House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 825: Xixi’s primary school report (2/4)



The day of registration is finally here!


Xixi has been looking forward to it. The little girl thought that going to elementary school and kindergarten was the same. She put on her small schoolbag full of energy early in the morning, waiting for her father to take her to see her buddy.


The little girl was also dressed up by her mother today. Not only did she put on her favorite little white dress, but she also **** a double-layered princess head with straight hair. With the dress, Xixi looked extra fresh and cute.


However, there is only one chance to wear this way, because after registering to receive the school uniform, Xixi will not be able to wear her beautiful clothes when she goes to school in the future!


“What are you doing with the schoolbag in such a hurry? Xiner and her mother haven’t come yet, give the schoolbag to Dad!” Yang Yi was also worried that the shoulder strap of the new schoolbag would hurt her daughter’s small shoulder and wanted to help her mention it.


But Xixi giggled and ran away with her small schoolbag on her back, unwilling to put it down.


“Baba, you haven’t made lunch for me yet!” The little girl suddenly remembered that the last time her father didn’t give her a lunch box, she almost went hungry in kindergarten.


“This morning, we checked in, got our books and school uniforms, and met your teachers and classmates, so we can go home without having to eat at school.” Yang Yi said, “By the way, you will also You don’t need to bring meals to school, because Huijia Elementary School has a cafeteria. After school starts, you can listen to the teacher’s arrangement at noon and focus on eating school meals and rest at school. After school is over in the afternoon, Dad will pick you up.”


Xixi listened dumbfoundedly, without much reaction. She thinks that there is still no difference, so she still eats at school?


After a while, Wu Jingjing came over with Lan Xin, who was also dressed up.


During this time, Lanzhou Kai was on a business trip again, but it was not a business matter, but as a millionaire Jiangcheng could count on one hand. Of course, he also had a political identity. He needed to follow some business circles representing Jiangcheng. People, go to the capital for a meeting. Boss Lan couldn’t get away from this kind of thing, and he could only regret the important day when his daughter went to primary school.


Yang Yi drove into a larger nanny car at home. Of course, the two little girls, Xixi and Lan Xin, had to sit together, and Wu Jingjing and Murphy also sat together. Speaking, against the background, Yang Yi, who was driving quietly in front, was like a real driver.


However, some things, when Wu Jingjing and Murphy gossip, still have to ask Yang Yi.


“Yang Yi, I heard from our old Lan that the five children are not in the same class, only Xixi and Xiner are together, right?” Wu Jingjing asked.


“Well, I originally asked someone for help, but they said that the five children are not easy to arrange, so we can only try to arrange Xixi and Xiner in the same class.” Yang Yi said, “One of their school managers personally called Come over and explain to me that the children go to primary school, and they are all arranged in the same class, which is not conducive to their growth. The five children play together wherever they go, and it is easy to isolate other students, and it is easy to be isolated by other students. This age group I think it makes sense.”


Murphy nodded and said to Wu Jingjing: “I also think this is the truth. When they reach elementary school, they should broaden their circle of friends, and they are not in the same class. As long as they are in the same school, I think they can be together often. play.”


“I don’t care, anyway, as Lao Lan said, Xiner only needs to be in the same class as Xixi, he doesn’t care about others.” Wu Jingjing smiled, “I’m just curious how other parents will react? Like Wu Yue Ah, Teacher Nan and the others.”


Although Wu Jingjing said this in private, it still seems a little utilitarian and cruel, but this is also normal. Who doesn’t want their children to be well? You can’t ask everyone to be fraternity!


The other three families understand the situation, and they don’t even care about being in the same class. They also think about their own children. Only their own children can get a good education. How can they care about the situation of other children?



The world of adults is a bit complicated, but the world of children is much simpler.


After Xixi arrived at the school, she opened her eyes wide and searched for the figure of her little friend. Huijia Elementary School reported today that it is crowded with people, and it is very lively. Looking for someone here is like looking for a needle in a haystack!


But Xixi still found Yang Luoqi, and she and Yang Luoqi happily jumped up with their little hands.


“Xixi, my mother said I’m in class six, and we’re not in the same class.” After Yang Luoqi was happy, she looked at Xixi with a bit of sadness when she thought of this, and said.


“I’m in class 3, and Xiner is in class 3, but I said it doesn’t matter if we’re not in the same class, because we’re all close, I can go to your place to play with you!” Xixi said cheerfully.


“Then we are not in the same class, are we still good friends?” Yang Luoqi asked nervously.


“One hundred of us are good friends!” Xixi gestured innocently with two small paws out.


She originally wanted to say 100%, which was a new vocabulary she learned from her father, but Xixi didn’t understand what 100% was, so she pretended to understand and revised it.


“Hehe, one hundred of us are good friends.” Yang Luoqi became happy again when it was confirmed, but she didn’t understand the meaning of “one hundred”, she just thought it was funny to say that, so she grabbed Xixi’s hands and laughed.


Murphy with sunglasses and Wu Jingjing stood aside quietly, watching the children play, Yang Yi went to help get the book and school uniform with the slip out. However, Murphy’s peace was soon broken.


“Isn’t this Murphy?” A surprised voice came The source of the voice was a young mother in her twenties who was walking by with her child and inadvertently saw Murphy with sunglasses. Originally, her attention was focused on her son, and she didn’t recognize Murphy at first glance, but whoever made Murphy look tall and didn’t wear high heels was a bit taller than Wu Jingjing, even if she wore sunglasses Disguise, the image and temperament of the whole person, seem out of place among ordinary mothers.


How can there be such a beautiful and graceful mother?


How can there be such a cool, yet serene and elegant mother?


Everyone has a love of beauty, and women have it too. She couldn’t help but look at Murphy a little more, maybe she just wanted to strike up a conversation with her about her beauty makeup. But unexpectedly, she recognized Murphy after looking at it.


Murphy is a little surprised, she turns to look at each other.


“It’s really you! Murphy, I’m a fan of you, I bought all your records and CDs!” The young mother forgot her son in excitement, stepped forward, Some embarrassedly whispered.


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