House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 589: Misunderstanding and reality (2/4)



Just asked for an afternoon off, so Guo Dabao said goodbye and left after seeing Yang Yi who was rushing back.


However, on the night of returning to the barracks, Guo Dabao lost sleep.


The next day, during the fighting training, Viper’s captain Lao Li frowned and watched for a while, and asked Guo Dabao to come and spar with him.


In normal times, the two Lao Li would not be Guo Dabao’s opponents, but today Guo Dabao was a little distracted. Lao Li caught him and knocked Guo Dabao down with a hook, then twisted Guo Dabao’s arm, turned his body over, and used The cross firmly pressed Guo Dabao to the ground.


Before the cross was formed, Guo Dabao was able to break free, but after the cross was formed, the elbows, wrists, and fingers were controlled by the anti-joint. No matter how powerful Guo Dabao was, Lao Li could hold him firmly.


“Hey, Dabao, this can’t be done.” Lao Li smiled lightly, let go of his hand, and stood up.


Guo Dabao, who is a bit martial, still pays more attention to this. After losing once, he recovered.


I saw he gritted his teeth, a carp jumped up, and two fists slammed together, saying: “Come again!”


The two scuffled together again, but this time Guo Dabao got serious, and Lao Li couldn’t resist. After a few blocks, Lao Li revealed a flaw, which was caught by Guo Dabao keenly. He turned around behind Lao Li, put his arms together, and controlled Lao Li’s throat.


Don’t look at Guo Dabao’s sturdy appearance, but he is very flexible, and Lao Li didn’t have time to react.


“Hehe! Captain, if you want to beat me, you will have to practice for a few more years.” Guo Dabao said excitedly.


Lao Li patted Guo Dabao’s arm and let him loose, then panted, “Impossible, I can’t beat you in this life, Mad, labor and capital are bigger than you!”


Guo Dabao smiled and scratched his big bald head.


The cold autumn wind blew on his forehead, sending a chill.


Continue training until everyone is exhausted and out of breath. During the break, Lao Li and Guo Dabao chatted on the side: “Dabao, what’s the matter? Going out, it looks like a broken love?”


Guo Dabao was dumbfounded, he quickly waved his hand and said, “No!”


“Come on, you kid can’t hide your worries. Who can’t see that frowning face?” Lao Li pursed his lips towards Guo Dabao and said, “Give me a sip of water.”


Guo Dabao handed it over, and Lao Li took the water bottle and took a sip of water in the air, which made his dry throat feel better.


“Let’s talk, tell me what happened? You, Guo Dabao, still have a time when you are troubled by love.” Old Li said cheerfully.


Guo Dabao handed over the kettle just now, but he didn’t refute it. Maybe he didn’t know how to say it, but it was a tacit approval of Lao Li’s statement.


I saw Guo Dabao hesitated, but his heart was really uncomfortable. After holding it for a while, he finally said hesitantly: “Captain, you said… I like a girl, but she has a boyfriend, What should I do?”


“Uh…” Lao Li was dumbfounded. He didn’t expect Guo Dabao to encounter such a difficult problem for the first time since he was so grown up.


“What can I do? It can only be said that you have no fate…” Although Lao Li felt that it was cruel to Guo Dabao to say this, he still had to say, “You can’t rob, right? If you are a bandit Yes, I may be able to support you, but you are a soldier of the People’s Army, and it is wrong to do so.”


“I know.” Guo Dabao lowered his head in frustration and said in a low voice, “I just think she’s cute, she’s cute when fighting, and she’s good at…”


Guo Dabao is narrating, but more is venting his inner depression.


Old Li heard a clue, and he hurriedly shouted: “Wait!”


Lao Li frowned at Guo Dabao and said, “Dabao, that’s not right! Did you ask for leave to deliver canned food to Yang Yi yesterday?”


Of course, I have to tell Lao Li about this. Where to go and what to do, as long as I ask for leave, I must say it clearly.


