House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 659: Yang Yi’s trump card (2/4)



Of course, the main purpose of Yang Yi’s visit to Modu this time was to talk about “Extreme Challenge” with the people from Modu TV, so after meeting with Yun Yangfeng at Modu TV, Yang Yi asked Xixi to He asked Yun Yangfeng’s female assistant and asked her to take care of her. Then he and Yun Yangfeng met her best friend under the leadership of Luo Xin.


Luo Xin’s best friend is Ms. Cui Zhilin, the deputy director of the Magic Capital TV station. The deputy director Cui is in her fifties, but she is well maintained. Although she is not as cold as Luo Xin, she is about 30 years old. , but there are no wrinkles at the corners of his brows, his face is full of red light, and his smile is full of grace.


Obviously, she and Luo Xin share the same hobbies and topics in fashion and nursing.


But the public returns to the public, and the private returns to the private. Yang Yi and their “Extreme Challenge” want to grab a quasi-prime time slot in an environment surrounded by wolves. They have to prove the value of their show to each other, Cui Zhilin Only then will we fully support “Extreme Challenge” in the upper position of Modu TV.


It’s still the same as before, Yun Yangfeng’s eloquence is good, he came to tell Cui Zhilin about the mode and selling points of “Extreme Challenge”, this guy has a lotus tongue, and he said “Extreme Challenge” in a funny way, Cui Zhilin sat in the seat Listening there, all attention was attracted by this plan.


“Manager Yun, I admit that the show you mentioned is indeed very interesting, and there is a certain possibility of success, but I still have a question.” Cui Zhilin put down the planning book in her hand and asked, “This show, you guys How can we ensure that we, Magic City TV, and you Zhongxing Production, both of us can get good benefits? Because after all, you are a brand new program, and it is just empty words to say that it is wonderful, I need to convince other people, why Would you like to give this opportunity to other programs? For example, the “Star Kitchen Challenge” in the daytime…”


Cui Zhilin wasn’t joking, she said sternly: “I’m not afraid to tell you, the show is very important now, because it is the best program in the daytime, with stable ratings and wide audiences. great reviews!”


“Because our program is more interesting and exciting than it is, the star kitchen has great limitations. Its studio is in a fixed kitchen scene, which cannot bring more fresh points to the audience, and Our programs are different, each of our episodes, and even when we switch between tasks, the locations are different, and many props will be used in them, such as cruise ships, cars, mobile phones, etc., which can bring us a lot of high-quality Advertiser!” Yang Yi said.


Advertising on variety shows is not uncommon, even soft commercials and placement ads are not uncommon. However, Yang Yi believes that the overwhelming placement of advertisements in his shows will give a brand-new variety to the variety shows that have not yet played tricks in the world. concept.


Seeing that Cui Zhilin was already vaguely moved, Yang Yi took out the trump card from her bag, the photocopies of the two sponsorship contracts!


“This is the sponsorship contract for the Sahara Online Mall, 30 million, just the title sponsorship fee for the first season. There is also an advertisement placement contract on the Weibo mobile client, 10 million.” After Yang Yi handed it to Cui Zhilin , While speaking, he glanced gratefully at Luo Xin next to him.


These preparations were made by Luo Xin instructing Yang Yi to do it. Luo Xin obviously knew very well what was needed to convince the TV station group!


Nowadays, the advertising costs of variety shows have not soared to hundreds of millions, but one 30 million, one 10 million, and Yang Yi has not given any discount to his own people. These are the industry’s advertising costs. , and it is still sponsored to prime-time variety shows.


Luo Xin smiled enviously and said, “You are generous, Yang Yi, the two sponsors you found are very generous. My program only has more than 60 million advertising sponsorships a year.”


You must know that “Interview with Zhixin” is one of the top variety shows, with high popularity and ratings, but it is only limited by talk shows. Her advertising sponsorship is still somewhat different from that of comprehensive variety shows. The gap, but the benefits are also standing at the top of the pyramid.


It certainly makes sense that Yang Yi is willing to let his company invest such a large amount of money in his program. On the one hand, he is confident that as long as “Extreme Challenge” is done, it will have an impact on Sahara and Weibo. It is definitely more influential than the 40 million advertised in newspapers or other places!


Think about the sponsors who were willing to spend hundreds of millions or hundreds of millions to be the name of the good voice in the past life. Didn’t they earn more and more benefits from it?


