House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 804: The public opinion that has gone astray (1/4)



Fortunately, Yang Huan was in the tent provided by the crew at the side of the venue. Before she started changing her clothes, she was chatting and laughing with Ding Xiang, who was helping her remove her makeup.


Suddenly, three reporters rushed in, indiscriminately, holding up their cameras and shooting wildly at Yang Huan. This dazzling white light caught Yang Huan a little off guard.


“What are you doing?” Ding Xiang was taken aback. She stood in front of Yang Huan, blocking the camera, and scolded angrily, “This is the locker room, do you understand the rules?”


However, the reporters were cheeky and ignored Ding Xiang’s anger. They put down their cameras, took out their voice recorders, and scrambled to reach out to Yang Huan: “Yang Huan, may I ask if you are still in “Three Shots”? What is the role played by the current “Dragon in the Jianghu” crew?”


“According to reliable sources, you have been playing an ordinary role in the Beijing Film and Television Base. Is it true?”


“Why have you already gathered huge popularity, and you still take on this kind of dragon role?”


“There was news that a certain movie invited you to play the female lead, but you refused. The director said you were playing a big name at a dinner party. Is this true?”


“It is said that you can only play the role of the dragon now, because the company deliberately did it, because your brother deliberately suppressed it, so as to prevent your wings from being hard and fly away by yourself, right?”


A series of questions were thrown out, and Yang Huan, who was already a little dizzy, was dumbfounded.


“It’s nothing to do with my eldest brother, I just want to hone my acting skills, so I came to Beijing during the summer vacation to try some different roles.” Yang Huan replied.


“What happened? I just went to the toilet!” The male assistant arrived late, a little anxious and ashamed.


“Huanhuan, don’t respond yet.” Ding Xiang held Yang Huan down, and then she said to the male assistant, “Brother Lin, please guard the door first. Reporters, please delete the photo just now, and we will Accept your interview.”


“Why? We are journalists, and we have the right to take pictures!” The reporters argued in a loud voice.


“Because you violated Yang Huan’s sex, this is the locker room!” Ding Xiang said in a deep voice.


Of course, it is impossible for the reporters to cooperate obediently, but there is no way for them to escape, because Mo Xiaojuan assigned Ding Xiang, a male assistant, who is a retired special forces soldier of a certain army. Because of a certain friendship with Shen Xinyu, Shen Xinyu asked Yang Yi Help settle in.


Some reporters tried to break in, but they were stopped by Assistant Lin, who was eager to make up for it.


Inevitably, some physical conflicts broke out in the middle, but without exception, Assistant Lin pinned his arms on the table next to those who tried to break in, screaming, “You are restricting personal freedom, you Without this right, I tell you, you have a big deal!”


Actually, this is the first time Ding Xiang has encountered such an extreme situation. She just pretended to be calm. In order to ensure that there would be no major problems in dealing with it, Ding Xiang still called Mo Xiaojuan, who was far away in the United States, to ask for support. trick.


Mo Xiaojuan is even more popular than her: “I handed over their cameras, said we bought it, how much, write a note, and let someone pass it on to them on the spot!”


“But will there be any legal issues?” Ding Xiang asked in a low voice while clutching his phone.


“The company has a legal department, they will handle things when they come across, don’t worry. Besides, we are in charge of this matter, who told them to trespass into the women’s locker room?” Mo Xiaojuan snorted, “It’s a big deal, and you will lose. It doesn’t matter if you win or not, you can’t back down from a matter of principle.”


Of course, Mo Xiaojuan is not reckless, she paused and said to Ding Xiang: “After a while, the matter is over, you can report it to Sister Ai, and let her expose the matter in advance and explain the situation clearly. , we must master the rhythm of public opinion.”


Ding Xiang just wanted to protect Yang Huan, but he didn’t expect that there were so many things to consider.


After she hung up the phone, she hesitated and said to Assistant Lin, who was holding the entrance and exit: “Brother Lin, please help me put away their cameras and memory cards.”


“You can’t do this! It’s illegal for you to do this!” the reporters shouted angrily.


Ding Xiang reached out and shook his hand at Yang Huan, who wanted to speak, and didn’t let her speak. It was more convenient for their manager to handle this matter. I saw that she learned from Mo Xiaojuan’s words just now and smiled softly. : “It’s not illegal, we just want to buy your camera because you are more beautiful! Don’t worry, we will give you enough compensation, enough for you to buy another camera of the same type!”



