House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 731: Hot Songs and Lyrics (2/3)



bp;bp;bp;bp;Murphy didn’t notice Yang Yi’s sudden rise, because she was still watching the excitement over there, but a familiar figure suddenly broke into her field of vision, and he walked towards After seeing the white guy, Murphy immediately guessed what Yang Yi was going to do!


bp;bp;bp;bp;Murphy was surprised and delighted, she was still holding Xiao Jiao, and she could only use her free hand to cover her embarrassed, slightly open red lips.


bp;bp;bp;bp;I saw Yang Yi chatting with the white guy, the happy white guy enthusiastically handed his guitar to Yang Yi, and then a man came to the two of them. The clasped fist and the shoulder.


bp;bp;bp;bp;”God bless you, my brother!” Murphy could hear the white guy screaming excitedly.


bp;bp;bp;bp;The tourists in the whole bar were still discussing the white guy just now with gusto. Now they saw the guy shouting and saw an Asian man borrow a guitar. There was a lively performance, and suddenly there were cheers and whistles one after another.


bp;bp;bp;bp;In the bar next to the bar, the bartender girl in a bikini also picked up her mobile phone with great interest and recorded it with the phone’s camera.


bp;bp;bp;bp;Just now, she only filmed half of the courtship process, and she was regretting that if she could film the whole process, she would have the capital to brag with her sisters when she went back.


bp;bp;bp;bp;The enthusiasm of the onlookers did not frighten Yang Yi. He also lived abroad in his previous life. Knowing that foreigners are not so introverted, he smiled, raised his guitar, and raised his voice Said: “Friends, now, I’m going to sing a song to my wife to commemorate her beauty and my heartbeat when we met!”


bp;bp;bp;bp;Yang Yi was vague, Murphy might think Yang Yi was referring to seven years ago, but what he said was only two years ago


bp;bp;bp;bp;But it doesn’t matter, the onlookers all looked at Murphy, and saw her and the two children, and offered kind laughter and applause.


bp;bp;bp;bp;”She’s pretty! Right? Among Asians, I think she’s pretty!” A girl was asking her partner, “Her husband is quite handsome. , is tall, has a good figure, and has a cool face!”


bp;bp;bp;bp;I have to say, Yang Yi’s face may not be considered handsome in China, but among foreigners whose faces are generally more three-dimensional, he is indeed a big man Handsome guy with long, strong thighs, and a slightly open shirt showing some strong pectoral muscles, looks like it really does stimulate women’s hormones!


bp;bp;bp;bp;”Maybe, but the aesthetics of Asians may be a little different from ours.” The companion was not so fascinated, she was very interested in the love between Yang Yi and his wife, “But at least, They have been in love for many years, you see these two lovely children, obviously their relationship is very stable, which is enviable!”


bp;bp;bp;bp;Amid the laughter of the crowd, Yang Yi gently tapped the top of the guitar while pulling the strings of the guitar, and began to play. (Note)


bp;bp;bp;bp;The lively and cheerful melody, as if a cool sea breeze is blowing from nature, suddenly makes people’s impetuous mind relaxed, and also tightly grasps people’s ears .


bp;bp;bp;bp;People closed their mouths in unison, and the beach bar became quiet, leaving only the sound of Yang Yi’s performance.


bp;bp;bp;bp;Murphy sat at the table and listened, the prelude alone made her look forward to it. She must have never heard this song!


bp;bp;bp;bp;”This bastard, secretly prepared another surprise!” The beautiful woman’s eyes flickered, biting her red lips lightly, like anger or joy.


bp;bp;bp;bp;”llyuddad” Yang Yi’s opening made Murphy even more surprised. She didn’t expect that Yang Yi actually prepared an English song.


bp;bp;bp;bp;You must know that although Yang Yi sang the lig song to Xixi at first, it was an English song, but in the past two years, he has never written an English song again!


bp;bp;bp;bp;Of course, Murphy never doubted Yang Yi’s ability. She felt that with Yang Yi’s talent and his native English level, creating English songs should not be a problem. what a problem. It’s just that Murphy can’t figure it out. When will this guy have time to secretly write an English song?


bp;bp;bp;bp;How did Murphy know that Yang Yi just liked this song in his previous life, and now he is completely at ease! But this smart and stupid woman will not tangle on some indifferent issues.


bp;bp;bp;bp;If you can’t figure it out, then don’t think about it!


