I am God Chapter 268: : Only true gods can go to the Kingdom of Creator God


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Pyramid Temple.

There are countless miraculous props in the treasure house of gods, each of which has different unique effects and powers.

There are various miracle rooms behind the temple.

There is a miracle kitchen that can produce all kinds of delicacies, a cloakroom that produces beautiful clothes according to your thoughts, and a toy workshop full of various toys.

As well as lounges that can be transformed into various decorations according to the mind, etc.

This is Sally’s paradise on weekdays.

Because Yin Shen seldom comes here, and Sheila only comes here occasionally.

But Sally is different.

She comes every day, and she is not polite.

She turns the lounge into her big castle, changing into different structures according to her mood. For example, the latest style is a slide castle style, which is full of toys from the toy workshop.

On weekdays, she would go out and fight with the goblins first, and then come back here to rest.

Pick out your favorite clothes in the cloakroom, and finally eat and drink in the miracle kitchen.

It’s not counting when it’s over, I have to take some back.

Justifiably, her dream land and temple are too desolate and barren, and she needs to bring some back to decorate.

Today, she walked out of the side corridor of the Pyramid Temple again, patted her belly, pushed open the gorgeous door and appeared in the main hall.

Sally put on new clothes and a pointed wizard hat.

The left pocket is full, and the right pocket is also full.

My bosom is also full.

In the corner of the temple, the sun shone on a figure, and the shadow stretched very long.



“Then we’re leaving.”

Sally’s eyeballs slid up, and she quibbled.

“I don’t have one.”

Yin Shen put down the book in his hand, and looked at her bulging pockets and the big and small bags she was wearing in her arms.

This ability to tell lies with eyes open is comparable to that of some mischievous goblins.

“Hee hee.”

Sally was embarrassed, and started showing off her cuteness to Yin Shen.


As soon as Sally leaned forward, the things in her bulging pockets fell out.

It was a pastry wrapped in oiled paper, very delicate, with delicate and beautiful patterns on it.

Yin Shen stretched out his hand, and the pastry landed in his hand.

He reached out and handed it to Sally, and Sally immediately peeled it off and stuffed it into her mouth, smiling foolishly.


Yin Shen looked at Sally and couldn’t help laughing along with her.

The Creator stood up, and he suddenly looked at the Dreamland Continent.

Recently, whether it is Sheila, the ruler of the dreamland, or the big and small goblins in the land bestowed by the gods, they are extremely busy, commuting between the dreamland sun and the dreamland continent every day.

When the sun rises, they fly to the dream land with the hot air balloon of the miraculous prop fairy, and at sunset, they can see groups of balloons and hot air balloon boats returning together.

These days.

The Rainbow Forest in the Dreamland Continent has successively born fairies in the forest.

This is the first dream race created by Sheila, and she takes it very seriously.

Follow Sheila’s plan.

First plant a fairyland like the Rainbow Forest, and then give birth to the first batch of fairies in the forest. The next step is to create a connection between the dream race and the real world.

This is the original intention of Sheila to create them, not just an ornament to decorate the Kingdom of Creator God.

Yin Shen suddenly wanted to go down and take a look.

After all, the last time he went to see it, the forest fairy hadn’t been born yet, there was only a rainbow tree.

“Count it up.”

“Sheila should be ready to open the channel between the dream world and the human world.”

Sally immediately said: “I heard from the goblins this morning that the first fairy in the second-tier forest is about to be born.”

“Sheila endowed those black hair with her miraculous power about space and domain.”

Sally is not happy.

No, I am not happy or not accurate, I should say I am envious.

It has nothing to do with the strangeness and strength of the power, but the black hair.

None of her have black hair.

Although her dark brown hair looks at first glance, it is actually somewhat similar to Yin Shen’s hair.

But there is still a difference after all.

Although fairies in the forest are also dream races, they are still somewhat different from the original dream races like fairies.

The dream power of the goblins is a blank slate. They even needed to use the eggs of the three leaf people to create the egg of the dream to reach the second level.

But at the same time, the miraculous power of goblins is almost omnipotent and has no upper limit. As long as they master the miraculous technique, they can create almost anything that they can analyze and understand its structure.

