House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 590: Find the mental shadow area (3/4)


The world of adults is still very complicated. In the world of children, there are not so many complicated relationships and ideas. They will be happy for a long time for a simple little thing.

For example, today, after Lu Weisha came to the kindergarten, she happily told Xixi and the others that her mother finally came to China.

“Noon, it’s delicious, Mommy cooks something delicious, share it!” Lu Weisha said with a grin, gesturing at a few friends.

Lu Weisha’s Chinese level has improved a lot now. Of course, she also learned a lot from Xixi and Lan Xin, so some words are very similar to Xixi and the others.

“There’s something delicious! What’s delicious? What’s there?” Lan Xin was the most excited, her mouth was like a machine gun, and she asked quickly.

Lu Weisha was confused for a while, and asked Lan Xin to repeat it before she understood.

“I don’t know… Chinese… how to say it.” Lu Weisha murmured for a while before she spoke the name of the food in Swedish, “Falukorv (a kind of sausage)…”

A series of words, obviously, no one can understand.

Lan Xin didn’t know why, but she was drooling just listening to it. She couldn’t help turning her head to look at Xixi who could speak a little Swedish: “Xixi, what did Lu Weisha say?”

Xixi blinked her big eyes, also full of confusion, she shook her head and whispered: “I don’t know.”

Oops, Dad didn’t teach so many complicated vocabulary, but Xixi has already made up her mind to ask Dad when she goes back!

In her opinion, Dad can do anything!

“I’m sorry, I don’t know… Chinese, how to say…” Lu Weisha bowed her head to the friends in shame.

“What does it matter! Anyway, we know that there is delicious food!” Chen Shiyun said carelessly, “Just look at it later!”


Several little guys laughed happily.

Lan Xin was the most excited. She felt that she was going to eat again today, so she jumped and jumped with Xixi in her arms.

Xixi was not particularly excited, but was infected by Lan Xin, the little girl was also happy with a smile on her brows, grabbing Lan Xin’s shoulders and jumping, while giggling: “Xin Er, you dance Too fast, I’m afraid you will step on my foot.”

The two little girls were jumping and turning, and nearly fell.

Wang Xijun and a few little boys who passed by were originally chatting, but when they looked up, they saw Xixi’s smiling face…

Those big eyes, with a smile, twinkled like sparkling autumn water, and seemed to be able to speak.

There is still a little baby fat, and the facial features are very delicate, as if it is a beautiful picture that God has left in the world.

There is also a little girl who stumbles and stumbles, and supports Lan Xin as she yells “Oops”, exuding a cute and approachable charm all the time.

However, when they saw Xixi, Wang Xijun and the others couldn’t help but feel the fear of being dominated by this soft-looking little **** that sunny morning…

What’s worse is that being beaten doesn’t matter. The little girl beats you, pushes you down, and weeps on the side, making you feel like you’re hurting yourself, or someone else is wronged. .

This incredible reaction made Wang Xijun and the others have deep resistance to Xixi. Now that they saw Xixi, they trembled and decided to take a detour.

Xixi is nothing, she still feels a little embarrassed, thinking that she and Lan Xin influenced others, blushing, raised her hand and said, “Wang Xijun, I’m sorry…”

However, the little girl was puzzled to see that she had just spoken, and the group of little boys, who did not know which guy had the head, hurriedly ran away from her with a “wow”.

Of course Xixi doesn’t think there is anything wrong with her, she just feels strange, puzzled, and curiously looking at their backs, thinking that they have made a major discovery.

“Don’t play with boys.” Chen Shiyun snorted and said, “They are bad.”

“I don’t like them either!” Lan Xin nodded and said affirmatively.

“But, I’m also a boy…” Nan Zhaoyu said weakly next to him. The little boy looked sad and felt that the world was a bit difficult to get along with. The boys didn’t like him, and the little friends didn’t want to talk to him. boys play.

Chen Shiyun was stunned for a moment, then she said, “It’s not that we don’t like you, Zhaoyu!”

–0—0—Small—say—this is a gorgeous dividing line–

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-0–0—small—say—this is a gorgeous dividing line—

“It’s just them, because they bullied Zhaoyu and Lu Weisha.” Lan Xin pointed to Wang Xijun and the others with a clear grudge.

