House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 656: Find and find, which one is Xixi? (three/four)


“Soldier Assault” is really popular. This TV series has no big-name stars, no eye-catching beauties, and no lingering love. The next day, it climbed directly to 6.2%!

Driven by good word of mouth, within a week of airing, the peak ratings of “Soldier Assault” reached 9.7%, and the average rating also exceeded 7%!

Of course, this is obviously not the limit of this show. Chen Fengchen, who is filming “Bright Sword”, also sent several actors from “Soldier Assault” to participate in some variety shows, telling the stories of their filming and attracting more audiences Learning about “Soldier Assault” also made many old viewers realize that it was not easy to shoot this movie.

Even, the old man also produced an interview program with a CCTV interview program. Although it was recorded in advance, it used some pictures of the main actors going to the military camp in advance before the shooting started, which still touched a lot of people. old audience.

“If I don’t act well, I’ll even be sorry for these comrades!” Geng Sha said this tearfully when he left the army. This scene reminded many old viewers that the TV series changed from cowardice to hard work. Xu Sanduo, they were very moved, and they decided to continue to follow.

Let’s not talk about “Soldier Assault”, on the Internet, a video became popular, and at the same time it was a childish song.

“Pig, you have two holes in your nose, and you still have snot on your nose when you have a cold…” The children’s tender singing, and the innocence contained in them, touched many audiences.

Although it’s just a performance by kindergarten children, there is not much to watch, but this song is unexpectedly good!

In the beginning, before the song became popular, people who accidentally heard the song from their friends couldn’t help but ask their friends with a smile, “Who wrote the song? It’s so funny. Is such a songwriter too talented?”

Of course, anyone who wants to find out will be able to find the answer.

After all, on the website of the Copyright Association, public information can be found, such as the names of the children who sang these songs, and the names of the people who wrote the song.

Yang Yi!

Later, the song became popular, and many people couldn’t help humming along with the song. The reporters also wanted to report on this phenomenon-level “children’s song”. They followed the clues and found this familiar name. .

Is it really written by Yang Yi?

This Yang Yi is really that Yang Yi?

The answer is about to come out. After all, it is Yang Yi and Murphy’s private studio who released this song!

An anxious reporter began to tell everyone the news that Yang Yi, who wrote so many affectionate love songs, actually wrote a children’s song!

Of course, there are also reporters who have been slow but have done careful investigation. Their reports are more detailed and even include interviews with some parents to confirm a fact: “Yang Yi wrote a children’s song for his daughter’s kindergarten performance. !”

“As we all know, Yang Yi is a famous daughter slave. His personal Weibo name is also called ‘Xixi’s chef’. For his daughter, he has written many best-selling fairy tales. Now for her daughter, It’s not uncommon to compose an interesting children’s song.”

These reports have also made many fans of Yang Yi or Murphy have a strong interest in videos that did not have a song before.

You know, because Yang Yi protects her children very well, although there are a lot of Xixi’s daily life and photos in the micro-broadcasts he posted, they either put a mosaic on the little girl’s face, or just posted one. With the back to the camera, the face is barely visible.

Not to mention the little one, everyone still doesn’t know what the little guy looks like! Anyway, Xixi still has a front-face photo taken secretly by the paparazzi Lu Yue, to let everyone know that Yang Yi and Murphy’s love crystallization is a very cute and beautiful little girl!

But it’s been a year, and fans are eager to know if Xixi, who is a year older, is getting pretty again!

So fans started playing the “find Xixi” game in this video!

The video is still clear, but after zooming in, the faces of the children are a little blurry, each “pink pig”, which is the Xixi they are looking for?

Of course, look for the prettiest!

Under the careful excavation of active netizens, children Yang Luoqi and Xixi stand out. The two little girls are both good-looking, but with some blurry pictures, it is difficult to tell which of the two little girls is. The real Xixi!

Many netizens went to Yang Yi’s microcast to ask Yang Yi.

Unexpectedly, seeing their enthusiasm, Yang Yi gave a rare response: “It’s Xixi with big eyes. Everyone likes the “Pig Song” sung by the children. I have already passed on these praises to They are here, the children are very happy, thank you for your support! I also wish every child in the world to grow up carefree, happy and healthy as the song sings!”

“The Song of Pigs” is really popular. Not only many children like this song, but also adults can’t avoid it. This simple melody makes many people hum involuntarily.

It is worth mentioning that this song did not enter the sales chart because it is free, but the reporters who have good deeds will be the two songs written by Yang Yi, “The Song of Pigs” and Chen Yijie are not in the mainland “Stable Happiness”, which is on the list, is juxtaposed as the “Uncrowned King” of the Chinese music scene in January!

Of course, this claim is highly controversial.

Let’s not talk about “Song of the Pig”, such a childish song, many people like it in their hearts but are not willing to recognize its status.

And the song “Stable Happiness” is also very controversial. Some people think that the level of Yang Yi’s song is very poor. It feels tasteless and can only give 60 points. It’s just that Chen Yijie’s singing skills are very good, and the singing voice and the background of a mature man make this song sound a little interesting.

Some people also gave high praise to this song. It made the complicated musical skills as simple as cooking a dice to understand the cow. The lyrics are plain but full of life philosophy, and the melody is smooth while maintaining a beautiful charm.

Like an older person, someone who has experienced ups and downs in life and a past that has climbed up from failure, listening to this song will have a deep feeling!

So, people who like this song will love it, and people who don’t like it or just think average people will question other people’s praise for it.

In any case, Yang Yi’s fans were pleasantly surprised to find that although Yang Yi didn’t make a big move, he was still active in the music scene.

Everyone is looking forward to the day when Yang Yi and Murphy come back!

Actually, Yang Yi is not without big moves. “Extreme Challenge” is the big move he will make in the near future.

Although Yang Yi has already handed over to his subordinates to prepare the show, he is not thorough enough as a hands-off shopkeeper. After knowing that Yun Yangfeng has hit a wall in nearly ten TV stations, Yang Yi still decides to help.

Yun Yangfeng didn’t get anything at He has run so many TV stations, but he still found the possibility of cooperation in Modu TV!

Modu TV just happened to be in late February, and a time slot that was not prime time was vacated. At ten o’clock on Wednesday night, Yang Yi’s show wanted to be in March, and even now it starts broadcasting at the end of February. TV is the best chance.

However, Magic City TV is not short of good programs. During this period, there are several variety shows in the daytime, and several production companies want to cooperate with Magic City TV with their planning books.

People who want Magic Capital TV to choose “Extreme Challenge” among so many choices are not just as simple as the competition of the program’s splendor. Behind this, there are many games of contacts and funds.

Yun Yangfeng has nothing to do with Modu TV, Yang Yi can only play in person, fortunately, Murphy has a good relationship with Luo Xin of the “Zhixin Interview” program broadcast by Modu TV. After Luo Xin found out , is also willing to help Yang Yi introduce one of her best friends, a high-level executive of Modu TV.

So Yang Yi wants to go to the magic capital, so here comes the problem. It is inconvenient for Murphy to take Xiaojiao on a business trip with Yang Yi. It is not good to travel outside this winter, and after the holiday, Xixi is thinking about it What should I do if I want to go to the magic capital with my father?


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