I am God Chapter 269: : The demigod of pilgrimage


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The red-haired demigod pondered for a while, she had never heard of Dreamland, but she quickly realized it.

She asked tentatively: “Are you from the kingdom of the Creator?”

“From the land given by God!”

The **** the treetop nodded first, then shook her head.

“The kingdom of the Creator is very large, and the land bestowed by the gods is the kingdom of fairies, which is the residence of the Creator.”

“We live at the bottom of the kingdom of God.”

“I am the dream family, and I am in charge of the creatures created by Sheila.”

Vivien, the ancestor of blood, fell into deep thought. She didn’t know why she felt this name was very kind.

In her memory, she had obviously never met the other party.


The other party is the aloof master of dreams, the existence on the right side of the creation god.

She had seen Sheila, the lord of dreams, and even faintly saw the back of the Creator, but she had long forgotten these. .

Vivien, the ancestor of blood, once had a relationship with Sheila, the lord of dreams. When she was young, her sister almost died in an accident. She took her sister in a trailer to seek the footsteps of the witch doctor. Finally, because of Sheila’s pity, she entered the goblin’s hot air balloon.


She was just a mortal then.

All memories about the Creator will be forgotten due to lack of personality.

Not to mention that Vivien has experienced 200 million years of reincarnation and lost most of the memories stored in the Eye of True Knowledge.

Vivien, the First Patriarch of Blood, bowed down and paid homage to this great god.

“Fairy from the God of Creation, is it the will of the master of dreams that you come to see me?”

“Or did I accidentally bump into the messenger from the Kingdom of God?”

Although the first ancestor of blood seems to have seen the rainbow tree by chance and then met the fairy in the forest, the first ancestor of blood also believes that this **** may have an oracle and will.

The fairy did not tell her whose will it was, but only spoke.

“We are the fairies of the woods.”

“We are the messengers of the gods, the creatures who travel between dreams and reality, and the messengers of wishes and thoughts.”

“A demigod in the world!”

“I have a tree hole space, which can connect the world, the dream world and the kingdom of God.”

“Although no one else can transfer through this space except us.”

“But I can bring letters and things or what you want to say to people far away.”

The fairy in the forest looked at the blood ancestor with her dreamy eyes, and told her in an ethereal voice.

“You met me and saw this rainbow tree.”

“It means that there is a letter that I want to send to a distant place.”

To meet such a beautiful life, to meet the creatures of dreams.

It is a beautiful and lucky thing.

It’s just that Vivien’s mind is full of other things, so she seems a little absent-minded.

The First Ancestor of Blood shook his head, smiled and said to the garland **** the treetop: “But I didn’t want it”

As soon as the words were spoken, they suddenly stopped.

She immediately remembered something and asked excitedly.


“I want to send a letter to the Creator God Kingdom, to the master of life.”

“Is this okay too?”

Vivien was a little excited.

Because she ran a long circle, she finally saw the dawn.

As she got closer to the flower tree, the bright rainbow-like petals hung down and swayed beside her red hair.

“Can I pray to the Lord of my life?”

The fairy in the forest asked her: “What do you want to pray for?”

Vivien: “I want to tell God, the supreme and eternal Lord.”

“The Sanye people have lost their past, lost too many things.”

“We want to worship the temple of our ancestors, to worship our glory and glory, we want to go”

The fairy in the forest looked at Vivien, she was just born and couldn’t understand Vivien’s excitement.

Their existence time is too short, they do not have the thick history of the Sanye people.

They have not gained everything, and they have lost everything.

But the fairy in the forest could feel Vivien’s emotions, which were hesitation, sadness, and confusion.

She is the messenger of thoughts and emotions, and the messenger of the gods.

The other party had such a prayer, and of course she responded.

“Leave it to me!”

The first ancestor of blood knelt on the ground, and she prayed to the master of life.

She narrated the past between herself and the Sanye people.

They are the descendants of King Laidlici, known as the lineage of the eldest son of God, and Sally is called the eldest daughter of the Creator.

The emergence and birth of the Sanye people also have the power of the mother of life.

The **** that the Sanye people believe in is Insay, the creator, but they also enshrine King Laidlich and the Mother of Life together on the altar, so they believe in this **** and pray to the Mother of Life. It seems to be a matter of course.

The fairy in the forest with the garland waved her hand, turning this memory and picture into a ball of light.

The figure of the fairy in the forest gradually turned into a silhouette composed of petals, which dissipated little by little in the fluorescent light.

“Your letter, your prayer.”

“I got it.”

After saying this, the fairy in the forest disappeared.

There is only one rainbow tree left in place, and the colorful light on the tree has disappeared.

“Thank you.”

