House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 803: Take care of Xiaolu and Huijia exam results



Xi Xi accidentally harvested a small deer as her friend in the United States, which is a special surprise for the little girl! She didn’t even bother her parents and wanted to know what her six-year-old birthday present was. She felt that if there was a flower, she already had the best birthday present!


So, in addition to taking Xiaobai for a walk every morning, the little girl has another task of “cleaning the deer fence for Huahua”.


Since she chose to keep the fawn, Yang Yi will of course let the little girl take care of the fawn and let her understand that it is not easy to take care of a large pet.


The work of feeding the deer is more complicated. The adults took over and cleaned the deer pen. Although it was a bit dirty and tiring, it was still within Xixi’s ability.


No, on the third day of adopting the little deer, on the morning of Xixi’s birthday, Xixi, who had just finished washing up and had not eaten breakfast, carried her little broom and set off with her father!


“Sweep, sweep, flowery house, so clean, sleep well, grow up quickly…” The little girl walked, humming to herself, as if she composed the lyrics herself, as if she was singing. She sang softly and rhythmically, and she seemed to be in a good mood!


At the horse gallery, Yang Yi opened the door and took Xixi to the small “compartment” dedicated to Xiaolu. Originally, Yang Yi thought that he wanted to build a deer bar for the deer, but Old Ford said that there was an empty horse gallery in the horse porch, which was just right for the deer.


The arrival of Xixi attracted the attention of many greedy ponies, who came close to her with a snort.


“Xiaobai, I have to clean up Huahua! Let’s play with you later!” When Xixi passed by Xiaobai’s stall, she even explained it to Xiaobai, as if Xiaobai could listen understand the same.


“I have to wait for breakfast before coming back to play with it.” Yang Yi corrected.


Xixi took her father’s words and repeated it to Xiaobai.


In the deer pen, Huahua is shrinking tremblingly on the haystack in the corner of the wall, and some tall horses around are turning their heads to look at it intentionally or unintentionally. Although they are already familiar with the existence of Huahua, they are not their own horses after all. Be wary of Huahua.


Yang Yi went in, picked up the rope around its neck, and pulled it out. Hua Hua was relatively docile, except for the first day when she was a little bit more serious about her mother and called for one night. In the past two days, she has calmed down. Accept fate.


“Huahua!” Xixi fondly stroked Huahua’s head. The fine hair on its body has not yet hardened, but it feels soft to the touch, as smooth as brocade.


Yang Yi smiled and said, “Go and clean. All the dirty things are swept into one piece. It’s easy to clean up when you come back.”


Yesterday, Yang Yi taught Xixi how to clean the deer fence for the deer. Xixi is already familiar with the road this time, but the posture of holding the broom is a bit jerky.


I saw Xixi in the deer barn, waving her broom vigorously, sweeping up some dirt and grass clippings together, look at her holding her breath and trying hard, her little face is red and cute!


“Baba, you see Huahua is stinking here!” Xixi found a bunch of black “small stones” and hurriedly pointed them to her father. Yesterday, her father told her where they came from. .


“You sweep it out and clean it up together,” said Yang Yi.


Xixi had some troubles. She sighed and said, “Baba, isn’t Huahua being too disobedient?”


“Why do you say that?” Yang Yi asked casually while holding the little deer.


“Huahua will stink in her room! Xiaobai won’t, Xiaobai’s room will be clean!” Xixi said.


“That’s because Xiaobai’s room will be cleaned by someone else!” Yang Yi said with a bit of laughter, “Also, when Xiaobai went out to play, he had already pulled the stink outside, so you were in Can’t see it here.”


Xixi said in a whim: “Baba, can we put some pants on Huahua? Just like my brother, wrap it in that diaper, so it won’t stink in the room! This is very uncomfortable. Hygiene!”


Yang Yi didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. After explaining for a while, she let her continue to work, instead of trying to make Huahua stop pooping – so she didn’t have to clean up.



Yang Yi didn’t expect that on Xixi’s birthday, he also received good news.


Guo Ziyi made a call across the ocean and told him that the admission results of Huijia Primary School had come out and that all five families had passed the exam.


“How about the real grades? Forget it, you don’t talk about others, just tell me how Xixi and I did in the exam? If you don’t go through the back door, can you get in with real grades?” The first “written test” was very interesting, and even, he couldn’t help but have a competitive mentality.


Guo Ziyi said with a smile: “Brother Yang, what I’m talking about is the real grades! I found out that you passed the exam without my aunt taking any action. Isn’t this a better result?”


It’s all over! Yang Yi was a little emotional.


However, this is also normal. The parents of the five families are all well-educated – Yang Guo, Lanzhou Kai, Nan Yiyun Needless to say, although Yang Yi’s education is lower, no one will question his culture Even though Chen Guoqiang practiced sports, he was also an undergraduate who graduated from a serious sports university!


The five children are also bright and intelligent, with no particularly naughty or difficult personalities.


How could they fail a small exam?


However, Yang Yi still has a busy aunt who needs Guo Ziyi’s help, and that is to start a class! Lanzhou Kai wanted Lan Xin and Xixi to be in the same class, but since they were both in the same class, Yang Yi also asked Guo Ziyi to arrange the other three children.



When Guo Ziyi called Yang Yi, he was not in Jiangcheng.


This summer, Guo Ziyi also went to the Beijing Film and Television Base Ding Xiang helped him pick up a play, Guo Ziyi starred as the No. 1 male supporting role in a love movie.


It is worth mentioning that Guo Ziyi’s summer vacation was planned.


According to the original plan, Du Yuanlei will be filming the TV series “Remaining Sin” authorized by Yang Yi this summer! Guo Ziyi is also set for this drama, and he will play the role of the mouse.


But since the filming of “The Shawshank Redemption” started, Yang Yi gave Du Yuanlei a rare opportunity to learn and improve, and asked her to be Wu Yi’an’s assistant, that is, to do chores throughout the whole process – even so, not everyone can give it to Du Yuanlei. The world-class director is doing miscellaneous things! Therefore, the filming of “Remaining Sin” was delayed, and Du Yuanlei plunged into prison with a group of men.


Guo Ziyi’s filming in Beijing is also good, Ding Xiang is more convenient to take care of him and Yang Huan. Of course, not everything has to be handled by Ding Xiang. Mo Xiaojuan also assigned two assistants to Ding Xiang, one man and one woman, which are enough to deal with all kinds of complicated situations.


Like this one now!


Yang Huan’s task today is to play the role of a tofu xi shi who sells tofu. This is also a special feature, but it is rare to have two lines. She had just finished filming, and when she was returning to the venue to remove her makeup, several reporters suddenly rushed up.


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