It’s just that most goblins only learned a few things, except for Sheila and a few goblins.

Most goblins have not mastered their almost omnipotent miraculous power to the extreme and to a certain extent.

Sheila directly used the light of prayer to create the fairy in the forest, and the power given to the fairy in the forest is the power of the goblin’s domain and space.

In her imagination.

When they are at the first level, they can shuttle between the dream world, and they can anchor multiple coordinates between the dream world and reality.

After the first fairy in the forest reaches the second level, they even have a tree hole space between illusion and reality.

They can hide and live in this small space, they can travel around through this small space, and they can also transfer various items from one place to another in an instant.

They can come and go almost anywhere in the world, and no one can stop them.

Even if it is a much stronger existence than them.

They are natural messengers of the gods, creatures of dreams.

On the Dreamland Continent.

The fairies are flying over the Rainbow Forest, their golden cloaks blending with the sea of ​​colorful flowers and trees.

There are fairies with black hair and garlands sitting on the tree. Their pupils seem to have no color, and they reflect the color of the world all the time.

A pair of beautiful eyes turned into brilliant colors in the sea of ​​flowers.

“Hee hee hee hee.”

“Over there.”

“Let’s go quickly!”

Seeing the goblins fly by, the forest fairy also stood up.

Their figures disappeared into the treetops, turning into countless petals and dancing.

The petals turned into the silhouettes of fairies, and together with the flying goblins, they spun around them.

The goblins and the fairies who turned into petals flew to the center of the rainbow forest, dancing around a tallest and most magnificent flower tree.

There is a big tree hole in this flower tree.

In the tree hole, the world’s first forest fairy is transforming.

You can see the golden light spreading in the tree hole, the original ordinary tree hole seems to become a small space, a dream enchantment spreads in the tree hole, propping up a dream field.

The forest fairy who was sleeping peacefully in the tree hole disappeared in the whirlpool, but upon closer inspection, she seemed to have become much smaller.

The tree hole space has become a beautiful and delicate room.

There are wooden ladders and flower vines in the room.

There are beds.

There are pillows.

“Wow!” The fairies and goblins watching outside exclaimed together.

“This seems to be more interesting than the kingdom of fairies!” said the fairies.

“Can I go in too? I want to live in the tree hole too.” The goblins were so envious, it was the first time they saw such a novel thing.

But this is just what the fairies think. In the eyes of the forest fairies and others, the kingdom of the omnipotent miraculous fairies is the real kingdom of dreams.

The dream realm and dream kingdom of fairies are the most incredible things.

The forest fairy sleeping in the tree hole turned over, and her figure disappeared immediately.

She appeared outside the Rainbow Forest, before the Temple of Life.


A solitary rainbow tree is also planted, adding a splash of color to the Temple of Life.

The master of dreams has long been waiting for her here.

Looking at the items held by the forest fairy in the tree hole, Sheila knew that she had succeeded.

The fairy in the second-order forest is just like what I imagined, it has a tree hole space between illusion and reality.

Through this tree hole space, they can bring everything from any corner of the world to another corner.

It is not limited to props with mythical blood, even ordinary items are fine.

At this time, the sun in the dream world suddenly moved.

The sun in the sky quickly set, and Shenzhiyue climbed up from the other side.

The moonlight shone on the dreamland continent, and the silver light sprinkled the land and the ocean.

And two figures, one big and one small, also appeared in front of the Temple of Life at the same time.

Yin Shen took Sally’s hand and arrived just at this time.

Sheila immediately smiled and said, “God.”

“You are here.”

Sheila and Sally called Yinshen a **** with two meanings. One is that Yinshen was the first **** in the world, and because Yinshen’s name is called a god.

Or so to speak.

The name God has no meaning at all, but because there is God in Yin Shen’s name, the word God has the meaning of holiness and supremacy since then.

Yin Shen looked at Sheila: “Yeah!”

“Let’s take a look.”

In the tree hole of the rainbow tree, the black-haired fairy with a wreath is waking up, slowly stretching herself.

When he opened his eyes, he happened to see three supreme gods standing in front of him and looking at him.

The fairy in the forest was so frightened that she immediately knelt in the tree hole and bowed to the god, but the posture was a bit awkward.

