Humanity’s Great Sage Chapter 1933: Eliminate evil


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Behind the old man and the girl stood the villagers who were still alive in the village.

This village is not old or young. There are only about a hundred people in this village. After being messed up by the bandits, only half of them are still alive, and most of them are women, children and the elderly. They all look in awe at this moment. Looking at Lu Ye sitting in front.

This immortal master had just used his power to kill more than twenty bandits by himself. Many of them had seen it with their own eyes. If it hadn’t been for the immortal master, they would all have died today!

So even if the Kung Fu Master didn’t seem like a good guy for a moment, the villagers were still grateful.

Lu Ye raised his eyes to look at these people and was immediately dazzled by a large number above their heads.

The bandits are living Shura seals, and so are these villagers! And the value is greater than that of bandits!

The girl he first fell in love with on the mountain was worth two thousand Shura seals. The old man she was supporting now was even more exaggerated. The big word “five thousand” above his head almost made Lu Ye think he had read it wrong.

You have to know that the bandit leader he just killed only had three thousand Shura seals. How could this weak old man with half his neck buried in the soil be worth five thousand?

There are also these villagers who started with a figure of 2,000, and a few already have 3,000.

Even if there are only fifty people, this means that their total value is at least hundreds of thousands of Shura Seal. As long as Lu Ye is willing to kill all these unarmed ordinary people in front of him, the income will be almost equal to the income of one training session.

There is a high probability that these people are just shadows and not real living people, so there is no need to feel any psychological burden when killing them.

“Immortal Master, Dafeng Mountain has suffered heavy losses this time and will definitely not give up. They have six leaders, and the one who died is only the weakest. I heard that the leader of Dafeng Mountain has been practicing immortality for many years and his strength is unfathomable. Immortal Master is still too early. It’s good to plan.”

“Huh?” Lu Ye’s eyes lit up when he heard this, “Where is Gale Mountain…?”

Even if these people in front of him were really just shadows, Lu Ye would not take action. He was just curious as to why these ordinary people were worth more than bandits.

But there is no psychological burden in wiping out the bandits. You can perform chivalry and gain benefits at the same time, killing two birds with one stone.

The old man was probably the village chief or something like that. Hearing this, he said: “This is Dafeng Mountain, but Dafeng Mountain is very large. Many years ago, a group of thieves took over the mountain and became king, taking the name of Dafeng Mountain. Doing evil everywhere.”

“Then do you know where they are?” Lu Ye asked again.

“I don’t know.” The old man shook his head and looked at Lu Ye with a strange expression. He kindly reminded him, mainly because he wanted Lu Ye to leave quickly. The people from Gale Mountain would definitely come to take revenge. Who would have thought Not only was this immortal master not afraid, but he was also… enthusiastic?

Who is this?

“Do any of you know where the lair of these bandits is?” Lu Ye looked at the surviving villagers.

Most of them shook their heads to express ignorance.

Only a man dressed as a hunter said: “Master Immortal, the bandits of Dafeng Mountain are hiding very deep. Most people really don’t know their specific location. Even if they happen to see them, they will be silenced. But some people know.”

“Who?” Lu Ye looked at him.

The Orion turned his head and looked aside: “It!”

Lu Ye followed his gaze and immediately saw the handsome dark horse left behind after the death of the Sixth Master.

His eyes suddenly lit up. Yes, the old horse knows the way. As long as he rides it, this dark horse should be able to take him to the bandit’s lair.

After thinking this, Lu Ye stopped hesitating and slowly stood up and walked towards the black horse.

“Where is the Immortal Master going?” the old man asked tremblingly. Although he had some guesses in his heart, he was not sure.

“Of course it’s all about eradicating evil!” Lu Ye said as he got on his horse and picked up the thick spear left behind by the Sixth Master after his death. This thing weighs about two hundred pounds. It is really not something that ordinary people can control. The Panshan knife cannot be used. This long spear will definitely become an indestructible weapon in such a big environment!

The black horse was a little unruly, Lu Ye just slapped it on the back and calmed it down with his spiritual power.

“Master Immortal, there are many strange beasts in Gale Mountain, please be careful.” The man who looked like an Orion looked at Lu Ye’s leaving back and couldn’t help but warn him.

Lu Ye just waved his hand casually.

Seeing Lu Ye’s back disappear, everyone looked at the old man together, and the Orion said: “Village Chief, what should we do next?”

The village was destroyed, and more than half of the villagers were killed or injured. This is second to none. The key is that the people over at Dafeng Mountain will definitely take revenge. If they continue to stay, there will be no good end.

No one knows whether the departed immortal master can deal with the bandits in Gale Mountain. If he can, that would be great, but if he can’t, then the disaster that awaits them must be catastrophe.

The old man pondered for a moment, then sighed and said: “Take everything you can and let’s migrate.”

I can’t stay here anymore, I can only find a suitable place to settle down. But in today’s world, who knows what will happen if you leave your hometown?

The villagers were silent for a while and dispersed to pack their things.

In the mountain forest, Lu Ye Xinma was resting on his horse, holding a package in his hand and looking through it.

This package is on the back of the black horse. It should be the belongings of the Sixth Master. After some investigation, Lu Ye found a lot of dried meat and two changes of clothes. In addition, There were a few pieces that looked like gold leaves. Lu Ye guessed that these were probably the currency of this realm.

The sound of grunting sounded, and Lu Ye quickly took a picture

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