After the little boys ran over, they were laughing, chasing and fighting, seeming to have forgotten what happened just now.

This is just a small episode. After Mr. Cai took the children to learn a lesson in number recognition, it finally came to noon, the most anticipated time for the children to have lunch!

Influenced by Lu Weisha, several children were lined up neatly. Although they didn’t look a bit uneven according to their heights, there were straight long queues—there were others who volunteered to line up together. Children, let the teachers in other classes in the dining hall praise them.

“Mr. Mu, the students in your class are really obedient.” Teacher Lin, who helped Teacher Mu distribute the plates to the children, said enviously, “The students in our class will definitely be in a hurry when it’s their turn. Squeeze it all up.”

“The power of role models! I wasn’t so good before, but Lu Weisha set a good example, and then Yang Xi, Yang Luoqi and the others also queued up. With the leader, the other children were embarrassed to jump in the queue, and they all learned Queue.” Although Teacher Mu didn’t show it, the corners of her raised mouth still showed a hint of pride.

Just in time, it was Xixi’s turn. The little girl took a plate from Teacher Lin and came to pick up the two lunch boxes handed over by Teacher Mu. The lunch box is still hot, because the canteen will focus on steaming the food together with the lunch box for the children. It is still a little hot when it is taken out, which is one of the reasons why it is served on a plate.

Hearing Teacher Mu say her name, Xixi raised her head in confusion.

“It’s alright, Teacher Lin is praising you, saying that you are good at queuing for meals.” Teacher Mu said to Xixi with a smile, not forgetting to remind her, “Be careful, you have two lunch boxes!”

Xi Xi was praised, and she nodded her head with a smile on her face. It was a bit awkward and laborious for a little girl of her age to carry a plate, but now her footsteps are much lighter.

The protagonist of today’s lunch is no longer the food brought by Xixi, even Xixi is looking at Lu Weisha’s lunch box.

It is a typical western food. Even if it is mixed in the lunch box, each ingredient is actually separated and made into a separate dish. Small red sausages, steak-like red-brown slices of reindeer, small round pieces, small pieces of potatoes, and some vegetable salads.

It still looks attractive, but the others are not very attractive. After all, it is not full of color, flavor, and taste, and it is a bit different from the dishes brought by Xixi. But the sliced ​​reindeer meat, a large piece of meat, oozing with rich sauce, looked delicious, and immediately made Xixi and Lan Xin, who were onlookers, swallow. saliva.

“I’ll give it to you, I’ll eat Xixi’s dishes.” Lu Weisha generously pushed out her lunch box, held the lid, and filled some dishes that Xixi shared with everyone.

How can the little guys be polite, they can’t wait to clamp them up.

Fortunately, there are more reindeer meat slices, six pieces. After Xixi, Lan Xin, Chen Shiyun, Yang Luoqi, and Nan Zhaoyu each have one piece, there is still one piece left.

The marinated reindeer meat tastes very good, although it is not ready to eat after frying, but with a little chewy reindeer meat, when you bite into it, you will feel that the rich aroma explodes in your mouth, and the delicious taste is smooth along the gravy On the tip of the tongue, it is simply an unparalleled enjoyment!

However, there’s a piece left, who’s going to eat it?

Several children watched eagerly, and Xixi also wanted to eat it. Like Lan Xin, she couldn’t help but peek at the piece of meat under her body before she finished eating the piece of meat on the chopsticks.

“Lu Weisha, Lu Weisha hasn’t eaten yet! This piece of meat belongs to Lu Weisha.” Xixi finally reluctantly looked away from the reindeer meat and said to her friends.

“Ah?” Lan Xin cried out regretfully.

But she didn’t play petty, just stared at the piece of meat reluctantly, Lu Weisha didn’t say anything, and put it in her bowl.

“My mother tomorrow, will_still… (will)” Lu Weisha saw that her friends like the food her mother made, and said happily that she would bring these meats again tomorrow.

When she said this, Lu Weisha actually had some regrets in her heart. She didn’t know how to express it to her friends, so she could only think to herself: “It would be great if the herring could be brought here, that would be great too. Eat!”


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