On the other hand, Yang Yi wants to use these two sponsorships to set a benchmark for the advertising sponsorship of the first season of “Extreme Challenge”. Can’t let the cost of other people’s advertising placement be higher than the cost of the title?


“It’s not just 40 million. I’m confident that after our program is released, more manufacturers will come to pay for it and hope that we can help to place advertisements!” Yang Yi and Deputy Director Cui said confidently, “At that time, we will only sigh why our advertising space is so small, but we can’t make money if we have money!”


Of course, he will not frantically place advertisements and ignore the content of the show. He must give priority to the content of the show. On the premise of ensuring that the show is exciting and beautiful, he will use subtitles to advertise to sponsors.


“Director Cui, think about it, we still have high-quality sponsors such as cars, clothing, mobile phones, etc. that have not yet been decided. The benefits that these can bring to us and Magic City TV will be worse than that of celebrity kitchens. Is it?” Yun Yangfeng said to Cui Zhilin.


Cui Zhilin flipped through the photocopied document in her hand. The 40 million yuan was enough to make her heart move. What’s more, there was a bigger piece of cake drawn there.


I saw her smile gently and said calmly: “Of course it’s not worse than the celebrity kitchen. I believe that people in Taiwan will make the right choice after seeing this. Don’t worry, for Luo Xin’s face, I will also I fully support you, and hope to see “Extreme Challenge” shine on Modu TV!”


There is no need to elaborate on those polite words that follow. In the follow-up, Cui Zhilin has to talk to Yun Yangfeng about some details of the benefit distribution of the cooperation between Magic City TV and Zhongxing Production. Luo Xin is inconvenient to stay and listen. He and Luo Xin walked out together.


“Where’s your daughter? I heard from Murphy that Xiao Xixi came with me. I haven’t seen her in person yet!” Luo Xin said to Yang Yi with a smile.


“She’s visiting on the Magic Capital TV station, let me see where she is now!” Yang Yi also worried about her daughter, so she quickly took out her mobile phone and called the female assistant who was taking care of Xixi.


After a while, Yang Yi and Luo Xin saw the little girl outside the recording studio of a show. Xixi, who hadn’t seen her father for two hours, couldn’t wait. When she saw her father, she immediately ran over excitedly. Jump into Dad’s arms.


“Baba!” The little girl’s crisp voice attracted the attention of many people.


“How did you play with Auntie?” Yang Yi asked first with a smile.


“We went to see others filming TV!” Xixi smiled brightly, she classified the recording of variety shows as filming TV, “A lot of people sat together, and then everyone would applaud! Baba, they clapped their hands, Doesn’t your hand hurt?”


Xixi knows that clap too hard and her hands will hurt and turn red.


Yang Yi was happy and said, “No, it’s their job, I’m used to it.”


“Come on, Xixi, let me introduce you to my father. This is my mother’s good friend, Aunt Luo Xin.” Yang Yi did not neglect and quickly introduced Xixi and Luo Xin.


“Hello, Xiao Xixi! Your mother often mentions you to me.” Luo Xin waved to Xixi with a smile on her face. Luo Xin didn’t know if she was flattering singleism or what. She’s not married yet~ But seeing Xixi, she is still motherly, and her eyes are full of love.


“Hello Auntie…” Xixi greeted Luo Xin obediently.


Suddenly, the little girl who was looking at Luo Xin seemed to think of something, she turned her head and whispered in her father’s ear.


“Haha, Sister Luo Xin, Xixi said just now that she remembered that she had watched your show, and was asking me if you were the auntie on TV.” Yang Yi was happy and turned to Luo Xin.


“Oops!” Xixi blushed embarrassedly, and burrowed her face into her father’s chest. How could father say his own whispers?


The little girl is also worried that she has mistaken herself. If she does, isn’t she embarrassed?


“Yes, yes! Oh, what a cute little Xixi! Come, let Auntie hug!” The more Luo Xin looked at Xixi, the more he liked it.


However, Luo Xin was still a little too thin. Yang Yi asked her to hold Xixi for a while, but Luo Xin couldn’t hold her for a while, so she held Xixi’s small hand instead. The two stood together. Luo Xin was not tall. The two were just like a pair of sisters, and Luo Xin smiled and wanted to take Xixi to go shopping.


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