House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 604: When it breaks, it breaks (1/4)


“Dabao, cover me!” The comrade roared, then kicked the door and rushed in.

Guo Dabao followed closely, and the two carefully searched the room one after the other, one left and one right.

“Nobody!” They pushed forward cautiously, half-bent.

Suddenly, the shadow of a masked woman flashed in the corridor behind him. Guo Dabao turned back subconsciously if he felt something. Seeing this figure, Guo Dabao was stunned for a moment, but when he saw the firearm in the opponent’s hand, he quickly reacted and raised his hand to shoot.

However, it seemed that one shot could not make the opponent fall, so Guo Dabao made two shots. Finally, the target of the female masked gun fell down.

“Go on!” The comrades in front gave a quick glance, and they continued their search.

After a fierce “battle”, the “civilians” in the training base were finally rescued. However, this training is not just to see if the task is completed. To compare the time, the instructor first praised Guo Dabao and his partner. They still completed the task within the required time.

“But compared to your previous results, this training took 20 seconds longer. This is a step backward!” The instructor reprimanded with a serious expression, “Especially Guo Dabao, it took you too much time to kill the bandits several times. , look at these target papers, where did your bullets go?”

Guo Dabao didn’t refute, just admitted the mistake loudly: “Yes!”

Guo Dabao was still aware of his own problem, but his reaction was slow. He raised his hand and fired. The first shot was very hasty and hit the target’s abdomen. This could not be fatal all at once, and gave the opponent a chance to fight back.

Although on the training ground, these targets won’t really fight back, but on the real battlefield, Guo Dabao can’t kill him with one blow, which is a fatal threat to him and his comrades!

“Instructor, Guo Dabao’s gun has never been very accurate…” The comrades also carefully defended Guo Dabao, “His real level is in close combat.”

“When you go to the battlefield, who will care about your level? Who will give you a chance to fight in close quarters? Go back and continue to practice. You must practice your gun accurately. If you see someone shooting, you must hit the head directly. Use the fastest shot. Ground speed to solve the threat!” The instructor said decisively.


Guo Dabao was lying in bed at night, unable to sleep.

After returning from the training base, he realized that he couldn’t go on like this. Although his gun is not allowed to be a recognized fact, Guo Dabao used to be able to shoot a headshot at close range, but now he is unresponsive. A lot, it shouldn’t be like this!

Guo Dabao also knew exactly what the problem was. The words that Captain Lao Li analyzed with him before really left him with a knot in his heart.

Guo Dabao is the first time he likes a girl, and for the first time he finds that this heroic girl is so attractive to him, but they live in different worlds. Except for Yang Yi, he and she have no relationship. Any intersection, past, past, future…

He didn’t know what to do, so he dragged it off.

But now, Guo Dabao found that this was not possible, and he was worried that he would only become more and more confused, and it would only affect his usual training. How many combat missions, otherwise he will affect the entire mission, and even drag his comrades into danger!

It can’t go on like this!

This weekend, Yang Yi and his family came to the coffee shop to play again, mainly taking Murphy out to get some air. It’s rare that the sun is shining brightly these few days, and the cold and wet weather in Jiangnan feels a little warmer. Naturally, Yang Yi couldn’t let Murphy stay at home on such a good weekend.

However, since winter has entered, the number of students who come to coffee shops to drink coffee is indeed less. Most of the students choose to live in the dormitory, or the dormitory, classroom, and dining hall. Except for a small amount of coffee fans , the average student is too lazy to run so far to the back door for a cup of coffee.

That’s fine, there are fewer people, and Murphy can walk around the store leisurely.

There are also soothing and beautiful piano songs in the store, as if a stream with a collection of notes is flowing slowly, making people feel bright.

Miao Chuan is playing the piano today. The two guys, Lu Xiaoshu and Miao Chuan, are now taking turns coming to the store to play the piano. Every now and then, the two of them will come together with their guitars on their backs to play and sing their own songs or sing some folk songs to the customers in the store.

It’s a bit like taking Lin Mu’an’s place, but they don’t want Yang Yi’s salary, they work for the coffee shop for free.

