House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 980: Fake 1 shot (2/4)



If you want to go to the amusement park, first of all, Yang Yi and the others have to get rid of those paparazzi!


Now the paparazzi in Hong Kong City are in a state of mad excitement. After Chen Yijie’s concert, the entire Hong Kong City entertainment circle was swiped by “Exaggerated” and “Silence is Gold”, and almost everyone was in Talking about these two songs, under such enthusiasm, almost every reporter broke his head and wanted to interview the Yang Yi family!


However, the Yang Yi family slipped away after singing! It is precisely because he is afraid of the entanglement of reporters that Yang Yi has not much time left. If he accepts an interview with reporters, it will definitely be endless, and one day will not be enough to consume!


In that case, Yang Yi would have to grieve Xixi and not be able to go to the amusement park!


You must know that two days have passed since Yang Yi and the others came to Hong Kong City, participated in the rehearsal of Chen Yijie’s concert, and sang. This is the result of a relatively intensive schedule! Xixi went to pick up the “Student Handbook” on January 16th, and the concert was on January 14th. That is to say, Yang Yi’s family was in Hong Kong City, and at most there was only one day of play time left!


In this way, how could Yang Yi break his promise with Xixi because of these paparazzi reporters?



On January 14th, after eight o’clock in the morning, Yang Yi’s family had breakfast at the hotel, then got into the nanny car driven by the bodyguard and headed to the airport.


This way, the paparazzi were chasing after them, and even at the airport, there were many reporters chasing and blocking them.


“Yang Sheng, please wait!”


“Are those two songs yesterday your accusation against the music scene of Hong Kong City?”


“Yang Sheng can write such good Cantonese songs, does he take into account the development of the music scene in Hong Kong City?”


“It is said that Furui Records intends to sign you. What conditions did it offer you?”


Many questions were thrown out one by one when they were chasing, and for a while, the noise around Yang Yi’s family was like a vegetable market!


Fortunately, more than a dozen bodyguards hired by Yang Yi played a role. They formed a circle around Yang Yi, forming a human barrier, blocking these crazy reporters and clearing the front passage for Yang Yi.


This situation continued until Yang Yi’s family entered the airport, and the reporters were stopped by the airport’s security forces. Even if the ingenious reporters got cheap air tickets and sneaked into the airport, they couldn’t follow Yang Yi and the others into the VIP lounge of the airport.


“Is this frame too big?” The reporters who returned without success waved their hands angrily, but they also had nothing to do with Yang Yi.


They can blackmail Yang Yi hard in the newspaper, but what’s the use of that? Yang Yi and Murphy are not in the entertainment circle of Hong Kong City. Besides, aren’t Yang Yi’s two songs still smacking them in the face?



However, these reporters did not know that after Yang Yi’s family entered the VIP waiting room, they walked out through another passage under the guidance of the staff and appeared in the east of the airport where no reporters noticed at the moment.


Mo Xiaojuan is standing next to a black SUV waiting for them.


“Are you sure you want to go to the amusement park like this? This time, there will be no bodyguards!” Mo Xiaojuan handed the key to Yang Yi and said worriedly.


“Don’t worry!” Yang Yi smiled slightly, “The dozen or so bodyguards you hired this time are actually not my opponents. Anyway, if we go to the amusement park, nothing will happen, if it’s true If something goes wrong, they may not be able to come in handy.”


After all, the bodyguards Mo Xiaojuan hired were ordinary people!


After getting in the car, Murphy was in the back seat and helped Xixi and Xiaojiao take off their coats. Today, the little guys are wearing a little thick clothes, mainly to hide people’s eyes and ears. There are coats with different colors and styles, so it still plays a certain degree of disguise!


Of course, after the sun rises, the weather in Hong Kong City is also very good today.


Murphy also changed his clothes, replacing the more aura windbreaker with an ordinary hoodie, which seemed to be a lot cheaper to dress up at once, so, just look at these clothes, listen to Yang Yi and Murphy speak standard Cantonese, and everyone may only think they are ordinary Hong Kong people.


The only flaw is that Murphy is so beautiful, even with a pair of sunglasses on, it’s hard to hide her outstanding face and fairy-like temperament!


Fortunately, Yang Yi and the others have two natural “props” for cover – Xixi and Xiaojiao!


There are basically no paparazzi in the amusement park. Ordinary people see this family dragging their family to play in the amusement park, how can they think that they are big stars? What’s more, Yang Yi and Murphy are not Hong Kong city stars, they are not like Chen Yijie, everyone knows.


When Yang Yi was driving, and Murphy changed Xixi’s hair into a more ordinary braid, Xixi suddenly looked at her little hand and muttered, “I don’t like those reporter uncles and reporter aunts!”


Xixi’s two movements have nothing to do with each other. She was just bored, so she just studied her little hands.


“Why?” Murphy asked casually.


“Because, because, they keep asking about Baba! Baba doesn’t even want to talk to them.” Xixi tilted her head and said, “Baba doesn’t like them either!”


Murphy was delighted, patted the back of the driver’s seat, and smiled, “Did you hear? Your daughter is fighting with you!”


Yang Yi laughed at the front, but he didn’t intend to let Xixi hate a group easily, it was a bit too extreme. He smiled and said, “Xixi, it’s not that my father doesn’t like these reporters at all, and some reporters’ fathers still approve of them. What my father doesn’t like is just those reporters who don’t follow the rules and always follow us, always entangle them. It’s annoying for them to act like this!”


Xixi raised her little head, blinked her big eyes, looked at her father, and listened to him.


“For example, the example you told your father before, that boy named Zhou Yuxuan in your class always wanted to peek at your answers during exams, even though it was against the rules, you didn’t want to let that happen. He looks at your test paper, so you think he’s annoying and doesn’t like him, right?” Yang Yi said.


“Yes! But, after Teacher Li told Zhou Yuxuan’s Baba, Zhou Yuxuan didn’t peek at my answer!” Xixi told her father’s later progress with great interest. She forgot to say it before. of.


“It turns out to be like this, then let’s say it was when you thought he was annoying!” Yang Yi smiled, “Reporters are just like the classmates around you, and good reporters are those good classmates. Take Xiaoyuer, for example, she loves learning very much, and if she encounters any problems that she can’t understand, she will ask the teacher after class, or come to ask you for advice.”


Xixi giggled, her eyes crooked: “Xiaoyuer didn’t study hard! She likes to play, and only asks me when she can’t do homework!”


The little girl has grown up and her thinking has become a lot quicker. Now she talks to her father in a set way, often with punch lines.


“But she didn’t ask you during class, did she?” Yang Yi said.


“ I can’t speak during class!” Xixi nodded quickly.


“So, good reporters are just like Xiao Yu’er. They know the rules and won’t do things that affect others!” Yang Yi said, “My father and mother prefer to deal with these good reporters.”


“But bad reporters are just like Zhou Yuxuan before, always bothering you when you don’t want to be bothered, so we don’t like them.”


When Yang Yi said this, Xixi fully understood.


“They, they don’t let us go shopping, they don’t let us go to the amusement park, so I don’t like them either!” Xixi pouted her little mouth angrily and followed her father’s words.


“But the devil is one foot tall and the road is ten feet tall!” Yang Yi boasted to Xixi proudly, “Your father is still amazing, right? We just got rid of them with a false shot. In the end, we still You can go to the amusement park!”


“Yes! Baba is super awesome!” Xixi was also serious and adored her father.


Murphy sat aside, looked at Yang Yi who was smug in front of him, and pouted: Look what you can do!


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