are you off course?”

But the man argued loudly: “Lord Afoan!”

“We are walking according to the route map, and there is absolutely no deviation.”

“But this time the sea of ​​storms is too strong, and with it comes the terrifying sea winged demons, we have no way to resist it.”

“The wind and waves overturned our boat, and the winged demons attacked us in the rainstorm.”

“I really tried my best, but in the end I can only return alive with these few ships.”

The winged devil, an extraordinary monster who controls the power of wind, naturally likes disaster weather such as storms and tsunamis.

This kind of scene is like a catastrophe for mortals, but it is the most comfortable and favorite celestial phenomenon for them, so the stormy sea is often accompanied by monsters like winged demons.


In the eyes of fishermen, Winged Devil is synonymous with disaster and death.

Looking at the other party’s face, Yafuan can basically confirm that the other party is not lying.

On such a dangerous sea, no one would seek death to deviate from the course, especially a skilled navigator who has crossed the course several times.

But Avon doesn’t understand why.

It was clear that nothing happened before, so why did it happen this time?


“There is a problem with the route? Is it an accident?”

With so many dead, Afran needs an answer.

He wants to confirm whether this route is safe, which is related to the future and plan of the Evelians.

If there is indeed a problem with this route and it is no longer safe, it means that they have completely severed their connection with Ruhe Giant Island.

After Yafuan and others confirmed the situation, they returned to the Temple of Knowledge.

The brand new Temple of Knowledge was built to imitate the style inside the Gate of Truth, and it has not yet been completed.

Avon pressed his hand on his chest, and the right hand of Polik, a magical prop, was activated.

Pierce through the present.

The surrounding scene is replaced by darkness.

And in front of his eyes, a huge door was continuously constructed in a blink of an eye.

At first there is only one base, but as the darkness spreads, it appears upwards a little bit.


In a flash, the door at the top appeared completely, and the magnificent light became the most dazzling color in the darkness.

He came to the door of truth and stepped into it without any hesitation.

The door of truth can not only collect knowledge, but also organize knowledge, classify knowledge, plan knowledge,

More importantly.

It infers new knowledge and situations from existing knowledge.

The route Xiuburn prayed for before was to find a way to the New World by sacrificing a lot of knowledge, and then asking the Gate of Truth to deduce.

Among the knowledge he sacrificed, there are myths about Thermos, the mother of all snakes, going to “another world”, a lot of sailing knowledge of the Evil people, and a lot of records about known sea areas.

Avon passed through the vast sea of ​​information, and he came to the temple like a library.

He saluted the ghosts in the temple and expressed his doubts.

He narrated how the people of Evill encountered the legendary black storm despite following the route guided by God.

The ghost raised its hand, and the scroll of the nautical chart on Afran’s body unfolded immediately.

There are many introductions and notes on it, one of which is written.

Valid for two years.

The ghost said in an unquestionable tone: “The time has passed, the next priest, Afoan.”

Yafuan had seen this line of writing before, and he just took it as the storage time of this blueprint and didn’t care about it.

He didn’t understand why the nautical charts were still valid. There was no such thing in common sense.

He looked at the ghost in the temple incomprehensibly, wondering why such a thing happened?

“Two years?”

“Why is there still a time limit for the route.”

“Even if there is a time limit, it is usually marked with seasons. How come there are only two years?”

The ghost replied in a cold and emotionless tone: “Because only in these two years, the storm at sea will stop.”

Afoan asked: “Why is there such a terrible storm in the sea around the giant island of Ruhe, which is completely unnatural.”

The ghost lowered its head and told Afran the truth.

“Because Ruhe Giant Island is a gifted place created out of thin air by the master of life with unimaginable power.”

“Your myths are all true. Although the mother of life is not the creator, she is the supreme creator to you.”

“He created you.”

“Created everything you depend on and own.”

“The black storm around the giant island of Ruhe appeared because of the birth of this continent.”

Avon opened his mouth wide and wanted to say something, but in the end he could only back away, and he dropped his hand weakly.


“Is the **** forbidding us to leave? Or is it forbidding us to go back?”

Afoan paused for a long time before asking in a trembling voice.

“Is this the master of life’s punishment for us?”

Ghost shook his head again: “Stupid mortal!”

“Don’t think too highly of yourself.”

“God will not punish you, and you do not deserve God’s punishment.”

“You are not an apostle of the Lord of Life, nor are you a servant that the Lord of Life values. Only apostles and servants like the Mother of Snakes and Iva may be able to attract the attention of such a master-level existence.”

Ghost waved his hand, and a map of Ruhe Giant Island appeared in the air.

And outside the giant island of Ruhe, a layer of airflow similar to a barrier or conflict appeared.

“From the moment this giant island was born, it began to change and erode the world.”

“This is the origin of life in this era, the origin of the extraordinary.”