If something like this happens, no matter who is right or wrong, Yang Huan will definitely be pushed into the center of the whirlpool of public opinion. Moreover, journalists are likely to support their own people and support the “victimized” journalists who were forcibly “acquired” of cameras.


So, that evening, Huayi Brothers’ official Weibo released an official statement stating what happened.


“…Yang Huan played ordinary roles in several production crews of the Beijing Film and Television Base for the purpose of honing and improving her acting skills. I am very grateful to the media reporters for their concern, but I also hope that everyone will give her a little bit* *Space.”


“…It should be the camera fee that we are responsible for compensating. We have a lot of money, but we will not allow our artists to be harmed. Therefore, our company will retain the three reporters of XXXX newspaper, XXXX website, and XXXX magazine for infringement. The power of legal responsibility for other people’s **, I hope that in the future…”


A long Weibo full of eloquence, showing the tough attitude of the Hua Yi Brothers to the fullest!


Of course, Huayi Brothers’ microbroadcast did not attract much attention. Afterwards, after Feiyi’s thinking studio, Yang Huan’s retweet, Yang Yi’s retweet, and even the retweet of the other five members who challenged the limit to support , this official statement entered the field of vision of many people.


What surprised the public relations department of Huayi Brothers was that the conflict between Yang Huan and the reporters did not receive much attention. Although some media were cheering for those reporters, they still did not get the attention of the people who eat melons. Response – maybe they are tired of the news of the conflict between reporters and artists.


On the contrary, the fact that Yang Huan went to play tricks was hotly discussed by netizens.


They couldn’t understand why Yang Huan had to play tricks like ordinary people. Now that he is famous, isn’t it bad to play the main role?


In the microbroadcast of Yang Huan’s latest still photo of Tofu Xishi, fans expressed their distress.


“The big star is going to run the show, Huanhuan, you are the first!”


“Which major director makes an action movie? Can you use our sister Huan? She is so good at it that she doesn’t even need Wu Tai.”


“Yes, sister Huan, what acting skills do you need to make an action movie? Just start playing!”


“Huanhuan, there are rumors that you were oppressed by your brother, is that true?”


Yang Huan came back from work the next day and saw the fans’ comments. She was moved to tears by the fans’ concern.


To this end, she also took a selfie with her mobile phone and explained to her fans why she chose to play the role of a vase instead of playing the role of a vase in a certain movie.


“My eldest brother didn’t mistreat me, he treated me well! He said: ‘The ancients say: If you don’t accumulate small steps, you can’t go a thousand miles; if you don’t accumulate small streams, you can’t make a river. If you go far on the road and succeed, you must keep working hard. You can’t be complacent just because you have achieved a little bit. Remember, you are only a newcomer on the path of being an actor. Isn’t it normal for a newcomer to play an ordinary role? ?’ Then I also talked to many seniors, and my master Yuan Yan also agreed with my approach. I have to try more roles and hone my acting skills. When I play important roles in the future, I won’t be scolded for my bad acting skills. “


In the video, Yang Huan was as carefree as usual, saying everything.


But her sincere attitude and optimistic spirit made her more and more loved by fans. And this video shows Yang Huan’s serious attitude towards his acting skills, and it also gives fans a new understanding of Yang Huan.


“Sister Huan has a good attitude! I’m not arrogant or impetuous! I like it!”


“Come Huanhuan, I believe you can become a real big star, and I believe you will become a good actor!”


“Is this kind of attitude right! Unlike some small fresh meat and big vases, who rush to make movies and be the protagonists, but in the camera, all of them have facial paralysis, and it’s embarrassing to watch! “


“I don’t think Yang Huan is in a good mood, but she is very lucky. Along the way, Yang Yi has helped her, and there are so many old actors who give advice. Her teacher Yuan Yan is a big name, and she teaches acting at the Beijing Film Academy. Teacher! I don’t know how much better than the Jiangcheng Media University she was in!”


“When you meet a noble person, you have to study hard and work hard! Yang Huan doesn’t float away just because he has a little fame, but just for this, I’ve become a fan of passers-by!”


Because of one incident, Yang Huan has unexpectedly gained a lot of true fans, and has also been praised by the public and the media, and even compared it with other actors who have bad acting skills and are cheeky as the protagonist. Unexpected.


But this is just a small episode, Yang Huan is still working hard.


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