House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 658: Fresh news on the train (1/4)



There are indeed some dark and gray chaos in this world, such as pickpockets in the train station, and various disputes on the train due to seat occupation. Yang Yi saw that there were two people sitting between him and Xixi. Position, can not help but think of those rogues.


So, when Yang Yi unhappily took out his ticket to identify with the other party, he was ready to use force to solve the problem.


However, although there are indeed some rude passengers in this world, Yang Yi did not meet them today. Just like the scalper he mistook for a pickpocket, Yang Yi was destined to have no chance to show his power today.


“Ah? Yes, your seat!” The two young men stood up embarrassedly, “You sit, you sit!”


When they passed by Yang Yi, they whispered and complained to each other: “It’s all your fault, everyone else bought the ticket for picking this one.”


“How do I know? Why don’t you choose? Really!”


It turns out that these two young people are not rogues, but standing-ticket passengers who want to get a little cheap.


The price of a standing ticket is the same as that of a hard seat. If you could buy a hard seat, most people would not buy a standing ticket, but the one Yang Yi bought was different. After he arrived at the station, the ordinary hard seat had already been sold out. , only some soft seat tickets are left.


The soft seat ticket is of course much more expensive than the hard seat. Many people are reluctant to spend the money, so they go to buy a standing ticket, but these two young people bought a standing ticket, and they have a more flexible mind. Group two. They estimate that if the soft seats are not sold out, they will try their luck in the soft seat car. If they are lucky enough to sit in the soft seat seats that no one buys, they can also save themselves from crowding in the narrow aisle with others and standing for hours. pain.


But the two of them were not very lucky. They sat in Yang Yi’s seat. After getting up, the rest of the soft seats were also full – there must be other people who came to try their luck. They could only Helplessly carrying his luggage, he went to the aisle to stay.


Yang Yi looked at their backs, shook his head gently, and ignored them.


He asked Xixi to sit in first, then stuffed the suitcase on the luggage rack above, and then sat beside his daughter.


After the little girl sat down by the window inside, she twisted her little **** excitedly and looked out at the window. There was another train parked opposite the train, but there were still passengers waiting for the station. After coming down, a person emerged from the belly of the long train, and then converged into a long black line. This scene was quite spectacular, and Xixi couldn’t take her eyes off it.


“Xixi, come, drink some water!” Yang Yi took out Xixi’s small kettle from her backpack, poured some hot water for the little girl with the lid, and told her to turn her head and hand it to her.


Xixi turned her head, and then the lid of the pot.


“Drink slowly, try the temperature first, it may be very hot!” Yang Yi urged.


“Baba, there are so many people in that car!” The little girl looked at the hot water and didn’t dare to drink it. She first told her father about her discovery.


“Well, yes, it arrived at the station, and these people came back to Jiangcheng. However, there are many people on our train, didn’t you see it when you got on the train?” Yang Yi said with a smile.


“I see, there are so many people that they are going to squeeze Baba. Fortunately, Baba’s strength is great.” Xixi’s eyes crooked with joy.


“Dad taught you a sentence to describe a lot of people, you can say it like this: There are too many people, just like dumplings, they are all crowded together.” Yang Yi smiled and said to Xixi, “I still remember Do we eat dumplings next time? A lot of dumplings are crowded together, do you think they look very similar?”


“Hee hee, make dumplings.” The little girl thought this word was funny.


The train started slowly. The current train doesn’t clack like the green-skinned train of ten years ago. It doesn’t make that much noise, just a little undulation. Xixi looked at the building that was receding outside the car window, this novel scene made the little girl unable to take her eyes away.


“Okay, look at it after drinking the water, your water will be completely cold later.” Yang Yi had to urge her.


Xixi was still very obedient. I saw the little girl holding the lid of the pot with her two little hands, her bright red mouth on it, and she drank sips and sips, and she drank the warm boiled water in a while.


“Do you still want it?” Yang Yi asked with a smile, seeing her unfinished expression.


“More!” The little girl nodded.


It really is a little girl made of water! Xixi usually drinks a lot of water, but it is also beneficial. Her skin is the same as her brother’s, very delicate and smooth! Even in winter, it still looks like a pair of water can be squeezed out.


Yang Yi asked Xixi to drink the water, twisted the lid of the pot, and turned around to see the two aunties on the opposite seat looking at her daughter with a smile.


Yang Yi wanted to look away, but it was too late. One of the aunts took advantage of the situation and said, “How old is your daughter? How old is she? She looks so beautiful!”


When Xixi heard others compliment her, she also looked away from the car window, squeezed beside her father embarrassedly, and looked at the opposite side with a blushing face.


“Auntie asked how old you are.” Yang Yi fondly touched her daughter’s head and said with a smile.


“Auntie… I’m five years old!” Xixi said shyly.


“Hey, this girl is pretty and her mouth is so sweet!” The aunt said fondly, “Have you not gone to school yet?”


“Five-and-a-half years old, I will only go to elementary school in the second half of this year.” In this way, Yang Yi helplessly chatted with the chatty aunts.



A lot of the experience of taking the train is new to Xixi.


Even when the flight attendant came over with a cart of drinks and snacks, although it was nothing unusual, the little girl curiously supported her father and watched it for a long time. In the end, Yang Yi bought two packs of Huamei and let him She shared it among the two aunties.


However, I drank a lot of water before, and Xixi felt like going to the toilet after taking the train for half an hour.


It’s only less than two hours’ drive away, yet I still have to go to the toilet… But the child couldn’t hold back, so Yang Yi had to take Xixi to the toilet at the junction of the train carriages.


There were also many people standing there, and Yang Yi even saw the two young people at the beginning. He brought Xixi over, and others stood up reluctantly to make way for them.


Xixi looked at these people curiously. Although her father had explained to her why these people were standing and squatting, Xixi still thought it was amazing.


“Baba, it’s so dirty!” After entering the toilet, Xixi looked at the dirty pit and pouted her looked disgusted.


It’s really dirty…Yang Yi can’t stand it.


It seems that I have had this experience trip by train once, and I don’t think I want to come a second time… Even if I come, I will try my best to take high-speed rail or trains when there are few people in the future, so as not to crowd this Spring Festival…


But the problem still has to be solved. In a very urgent situation, no matter how difficult the environment is, we have to face it, right?


Xi Xi finally went to the toilet under the protection of her father before fleeing the dirty, smelly place.


Fortunately, Jiangcheng and Modu are indeed very close. The train drove for more than an hour and finally arrived at Modu.


When she arrived at the station, Xixi, who was still a little depressed before, had recovered her strength. She sat on the suitcase, let her father push her, and then giggled: “Baba, let’s hurry up! There are a lot of people. Going to catch up with us!”


Actually, Yang Yi didn’t know how Xixi thought of it. She actually thought of this small trip out of the station as a racing game, but was infected by her daughter’s happy mood, Yang Yi also protected the little girl with one hand, Pushing the suitcase with one hand, he quickened his pace with a smile.


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