“Then you said that the girl has a good skill…” Lao Li took a deep breath, thinking of the farce last year, “Isn’t it possible that the girl you like is Yang Yi and his sister, Yang… eh , what is it called?”


Detective Conan’s glasses seem to have been shattered in half…


Guo Dabao was dumbfounded, but he had no choice but to nod his head and said hesitantly, “My name is Yang Huan, but captain, you can’t tell others!”


On the one hand, Guo Dabao is afraid of the jokes of his teammates, and on the other hand, he does not want to tear his sadness in front of the girl he likes. So he still forced a smile in the coffee shop yesterday.


“Hey! It’s really Yang Yi’s younger sister!” Lao Li felt his teeth hurt, took a breath, and said, “You really know how to choose targets! Can you beat Yang Yi?”


“I can’t fight if I can beat it…but I can’t beat it.” Guo Dabao moved his lips and finally lowered his head in shame.


“I remember Yang Yi’s younger sister, right? She looks like she’s nineteen or twenty at most. I heard that she still has to go to college?” Old Li asked.


“I was admitted to university this year, and now I am in Jiang Chuan.” Guo Dabao said in a low voice, “I met her last time when they were in military training here.”


It was this encounter that awakened his confused heart.


“Although you’re a little older, maybe five or six years older than others, but it shouldn’t matter.” Old Li muttered to himself, “Hey, wait, I want to ask you, how do you know they have a boyfriend? Already? Please confess to her?”


Guo Dabao was stunned for a moment, then quickly waved his hand and said, “No.”


“What’s the matter?” Lao Li asked with a frown. He remembered that when he went out yesterday, Guo Dabao was fine, and it should be said that he was very happy.


“I didn’t dare to ask, I just thought there should be.” Guo Dabao lowered his head in frustration and told Lao Li what he thought.


First of all, when I first met, Yang Huan was brought to the barracks by Guo Ziyi.


Guo Dabao didn’t think about Yang Huan at all before he was interested in Yang Huan. But now that I think about it, if it doesn’t matter, how could Yang Huan come out to play with Guo Ziyi?


This is actually the basis for the second Guo Dabao remembered, and it made him feel completely hopeless.


Secondly, it was also a sign that Guo Dabao discovered. Yesterday, Yang Huan asked Guo Ziyi to bring canned food back to eat, and then Guo Ziyi and Yang Huan also listened to the appearance of familiarity – he paid too much attention to Yang Huan.


It’s also a matter of concern and chaos. Guo Dabao was confused at that time: Are she and Guo Ziyi together?


After listening to him, Lao Li didn’t loosen his tight brows, and asked tentatively, “You haven’t confirmed with Yang Huan, how can you confirm that they are a couple? Maybe, it’s just you. Misunderstanding?”


Guo Dabao stares blankly at Lao Guo Dabao, who has never been in a relationship, is slow to respond to these questions.


“They are just friends, so maybe! Before you really want to give up, you should at least ask her and confirm with her!” Old Li’s words rekindled a little hope in Guo Dabao’s eyes.


However, Lao Li still didn’t want Guo Dabao to be injured, so he couldn’t help telling him a cruel reality: “But Dabao, you have to understand that we are still very different from others. You are a professional soldier, every day With complicated and boring training, there is almost no vacation in Pit Viper, and occasionally he has to go on missions, facing life-threatening. And Yang Yi and his sister, as you said, she is a college student…”


“The life of a college student is rich and colorful. She will meet many young people of the same age as her, some with excellent grades and some with good looks. In addition to studying, they can also play to their heart’s content…”


“She and you can be said to be people from two different worlds, living different rhythms of life, and developing in different directions in the future.” Lao Li gritted his teeth, looked at the sluggish Guo Dabao and said, “It’s not that the captain doesn’t want to. Let you pursue your happiness. If you make up your mind, go after her. If you do, we will applaud you. But, do you really have such a determination?”


Guo Dabao fell silent.


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