House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 732: What a sight! snort! (three/three)


While Dad was singing, Xixi turned around and turned her **** towards her mother as before. Her two little hands were on the back of the beach chair. Her big eyes were full of sparkle, and she looked at Dad’s Performance.

Hearing the cheerful rhythm, the little girl couldn’t help twisting on the beach chair. Fortunately, Murphy was holding the armrest of the chair! Otherwise, Xixi would have to twist herself and the beach chair and stumble!

Although Dad finished singing, the enthusiasm of the tourists around him still infected Xixi. The little girl sat on her calf, grabbed the two armrests with both hands, raised her head, and looked at her dad. Happy: “Hee hee…hee hee!”

Yang Yi ignored the little girl at this time. He looked at Murphy affectionately. When the voices of the tourists around him rose to a loud level, he looked around and smiled knowingly with Murphy.

The two are introverted, but generous and unruly. After all, Murphy grew up in the United States, and Yang Yi didn’t have a fixed place in his previous life, so he was exposed to more exotic cultures!

I saw Yang Yi walking over generously, gently wrapping his long arms, and hugging Murphy who stood up, together with Xiao Jiao, in his arms, in the cheers of the crowd, he deeply held Murphy Fei raised her cherry lips.

“Ooh!” the onlookers shouted, fearing that the world would not be in chaos.

The little girl in the bar also had a smile on her face, raised her phone, and focused on the well-matched couple.

Of course, in front of so many people, Murphy’s face was still a little thin, and her ears turned red as she kissed. Yang Yi was not too violent, just clicked and stopped.

But Xixi couldn’t hold back!

How can my father only kiss my mother and not Xixi?

I saw this little girl in a long dress stepped on the beach chair and appeared in the sight of tourists. She shook her slender little arms, her delicate little face was very excited, and she shouted: “Baba, and me too!”

Yang Yi smiled, holding Murphy with one hand and wrapping Xixi’s leg with the other, hugging the wobbly little girl who was about to fall, and kissed her on the forehead One bite.

This scene of love fell in the eyes of all the tourists. They were finally satisfied, cheering and applauding.

After a while, the excitement subsided. After all, on this beautiful beach, it’s not normal to confess that this kind of thing doesn’t happen seventeen or eight times a day!

“Please give me four bottles of beer!” Yang Yi didn’t forget to return the guitar to the white guy. By the way, he also brought a few bottles of beer from the bar to him and his girlfriend.

“You sing very well!” When the girl in the bikini bar handed over the drink, she still stood on tiptoe, squeezed her arms, propped herself up on the bar, and gave Yang Yi a wink.

It’s just a pity, if Yang Yishi didn’t see him, he just smiled, took the wine and left.

“! Man!” The white guy still clasped Yang Yi’s shoulders and said to Yang Yi with a smile.

Yang Yi briefly chatted with him, and when he was leaving, the white guy kept asking Yang Yi, “Dude, what is the name of the song you sang just now? It’s really nice!”

Yang Yi turned back and smiled: “The song is called I’m_yours!”

Although Yang Yi told the other party the name of the song, this white guy is probably going to be disappointed, this song doesn’t exist on those music sites now!

Back to Murphy, they can finally continue enjoying their leisurely afternoons.

However, there was a strange look in Murphy’s eyes. Yang Yi saw it, grabbed her hands, crossed them, and said with a smile, “What are you thinking about?”

Murphy glanced at her daughter, Xixi didn’t look here, the little girl was very interested in a group of big brothers and big sisters playing beach volleyball on the beach.

“I found that you are still very popular abroad!” Murphy withdrew his gaze, pursed his lips, and whispered to Yang Yi.

“Why is there a sour taste in your words?” Yang Yi teased with a smile.

Murphy bit her lip lightly, because she drank the juice, the red lips dyed with a little moisturizing luster looked very attractive at the moment: “It’s the truth! Well, the bartender lady just discharged your electricity. Does it look good?”

“Is something nice?” Yang Yi was dumbfounded.

“What do you say?” Murphy snorted softly. She has seen it all, that bikini beauty can’t wait to squeeze her breasts!

“How dare you look! I only have you in my eyes!” Yang Yi wisely chose sweet and greasy love words.

Murphy was a little happy, but Murphy, who was already a little insecure, still felt the crisis.

At this time, she realized that Yang Yi is not a handsome guy with good looks in China, but when he goes abroad, he is an out-and-out handsome guy!

Yang Yi’s slightly tough face among the yellow race is just right in the eyes of foreigners, neither feminine nor too rough, just the template for a handsome guy!

No wonder, when Yang Yi sang just now, those female tourists were the ones who cried the most…

“Okay! Don’t worry!” Yang Yi took Murphy’s hand, smiled softly, and said, “Didn’t I sing to you just now? I’m_yours! (I’m yours!)”

Murphy was moved, but this insecurity also inspired some fighting spirit. I saw Murphy bit his lower lip lightly again, looked at Yang Yi with a wink, and whispered: “I’m not worried, I’m just thinking, what’s good about other people’s, back to the hotel, I I’ll show you more…”

Looking at Murphy’s fighting spirit, like a proud little swan, Yang Yi’s mouth was dry.

Some people are on vacation, some people have to work overtime…

In the Xingyao production company far away in southern Hunan, Luo Jinting, who has just been promoted to deputy general manager, has a meeting with the company’s production team.

“The ratings of “High Energy Challenge” are still declining. The company has decided to launch “Transformed Life” as soon as possible, following the “High Energy Challenge” which will end in May. If we want to make achievements, we still have to have our own innovative programs!” Luo Jinting said ambitiously.

“But Mr. Luo, how can innovation be so simple? Didn’t the several programs that our department thought about before have not been approved?” The manager of the production team said euphemistically, “The company put too many resources into On the new two programs, everyone’s enthusiasm has been hit a lot!”

“That was the past, and now I’m here to change the previous situation!” Luo Jinting said in a somewhat enthusiastic voice.

“But don’t fool me with the old plan! For innovative programs, you have to consider the market orientation. What is the hottest variety show on the market now?” Luo Jinting said.

Although a little unhappy, the manager of the production team said hesitantly: “Extreme Challenge made by Zhongxing.”

Jicai has now subverted the entire TV industry. The brand-new reality show gameplay and excellent reputation have attracted the attention of more and more audiences. This is why their company’s “High Energy Challenge” has gone from being broadcast to It’s getting colder now–everyone has watched it very well, so how can you still be interested in this kind of pass-through program filmed in a studio performed by ordinary people? .

“Then give me a good study of “Extreme Challenge”, and find out the reasons for its popularity, the elements of its popularity, and we will make a program like this ourselves!” Luo Jinting seems to have forgotten how he doubted “Extreme Challenge” before. Challenge” plagiarized from “High Energy Challenge”.

“But, isn’t this plagiarism?” Someone couldn’t help asking.

“You stupid! Who asked you to copy their programs completely? I mean, outside the scope of plagiarism, learn their good points, make our own programs, and have our own characteristics, but we need to take advantage of them. The heat of the extreme challenge, you know?” Luo Jinting said resentfully.

“Understood!” the manager of the production team quickly agreed, “I’ll have a good talk with them when I get back.”

“Look at the extreme challenge! It is our opponent, but also our hope!” Luo Jinting nodded with satisfaction.


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