Humanity’s Great Sage Chapter 1931: Targeted


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“What are you doing?”

In the mountain forest, the strong man lowered his head and looked at the palm that slapped his chest. It was undeniable that Lu Ye had a lot of strength, but that was all.

He couldn’t understand why the other party would do such a thing during a life and death fight.

As he spoke, the scimitar in his hand slashed at Lu Ye again. At this moment, the palm imprinted on his chest suddenly exerted force, but Lu Ye sensed something was wrong and activated the power in his body.

The strong man immediately grunted, flew out on his back, his chest was sunken, and fell several feet away. He climbed up with difficulty with a scimitar, and looked at Lu Ye with an expression full of disbelief: “Cultivator… monk!”

After saying that, he fell to the ground again, blood flowing from his mouth.

Lu Ye stood there, raised his hand and touched his cheek. Looking at his palm, he saw it was full of blood.

A mortal who has never practiced martial arts… holding an ordinary weapon that is not even a magic weapon, actually hurts himself!

This is simply appalling.

He quickly checked himself, only to find that he had become extremely weak at this moment.

He felt this feeling of weakness when he first came to this training scene, but before he could fully understand it, the fate dice appeared and attracted his attention.

At this moment, he discovered something that was difficult for him to accept. He was suppressed, and it was an extremely terrifying suppression.

When he was chatting and drinking with Ablo Gusheng a few days ago, he heard them talk about their respective training experiences. Top Yueyao experts like them would basically encounter someone from Shura once in every ten training sessions. field suppression.

Because they are too strong, unless they are thrown into a training scene with Rizhao monks, there is very little that can threaten them.

And this is inconsistent with the principle that every experience has risks, so Shura Field will use this method to suppress their strength in disguise.

Both of them had the experience of being suppressed to the point where only Xingxiu’s strength was left.

When Lu Ye heard the news before, he guessed that he would definitely meet him, but he didn’t expect to meet him so soon.

And… the oppression he is facing now is countless times more serious than what Ablo and Gu Sheng said.

Because he felt carefully that his current strength was only equivalent to a Lingxi realm, no, not even Lingxi, because he could only perceive the existence of four spiritual orifices.

What is stored in the four spiritual orifices is not mana, but spiritual power!

Not only was Lu Ye’s cultivation suppressed, he could not even activate his spiritual thoughts. Apparently, the Divine Sea was also blocked, and even the strength of his physical body was suppressed to the level of just entering the world of cultivation.

Otherwise, how could a mortal’s sword hurt him?

That is to say, the other party suddenly stumbled, otherwise the knife was slashed at his neck, and he didn’t know what would happen.

Has the mysterious power of the fate dice taken effect?

Lu Ye’s expression was solemn, something was not right.

It is normal to be suppressed, but to be suppressed to this extent is abnormal.

He calmed down again and checked the talent tree. If this was suppression from the Shura field, could the talent tree play a role?

Just like the talent tree can burn away the power of Shura Contract.

What puzzled him was that the talent tree did not react at all. In other words, this suppression was not imposed on him by an external force that could be burned, but by another method that he did not know. Therefore, the talent tree There will be no reaction.

With a strong cultivation level, only the power of the four orifices is left. Fortunately, he can still sense the talent tree, which means that he can activate the talent tree.

In addition, he also has the Iwayama Sword!

This is a sharp blade transformed by the military clan. Even if I have the strength of the four orifices left, with this magical weapon in hand, I should have no problem completing this experience.

All kinds of thoughts in his heart changed in just a moment. At the same time, Lu Ye suddenly caught a glimpse of a ray of light flying towards him from the direction of the dead man.

He instinctively thought he had encountered some kind of attack, and quickly tried to dodge, but he still couldn’t. The light hit his waist and disappeared.

Lu Ye did not feel any feeling of being attacked.

Looking at the strong man in surprise and uncertainty, I found that he was indeed dead. What was that light just now?

Looking carefully, Lu Ye discovered something different. The thousand floating above the strong man’s head… was gone, and his body was also turning into fluorescence and dissipating.

Think again about the place where the light hit… Lu Ye quickly grabbed the Shura Token from his waist and concentrated on checking the numbers representing the Shura Seal.

An increase of one thousand!

Because the Shura Seal obtained from the last experience was not quite right, Lu Ye was very clear about how many Shura Seal he had now. Compared with before, his Shura Seal had obviously increased by a thousand.

Is it possible…

Lu Ye’s eyes lit up.

This is really a good thing. Although he is a little unhappy because he has been suppressed like never before, but he just killed a strong man who did evil and got a thousand Shura seals. Where can he find such a good thing?

He was originally worried that this experience would be the same as last time. Don’t waste time and energy so hard that he would only get the most basic experience.

Looking now, this worry is obviously unnecessary.

By punishing evil and eradicating evil, you can directly increase Shura Seal, without waiting for the final settlement!

“Immortal Master!” A cry rang out, and then a person crawled to the ground and knelt down in front of Lu Ye, crying and begging: “Please Immortal Master, please save us!”

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