Humanity’s Great Sage Chapter 1932: Good place


Between the rabbit and the falcon, the two bandits were already dead, and the three remaining bandits who were heading towards Lu Ye couldn’t help but pause when they saw this, with fearful expressions on their faces.

These people have a little more strength and ruthlessness than ordinary people. Although they have seen a lot of life and death, they don’t have the courage and courage to face it when it falls on them.

“Whoops…” A sound broke through the air, and Lu Ye, who was about to take action again, suddenly turned around, and a spark shot out of the spear in his hand, which accurately hit an arrow shot from the side and behind.

The arrow hit the ground and broke into two pieces. Lu Ye looked in the direction of the arrow’s origin and saw a short bandit squatting on a roof over there, looking straight at him with a long bow in his hand. in his direction.

The bandit had a dull expression on his face at this moment. He obviously didn’t expect Lu Ye’s reaction to be so fast. It was said that it was easy to dodge open guns and hidden arrows, and his sneaky arrow could be blocked like this.

Looking at each other, the bandit quickly pulled out an arrow from the arrow basket behind his back and pulled out the bowstring.

The next moment, his expression turned to panic, because he watched Lu Ye throw the spear in his hand towards him.

He instinctively wanted to dodge, but the speed of the spear was too fast. Just for a moment, his whole body was pierced by the spear, and he fell out with a scream.

“Come together and kill him.”

Shouts of surprise came out, but it was the three bandits beside Lu Ye who saw Lu Ye throwing away their spears. They became so courageous that a man with a beard and a beard shouted, and took the lead in slashing at Lu Ye with his sword.

At this moment, Lu Ye was facing away from him.


The bearded man was overjoyed.

However, just when the machete was about to fall, Lu Ye suddenly turned around, and the machete grazed his sleeve and struck the air.

“Huh?” The bearded man was shocked. Why does this person… seem to have eyes on his back?

Without any time to think, my wrist hurt, the machete had been taken away, and then my vision was spinning.

Lu Ye held a knife in his hand and faced the remaining two bandits head-on. Under the stunned eyes of the two men, he slashed them one by one and killed them on the spot.

More bandits appeared from everywhere, holding weapons of different shapes and charging towards Lu Ye with red eyes.

The seemingly ethereal and varying numbers of large characters above these guys’ heads made Lu Ye very excited.

Although the number of bandits was not too large, there were still more than a dozen people. Counting the few he had killed before, the total number of bandits who attacked this village was about twenty.

Lu Ye was in a wonderful mood. Although he felt targeted by the Shura Field during this training and his strength was suppressed too much, it was really a good place.

I faced them alone, and everything they passed was destroyed, and one bandit after another fell in a pool of blood.

These bandits relied on the strength of their numbers. They thought they could take down Lu Ye alone, but in the end most of them were killed or injured in a matter of seconds.

The remaining bandits were immediately frightened. They didn’t know that they had to walk a lot at night and finally encountered a ghost.

Immediately, someone ran away and shouted: “Master Six, Master Six, help me.”

With a bang, the door of a house was opened, and a bare-chested, burly man burst out. In the room behind him, on a messy bed, there was a naked girl curled up, helpless. Weeping helplessly.

The strong man glanced around and saw that the brothers he had brought with him suffered heavy casualties, and he suddenly became furious.

He quickly came to a black horse in front of the house, got on the horse, lifted up a huge spear, clamped his legs together, and tightened the reins. The black horse immediately screeched and galloped towards Lu Ye.

“Who dares to ruin my good deeds in Dafeng Mountain!” He roared as he approached Lu Ye’s direction on horseback.

When Lu Ye heard the noise, he turned around and saw a big three thousand words on the head of this strong man. Thinking of the bandit’s shout just now, he immediately raised his eyebrows, knowing that this guy should be The leader of this group of bandits.

As expected of a leader, the values ​​​​are different. The bandits he killed before were all in the early 1,000s, but this one was worth 3,000.

The distance between the two was not too far. Master Six came on horseback. He was very fast and rushed to the front of Lu Ye in just a few breaths. The huge spear in his hand was obviously not light. It was very heavy. The average person can control it.

What surprised Lu Ye was that he felt a trace of spiritual power from the Sixth Master. It was very weak, but it was undoubtedly spiritual power.

I suddenly remembered the reminder from the woman on the mountain, saying that there was a person who cultivated immortality among this group of bandits, and it seemed that this person was the one she was talking about.

It’s just that in Lu Ye’s view, even if he has opened a spiritual orifice and is not organized into a system, he will not join the ranks of monks. Just like now, he only has the power of four orifices, because these four orifices are separate and do not run into a line. If you follow the path of gong, you are not considered a monk.

The sixth master was even worse. His spiritual power was extremely weak. Lu Ye estimated that he might have only opened one of his abilities, and he was barely able to get started in cultivation.