“I also thank the master of the dream.”

She didn’t know that it was the ruler on the right side of the creator **** who was helping her.

In fact, there is no need to summon the fairy in the forest simply to place thoughts and send letters.

As long as you make a wish in the tree hole or put the letter and things in the tree hole of the rainbow tree, the fairy in the forest in the Dreamland Land will receive it and send it to the far away for you.

Only special people, special things.

Or they want to.

The fairy in the forest will really appear in front of people.

So the first ancestor of blood guessed well, another master helped her, and the fairy in the forest came with Sheila’s will.

A few days later.

She came to the place where the rainbow tree was again.

Vivien passed through the colorful boundary of dream power, and the dense flower branches fluttering in the wind looked like a huge flower ball.

She bent down and lowered her head, looking into the tree hole.

This rainbow tree is not big yet, it is very short and has no life power to give birth, so the tree hole is only the size of a washbasin.

But she didn’t see anything in the tree hole.

“Not yet?”

“Or, I think the reply method is wrong?”

Vivien could only sigh.

She was a little anxious, and worried whether her prayer was too rash.

On the one hand, he was worried that he would not get a response from the master of life.

But she didn’t come, she thought maybe she could wait.

She was not about to leave, but sat down.

She leaned against the rainbow tree and looked at the clear sky through the flower branches. The dreamy light surged beside her, making her drowsy gradually.

Whether sleepy or not, Vivien lay under the rainbow tree and had a dream.


She saw the boundless continent and the vast sea.

However, both the continent and the sea are full of myth and ancient atmosphere, completely different from those in the present world.

Vivien looked up.

She saw an unimaginable scene, she saw the legendary God’s Moon hanging in the sky, and the moon was completely condensed from the God’s Grace Stone.

If you look closely, you can see the power of wisdom kingship and the supreme authority over all intelligent beings.

“The Kingdom of the God of Creation.”

Vivien knew immediately where she had come.

As soon as Vivien finished speaking, her figure and will were constantly being pulled into the distance.

She skimmed the earth, she leaped over the cliffs of the mountain.

At last she came to a huge and magnificent ancient city and stood in front of a temple.

Vivien walked in cautiously, not even daring to raise her head.

It wasn’t until she entered the temple that she raised her gaze slightly.

On the throne like a candlestick, there is an extremely powerful **** sitting impressively.

She shivered the moment she saw the other party. It was the awe and fear imprinted in her blood and origin, and it was the instinct of a follower to face the main god.

Vivien saw nothing.

The opponent is like the darkness devouring the world, and in the boundless darkness there is a shadow of a demon **** comparable to Zhoulu.

Vivien originally wanted to say something, and wanted to show the gods what she was praying for.

But at this moment.

She couldn’t even speak a word.

I could only tremble, as if I had been captured by my soul, and stayed in place.

The master of life above the throne looked at her: “I understand your prayer.”


“The scepter of Heinsay is also in the Sky Temple. It is a relic of Laidlici, and it is also a thing of you three leaf people.”

“You can take it back.”

After speaking, everything is over.

The ancestor of blood, Vivien, woke up from her dream. As a demigod, she found that she was sweating profusely and drenched all over.

She immediately turned around and kowtowed towards the rainbow tree.

“Thanks to the great master of life.”

“Your kindness will always be engraved in the hearts of Sanye people.”

It is obviously a gift from the master, but for a follower, even if such a great existence is just facing each other directly, they feel trembling physically and mentally, and they can’t help but feel panic.

The first ancestor of the blood left the Sunrise Mountains in a panic, and he couldn’t calm down for a long time.

Wait until she ran to the southernmost point of Ruhe Giant Island and stood in front of the sea.

She finally calmed down.

She descended into the sea, sank into the kingdom of blood.

Alpens and Smerkel were waiting for her, or waiting for the news she brought back.

“Master Vivien.”

The First Ancestor of Blood looked at the two of them, smiled and said.

“We can go back.”

Alpens and Smerkel stood on the spot with a smile on their faces, but tears were streaming from their eyes.

One stood stupidly, but his fingers couldn’t help shaking.


The moment the moon rose into the sky, the ice-covered Sky Mirror Lake quickly unsealed.

But in the eyes of Vivien, Alpens, and Smerkel, this scene looked more like a huge eye shaking slightly.

Only they can truly understand what kind of colossus is under their feet, and what kind of terrifying power it possesses.

But it’s too late to think about this kind of thing at this time, and they have already obtained the permission of the master of life.

The Ruhe monster didn’t get angry at all when they broke into the forbidden area, but instead opened the passage for them.

The three of them turned into blood and fell into the mirror of the sky together.

The world is turned.

The mirror hangs upside down.

