House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 657: Xixi’s railway station adventures


Yang Yi is going to talk to people on Modu TV station, so he definitely can’t bring Xixi. However, if he doesn’t bring Xixi, the little guy puts on a wronged look and lets Yang Yi see It was very distressing.

In addition, if Xixi doesn’t go, Murphy will have to take care of two children at home. Even if there are grandparents, Xixi’s father and mother are still responsible for bathing and sleeping. Now Xiaojiao is too young , Murphy must not take care of it!

Therefore, Yang Yi can only think of other ways. Xixi finally got her wish, and happily went out with her father.

Jiangcheng is not far from the devil. Before, Yang Yi drove directly to and fro, but Yang Yi felt that since he brought Xixi out today, why not experience ordinary transportation with his daughter?

If I always take a car, Xixi doesn’t know the way of life of ordinary people. Yang Yi doesn’t want a daughter who has been spoiled since childhood!

Xixi didn’t have any opinion. On the way to the train station, the little girl chatted a lot with her father. When she got off the train, she still said, “Baba, I know how to say a train in English! Shen! The teacher taught us!”

“How do you say it?” Yang Yi patiently responded to her daughter while giving money to the taxi driver.

“The bus is the bus, Baba’s car is the car, and the train is the train!” Xixi said, reaching out for her father to pull her.

There are many people outside the station and the environment is noisy. Although Xixi is still smiling happily with her father, she is inexplicably a little flustered. Only when her little hand is wrapped in the warmth of her father’s big hand, does the little girl feel at ease.

Yang Yi pressed down on his peaked cap, and then while pushing the big suitcase, he took Xixi’s little hand and walked to the ticket window.

Now that the Spring Festival travel period has entered, many farmers who come to Jiangcheng to work are taking the train home one after another to celebrate the New Year. Although Jiangcheng is not as prosperous as Beijing, Modu, Yangcheng and other big cities, it is still the provincial capital of Jiangnan. It’s blocked up.

However, there is also an advantage to taking the train, especially at this time, others will not recognize Yang Yi! Brothers of migrant workers don’t pay much attention to those things in the entertainment industry, and Yang Yi did not deliberately dress very prominently. It seems that he is just an ordinary person driving a car with his children. Who would have thought that a big star would not take a plane or a train? And with kids…

Looking at the anxious faces, Yang Yi did not keep his head down, and calmly led Xixi in line.

“Baba, what are we doing?” The little girl looked around curiously, but as Yang Yi lined up, all Xixi could see was one leg. Finally, she got impatient and pulled Dad’s hand, asked puzzled.

“Dad told you just now that we have to line up to buy tickets.” Yang Yi knew that her daughter was bored, so he picked her up and said with a smile.

“There’s still a line… there’s a lot of people!” The little girl looked at the front, put her arms around her father’s neck, and pouted.

“No matter how many people there are, no matter how long the queue is, we must obey the rules. We respect others when we line up, and when others line up, we also respect ourselves, don’t you think?” Yang Yi said softly to Xixi. .

Don’t look at Yang Yi’s sane words, in fact, he is the most unwilling to obey the rules, especially in his previous life, the rules are useless in front of him! But just like adults who like to play games, when educating their children, they don’t want them to play games. It is a reason to hope that they will study with more attention. Yang Yi hopes that her daughter can live like a normal person and be liked by others. Or respect.

The little girl blinked her eyes and seemed to understand what her father was saying for a while before she nodded her head, grinned brightly, and said with a bright smile: “I know! Lu Weisha also said that we have to line up to eat. Lunch!”

However, there are many things in life that don’t follow the rules!

For example, there was some commotion in the crowd in the queue behind, and a guy with a squeamish look was drilling around, and it didn’t seem like he was going to line up!

Yang Yi frowned slightly when he saw it, and became wary in his heart. He thought this person was a thief.

However, now that he is with his daughter, it is better to do more than one less thing. Yang Yi is just looking at that person and doesn’t move.