With a wave of his hand, Yin Shen sent her back to the Rainbow Forest.

Hear it now.

There was a burst of cheers from the Rainbow Forest.

“It’s back.”

“It’s changed again.”

“Fairy, fairy! Let me also go into your tree hole space to have a look.”

“I came first, I came first.”

“I want to see it too.”

The goblins made a fuss, and the fairies were shy and quiet.

Although they are also born in dreams, goblins and fairies seem to represent two different sides of dreams.

Before the Temple of Life.

Yin Shen looked at Sheila: “Are you going to start?”

Sheila nodded: “I have collected all the branches and petals of the fairies in the forest, as long as they are sent to the world, they can be planted.”

“The new rainbow tree will become the coordinates of the fairies in the forest.”

“In the future, when a new fairy is born, other fairies can be responsible for sending the new tree species down.”

“This is not only the communication between the fairy family in the forest and the human world, but also their way to the third level and more powerful power.”

“They will collect their wishes by sending letters and passing them on to strengthen their tree hole space and finally turn it into a fairyland.”

Sally looked forward to it: “Will there be a rainbow tree in the world in the future? It must be very beautiful.”

God Yin looked at the rainbow tree planted at the entrance of the Temple of Life and said, “Maybe someone will send you a letter through the rainbow tree.”

Suddenly, Sally’s eyes lit up.

“I can also send letters to God every day!”

Yin Shen looked at Sally: “You are in the temple every day, so don’t bother other fairies.”

Sally: “But, it’s fun!”

Sheila drew a circle on her hand.

The dream world immediately opened a door to the world.

Heila held out her hand, and a bunch of colorful petals appeared in her hand.

She sprinkled the petals to the door leading to the world.

Among the countless petals, there are also large and small branches scattered to the world.

The rainbow tree in the dream world left the kingdom of gods and has since become a part of the human world.

These rainbow trees blend into the earth and grow deep in swamps and forests.

When fully grown, rainbow trees will have a tree hole.

This tree hole will be connected to the source of the rainbow tree, the tree hole of the fairy in the forest of the Rainbow Forest.

Each rainbow tree has magical powers that veil themselves.

Only a kind and friendly person can break through the power of illusion and see these most beautiful trees.

Or a very powerful existence in itself can find the trace of the rainbow tree.

But these rainbow trees will not give birth to new fairies in the forest, they are just a part of the power of fairies in the rainbow forest, and they are their coordinates in this world.

Like the last epoch.

Sun cups are grown in various places in Xiyinsi, but they can give birth to fairies.

Only the creator’s garden sun flower sea.

Occasionally, the fairies in the forest of Dreamland will leave the dreamland through tree holes and coordinates, and go to the world of mortals.

They meet mortals, they deliver messages for demigods, and they deliver good news for kind and suffering people.

Stories and legends of the forest fairies.

Start here too.


Ruhe Giant Island.

The first ancestor of blood went to the mountain of origin of life, only to find that the city of life and the temple of life had all disappeared.

The First Ancestor of Blood was a little confused.

She first went to the frozen plateau, overlooking the lake called the mirror of the sky.

“Mirror of the Sky.”

“There is also the city of servants of God.”

She knew that under the mirror-like ice lake.

It is the former holy mountain.

The city of servants of the Sanye people, the sky temple of the Sanye people.

It’s all there.

But the opponent is so close in front of his eyes, but the first ancestor of blood feels as if he will never be able to touch it.

It may be difficult for ordinary intelligent and powerful people to directly sense the terrifying aura of the Sailor Siren, one of the seven Ruhe giant monsters.

Unless you face that terrifying demon **** posture.

But as a demigod with life power, Vivien can feel the power and terror of the other party.

Especially this area is obviously the domain of the Sailor Siren, and the other side has a subsidiary bonus that far surpasses her country of blood.

Fortunately, the other party has been in a deep sleep.

Even if you wake up a little bit, even if you only show one eye, you still have the power to destroy the world.

If such a giant wakes up completely, I am afraid that a continent like Ruhe Giant Island will sink in an instant.

As long as they are willing, it is enough to destroy other continents.

