House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 981: Deja Vu Ferris Wheel (3/4)


Compared to the well-known Disneyland in Hong Kong City in the previous life, the amusement park in this World Harbor City is a bit “simple”, but if you compare it with the amusement park in Jiangcheng, now Yang Yi takes Xixi there It’s still a lot more luxurious!

Especially the Ferris wheel with a height of more than 160 meters. When it was built at the end of the last century, it was the tallest Ferris wheel in the world – of course, it has been surpassed by others now.

“I want to sit on that! Take that!” Just after arriving outside the amusement park, after Xixi got off the bus, she jumped up excitedly with her father’s hand, pointed to the high Ferris wheel in the distance, and shouted , “Baba, let’s go ride that Ferris wheel!”

At this moment, Yang Yi felt like he had passed away!

More than three years ago, Xixi seemed to be holding her hand like this, asking herself to accompany her to ride the Ferris wheel, right?

The memory of that time is particularly deep. Yang Yi has just come to this world, and his icy heart melts in front of this girl with an angelic smile.

“Okay, let’s go ride the Ferris wheel!” Yang Yi waved his hand boldly and announced.

Because I am taking the children out to play, there is no need to look for the items to play in order. As long as the children like it and it is safe, Yang Yi is willing to satisfy Xixi.

So, after buying tickets to enter the park, Yang Yi and Murphy took their two children and went straight to the Ferris wheel.

“The child needs to be accompanied by an adult. In addition, there is a problem. It takes about 30 minutes for our Ferris wheel to run a circle. This process is relatively long, and the child may become impatient. You need to be mentally prepared. Let’s see if we continue to ride.” The staff took the initiative to read some details to them when they saw that they had a child over one year old.

“It doesn’t matter, he is neither claustrophobic nor afraid of heights.” Yang Yi said affirmatively.

Xiao Jiahao is a child who has been on many planes, how could he be claustrophobic?

Because it was a working day, and Yang Yi and the others came earlier, and there were not many tourists, Yang Yi and his family “contracted” a cockpit alone. You must know that each cockpit of such a large Ferris wheel is not small, and this one in Hong Kong City can take up to 16 people in one cockpit!

“Great, it’s like a big plane here!” After entering the cockpit, Xixi ran up and down with joy.

The space is spacious, Xixi is happier, she can run around in the cockpit, and take a look at the scenery here and the scenery there.

“Hee hee, hee hee!” Seeing that his sister was so excited, Xiao Jiao didn’t want to stay obediently in his mother’s arms, struggled to get down, and after landing, he couldn’t wait, and he was so excited. Shaking her little hands like a little penguin, she ran around behind her sister.

Murphy also wanted to show him the scenery, but Xiaojiao was not happy. The little guy was just so small, standing on the ground of the cockpit, he couldn’t reach the window at all, and he couldn’t see the scenery outside the window. But this seems to be a good thing. The little guy is not afraid at all in this cockpit that is rising higher and higher, and he happily follows behind his sister’s ass, smiling happily.

Yang Yi saw Murphy standing in the middle worriedly, looking left and right, his eyes were glued to Xiaojiao’s body, he smiled slightly, stretched out his hand, and pulled Murphy over, the two sat down against the door .

“What are you worried about? In such a big place, where else can they go?” Yang Yi said to Murphy with a smile, “You just let them play by themselves, it’s quite safe here, we, it’s rare to see this happen. It’s time to take a break and take a look at the scenery!”

Murphy frowned slightly and said, “Who said it’s safe? I don’t think the Ferris wheel is safe. After it goes up, it will definitely shake a lot. I’m afraid that it will be unstable and fall. On the ground. Also, who knows if the man has closed the door from the outside, so high! It’s scary to think about it!”

There was a hint of fear on Murphy’s face.

“Of course it’s closed. If you don’t believe me, push it.” Yang Yi smiled and pressed his hand on the door.

“Don’t!” Murphy exclaimed, and hurriedly reached out and pulled Yang Yi’s hand back.

Seeing Murphy like this, Yang Yi couldn’t help but wonder, is Murphy afraid of heights? Thinking of this, Yang Yi suddenly realized that except for the few minutes when Murphy just came up, he looked out the window while holding Xiao Jiao.

“Are you afraid of heights?” Yang Yi reached out and grabbed Murphy’s little hand, and asked softly in surprise.

“How can there be a fear of heights?” Murphy refused to admit it at first, but when Yang Yi looked at it tenderly, she still whispered, a little embarrassed, “A little bit of a fear of heights, it’s not serious .”

“What does it mean to be a little afraid of heights?” Yang Yi asked strangely.

“It’s just standing in a very high place and looking under your feet, you will be afraid, if you look far away, you will not!” Murphy said, “Like I’m sitting here now, if I don’t see it, it’s not Symptoms of fear of heights, but only when you see it, and when you look down.”

Yang Yi understood, he opened his arms with a smile, wrapped Murphy’s shoulders, took her in his arms, and said softly: “It’s okay, you boldly look outside, anyway, you know that there is me There’s nothing to be afraid of when you’re around, that’s all!”

Murphy leaned happily in Yang Yi’s arms. She was a little nervous just now and gradually calmed down. However, she was still a little worried about her two children.

This is a great solution!

Yang Yi commanded Xixi with a smile: “Xixi, now you are in charge of taking care of your younger brother and help parents share the Just watch him and don’t let him fall!”

“Baba, I know!” Xixi simply agreed.

Because they have been on the Ferris wheel for about ten minutes, the Ferris wheel is rising to a height of about 100 meters, and Xixi can see the beautiful city scenery and harbour style of the harbor city in the distance, little girl You can spare a little energy to help your parents take care of your younger brother.

I saw the little girl roll her eyes and suddenly came up with an idea.

“Brother, do you want to stand tall? You can look far!” Xixi bent down, her two little hands resting on her knees, looked at the little brother, and said with a smile.

I don’t know if Xiaojiao understood, but when the little guy heard his sister asked if he wanted it, he immediately shouted in a loud voice: “Yes, yes!”

As a result, Yang Yi and Murphy saw that Xixi, with thin arms and thin legs, tried her best to pick up Xiaojiao, who still had baby fat.

Xixi’s two hands passed through her brother’s armpits, hugged Xiaojiao, exerted her strength, hummed “hey, ai,” and pulled Xiao Xiaojia from the ground like a radish “Pulled” up.


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