But the guy turned his attention to Yang Yi, and he saw Yang Yi standing out in the crowd at a glance – mainly because Yang Yi was tall. I saw him looking at Yang Yi’s bright clothes, with a happy expression on his face, and came over.

Yang Yi’s face became serious, and the left hand holding the suitcase was ready to go.

Who knows, after this guy came over, he smiled and said, “Boss, do you want a ticket? It’s available everywhere, you don’t need to wait in such a long line!”

“…” Yang Yi was speechless.

Dare to love, this is a scalper! It’s really blinding this thief…

“No.” Yang Yi waved his hand, motioning for the other party to walk away.

Bewildered by Yang Yi’s disappointed expression, the scalper did not give up. He asked a few questions, but, fortunately, he left wisely before Yang Yi became impatient.

Xixi curiously looked at the back of the other party’s departure, then turned around for a while and asked, “Baba, who is he?”

“A train ticket seller, but he’s not a normal train ticket seller.” Anyway, there’s nothing wrong, Yang Yi explained to his daughter, “This kind of person is either selling fake tickets to passengers and cheating everyone out of money, But I can’t get into the car.”

“Either it’s very expensive, very expensive to sell to everyone, if we buy tickets from them, the interests of the people who follow the rules will be harmed, because these people may go further and take more tickets If you sell it at an expensive price, you will not be able to buy tickets at the normal price if you queue up to buy them.”

Dad’s words, Xixi heard in a fog, these complicated things, the little girl can’t understand very well, but she still understands a little! I saw Xixi glanced in the direction of the man just now and said, “Baba, so is he a bad guy?”

Yang Yi pondered for a while and said, “I can’t say that he is a bad guy, but he is definitely not a good person.”

“Then we can’t be good friends with him!” The little girl said affirmatively, looking at her father with bright eyes.

“Yes, Xixi is so smart!” Yang Yi smiled.

While talking to her daughter and queuing up, Yang Yi thinks that waiting is quite meaningful. At least, Xixi can see many things that she usually does not see at home or in kindergarten.

Yang Yi and the staff bought two seats side by side in ordinary carriages, and brought Xixi into the station to take the train.

Of course, the station is still very crowded. From the entrance, to the waiting hall, and then to boarding the train, Yang Yi and Xixi are all squeezed by the surging crowd. Especially when getting on the bus, many people rushed up and crowded Yang Yi and his luggage.

Fortunately, Yang Yi held Xixi in his arms, the little girl put her arms around her father’s neck, nervously watching those people like hungry tigers passing by, her big eyes filled with worry.

“Baba, I’m scared!” The little girl whispered when she saw such a terrifying scene for the first time.

However, such a small voice was suddenly drowned out by the sound of the surrounding trains and the noisy roars. When she finally got close to her father and said it for the second time, Yang Yi could hear: “Baba, I’m afraid, I want to go home.”

“Don’t be afraid, Dad protects you!” Yang Yi is carrying the suitcase with one hugging Xixi with the other, and there is no free hand, so she can only move her fingers and pat The little girl’s ass, soothing.

I finally squeezed onto the train. The aisle, the junction of the carriages, and the door of the bathroom were crowded with people. Some people were waiting for the people in front of them to pass by, and they could walk up to find their seats; People, in these empty spaces, scrambling to grab a place where they can put down the small folding stool they brought.

Those who bring their own folding stools are experienced passengers. Many people have to stand and sit with their luggage on their buttocks!

Xixi leaned on her father’s shoulder and looked at these people curiously with big eyes. She must have a lot of things she wanted to ask her father, but now is not the time to talk, they have to find their place.

“Brother, move forward, don’t move!” Yang Yi had to shout and walk forward with difficulty.

Finally, they arrived at the place. Yang Yi flipped over the ticket in his hand, glanced at it, and then looked at the two people in his seat.

“The sixth carriage, seats 1703 and 1704, brothers, did you find the wrong seat?” Yang Yi narrowed his eyes and said, looking at the two people sitting in his seat.


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