If a weak existence like Xiuburn still had the opportunity to sneak into it secretly, but such a thing was completely impossible for Vivien.

And on the other hand, Xiuburn is just a mortal.

Even if he betrayed his faith, even if he offended the forbidden area.

It is impossible for an existence like the Sailor Siren and the mother of life who is the supreme lord of life power to care about the ridiculous mistakes made by a mortal.

But she is completely different. If she trespasses on such a forbidden place, she will offend the mother of life.

Who knows what the consequences will be.

So in the end, the First Ancestor of Blood left in awe.

The first ancestor of blood came to the Sunrise Mountains.

She wants to find Iva, the **** of desire and alchemy. Although the other party is a demigod like her, the other party comes from the Kingdom of Creation God.

In the garden of the sky, the first ancestor of blood saw the **** of desire and alchemy.

Travel upstream in a boat.

Here you can see a waterfall falling from mid-air, with vines and cups of desire hanging on both sides of the waterfall.

Climb over the waterfall with its beautiful castle and crystal bridge.

In the kingdom of the God of Desire and Alchemy, there are mountain-like treasures piled up, and all kinds of magical props are everywhere.

The most striking thing, of course, is the strange lamp of the divine deed.

The first ancestor of blood admired the kingdom of another demigod, and slowly walked into the palace.

There are two figures sitting high above.

A man and a woman.

In addition, there are many lamp spirits in human form busy in the palace.

The male **** on the top spoke: “The scarlet witch is the ruler of the blood country in the deep sea, the first ancestor of blood holding a scepter, and the king of the oldest.”

“I thought the Sanye people had already died out, but I didn’t know until I knew your name, so everything is still there.”

Hearing what Iva said, the blood ancestor tightened his grip on the scepter.

The feeling that this being from the previous era spoke to her is naturally different from others.

The First Ancestor of Blood was a little excited.

She asked: “The **** of desire and alchemy, the ferryman who once dreamed of the sea of ​​stars!”

“Do you really think everything is still there?”

“The Sanye people have become like this, and everything has long been lost in the changes of the years.”

“Is everything really still there?”

God Iva: “You are still there, your civilization and inheritance are still there, and your spirit and will are still there.”

“Why say never again?”

“Could it be said that in a different era and a different body, you are no longer you?”

“The inheritance of wisdom and will from King Laidlici disappeared?”

The First Patriarch of Blood opened his mouth wide, and a smile suddenly appeared on his face.


“You are right.”

The first blood ancestor who originally wanted to go to the Sky Temple to find the answer, didn’t know why.

Here I heard the words of Iva, the God of Desire and Alchemy, and suddenly I was moved, and I also had some feelings and thoughts in my heart.

The God of Desire and Alchemy then asked: “Is there something for you to come to my country this time?”

Vivien, the first ancestor of blood: “Please forgive my presumptuousness.”

“I came here this time to ask you something.”

She wants to ask how to pray to the Mother of Life and get a response from the Lord.


She also carefully asked how to go to the kingdom of the Creator to meet the great Insay.

The God of Alchemy and Desire told the First Ancestor of Blood: “Only a true **** can not lose himself in the dream world and find the real way to the kingdom of creation.”

“Other than that.”

“Unless you can be summoned by God Insai.”

Iva shook his head: “Since I chose to stay in the world, I have also lost the qualification to go to the Kingdom of Creator God.”

“I have no way to give you an answer, let alone show you the way to the Kingdom of Creator God.”

It means that neither you nor I are real gods.

Just immortality with flaws.

At the same time, you and I are not qualified to go to the kingdom of the Creator, nor have the honor of being called by the Supreme God.

The first ancestor of blood hit a wall again.

She is just a demigod, and indeed she does not have the ability to travel in the dream world without getting lost.

And be called by the Creator.

In her own opinion, she is neither the direct bloodline of the original King Laidlici, nor the characters in the legend who are like the descendants of gods.

The two generations of saint Tito who were finally summoned by the Creator are themselves a branch of the royal family of Xilun, and have the mission and fate of Polo, the messenger of God.

Since then, no one has ever met the Creator.

Even the first-generation sage of truth, Sang De’an, only saw Sheila, the master of dreams, but failed to face the Creator.