“Extraordinary, power, wisdom, and mythology are like waves, which are inevitably transmitted from this point to the whole world.”

“The monster is a part of this wave, you are a part of this wave, and the black storm is also a part of this wave.”

“It is a creation of God, a gift from God.”

“You are too weak.”

“For a **** like Life Ruler, even if He bestows upon you a gift, you can’t even bear the aftermath of this gift.”

“You can’t bear the erosion of the power of myth to this world, let alone the external manifestation of the convective power between this world and the power of myth.”

It was only then that Yafuan understood what it meant that the route could only last for two years.

I also understand what the black storm called the black natural disaster on the sea is.

“It’s no wonder that apart from the legendary record of the Mother of Ten Thousand Snakes, no snake people have ever arrived here alive.”

“But why?”

“Why is it okay for a while?”

Ghost nodded: “But nearly ten years ago, there were some changes.”

“The door of truth cannot deduce the reason, but it is certain that the supreme power has reversed the laws of this world, thus affecting the celestial phenomena.”

“It may be because of the arrival of the apostle of God, or the change of the Ruhe monster, which caused the change of the storm on the sea.”

“This creates a gap at sea, giving you the opportunity to leave Ruhe Giant Island.”

“But this period is not permanent, it has ended.”

The ghost did not mention the part about the descending of the gods, and only referred to it as the apostle of the gods.

Perhaps it is because Ephraim’s power is not enough or worthy to know such a message.

Avon also knew the meaning of the end of this period.

This means that before they have stronger power, it will be difficult for them to return to Ruhe Giant Island.

If Ruhe Giant Island is the center of the world, they have been completely excluded from the world and become a group of wanderers living in another world.

Avon regained his composure.

Since we have completely severed contact and can no longer go back, we should find a way to start a new future.

Afoan paid attention to the situation in the temple, and suddenly found that there were many changes here.

There seems to be a lot less ghosts in the temple.

Where do they go?

Avon suddenly remembered the city he had seen, the city deep in the gate of truth.

Perhaps the ghosts have all gone there?

After years of sacrifices and offerings by the Evelians, and the chains were shattered by two blows from the giant Ruhe, it seems that many changes have taken place in the Gate of Truth.

It’s just that Yafuan himself doesn’t understand what this change means.

However, after coming to the door of truth, Afran decided to ask one more thing that he had been concerned about and troubled him for a long time.

He took out the book of Xiuboen and asked the ghosts under the altar.

“O Messenger of the God of Knowledge!”

“I want to know what script this book is in?”

“What is the above record?”

Ghost didn’t hide anything, and told Yafuan directly.

“The text of the previous era, the wisdom text created by the king of wisdom.”

“This script was used and recorded in the last era by the descendants of the King of Wisdom.”

Having said this, the ghost told Afran.

“The next knowledge needs to consume your sacrifice.”

Avon was thrilled.

Sure enough, as he expected, the book left by Xiu Bowen hides shocking secrets.

Because even if he didn’t know the words on it, he felt as if he was going to fall into the abyss just by reading it for a long time.

He can be sure that this book contains unimaginable knowledge, and it is likely to be a book that records the secrets and powers of the gods.

Avon immediately said: “I agree.”

Afoan immediately felt that his book of witch spirits was opened, and a large amount of knowledge on it, even a ghost that stored knowledge, was also sacrificed.

The ghost told Avon: “The book of Xiuburn records the forbidden knowledge of the previous era.”

“Xubern violated the taboo, he copied the knowledge from the Creator Temple.”

“He walked the path that mortals should not take, he knew everything that mortals should not know, and he faced the existence that mortals should not directly look at.”

“As a result, he also suffered a result that he could not bear.”

Avon couldn’t help asking: “How can I gain the knowledge to decipher the words in the book of Xiuboen.”

The Book of Hurburn is already in Avon’s hands, all he needs is the text to decipher this knowledge.

But the ghosts who generously donated the words of Wisdom to Xiuburne last time have completely changed this time.

All the ghosts raised their heads together, and a strong sense of oppression descended on Afoan.


“Do you also want to pry into the secrets of the gods?”

Avon prostrated himself on the ground, he really felt a change.

These ghosts without any consciousness and emotions seem to have a common will under the power of the gate of truth.

There is no emotion, it is more like the tools used to maintain the door of truth are linked together, and after possessing a powerful deduction ability, it becomes more intelligent.

Dangers can be predicted or avoided.

Let everything go in a direction that is more in line with the interests of the Gate of Truth, and let everything go on a path that allows the God of Knowledge to wake up smoothly.

The Gate of Truth is awakening.

It gradually possesses more powerful power and more powerful calculation power.

But it seems that this change is not strong enough so far.

At least these ghosts and the gate of truth are still just passively waiting, without direct intervention.

Faced with this will, Afran could only kneel on the ground and beg and apologize.

“I dare not.”

