House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 968: shooting myself in the foot (1/4)


Guo Ziyi was also overly nervous. She was afraid that her mother would have doubts when she knew that Ding Xiang was sitting beside her at night, so she lied.

But who knows, Tan Huizhen said with joy instead: “Hey, that’s good, you invite her to come home…”

Guo Ziyi’s eyes widened immediately. Later, Tan Huizhen asked Ding Xiang to come to the house to do something. He didn’t listen carefully. Xiang: My mother wants to see you!

Ding Xiang was also panicked, but she pointed to her mobile phone and signaled to Guo Ziyi: You are still on the phone, don’t ignore your mother!

Guo Ziyi put the phone back to her ear, coughed and smiled, and said, “Mom, it’s not necessary to let Senior Sister Ding Xiang go home? Besides, she has other things to do… Well, in two days, Yang Huan, it’s Yang Huan. My sister Yihe, my partner in filming the extreme challenge, will also come to Yangcheng to film, and Senior Sister Ding Xiang is going to accompany her.”

Ding Xiang next to him looked puzzled, and spread his hands to Guo Ziyi in confusion: Why did you lie to your mother?

Yang Huan is also in Yangcheng now!

Ding Xiang is worried that Guo’s mother is really in a hurry to find him. Moreover, the more lies, the easier it is to reveal the truth. Guo Ziyi all of a sudden told Yang Huan to be in Jiangcheng. Isn’t that a great risk?

Of course, don’t worry about Ding Xiang, Guo Ziyi will soon understand what it means to shoot himself in the foot!

I just listened to Tan Huizhen’s overjoyed smile and said, “Isn’t that better? I was thinking about how to say it just now. After all, it is very hard to ask other girls to go to Yangcheng. It is better for her to go to Yangcheng by herself. I have some things. Please take her to Yangcheng for you!”

It turned out that Tan Huizhen invited Ding Xiang to come to the house, and there was something Guo Ziyi didn’t hear–inviting Ding Xiang to come to the house for dinner, the purpose was actually to ask Ding Xiang to help with something!

It’s better now, Guo Ziyi made up an excuse that Ding Xiang had to go. Now that Guo’s mother already knows that Ding Xiang is “in” Jiangcheng, and is planning to go to Yangcheng, isn’t she the best candidate?

“But, but…she’s in school…” In the cold weather, Guo Ziyi was sweating profusely with anxiety, and he hesitated to find an excuse to decline his mother’s request.

“It doesn’t matter, I’ll have someone pick her up.” Tan Huizhen, who was born in a wealthy family in Fujian Province, spoke very loudly.

Guo Ziyi scratched his head vigorously, but couldn’t think of a suitable reason.

But at this moment, a small notebook was handed over, and Guo Ziyi took it subconsciously.

This is a small notebook that Ding Xiang brings with him to record some work requirements at any time. Guo Ziyi saw that a line of graceful words on it reads: “Promise your mother!”

Guo Ziyi turned her head and saw Ding Xiang’s angry expression, she glared at Guo Ziyi angrily, and motioned for Guo Ziyi to quickly respond according to her request.

“So, Mom, I’ll make a phone call and ask Senior Sister Ding Xiang?” Guo Ziyi looked at Ding Xiang, made a few words, and quickly turned off the phone.

Seeing that Guo Ziyi hung up the phone, Ding Xiangcai said anxiously: “Why do you still ask? Promise your mother directly? Your mother has something to do with me, how can you just refuse?”

Guo Ziyi was actually thinking about his girlfriend, but he just listened to him explain: “But you are in Yangcheng now, you can’t let you go back to Jiangcheng in this weather, right? It’s too cold!”

Ding Xiang was moved and amused, and said: “But we can’t ignore your mother’s request! She wants me to bring you something, and you say that I am in Jiangcheng, and that I am going to Yangcheng. If you don’t go, won’t it leave a bad impression on her? How can you hold such a big shelf?”

Guo Ziyi scratched his head, he knew he had screwed up.

“Okay, I don’t blame you, I know you are doing it for my own good. But now you still have to tell your mother that I will go to your house tomorrow!” Ding Xiang took Guo Ziyi’s hand and said gently, “You can’t leave a bad impression on your mother! I’ll buy a plane ticket and fly back to Jiangcheng later.”

Guo Ziyi said angrily: “But, you’ve worked too hard like this!”

Ding Xiang was very firm at the moment and said, “You have to give me a chance to express myself! You can’t always stand up for me, so what do your parents think of me?”

So, the matter is settled.

Ding Xiang flew back to Jiangcheng in the evening that evening.

The first season of “The Voice of China” has ended, but the popularity has not dissipated.

Under the arrangement of the company, the overall champion Xu Lu held a press conference the next day, announcing that she would start preparing for her first album. The record company she signed with also invited Xu Lu’s mentor Luo Jian as a Her music producer!

This shows that the record company that Xu Lu signed with still attaches great importance to Xu Lu, and regards her as a very important newcomer for training.

But some students were not so lucky!

Although they also signed with a management company or a record company, those companies did not intend to invest resources to cultivate them.

After all, although these students have really good voices, they still have some flaws, such as too dark skin, too short stature, or plain appearance… That’s why they couldn’t get out on the road of music before!

Compared to the artists selected by these companies themselves, these students are a long way off!

But they signed up these students, and they didn’t invite them back to dinner for nothing! Taking advantage of the popularity of The Voice of China, these students still occupy a place in the memory of the audience, these companies arranged for them to frequently participate in some commercial activities.

It seems that these students have a full schedule, and they are picked up and dropped off by limousines. Three or five brokers and assistants are shouting at each other. This battle is very star-like, and even watching them fight with the outbreak They are dressed in gold and silver, and they look arrogant. Seeing their popularity in the news, they seem to be even hotter than Xu Lu, who just announced the new album plan!

Isn’t the champion better than the students who were eliminated early?

I am afraid that only these students who do not know the truth are proud of The industry insiders see it very clearly, but they will not explain it to the public.

Don’t look at these students now. I’m afraid that in a few months, when Xu Lu has finished recording the album and is preparing for her official debut after the company’s training, they have already been buried in the vast crowd of people in the entertainment industry.

In fact, this entertainment industry is so cruel!

In other words, the world is so cruel!

If you stay complacent and show off your old ways, such people will be overtaken by latecomers sooner or later. You know, besides debut singers, there are thousands of people who want to replace them!

Famousness is a consumable item, and when the audience’s interest in them begins to fade, and their features gradually become non-featured, this will also be the time for them to quit the stage!

I’m afraid at that time, they can only live in the media’s schadenfreude.


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