In fact, Sunderan had an audience with the Creator after his death, but no one knew about it.

In being a demigod.

Perhaps only Asai or Anhofus, a direct descendant of the blood of the Samo kingship, can be called a half-son of God.

It is a true proof that there is a thick blood of King Laidlich flowing in his body.

It can be directly traced back to the source of the first king.

In the end, Vivien, the ancestor of blood, could only say.

“I think I have the answer, thanks for your answer.”

When leaving from the Sunrise Mountains, Vivien, the ancestor of the blood, was a little depressed.

But at this moment, she suddenly sensed something outside the Sunrise Mountain Range.


It seems that something is calling me.

She came to a valley.

When the scepter was swung, the ground cracked, and the cracks in the ground continued to open, and at the same time, there was a rumbling sound.

Under the cracked ground, a huge and weird thing slowly floated up.


The layers of dirt on its body slowly slid off with the shaking, revealing its original appearance again.

This thing is a huge house.

The style of the house looks a bit strange, and it is full of childlike innocence. There is even a wheel spinning behind the house.

The moment Vivien saw this thing, she immediately felt that something was touched in her mind.

Her eyes lost their focus for a moment, and then fell into deep memories.

She couldn’t help but read the name of this thing: “Magic Wheel House.”

This is the name she used to give this thing.

Some memories emerged from her mind, and she recalled some pictures from the past, those pictures about this miracle prop.

She was not even a priest at that time, and her younger sister An Li was just a little girl who didn’t understand anything.

The two of them rode this miracle prop and held the engraved copies of the saints’ chapters, and went to find the legendary island of mist and the temple of truth.

There, they started their real lives.

Vivien, the ancestor of the first blood, couldn’t help but stepped forward, touching this friend who had been with her in the past and had been separated for more than 200 million years.

She touched every pattern on it, feeling the vicissitudes of time left on this miracle prop.


Placing her face on the body of this miracle prop, she closed her eyes and smiled.

“I didn’t expect that.”

“You are still there.”

Vivien was very happy.

She carefully cleaned and fiddled with the dirt on the magic wheel house, and completely moved it out of the ground.

As soon as it was moved out, the wheels under the magic wheel house started to spin, and they started running around in the valley.

Vivien ran after the magic wheel house, then jumped up and stood on the edge.

The magic wheel house runs farther and farther.

Slide out of the valley and run fast on the slopes.

Vivien’s mood became more and more cheerful. She grabbed the window frame of the magic wheel house, let the wind blow past her face quickly, and let the leaves brush her cheeks.

She was also shouting happily in her heart, and her eyes became brighter and brighter.

“Everything is still there.”

“We are also what we used to be.”

The appearance of the Magic Wheel House, as well as the emergence of past happiness and initial memories, made Vivien less hesitant.

The magic wheel house runs faster and faster.

It bumped and rushed out of the hillside, leaping high in mid-air.

Finally, slide down.

In mid-air, Vivien stood up and looked into the distance amidst the turbulence.

She suddenly saw a bright color in the distance, so conspicuous in the green world.

“What’s that?”

Vivien, the ancestor of the blood, immediately controlled the magic wheel house and rushed towards the color. After arriving at the target, she realized that it was a flower tree exuding dreamy colors.

The magic wheel house stopped under the tree, and the red-haired demigod came down.

She looked up at the trees and flowers.

Smelling the tangy fragrance.

The first ancestor of blood saw such a beautiful tree for the first time, and she thought it was absolutely not something that should exist in the world.

With a burst of starlight condensation.

A black-haired girl appeared on the flower tree.

She has the form of a god, with a crown of colorful flowers on her head.

At first glance, I thought it was some **** who came down from the Kingdom of God.

But after careful identification, it was discovered that the opponent’s power was far from reaching the level of a god, and it was far from touching the threshold of mythical power.

But Vivien, the ancestor of blood, did not dare to underestimate the black-haired girl who suddenly appeared in front of her.

The red-haired demigod asked her, “Who are you?”

The girl sat on the treetop and looked at the red-haired demigod peacefully, without smiling but answered politely.

“A demigod in the world!”

“I am a fairy in the forest, from the Dreamland Continent.”


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