House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 826: Primary school classroom experience (3/4)



Fortunately, this mother’s fan is still a sensible fan. After she expressed her excitement, she still took into account that her son was watching from behind. I was embarrassed to be too obsessed, and just blushed and asked Murphy whether Very photogenic.


Murphy looked left and right and found that the movement here did not attract too much attention, so she smiled and agreed to the other party’s request: “But please don’t make it public!”


“I understand, I understand!” She nodded excitedly, took out her phone, and said, “I won’t tell anyone, I can’t affect you.”


Wu Yue helped to take a photo. The mother fan took a photo with Murphy and was not satisfied. She also took her son to take a photo with Murphy.


“Hey, I really didn’t expect to meet you here, I didn’t even bring a pen and paper, otherwise I would like to ask you for an autograph, hey, I really like your songs so much, I even bought your latest song “Diamnd”!” The mother fan said with a touch of emotion while holding the phone. As she spoke, she unknowingly used the title of honor for Murphy.


“It’s also my honor to be liked by you.” Murphy was actually quite moved when she saw such a lovely fan. She gave each other a hug and said softly.


“The main thing is that your songs are good. I have dreamed of being a singer since I was a child, but this dream has not been realized in the end. Now I really like your songs, you sing so well!” Mom fans sighed with emotion said.


“If you like to sing, you can participate in The Voice of China!” Murphy said kindly, “Although this season’s audition has ended, you can practice and strive to participate in next year’s audition, and have dreams. Don’t give up, try it!”


Mom fans waved their hands a little embarrassedly and said with a smile, “What’s wrong with me? In fact, it’s just my own thinking. I can’t sing well, and my friends say that I can sing well, but I can’t sing well. It’s so good, every time I go to KTV to play, I’m still a Maiba!”


Murphy was stunned for a moment, only to show an embarrassed yet polite smile.


“Mama, my hair is a bit messy here, please help me!” At this moment, Xixi, who was chatting with her little friend, ran over and pointed to the somewhat fluffy hairstyle on the back of her head, The voice said crisply.


“This is Xixi!” The mother fan was surprised again. Of course, she could recognize Xixi, but now her head loops together.


Yes, today is the registration day of Huijia Elementary School. Murphy didn’t come here to report for his own children, so why?


Of course, now that Xiao Jiao is being held by Wu Jingjing, she didn’t pay attention, otherwise she would be even more excited.


Xixi only saw this strange aunt at this time. With her mother’s reminder, she snuggled up to her mother’s side and called out obediently, “Auntie…”


“Hello, Xixi!” Mom’s pink eyes lit up like light bulbs, looking at Xixi just like her own daughter-in-law, she said with inexplicable joy, “Hey, Murphy, Xixi really looks like the photo. It’s the same as above, so beautiful, well-behaved and sensible.”


“No, I don’t know how naughty I am usually.” Like most mothers, Murphy was happy in her heart, but she was still embarrassed to belittle her child.


“I’m not naughty!” Xixi disagreed.


Fortunately, the mother fan has to take her son to pick up the book. She reluctantly said goodbye to Murphy: “Our big treasure is really lucky to be in the same school as your child…” /


Murphy could only respond with a smile.


When she left, she looked back three times, one time to see Murphy, the other two times to look at Xixi…



This mother fan did not impress Yang Yi and Murphy too deeply, they are used to encountering fans like this. It’s just that Yang Yi came back with the book and school uniform. Hearing what Murphy said, he felt that he was a little negligent.


“Why don’t you and Jiao go back to the car first, and after Xixi finishes the class meeting, I’ll take her to join you?” Yang Yi smiled, “Anyway, I heard from others that many parents in the class meeting have to meet up with you. Standing outside, not many parents can sit inside, and it is inconvenient for you and Jiao to be crowded inside.”


Murphy has no opinion. She accompanies Xixi to report, which can be considered a fulfillment of her own wish, but there is no need to accompany the whole process.


Murphy asked Yang Yi to hold Xiao Xiaojiao, she squatted down, smiled and tidied up her daughter’s skirt, and said softly: “Xixi, that Mama is waiting for you outside! You are a primary school student today. , do well!”


“I know!” Xixi replied crisply, still immersed in the lively atmosphere of the new environment.


The big eyes of the little girl looking at her mother are like the clear water waves in autumn. They are crystal clear under the reflection of the bright morning sun, and the eyes are even more vivid.



Yang Yi’s face is not so easy to be recognized. After he found a seat for Xixi in the classroom, he walked to the back of the classroom and stood with the other parents. There were a lot of people, and it was somewhat crowded. Yang Yi smiled and nodded with others, but no one called his name.


“Is your family coming alone?” Another older uncle’s parent asked with concern, “The child’s mother didn’t come?”


“Come on, I can’t stand still, I asked her to go back to the car and wait. We still have a little one, and I can’t take care of it.” Yang Yi responded with a smile, although it was only the first time we met, he will be a child in the future The parents of the classmates in the class still greet each other warmly.


“My surname is Wang, my name is Wang Hongwei, and the flat-headed boy sitting on the left in the second row, third column is my son.” Huh?”


Yang Yi has now completely blended his character into the world of ordinary people. Since others have introduced themselves so kindly, Yang Yi is not unique. He shook his hand and said with a smile: “My surname is Yang, my daughter is my daughter.”


Yang Yi didn’t point Xixi to the other party… Hmph, boy, forget it!



Adults have the communication of adults, and children also have the world of children.


Xixi sat on the seat, and before she could stay quiet for a minute, she couldn’t help but move her little butt, and turned back to look at her father.


Although her father ignored her and chatted with others, Xixi didn’t care. She saw that her father was not far behind her, so she calmed down and looked at the desk and classroom curiously.


The primary school classroom is completely different from the kindergarten classroom. The kindergarten classroom is free, the tables can be moved, or arranged neatly, or in a circle, and most of the time, the teachers just lead the children in the open space play games!


But the elementary school tables are neatly arranged, in four rows and four columns! Moreover, most of the table and chairs are made of cool iron. The higher the table, the higher the chair, which is more suitable for sitting and writing.


There are lockers at the back of the classroom, and a large blackboard with blackboard drawings from a previous class that taught here, and a large blackboard and podium in the front. Xixi thinks these are very new, because in the kindergarten, the blackboard is not fixed on the wall!


Xixi looked around and looked around the new classmates around her. She didn’t mention Lan Xin, who was sitting next to her. The other classmates had different expressions. Although everyone was clean and beautiful, they were not Everyone is as interested in school as Xixi.


Some children could not sit After a while, they ran back to the back, crying and wanting his parents to take him home. Of course, he was soon brought back and had to stay by himself. wipe away tears.


There are also some children who can’t sit still by nature. They run around between the seats, shouting, as if they have become familiar with friends who have not known each other for a while.


In contrast, Lan Xin was much calmer. She was neither happy nor sad, and sat on her chair like a miniature version of Lanzhou Kai. After being bored for a while, the little girl suddenly turned her head and whispered to Xixi, “Xixi, do you have anything to eat? I’m hungry!”


Xixi blinked her eyes, shook her head, and said, “Baba said we don’t need to bring lunch to school!”


Actually, Lan Xin just felt bored and wanted to eat snacks to pass the time…


However, they didn’t have the chance to continue talking, they only heard the bell ringing, and the female teacher who was communicating with some parents outside the classroom just now walked in.


Having received a good education in Chuntian Kindergarten, Xixi and Lan Xin reacted, and they all sat up. Their small waists were straight, and they put their hands on their legs very obediently.


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