The three of them seemed to have penetrated reality and came to another world.

They fell from the water and sank into a space at the bottom of the lake.

They saw a great mountain, and an ancient city enlarged as it fell beneath them.

They fell into the city and stood in the middle of the stone-paved street.

The surrounding buildings are full of weirdness in the eyes of the snake people. The architectural style has an indescribable ancient wild and weird style, but it can feel its highly developed civilization.

But for three people, these buildings are so familiar.

Smerkel spins around like he’s drunk.

He stepped on the stone slab and stumbled, his eyes were condensed into a single point, as if he wanted to completely imprint all this into his mind.

“The City of God’s Servants.”

“This is the city of God’s servants!”

Alpens fell to his knees and kissed the ground.

He imitated the prayer posture of the clover, and then closed his eyes.


“It’s really here.”

“The holy mountain is still there, the city of servants is still there, and the sky temple is still there.”

Vivien seemed to have forgotten the other two people, she ran in the streets of the City of God’s Servant.

Without thinking about it at all, she skillfully found the path leading from the God Servant City to the Sky Temple.

Instead of taking the avenue like the last snakeman who broke in here, the Evil man Xiuburn.

In the most ancient of times.

In the era when Jesser built the Sky Temple.

The avenue leading to the temple was built to welcome the Creator Insai.

Looking at the giant stone statues of the first generation of wisdom king Laidlich and the second generation of wisdom king Jesser kneeling on both sides of the avenue, it proves all this.

Alpens and Smerkel chased after them together. The reason why the city of the servants of the gods was called the city of the servants of the gods was because it was the city where the servants of the gods serving the Temple of the Sky lived. the capital of Heinsay.

But anyway, here is the most important place.

Always a sky temple.

Before the three of them came to the Sky Temple together, the door of the temple had already been pushed open by Xiu Boen.

Standing under the steps, they looked up and saw the statue of Insay, the Creator.

Smerkel has arrived here before, and he used to look up at the statue of the **** from this angle.

“The statue of Insay carved by King Jesser himself.”

Alpens looked at the blood ancestor standing in front of him: “Master Vivien, we are back again.”

The first time he saw this place, he followed Lord Vivien to participate in the crusade against the evil gods and the battle to retake the Holy Mountain and the Sky Temple.

That was their most glorious time and the most glorious moment.

As soon as Alpens finished speaking, he found that Vivien, the ancestor of blood, was already in tears.

She was obviously the most excited, but she just said.

“Let’s go!”

“Go in!”

They walked into the Sky Temple with solemn and pious expressions.

The kings of the past dynasties are buried here, and this is the resting place of the ancestors for generations.

This is where their beliefs come from, the proof that they once existed.

As the statue of the Creator in front of them continued to enlarge, they saw the Mother of Life sitting on the left side of the Creator God’s Throne, saw King Laidlich standing under the God Throne, and saw the dream of a separate seat on the right side of the God Throne dominate.

The colorful murals are still bright, and the sacred palace is still brilliant under the moonlight.

History and stories of Sanye people are hidden in it.


They even heard the voices of their ancestors.

The echoes and imprints of generations of Sanye people left here, from King Jesser to the moment when the era of God Abandoned, all Sanye people’s prayers.

The voice is divine and grand.

“God said that a king wears a crown.”

“The king of wisdom said, God doesn’t care, I care.”

“God said, I am alone, and you are alone; the human race has not yet been born in this world, and the Sanye people are only you.”

“Because of loneliness, God created Laidlich, the king of wisdom, and because of Laidlich’s loneliness, God created the three-leaf man.”

“The race begins here, and the kingdom is established from this moment.”

At this moment, they seemed to turn back time and go back hundreds of millions of years ago.

Back to the era when there were many priests in the sky temple, and tens of thousands of people came to the city of servants.

Without any recollection at all, the three of them also chanted along with that voice,

“God said, I am the God who created you, and you are their king.”

“God said to the King of Wisdom that the gully of desire will not be satisfied because you give enough, and the mountain of resentment will not disappear just because you give favor.”

With the singing, the shadow of the crown of wisdom also appeared in the sky.

You can see these words, every sentence and every word, are engraved on the crown.

This is the oath of King Radlich.

It is a dialogue between King Raedlich, the King of Wisdom, and Insay, the Creator, in the beginning of time.

Every Sanye person grew up singing this oath.

This oath, this oath.

It’s in their veins.

Inscribed in their spirit.

As they spoke, the three of them almost curled up on the ground.

I broke down in tears.

After a long time, they got up from the ground.

At this time, the statue of the Mother of Life sitting on the left of the Creator God’s Seat seemed to move.

