House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 969: Ding Xiang’s cake (2/4)


“Hey, Sister Ding Xiang! Why are you in our house?” Early on Sunday morning, Xixi, who was full of energy after washing up, followed her father downstairs and found that there was already someone else in the kitchen. Not her mother, but Sister Ding Xiang, she asked in surprise.

“Because Sister Ding Xiang came back very late last night and was in a hurry to make cakes, she had nowhere to buy materials, so she borrowed our kitchen to use first!” The answer was Murphy, Murphy Holding a bowl of vegetable lean meat porridge, he followed behind the energetic Xiao Jiao who was running around giggling.

Murphy is right. Ding Xiang only returned to Jiangcheng airport in the middle of the night last night. Guo Ziyi was not very worried about his girlfriend, so he contacted Yang Yi.

But on the way, Ding Xiang said that she wanted to make some cakes in the morning and take them to Guo Ziyi’s house. However, there was a problem: Ding Xiang had no place to buy ingredients in the middle of the night, and got up early the next day to prepare. Do it early, go to Guo Ziyi’s house early, you can’t keep Guo’s mother waiting for a long time.

Fortunately, Ding Xiang has a group of good friends. Now she and Yang Huan don’t have any food ingredients, but Yang Yi’s family has them!

So, Yang Yi took Ding Xiang back home and let her use her kitchen in the morning.

This is not a big deal, and there will be no misunderstanding. After all, Yang Yi is frank and candid, not to mention, there is Murphy at home!

“Is that so?” After Xixi found out, she came to the kitchen with great interest, and watched Ding Xiang busy with curiosity. She had never seen Ding Xiang make cakes. The last time Yang Yi was on a business trip, Ding Xiang was at home. When I was a guest babysitter for them, I didn’t make any cakes either.

“Does Xixi like to eat cake? Come and try this, you should like to eat it. It’s this matcha-flavored little cake, or this chocolate-flavored little cake.” Ding Xiang saw the lovely Xi Xi, the face that was secretly nervous showed a smile again, and hurriedly brought out a small plate and served Xixi with the cake that was already made.

Although she learned from Yang Yi, Ding Xiang’s craftsmanship has made great progress after several years of training. Now she can not only make all kinds of small cakes, but also make them exquisitely. The cupcakes in the past were still small, the kind that Xixi could take one bite at a time, looked particularly attractive!

“Really? Baba, can I eat it?” Xixi looked at these beautiful little cakes, and the little girl with a little beauty control was moved. She blinked and turned to look at her father, looking forward to it. asked.

“You can eat it. Your sister Ding Xiang has made quite a few cakes. I guess you won’t be able to bring so much.” Yang Yi glanced at the table and said with a smile, “However, you have to drink some plain water first.”

Ding Xiang did make a lot of cakes and set the table full, and not only the fluffy little cakes, she also made a blueberry frozen cheesecake and some pudding mousse cups in different flavors.

Now that Yang Yi saw it, he realized that Ding Xiang had worked so hard. No wonder Yang Yi saw Ding Xiang busy in the kitchen when he got up at four in the morning to practice boxing.

After a while, after Xixi tasted the cake made by Ding Xiang, in Ding Xiang’s expectant eyes, her eyes glowed and nodded vigorously, and said loudly, “It’s delicious, it’s delicious!”

Ding Xiang secretly breathed a sigh of relief. Since Xixi thought it was delicious, she was relieved, for fear that she would make a defective product and bring it with her, which would be embarrassing!

However, when she was thinking about how to talk to Guo Ziyi’s family, Xixi ate the small piece of pudding mousse in her hand and asked sweetly, “Sister Ding Xiang, I can ask for a little bit more. stay?”

Ding Xiang returned to his senses, smiled and said to Xixi: “Of course, do you still like to eat? Then you pick some, but keep them in the refrigerator.”

“No, it’s not that I want to eat it!” Xixi pointed to the outside and clarified in a clear voice, “It’s Xiner who wants to eat, she likes cakes!”

“Xixi, Dad asked you a question, how many gold coins has Xiner saved now?”

According to the agreement, Ding Xiang arrived at the residence of Guo Ziyi’s family – the family compound of the municipal government in Wuhu District at about ten o’clock. Guo Huizhen had already explained to the guards, and after she reported her intention to come, someone led her in.

After all, this is where the mayor of the provincial capital city lives. Ding Xiang soon saw a small two-story western-style building with a single door and a single courtyard. Of course, compared with Yang Yi’s house, this old-fashioned building built in the 1990s is not luxurious at all!

But this is Guo Ziyi’s house after all, so Ding Xiang was so nervous that he couldn’t even breathe.

“Ding Xiang is here? Welcome, hey, I’m really sorry, I have to trouble you to go to Ziyi’s business!” The courtyard door opened, and Tan Huizhen greeted her with a smile on her face. Speaking politely.

Up to now, Tan Huizhen still only regards Ding Xiang as Guo Ziyi’s colleague.

But her enthusiasm made Ding Xiang a little confused and didn’t know how to respond.

At this time, Tan Huizhen saw the cake box that Ding Xiang was carrying, frowned slightly, and said in a somewhat reproachful tone: “Ding Xiang, if you say you, come here, and bring it with you. What? Let me tell you, in a while, you have to take it all back.”

Ding Xiang was stunned.

“This is not aimed at you. Our old Guo has set a rule that he will not accept gifts from others. Therefore, those who are officials, whoever comes to our house, must come empty-handed.” Tan Huizhen realized that she might be a little too serious. Now, with a slight smile, he explained, “But you’re not an official, otherwise, if you bring so many things, I’ll have to blast you out.”

Ding Xiang looked holding the cake and standing in place, not knowing what to do, he could only say hesitantly: “Auntie, I’m sorry, I really don’t know these rules, I thought it was the first time I came, so I brought you some cakes that I made…”

Tan Huizhen looked at Ding Xiang’s panicked appearance, and also thought of the report on Ding Xiang’s background story in the student magazine she saw on Guo Ziyi’s desk before, and she couldn’t help feeling a little pity in her heart.

This is an honest girl.

“Hey, Ding Xiang, are you saying that Auntie is old and confused?” Tan Huizhen laughed and said, “Treating you as other people who come to your door to ask your Uncle Guo to do things, forget that you are an Auntie and invited to the house. Come, come in, come in and talk.”

She regained her original enthusiasm and reached out to help Ding Xiang carry the cake. She smiled and said, “You even made a cake for us? How embarrassed? Please help auntie get some clothes and supplements for her son today. I mean, Auntie wants to invite you to eat at home at noon, but I didn’t expect to bother you to make cakes.”

“Auntie, I’ll do it. Don’t say that, it’s not troublesome, and this is also my job!” Ding Xiang hurriedly stopped Tan Huizhen and followed her in with the cake, “Auntie, what is your name? I’m fine, that’s what everyone calls it.”


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