House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 591: And thanks to Xixi?



“Justice may be late, but never absent!”


A few days later, under the warm lights of the coffee shop on the street corner, Yang Yi held up a coffee cup and started the speech with these words that had a strong taste of chicken soup but no eggs, and gathered for Lu Xiaoshu and Miao Chuan. friends, said with a smile:


“Guys, let’s congratulate Lu Xiaoshu and Miao Chuan of Qianlichuanshu for finally getting rid of the rogue contract and ushering in freedom!”


Yang Yi’s voice fell, and everyone, including Huo Yang, Mo Xiaojuan, Xiao Ai, Jin Yingming who came together, and Murphy, Yang Huan, Ding Xiang, Guo Ziyi, Du Yuanlei who were concerned about Lu Xiaoshu and the others in the process Everyone laughed and cheered to Lu Xiaoshu and Miao Chuan.


Even Xixi swayed happily in the same atmosphere as during the Spring Festival, happily learning from adults to raise their water glasses.


Amid everyone’s cheers, Lu Xiaoshu and Miao Chuan looked at everyone with excited expressions and grateful eyes, holding cups and mouths, but they didn’t know what to say.


It seems that there are thousands of words, but when they reach their mouths, they have long since forgotten them.



Yes, that’s right, Lu Xiaoshu and the others finally won the lawsuit and completed the termination of the contract with Ronghuada Brokerage Company!


On the last day of October, the Shonan side announced the results of Tang Rong’s censorship. Tang Rong, who had been in charge of the Shonan TV Bureau for more than ten years, finally took bribes and used his power to open the door for others because of corruption and other reasons. He was dismissed from all positions and was arrested and imprisoned.


Without Tang Rong, Rong Huada, who used to show off his strength in southern Hunan, naturally lost his original aura. Not only did some of his capable managers resign one after another, and the trees fell apart, but more and more crimes were disclosed by former competitors. come out.


It is worth mentioning that Yang Yi saw that Tang Kaitai was stubborn in school before, but he was just here to pack up. After returning, he planned to take Tang Rong’s embezzled money to go abroad under the arrangement of his family. There is nothing to do with him!


However, Skynet was sloppy and not leaking. Tang Kaitai was stopped at the customs. Because the previous “Zhuo Zai 818” revelations have not been fully verified, all his outbound behaviors have been restricted.


Looking at the current situation, it’s only a matter of time before Tang Kaitai goes to jail.


Returning to Ronghuada Brokerage Company, it lacked Tang Rong’s support and also had Guo Ziyi’s relationship. Huo Yang’s re-indictment was finally heard in Jiangcheng’s court, and this time the efficiency was very high. With the support, Lu Xiaoshu and the others were finally allowed to contact the contract with Ronghuada Brokerage Company.


Actually, at this time, Ronghuada’s management company can’t take care of a small group like Qianli Chuanshu who has no qualifications and no reputation, other important artists’ cancellation requests, and government censorship. Burnt out.


Anyway, after a year, really more than a year, the grievances and grievances between Lu Xiaoshu, Miao Chuan and Rong Huada finally came to an end.



Such good news is certainly worth celebrating and celebrating together!


“Thank you, everyone, thank you!” Lu Xiaoshu and Miao Chuan said excitedly with their cups up.


But such gratitude wasn’t enough, so they decided to thank them one by one.


“Thank you, Brother Yang, if you hadn’t been supporting us, we might have given up on our musical dreams!” Lu Xiaoshu walked towards Yang Yi first, tears flashing in his eyes.


Miao Chuan was beside him and nodded vigorously: “Yes, I really want to thank you, Brother Yang!”


“No matter what we do, in the end, it’s up to you to persevere, never forget your dreams, and stick to your position.” Yang Yi patted their shoulders with a smile, and said encouragingly, “Continue to work hard in the future, Make more music.”


Lu Xiaoshu nodded vigorously. Although it is not appropriate to say it now, Lu Xiaoshu and the others have already made up their minds. In the next few years, if they make money, they must bring it back to Yang Yi, because they have been in a lawsuit for more than half a year. Yang Yi was also on Huo Yang’s side, helping Lu Xiaoshu and the others to pay all the legal fees.


I’m afraid Yang Yi can’t remember this number clearly, but Lu Xiaoshu and the others asked Huo Yang specifically, and remembered it clearly in their hearts.


“Brother Huo Yang, thank you for running with us all the time…” Lu Xiaoshu and the others walked towards Huo Yang.


“Haha, don’t thank me, I’m just doing my duty. Besides, I’m glad that this lawsuit didn’t break my brand.” Huo Yang smiled slightly and said, “You really want to thank you. , or thank Yang Yi!”


“It’s about me again.” Yang Yi shook his head with a smile and said, “Ashu, Achuan, if you two are free later, please call Lin Muan. Although he has settled in Hong Kong City now, But I still care about your situation.”


“Of course, I will definitely fight. Brother Lin, he also uses his future to help us talk!” Lu Xiaoshu said excitedly.