A ray of light wrapped around something and landed in front of the three people.

That’s a scepter.

It originated from the King of Wisdom, and was originally just a daily use of the King of Wisdom, Laidlich.

But after the Clover lost the Crown of Wisdom, it became the symbol of the King of Siynza.

“It’s the scepter of Heinsay.” Although Smallkel had never seen it before, he knew what the scepter looked like.

“I thought I was lost in some corner, or lost in the deep sea, but I didn’t expect it to be sealed here.” Alpens’ predecessor was Henir’s descendant, how could he not recognize Xi Insai scepter.

Vivien carefully took the scepter of Xiyin Sai, the sacred object of the Clover.

Three together.

Kneel down again to bow to the mother of life.


The magic wheel house is driving slowly on the road.

It seems that the first ancestor of the blood is in a good mood, and he is already in the mood to appreciate the surrounding scenery.

The House of the Magic Wheel crosses the border of Suinhall, passing through the Fireguard City on the way.

Vivien, the ancestor of the blood, looked at the city from a distance.

When she saw it for the first time, it was the age of the Flame Wardens.

Alsini’s bloodline has not been cut off, all the snake people are naked, and there are not many in the city.

The snake people can only forge a small amount of bronze ware to sacrifice to the gods, and even pottery has become exclusive to the nobles.

It’s Alpens, it’s Smaller.

Changed all that.

Alpens unified the city-state, compiled a new law code and order, and turned the disordered world into an orderly civilization.

Smerkel pacified internal and external troubles, formulated coins, promoted the planting of textiles, promoted commercial trade, and carried out drastic reforms on the entire Suinhall.

They changed this city-state, this kingdom.

There are now snake people who put on clothes and are no longer naked, and pottery is used in every household, and there are smelting workshops and pottery workshops all over the cities.

But even so.

Compared with the civilization of the Sanye people, they are still in the wild and primitive.

Vivien was born in the Henir dynasty.

In that era, the first-generation sage of truth, Sang De’an, had brought back the miracle technique from the God of Creation Kingdom.

Through various rituals, the Sanye people possess almost inexhaustible resources and various miraculous creations beyond imagination.

Compared to the Sanye people, the current snake people can only be said to be still very backward.

But the prosperity of the Sanye people, in a sense, is also based on the gift of the creator.

However, in that era when there was nothing in the land and sea, they really had nothing except God’s gift.

Vivien looked at everything outside and fell into deep thought.

Compared with the previous era, this era is much richer and has more possibilities.


This era can create even greater miracles.

Magic Wheel House crossed the avenue, and Vivien saw a caravan on the side of the road.

A vehicle pulled by a domesticated llama fell to the ground.

The car broke down and can no longer move forward.

And the goods on the car fell to the ground,

A young man came to repair with a big package, and saw the magic wheel house, a miracle prop, passing through the street while it was being repaired.

In the evening fog.

The magic wheel house came from the mist and went away in the mist.

It feels elusive.

This kind of house that can run on land without any pack animals obviously shocked everyone in the caravan.

“Look, a house!”

“A house that can run?”

“Look at its wheels turning.”

Everyone can’t understand how the magic wheel house works.

“What is this?” People watched curiously as the Magic Wheel House came and went away like the wind.

“It must be the creation of the alchemist. I heard that the alchemist in the east is very powerful.” Everyone is not afraid, this is a world full of extraordinary power, and it is normal to have all kinds of strange creations.

In the window, Vivien, the first ancestor of blood, couldn’t help but look at the broken trailer.

And the eyes just met the young man’s.

Where did the young man see such a beautiful person?

And Vivien.

She suddenly remembered something.

A long time ago, when she was not a sage of truth, not even a priest.

The city where she lives is called Cross City.

There are warm-hearted neighbors and friends in the city, a vicious but kind tow truck repair shop owner, and a doctor who wants to cure all diseases.

They lived a quiet and happy life.

At that time, she was just a car repair craftsman like the young man in front of her.

Standing at the crossroads in the same confusion, and looking forward to tomorrow in a peaceful life.

Whether it is a clover or a snake.

As a race of intelligent blood, they are so similar.

The first ancestor of blood finally turned his head and spoke to Alpens and Smerkel behind him.

“I’ve decided.”

“Let more Sanye people reincarnate to promote Suinhor’s city-state civilization.”

“At the same time, I am also preparing to recast the eye of true knowledge, respond to the sacrifices and prayers of believers, and once again form a civilization inheritance.”

“Let the wisdom of the Sanye people, the technology of the Sanye people, and the power of the Sanye people appear in this world more.”

King Alpens saw that Vivien had finally moved on, and was no longer obsessed with the past.

He smiled reassuringly.


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