The voices of the ghosts overlapped and passed into Afoan’s mind.

“We bestowed forbidden knowledge on Xiuborne, and he saw things he shouldn’t have seen, which made Xiuborne’s consciousness gradually go crazy.”

“At the same time, his faith and consciousness are corrupted by forbidden knowledge and madness polluted by shock.”

“He does not have a pious and firm belief, and cannot use his belief in God to fight against this madness.”

“Even with his strong will, he can only fall in madness in the end.”

The ghosts stared at Avon, who was prostrate on the ground, with loud voices that made people dizzy.

“Weak believers of God!”

“When you can’t prove your piety, when you can’t prove your will is strong enough.”

“You will not receive this gift, and you will not be allowed to spy on the taboo of the previous era.”

Finally, the sound like a huge wave subsided slowly.

The ghosts said in a concluding voice: “Don’t spy on God, don’t look directly at God, don’t blaspheme God.”

“Those who pry into God’s secrets will eventually suffer the consequences themselves.”

This is the words summed up by the Sanye people of the last era, and it is something that every Sanye person remembers in their hearts.

Because they were the ones who reaped the consequences.

It is not because of God’s punishment that the evil results come, but because mortals are too weak to bear the price of prying into God’s secrets,

The evil result is not God’s punishment, but the seed of destruction that I swallowed.

The mortal Avon below finally had the strength to straighten up, and he looked up at the ghost.

“The Messenger of the God of Truth and Knowledge, I already know your teachings.”


When Yafuan returned to reality, he was clearly a witch spirit, but he felt chills all over his body, and his hair stood on end.

He tossed and turned the book of Xiuburn in his arms, unable to fall asleep.

He didn’t understand what Xiuburn recorded in this book, which actually caused such severe warnings from the messengers of the God of Truth and Knowledge, those ghosts.

He couldn’t help but think of what the ghosts said together.

“The forbidden knowledge of the previous era is recorded in the book of Xiuboen. Xiuboen violated the taboo. He copied the knowledge in the temple of the Creator.”

“He walked the path that mortals should not take, he knew everything that mortals should not know, and he faced the existence that mortals should not directly look at.”

Avon kept chewing on the meaning of these words.

It can be confirmed that Xiuburn recorded the knowledge of the gods in the book, which does not belong to the knowledge of mortals.

So he knows everything a mortal should not know.

But what does it mean that he walked the path that mortals should not go, and faced the existence that mortals should not directly look at?

Avon didn’t know what happened in the Sky Temple, and he didn’t know that Xiuboen had walked the path of divine descent prepared by the second-generation King of Wisdom for the Creator.

And what happened in Pence City under the mountain of the origin of life is like a big dream for everyone. Everyone knows that the mother of all snakes has come, and they have also witnessed the emergence of the door of truth, and finally the darkness swallows the package. everything.

Other than that, nothing else is known.

After thinking for a long time, Yafuan determined that the book in his hand was something that he was not yet able to touch and open.

At least.

When he is not strong enough, he cannot be consulted.

“Master Xiuboen suffered because of this book, which means that ordinary third-tier power users should not be exposed to such knowledge.”

“I’m currently thinking too much about it, and it doesn’t work.”

“Let’s put it away, at least not let others touch such a dangerous thing.”

Avon carefully put away the book of Xiuboen, he used divine magic to open a hole in the wall, and then put the book of Xiuboen in.

He was carefully sealing the stone, looking at the closed hole, his mind was a little complicated.

He didn’t know when he would take it out again.

Or will it be taken out again.

Avon walked out of the Temple of Knowledge, and there was a busy scene everywhere outside.

The Sanye people built a shipbuilding workshop by the sea, and houses were being built everywhere in the city, and the treated wood was transported to the city by road one by one.

Some have started fishing, others are clearing fields to build villages, and others have begun to grow netting rattan, the fibers of which are used to weave coarse cloth.

There are businessmen recruiting workers, and officials at all levels have begun to organize the restoration of production and commerce in an orderly manner, and establish a common homeland for Aiweier people.

Everything is thriving.

His Majesty Sidi, King of Avier, just came to find Afuan on something, and when he came over, he happened to see Afuan looking at the newly established Aiweier City so intently.

His Majesty Sidi couldn’t help but follow his gaze to this beautiful scene, and couldn’t help but speak.


“What a beautiful scenery!”

“We are so united, no matter how many hardships we experience, we will never admit defeat.”

“I will definitely build Aiweier into the greatest country in the world, a kingdom of God on earth.”

His Majesty Sidi was rescued by Xiuburn in the midst of suffering. He always believed that it was God’s guidance, the God of truth and knowledge who rescued the people of Evel from suffering.

Those of them who have experienced suffering are extremely devout to the God of truth and knowledge, and they know how hard it all is.

Yafuan’s eyes are long: “I will definitely.”


“I hope this is our heaven too.”


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