House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 970: Dance that cats can dance (3/4)


“But, I only have one gold coin.” Lan Xin’s weak voice rang in Yang Yi’s villa.

Not long after Ding Xiang went out to take the test, Lan Xin, who had eaten breakfast, came to visit at home. When her little friend came to play, Xixi naturally wanted to share the delicious food with Lan Xin, but faced with so many delicious cakes, Lan Xin had a hard time.

Xixi tilted her head for a while, and asked with some doubts: “Xin Er, but didn’t you tell me that you have a lot of gold coins? And this week, you haven’t come to our house for dinner! “

Because Lanzhou Kai is at home this week and takes the little girl to a big meal every day, Lan Xin certainly doesn’t need to go to Yang Yi’s house to eat!

Yang Yi came over and happened to see Lan Xin reckoning with Xixi: “Yes, I originally had five gold coins! It’s a lot, but I went to watch TV.”

Lan Xin also plausibly said: “Yesterday was boring. I went out to play with my dad, but he didn’t go to play, he was talking to others, and then I was bored.”

Lan Xin didn’t tell the whole story. She was bored outside and watched TV when she came back.

“Then how much TV have you watched? Are there not enough gold coins left to eat now?” Yang Yi asked amusingly.

“After watching it for a long time, my mother took me four gold coins.” Lan Xin said glumly, “If I had known, I would have stopped watching TV. I wanted to eat cake.”

Wu Jingjing’s requirements for Lan Xin are very strict, and she also urges Lan Xin to exercise every day. Now, although Lan Xin still looks fat, she has lost six pounds and a small face compared to before. It’s not as round as before, and it feels a little thinner.

However, Lan Xin has an advantage. Although she sometimes likes to think of some lazy tricks, she is still a very honest child, and there is only one gold coin left. Even Yang Yi can’t go to her house now. Check, Lan Xin will not deceive Yang Yi and Xixi that she still has a lot left.

“Then what should I do? You can’t eat cake without three gold coins!” Xixi was also very sincere, and opened Lan Xin’s wound and said it.

Seeing Lan Xin drooling while looking at the cake on the table, while being aggrieved and helpless that she couldn’t eat it, Yang Yi couldn’t bear it.

Yang Yi thought for a while and said, “Actually, these cakes are not made by me, but by your sister Ding Xiang, so according to our agreement, you can eat these cakes without gold coins. cake.”

“Really?” Lan Xin’s reaction was still quick. She raised her head suddenly and asked excitedly. The little girl’s round eyes seemed to be bursting with light at this moment.

Yang Yi smiled slightly and said, “Of course. However, there is a small question. If you eat Sister Ding Xiang’s cake, would you like to thank Sister Ding Xiang?”

Lan Xin only had the idea of ​​”eat cake, eat cake” in her head at the moment. She nodded her head when Yang Yi said anything, and just waited for him to finish, and she could enjoy it!

“But how are you going to thank Sister Ding Xiang? She made so many delicious cakes for you?” Yang Yi asked with a smile.

“Well…” Lan Xin looked at Yang Yi ignorantly, not knowing how to answer.

Xixi was listening next to her. She was happy for her little friend. When she heard her father’s question, Xixi also actively wanted to give her little friend advice.

“Xin’er, Xin’er, you can kiss Sister Ding Xiang! I kissed Sister Ding Xiang in the morning!” Xixi said enthusiastically, holding Lan Xin’s shoulders, beside her With a small mouth on his face and a kiss, he giggled, “It’s like this!”

Lan Xin felt that this was indeed a good idea, she grinned overjoyedly, and saw her waving her hand boldly, and said, “Then I’ll kiss Sister Ding Xiang too, I’m not just kissing, I want to Ten kisses!”

As long as it’s not gold coins, these small “expenses” are not a problem for Ms. Xiao!

Yang Yi didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, so she quickly grabbed them and said, “I can’t kiss Sister Ding Xiang. Sister Ding Xiang has very important things to do, so she won’t come back to us.”

“Then what should I do?” Xixi felt anxious to help her little friend.

Yang Yi said this just now, of course, it has deep meaning!

I saw him smile slightly and said: “So, later, Xiner, after you eat the cake, let’s learn a dance together, record a video and send it to Sister Ding Xiang, okay? Your sister Ding Xiang likes dancing the most. You see, when Xixi played last week, she came to watch, right?”

Xixi felt that what her father said seemed reasonable, and nodded quickly. She likes dancing, but she is more active, and said happily: “I also want to learn, I will dance with Xiner.”

“But, I can’t dance!” Lan Xin was embarrassed.

“Yes, this dance is relatively simple, don’t say you can learn it, I tell you, cats can dance!” Yang Yi said solemnly.

“Cats can dance?” Murphy chased Xiao Jiao to the restaurant, just overhearing the conversation between Yang Yi and the children, and asked in astonishment, “What kind of dance is this? Walk the catwalk like a model?”

“It’s fine, you can see it later, Xiner, you eat the cake first, and uncle will go and record the accompaniment.” Yang Yi has ready-made material in his heart, and he doesn’t need to make the song very detailed. , it should be done soon, so he made a hasty explanation, then turned around and walked to the recording studio upstairs.

He also took great pains to make Lan Xin exercise to digest food after eating the cake.

Xixi was very happy, took Lan Xin’s hand, jumped on the ground, and said, “Great, Xiner, we can dance together!”

Lan Xin still thinks that dancing is not enough for her, but for Lan Xin, nothing else matters. As long as there is delicious food, everything is easy to say! After seeing Uncle Yang leave, Lan Xin immediately turned her attention to the cakes she had been craving for a long time.

Returning to Guo’s house, Tan Huizhen looked at the cakes placed on the table after Ding Xiang opened the package, “tsk tsk” admiring: “Xiao Ding, you made all these cakes?”

“Yes, Auntie, try it and see if it’s delicious.” Ding Xiang nodded shyly.

“Okay, I’ll taste a little.” Tan Huizhen agreed with a smile.

At this moment, a head stuck out from the second floor, Guo Ziyan heard the movement downstairs, and ran down sneakily, seeing the cake, she also exclaimed excitedly: “Wow! Sister Ding you bring Come here for cake? I want to eat it too!”

“Hurry up and do your homework after eating, procrastinate!” Tan Huizhen said in front of outsiders, not blaming her daughter.

“Well, it’s delicious! No wonder my brother likes… I like to eat the cakes you make. I heard before that when Sister Ding Xiang was a waiter in Brother Yang’s coffee shop, she made a lot of cakes. My brother often Go buy it and eat it!” Guo Ziyan was so full of praise, she almost missed her mouth, but fortunately, she came back round.

“Then you should eat more. When you are in high school, it is the time when you consume a lot of energy, and eating at school is not as good as at home.” Ding Xiang helped move the plate and gave it to Guo Ziyan, who was gobbling up, as if she was afraid that she would not be able to reach it. Same.

Tan Huizhen eats with a lot of restraint. Like everyone else, she uses a small silver spoon to eat slowly, bit by bit.

“Xiao Ding, leave her alone, sit down and talk.” Tan Huizhen waved at Ding Xiang.

Unconsciously, Tan Huizhen wanted to protect Ding Xiang.

After all, who doesn’t like a diligent, enthusiastic, and good-looking girl?


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