There is actually not a big difference in strength between the first orifice and the fourth orifice. Both physical fitness and reaction speed depend on individual talent. On the same basis, the fourth orifice is more powerful than the first orifice. In terms of durability and battery life, Lu Ye is from I have come through this stage step by step, so I naturally know it well.

Right now, the Sixth Master is charging forward with his horses. With the strength he can exert now, if he really wants to confront the opponent head-on, it will definitely be a situation where he will kill one thousand enemies and suffer eight hundred losses.

“Death!” The spear in Master Liu’s hand stabbed fiercely at Lu Ye. With this spear, even a big rock in front of him could be smashed into pieces.

Then his expression became stunned, because almost the moment he took out the gun, Lu Ye suddenly jumped up slightly, and then stepped on his gun. In an instant, the Sixth Master only felt that his own The spear became extremely heavy, and even the man and the horse were slightly stunned, but a heavy pressure spiritual pattern flashed away under Lu Ye’s feet.

Before he could react, Lu Ye had already followed the gun to the front.

The Sixth Master screamed, quickly turned over and dismounted, rolled to the ground, and stood up hastily. Just as he was about to continue to face the enemy, his body suddenly went limp, and then a large amount of blood spurted out from his neck, turning the bright red scene in front of him. .

His eyes became horrified, he dropped the spear in his hand, and covered his neck with both hands, but he could not stop the flow of blood.

He had no idea when Lu Ye drew his sword.

When the remaining bandits saw this scene, they all screamed in surprise and fled in all directions.

How could Lu Ye let them run away? Every one of these bandits was a living Shura Seal. When he saw a big stone at his feet, he immediately bent down and punched it, breaking the big stone into stones of different sizes. Grab the stone and throw it away.

After screaming in agony, many bandits all had their heads smashed and died.

Lu Ye’s energy and blood surged, and streams of light flew from all directions and fell into the Shura Token on his waist.

There was a burning house behind him, and scorching waves of air swept across it. Under the light of the fire, Lu Ye Xinran’s expression became a little twisted and ferocious.

The villagers who were lucky enough to survive in the turmoil just now looked at him in horror and anxiety, thinking that he seemed much more terrifying than those bandits.

Half an hour later, the fire was put out.

In front of the ruins caused by the fire, Lu Ye sat on a big rock and checked his Shura Seal. Just now, his heroic act had given him a harvest of almost 30,000 Shura Seal, although it was not counted. It’s a lot, but thinking about the last experience, after working so hard for so long and only getting more than 50,000, this 30,000 seems to be a lot.

And this is just the beginning!

He was thinking about what happened this time. It is true that both Ablo and Gu Sheng had been suppressed, which prevented them from exerting their full strength. However, their suppression was at best nothing more than being suppressed. Suppressed to the level of a constellation, there is simply no comparison with what he is experiencing in front of him.

He is a dignified monk in the late Yueyao period, but now he only has the power of his four orifices. Who would believe this?

Even the Panshan Sword was sealed by the power of the Shura Field.

Even the storage ring…he couldn’t open it.

Also, when entering this training scene, he was trapped in the dark for two full days, which was very wrong.

But he didn’t have a clue for a while. He just felt that he should… seemed… seemed to be targeted.

The Shura Field is conscious, he already knew this, but he asked himself that he had not done anything special since he came to the Shura Field, so why was he being targeted?

Furthermore, even if a treasure in the starry sky like Shura Field is really conscious, there should be no likes and dislikes. It will only operate according to its own rules and maintain scenes of experience.

Unless the Shura Field has complete autonomous consciousness like the Reincarnation Tree.

Unable to figure it out for the moment, Lu Ye could only start now.

After all, the power of the four orifices is still too weak. He just killed those bandits. Although he did not consume much, he was still somewhat exhausted. There were only more than twenty bandits. If he encountered more, he would really have Exhaustion may occur.

The strong physique that Yin relies on cannot play any role in this training injury on his cheek has not healed yet.

If he can improve his cultivation, it will undoubtedly be more convenient for him to experience this time.

The only thing he can still use now is the talent tree, which even the Shura Field cannot suppress.

He tried to activate the power of the talent tree to devour all directions and restore the spiritual power he had consumed. As a result, he found that the spiritual energy of heaven and earth in this world was extremely thin. This was obviously an extremely low-level realm. Such a realm could allow people to open up It is very rare to have spiritual power emerge from a spiritual orifice.

With such an environment, it would be difficult for him to improve his cultivation level. Moreover, Lu Ye was not sure whether his cultivation level could be improved even if the environment was suitable. After all, it was the suppression of Shura Field. If this happened The suppression cannot be broken, so his cultivation can only be fixed at the level of the four orifices.

“Immortal Master.” came an old voice.

Lu Ye looked up and saw an old man with a cane standing in front of him. Next to the old man was the girl he saved on the mountain. (End of chapter)


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