In the words of Lu Xiaoshu and Miao Chuan, the two of them are not short of tuition fees and living expenses for the time being-they did not squander the salaries that Ronghuada gave them before. In addition, when they came to the store to play the piano and sing, they were also practicing, and they didn’t give Yang Yi the cost of “renting a venue and piano”.

Yang Yi understands their true intentions–isn’t it just to repay the debts, pay off the debts, and pay back the lawyer fees that Yang Yi gave them before. However, Yang Yi didn’t say anything, let the two guys do it first and see later.

I have to say that Yang Yi is not a god, and he cannot make everything go as he wishes.

The first half of November has been mostly smooth sailing for him, whether it’s “You’re Marrying Me Today” continuing to top the new song sales chart, or the theme he wrote for “Soldier Assault” The arrangement of the song, whether it is the lawsuit of Qianli Chuanshu or the Double Eleven event of the Sahara Online Mall, can almost all meet expectations.

But today, Yang Yi finally encountered a trouble!

Knowing that Yang Yi was in the coffee shop, Du Yuanlei hurried to find him and told him that the filming of “Fugitives” was not smooth, and that she was suppressed by the theater.

After the production of “The Fugitive”, the original plan was to release it in the Spring Festival next year. Although it is only the debut work of a new director, and there are no big-name actors, the plot of this movie is still very good, and Mr. Xiang Jiang Lei does not like it. Absolutely, I also support Du Yuanlei to give it a go in the Lunar New Year stall.

Let’s give it a try, maybe a bicycle will become a motorcycle?

But now according to Du Yuanlei, the filming rate of “The Fugitive” is only a few tenths of a percent. Compared with other films in the Lunar New Year, its filming rate is almost the least!

This is obviously unreasonable. After all, “The Fugitive” is also considered to be an excellent work among independent films. Even if it is not as good as a film with a film company background, the filming rate will not be so low!

“What’s the reason?” Yang Yi frowned and asked, “Do you know who is behind the scenes?”

Although Du Yuanlei herself is weak, don’t forget that she is a graduate student in the director department of the Jiang Chuan Film Academy. Whether it is the support of the school, or the relationship with some teachers, or some senior brothers and sisters who have certain authority in the industry since she studied, Du Yuanlei’s personal connections are not big, but they are not small. Find out who is the influence It is not difficult to arrange the film of “The Fugitive”.

Du Yuanlei hesitated, looked at Yang Yi and said, “Global Films.”

As soon as he said that, Yang Yi understood. In the final analysis, it is still the influence of its own. “Prison Break” has been grinding with the global film industry for so long, and finally it was given to Woolf TV.

It is obviously not a good thing for Xu Zhongwei to be the president of China. It turns out that the other party has been holding back, looking for opportunities to find himself unhappy!

However, Yang Yi has no solution to this problem.

Yang Yi has nothing to do with the film industry, and Mr. Chen Fengchen can’t help, and he can’t fight for this trivial matter.

Fortunately, Du Yuanlei didn’t come to complain to Yang Yi, nor did she have the habit of relying on Yang Yi for everything.

“There is a solution now, which is to ask the teacher to help me to deal with it. If we arrange the film to be released after the Spring, that is, in March, the film arrangement in the theater can reach 8%. “Du Yuanlei hesitated for a moment and said to Yang Yi.

Why are there so many good films in the Lunar New Year stalls? Why are Lunar New Year and summer vacations called golden periods? It is because audiences across the country are the most free at these times and are most willing to go to the cinema for consumption, and during this period, the box office sales will also be the most!

March is the off-season. Not only are there fewer audiences, but there are also fewer wonderful films, making it even more difficult for people to get interested in going to the cinema.

But it seems, there is no better choice for The Fugitive.

“Just change the schedule as you said!” Yang Yi doesn’t really care about the box office, but after all, this is not just the result of his and Du Yuanlei’s efforts, but also Guo Ziyi, Geng Sha, Teacher Xiang, and Xixi. Waiting for so many people’s heart and soul to condense in it.

Yang Yi thought for a while and said to Du Yuanlei, “You go back and have someone make English subtitles. I’ll ask Xiaojuan to arrange it. You can bring the film and try it at the film festival in the United States to see what foreigners have to say about our film. Are you interested?”

Du Yuanlei was sent off, and Yang Yi welcomed another special but expected guest at the coffee shop.


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