After thanking them, Lu Xiaoshu and Miao Chuan came to Yang Yi’s side again, but this time they were facing Murphy and Xixi.


Murphy was in a good mood. She covered her mouth and smiled: “You two don’t have to thank me, I really can’t help at all.”


Lu Xiaoshu, Miao Chuan and the others talked for such a circle, and they were not as nervous and overwhelmed as they were at the beginning. At this time, I saw Lu Xiaoshu scratching his head and said embarrassedly: “Big Brother Yang helped us advance so many legal fees, it must be the result of Mrs. Murphy’s generosity and giving the green light, so we think we have to thank you too. .”


Murphy froze for a moment, then laughed along with a few people around who heard this.


“Ashu, you can really find reasons, so many people, the reasons are not repeated! Well, although I never manage the money at home, but you are so grateful, I still reluctantly accept .” Murphy said with a smile, followed by a naughty tone that Yang Yi often used.


Xixi was eating the cake, and she didn’t even realize that there was a little cream on her face, but she seemed to feel something, raised her little head suspiciously, and looked at Lu Xiaoshu and Miao with her big eyes. Sichuan.


“I want to see how you guys thank Xixi.” Murphy laughed cheerfully.


The little girl is a little confused: thanks, what thanks?


But Murphy and several other people watching the fun are going to be disappointed. Lu Xiaoshu and Miao Chuan really want to thank Xixi, and they are not the reason to thank Murphy.


I saw Lu Xiaoshu said to Xixi very seriously: “Xixi, do you remember that last summer, Uncle Achuan and I came to your father’s place for the first time and sang a song for you?”


Xixi nodded her head ignorantly. Although she didn’t understand what they meant, she still said crisply: “Baba made you sing!”


“Yes! At that time, Achuan and I participated in a commercial show, and we made some money. We were going to buy coffee to celebrate, but I didn’t know the coffee in this store was so expensive.” Lu Xiaoshu recalled, “Brother Yang said , you can sing a song in exchange for these two cups of coffee.”


This is a past story that no one knows about. Like Ding Xiang, they couldn’t help but come over to listen.


Miao Chuan couldn’t help but put in a sentence: “Because Brother Yang knows we don’t have much money, he wants to invite us for coffee.”


“Don’t say that, your songs also prove your worth.” Yang Yi laughed.


“At that time, we were so happy that we sang “I miss her in the winter in the north” written by ourselves. At that time, we didn’t even know that Brother Yang was such a powerful songwriter, and our show-off was still a gangster! And Yang The elder brother also gave us some guidance to make the arrangement of this song better!” Lu Xiaoshu said.


“We didn’t take it seriously at first, but later found out that Brother Yang’s guidance was right.” Miao Chuan added.


There is such a story.


Just, what does this have to do with Xixi?


The little girl was looking at the two uncles in a trance, listening intently, wondering if she could understand.


“I’m just giving you a little opinion. The reason why you wrote this song well is also your own credit. It’s also because you really love music, so you have been insisting on making music well and constantly revising it. This is a masterpiece.” Yang Yi waved his hand.


Hearing Yang Yi say this, Murphy couldn’t help but glanced at the flute and erhu lying next to them, which were borrowed by Yang Yi from the Chinese National Instrumental Music Department to prepare for Lu Xiaoshu and Miao Chuan today. They sang a new song to the accompaniment.


However, Murphy has only heard Yang Yi’s a cappella singing, not the accompaniment of these two instruments. The song is very nice, how will the accompaniment of these two traditional instruments be like? Moreover, although Murphy knew that Yang Yi knew these two kinds of instruments, and used the simulator to make some accompaniment passages in the studio, Murphy had never seen Yang Yi play these two instruments!


Here, Lu Xiaoshu and Miao Chuan continued to talk seriously: “I said this, mainly to say that after we finished singing, Xixi was next to Brother Yang and told us…”


Miao Chuan said with certainty: “I remember very clearly that the little girl at that time, that is, Xixi, said: ‘You guys sang very well!'”


Xixi was a little When Murphy came over to rub the little girl’s head with a smile, she said in a daze: “But, but I don’t even remember it!”


Yang Yi remembered, knowing that what Miao Chuan said was true, he smiled slightly: “You can all remember this!”


“Of course! Because we know that children can’t lie! Xixi is so innocent and cute, she won’t lie!” Lu Xiaoshu said excitedly.


“Liar is not a good baby!” Xixi agreed with this sentence, she said with a smile.


“Yes, Xixi’s recognition has given us a lot of strength, and made us truly realize that our music is actually very infectious!” Lu Xiaoshu said with emotion, “So, we must Keep going!”


“Thank you, Xixi!” Miao Chuan also bowed solemnly to Xixi.


“Hee hee, I’m embarrassed for what you said.” The little girl was actually quite happy, but amid everyone’s applause and laughter, she was still coy, hiding behind her father’s butt, sticking out her little head hee hee Hehe smiled.


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