bp;bp;bp;bp;Listen to the song!


bp;bp;bp;bp;The melody has been beautiful from the intro, and Murphy can understand the lyrics.


bp;bp;bp;bp;”I tried to be frosty, but your enthusiasm melted the camouflage, breaking through the cracks of the camouflage and looking out was amazing!”


bp;bp;bp;bp;”Now I’m going to try my best to put away my nympho, and when I can still pretend to be a cool guy, I’m going to show my most handsome side!”( Note 2)


bp;bp;bp;bp;Such a straightforward lyrics, such a straightforward confession, Murphy couldn’t help blushing listening to the laughter of the tourists beside him.


bp;bp;bp;bp;Suddenly, she remembered that two years ago, when Yang Yi’s personality changed, he and she were both cold, and this guy had a bad temper! But now this paragraph of confession makes Murphy feel a mad heartbeat, a little secretly happy in her heart, and she also feels ashamed, because she felt that her feelings for Yang Yi at that time were actually the same as Yang Yi’s feelings for herself. Individuals are unknowingly attracted to each other!


bp;bp;bp;bp;The tourists around didn’t know Murphy’s thoughts, they were still smiling softly with admiration in their eyes!


bp;bp;bp;bp;Yang Yi’s song is really good, but so far, no one has recognized Yang Yi as “original”, they just thought it was a good song, but they had never heard it The song may be heard by others!


bp;bp;bp;bp;But the shy and introverted Chinese in their impressions are now singing such explicit and straightforward songs in front of so many people to express their love, This inspired their appreciation and enthusiasm for Yang Yi!


bp;bp;bp;bp;It seems that Yang Yi, like them, is a person who loves the world!


bp;bp;bp;bp;This song, of course, not only has straightforward lyrics and touching melody, but also some paragraphs of it have a magic that makes people unable to help but sway along!


bp;bp;bp;bp;Especially after Yang Yi’s “”, the song enters a more lively chorus stage. Although there is no drum accompaniment, the articulation is clear, rhymed, and has a sense of rhythm. The strong lyrics still made the tourists at the beach bar couldn’t help raising their hands, twisting and swaying along with it!


bp;bp;bp;bp;Of course, what struck Murphy the most was the strong emotion expressed in the lyrics.


bp;bp;bp;bp;especially when it comes to the lyrics after “ddddyubudyuddd” that seems to be caused by nervousness


bp;bp;bp;bp;I saw Yang Yi wriggling slightly with the guitar, looking at Murphy affectionately and singing: “Would you continue to take two steps forward? Would you like to be a little closer to me? Dear ! Then I’ll gently bite your ear”


bp;bp;bp;bp;This blatant **, even the open and enthusiastic foreigners can’t help grinning.


bp;bp;bp;bp;And the thin-skinned Murphy listened to and the shyness that was as red as drinking wine spread directly to her jade-white earlobes and neck


bp;bp;bp;bp;”i!a!” Behind Yang Yi, the white guy who lent Yang Yi’s guitar waved his fist excitedly, and then he and his girlfriend looked at each other and smiled, Following this fiery emotion, he also kissed.


bp;bp;bp;bp;When Yang Yi repeated this paragraph again, “bui’hiar, r (but I will no longer hesitate, no longer, no longer)”


bp;bp;bp;bp;some enthusiastic tourists could not help but sing along: “r, r”


bp;bp;bp;bp;This lyrics is so smooth!


bp;bp;bp;bp;The melody is still so moving, if it wasn’t for Yang Yi’s sudden and personal confession, I’m afraid there are still a few hot bikini girls willing to stand up and twist their waists, Come dance to this song!


bp;bp;bp;bp;but Yang Yi was still as affectionate as always, he only had Murphy in his eyes, and he sang emotionally at the end: “There is no need to make it more complicated, because our time is short, this is the , this is our destiny, I am yours!”


bp;bp;bp;bp;Yang Yi didn’t hum like the original singer. He hummed and finished the song with a moving melody.


bp;bp;bp;bp;While Yang Yi and Murphy were still looking at each other affectionately, the tourists at the beach bar couldn’t hold back, they laughed and coaxed: “ki!ki!”bp;bp;bp;bp;


bp;bp;bp;bp;I have sung such a passionate song, how can I be so restrained now?


bp;bp;bp;bp;There must be a beautiful ending!


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